Big Shimrod

By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
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Shimrod stood in line with all the other canids in his class. It was a part of the canid genome project, blah blah blah. The teacher explained it and referred them to a info site, which as usual nobody had bothered to go to. Instead he was reading a letter from his cousin, Coriantumr, on a termpad.

*** Message from "Cousin Coriantumr" subject "Husky!" recieved at 0947.38 05.26.47 ***
*** Encryption: two way signed/encrypted ***
*** enter decryption key: ----------
*** Decryption: successful ***
*** Signature verification: successful ***
*** From: Coriantumr (verified) ***
*** To: Shimrod (via decrypted private key) ***

Dear Shimrod,

I met the coolest Husky yesterday. I was just standing in line for this stupid genome thing, and he was in front of me. Such a round ass, a perky tail! He's perfect. And he wears those tight shorts, you know the ones, that leave nothing to the imagination. I was just standing there, daydreaming. Just before he goes in, he paws me. I came right in my loincloth! Such a tease! I'm going to find him later and show him what hound doggies like us are made of! They made me go back today to get measured, 'cause I couldnt make myself get soft, even after I came! I don't know if you've had to do this genome thing yet, but its real simple. They just measure you against this wall, have you sit on this thing that gets you off and does something in your ass, but it feels pretty nice! Let me know how it goes.

Your Cousin Coriantumr


Shimrod grinned and put the termpad back in his pack as the canid in front of him dissappeared inside the large tent. The flap opened to a long canvas hallway. Another canine was exiting another flap halfway down, waving to somebody inside. A bored looking cat with strangely shaggy fur sat in a chair near the entrance. He peered at the young hound.

"Thumbprint." he muttered, presenting the end of his termpad, which had an ID pad attached.

Shimrod placed his thumb on it.

"Okay... Shimrod. Room 5, where the mutt just came from." he muttered, motioning down the hall, pushing buttons on his termpad.

Shimrod shrugged and walked down the hall. Behind the flap he found a bored looking fox in a white lab coat. He tapped at a terminal, so the hound looked around. The partition was filled with a few pieces of equipment. One was a raised platform, like a large box with only two walls. A scanner unit hummed softly to itself, attached to an arm on one of the edges. Another looked like a powersled or single person watercraft, except it sat flat on the ground and had more cables and hoses connected to the wall and the fox's terminal. The fox finished tapping on his terminal and looked up at the canine.

"Shimrod, right?"

Shimrod nodded. "That's me!"

"Good, take off all your clothes, and stand in the scanner," he indicated a raised platform with two walls, "and face the red dot on the wall over there. Hands at your sides, feet apart, toes forward.

The inside of the box was lined with a grid, the lines about a hands width apart. The scanner unit emitted a gentle white light as it swung around him, doing a rythmic little dance.

Body metric scanner
overall height - 6'2"
overall weight - 182#

"Okay, now turn around."

Shimrod turned, replicating the same position in reverse. The scanner did its little dance again.

"Very good, now kneel here." he indicated the box with the seat.

Shimrod knelt tentatively upon it. It was warm to the touch, its cushioned surfaces molding to his frame smoothly.

"This is going to seem a little odd, but it feels pretty good." chuckled the fox, punching buttons on his terminal.

"Lean forward and grip the bar in front of you. Very good. Now this is going to measure the size of your penis and the size of your rectum. Just relax, its actually quite pleasant."

Shimrod frowned. "My penis... Its really big." he told the technician, "It probably won't fit."

The technician smirked. "Yes, I'm sure. We'll go at it anyway, okay?"

Shimrod shrugged and settled down on the contraption. Its surfaces were warm to the touch, and he rested on soft cushions. It was some good engineering for comfort. The seat he sat upon shifted, lowering him a little, the cushions wrapping around his crotch. He felt a pleasant squeezing around his sheath, and he relaxed, grunting a bit as he felt the first surge of pleasure. Something warm and slippery pressed over the tip of his cock, and he pushed his hips forward. That felt real good. He closed his eyes to appreciate it all the more. Somehow almost unnoticed to him as he thrust something was in his ass, warm and gentle. It seemed to swell, filling, pulsing and wiggling. Very pleasant. He felt the warmth moving down his penis with a rythmic squeezing. If this kept up he was going to cum, he could feel his balls twitching already.

Suddenly, the fox's terminal beeped. Simultaneously, the warmth receded from his cock. He opened his eyes, looking over at the fox.

"I toldja I'm too big." he said.

The fox looked up from typing frantically on his terminal.

