IN order of ascending cost, Things I would like that have to do with money:

A silly tow loop to hang on the back of my Tacoma, Mostly for looks - $70 @ Amazon

A Kubb set - about $95 @ Old Time Games

A Revomaze Blue - $140 @ Revomaze

A Xaphoon instrument - $150 @ Xaphoon Store

Decals for my truck - About $200 at a local print shop plus $100 commission fee to artist

A Skil-HD77WML01 circular saw - about $190 @ Amazon

A Mylodica instrument - $300 @

An 8 string ukulele instrument - ~$400 @ Musician's Friend product Ortega Guitars Eclipse-TE8.

Ground HOG thermal mass tank to stabilize internal temperature - $300 a piece @ tank depot

An heirloom quality keyboard made of wood - $330 a piece @

A Hammon 44 acoustic-electric Melodion about $350 on Amazon

A Springfield Armory XD 45ACP Tactical 5" Barrel Olive Drab Pistol - about $420 on slickguns

A Springfield Armory XDs 45ACP 3.3" Barrel Carry Pistol - about $500 on Buds gun shop

A Yaesu FT-2DR handheld tranciever - about $560 on Amazon

A DeWalt double bevel compound sliding miter saw normally about $600 on ToolUp

A Ruger LCP 380 double action 5 shot revolver with about $630 on Proforce

A Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine in .45 ACP - about $730 on Buds Gun Shop

A Roland AX-Synth. Sweet musical expression options. So want to see waht this is like to play - about $1K @ Zzzounds

An 88 key digital weighted piano. This one would be nice. So I can play music. - about $1K @ Zzounds

A genset capable of running the air conditioner - about $1K @ Amazon

A really classy wristwatch. Almost $1K @ Amazon.

A PAPR for working on dusty construction sites - About $1300 @ Helmet System

A 400 mm F2.8 IS lens so I can experiment with distance photography - About 7K @ Amazon

An electric motorcycle to tool around town on. - $14K @ Zero Motorcycles

A rediculously beautiful and sophisticated luxury watch - $57K @ Piaget