"It says... you're too big." he announced, a puzzled look on his face.

Shimrod smirked. "Yes."

The warmth in his rear seemed swell, peak, and then rapidly dissappear and recede, leaving him feeling empty inside. The fox pointed to the teen's sheath.

"It says I'm supposed to hand-measure and collect from you..." said the fox, panting a bit quicker.

Shimrod hmmed, the seat shifted back to its original shape beneath him. He could smell the excitement of the fox. He sat up and turned sideways. About four inches of his half-hard cock was still showing from his sheath.

"Does that mean you're going to jack me off?"

The fox's ears flicked back in a blush. Eyes locked on the red protrusion.

"Well, um, I could. Or you could. Whichever you prefer." he stammered, a bit of drool dripping off his tongue as he looked.

Shimrod smiled. "Go for it, fox." He sat backwards on the machine, leaning back to support himself on his elbows, the position thrusting more of his penis out of his sheath. It was big. Bigger than any other he had ever seen.

The fox took a box out of a drawer under his terminal. He removed a tube of lubricant and a collection cup, bringing them both over. He tentatively smeared lubricant onto his paws, rubbing them together to warm it up. Then he gently stroked the warm red cock. Shimrod watched, noticing how quickly the fox was panting, excited. He smelled excited. And he was pretty sure that the bulge in the fox's trousers was arousal.

The fox became more confident, stroking up and down the cock with both paws. Shimrod slumped his head back, closing his eyes and letting the pleasure flow. He felt himself harden, the paws stroking up and down, up an down. He thrusted up into the paws, letting the pleasure grow like a glow in his loins, slowly brighter and brighter. He could feel his blood flowing through his cock, the lubricated paws working his knot, helping it swell, the glow surging, burning. And then he was cumming. Pleasure surged through his body in a surge, concentrating in his loins, then ejecting powerfully. He could feel the vibration of his cum flowing down his cock. Soon as he sprayed, it started again, surge, spray, surge, spray. He shuddered at the intensity, his body pumping again and again. He felt his cum splatter over his body, warm and wet, and it felt so good.

The fox couldn't believe his eyes. He'd never guess the hound's cock could match the size of his balls. Sure, the canine's cock was big out of the sheath. Probably, ten inches or so, and that was just the bone. As he stroked it it got bigger and bigger, thicker, longer, peaking out at about eighteen inches. EIGHTEEN INCHES LONG. It was so thick in the shaft he could barely get both his paws around it, and the knot was just enormous. He'd be surprized if the dog could ever have sex with anybody without killing them! And it turned him on so much to touch that giant phallus. He undid his trousers, letting his painfully hard erection out. The cock looked so good, specially when it was fully hardened in magnificent rigidity, cumming in huge spurts that sprayed out the tip with surprizing force. The hound's whole body reacting to each spray.

Remembering why he was there for a moment, the fox ran a handheld scanner over the length, recording the dimensions. And that was enough. He had to have some of that cum that still sprayed from the throbbing huge cock. He put his muzzle around the end, and the next jet of cum slammed straight down his throat. He shuddered as he staggered back, head swimming. He sat down hard on the edge of the scanner platform and curled over, burying his twitching cock in his fox muzzle, barely a touch bringing his cum out, spraying his comparitively small load into his mouth. He looked up, swallowing, to see the hound swallowing his own cum with the ease of practice, working his knot with his paws. He whined, his cock twitching dryly as he watched the huge balls twitching again and again, all the cum consumed.

Shimrod moaned in irritation as the fox staggered back, leaving his cock twitching on its own, its heavy weight leaning it close over his chest. He opened his mouth and took the familiar fat tip into his muzzle, his paws gripping his knot. He felt the next surge and swallowed, eating his cum hot. He sat and worked himself in ecstatic frenzy until he couldn't cum any more. He panted a bit as he let his cock throb, then curled over and soothingly licked his knot to relax it, his sheath slipping back over his cock as it softened.

The vulpine straightened his jacket, his trousers all fastened.

"I'm sorry sir, I got a little carried away there." he said softly.

Shimrod looked around. There were splatters of his cum on the machine, on the platform, on the canvas cieling, on the terminal. He chuckled.

"Are you sure its me that didn't get carried away?"

The fox shrugged. "We'll call it even. I have to clean this up."

Shimrod guessed by the way the fox licked his muzzle how he was going to do it too.

"Did you get the measurements you needed? he asked the vulpine.

The fox nodded again. "Sure did. You're free to go."

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