Big Shimrod

By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
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Shimrod sat up in the darkness. There was a pounding on the door.

*pound*pound*pound* "Open up! Police Department!" somebody bellowed from the hallway.

Shimrod scrambled to his feet, and met his father, Dert, in the hallway. They nodded to each other, Shimrod falling into step behind him. They unlocked the door to see a large bull in police uniform, standing there impatiently.

"Sorry to wake you, Sir," began the officer, "But as you know there is a flood. The waters are rising faster than expected. The things you leave here will be fine, the waters cannot riseto the upper levels. Please gather your family and come with me to the shelter."

Dert tilted his head, and yawned, scratching his balls absently. "In the middle of the night, sheesh. The weather is so inconvenient. Very well, give me a minute." he turned and walked back into his house, stretching a bit. "Shimrod, go wake your sister and brother. I'll get mom." Shimrod nodded and trotted back to his room.

He shook shoofa's shoulder, "Wake up!" he said urgently.

"Ishz da middle uf da night." she mumbled, pulling her blanket closer.

"Get up, there's a flood! We have to go to the shelter!" he continued urgently.

She turned and looked at him with only one eye open. "Flood?" she mumbled questioningly.

"You know, the river is rising again. They want us to evacuate." He looked a little impatient.

Shoofa sat up slowly, and shook her headfur out. "Yeah, let me get dressed."

Shimrod moved to his brother, and pulled the blanket off.

"Hay, what's the big idea!" his brother exclaimed, curling up tighter.

"There's a flood, get out of bed, we have to go to the shelter." explained Shimrod, turning to his clothing chest. He pulled out the loincloth given to him by the Bulldog. He could be wearing it for a couple days, and he might as well be comfortable. He strapped it on and walked out the door behind his sister and brother, each clad in their own loincloths. They gathered at the stairs a few minutes later.

"Alright folks, the water is already a yard deep in the street. hold onto each other and everything'll be okay." the bull spoke confidently. The family followed him down the stairs and waded after him with some complaint into the cold water.

"Its cold!" whined Shoofa, gripping Shimrod's hips as they sloshed through the water. It was slowly getting shallower as they walked up the street.

Once they reached the edge of the water, several ewes helped dry them off with towels, and they were guided with many of their neighbors into a wheeled transport. The people yawned and leaned on each other, letting the officials take care of them. Shimrod wasn't sleepy at all. He sat in the corner of the transport and watched the others, the smell of damp fur heavy in the enclosed space.

Before long the transport rolled to a halt outside a large dome. They were directed inside by a friendly fox, and assigned a large padded mat. While his family lay down together and went back to sleep, Shimrod sat on the corner of the mat and watched. The shelter was about half full now, myriad different people being guided in quietly and settling down. He watched some volunteers set up some warmth lamps for a scaled family three mats down. They made a soft, reddish glow in the relative darkness of the hall. Even with most of the people sleeping the noise level was moderate. Somewhere to the left a baby whimpered, somewhere in front of him a soft snore resonated.

He pulled one of the blankets the fox had given the family around his shoulders, making a warm little tent around him. He watched the fox hurry from place to place, distributing drinks and blankets while helping direct the assembly of a breakfast area on the far side of the dome. The empty mat next to his family's was soon occupied by a family of wolves. They settled down in a big pile and slept. Nearest to him, lying on her back was a bitch-wolf, about his own age. She was half-covered by one of her brothers, but her legs were splayed out towards him. He could see a glistening of moisture at her sex, and her scent wasn't hard to distinguish from the cacaphony filling the air. She smelled good.

He loosened his loincloth as it tightened around his hips. Hardly even thinking about it, he stroked himself inside his sheath, feeling the blood flowing into his member, lengthening, thickening until he couldn't get his paw around it any more. He closed his eyes, sniffing her scent deeply. He pulled the blanket up over the back of his head, flopping it over his muzzle in a hood. He dipped his muzzle to meet the thick tip of his cock that rose from his crotch. He made a soft happy sound as he lapped, feeling the sensations shiver down his cock and into his loins, making his phallus feel tighter, harder, and bigger.

He grunted softly as he stroked his his member, sliding his paw down the textured shaft and over the gentle bulge of his soft knot. It felt so good to be aroused. He sniffed the air deeply again, scenting the bitch so close. He licked around the end of his cock, his groin muscles twitching, making his phallus harder as he teased it. He felt precum welling up from inside him, a tingling pleasure that peaked as it welled from his tip.

It was sweet, with an uncurrent of musky sex. He lapped more, stroking his paw up and down tohelp it out, more and more precum flowing, becoming small spurts as pleasure shivered down his spine, bringing rythmic contractions to his hips. He opened his muzzle and took the fat tip of his cock into his mouth, working his muzzle around it he pressed it to his throat. He strained, forcing it into his throat a few inches. Its thickness stretched at his muzzle, bringing an ache to his jaw. The precum flowed all the more as he slid his paw up and down his shaft, feeling his arousal grow. His awareness contracted, centering on his body, on his cock that throbbed so thick and wonderful, jambed into his throat.

He let the blanket hang round him and stroked with both paws, sliding up and down his rigid shaft, stroking around his growing knot as his balls pulled up in reaction to the twinges of pleasure. It filled his mind, the muscles in his loins twitching helplessly. He backed off a little to handle the spurts he knew were coming, stroking down his cock firmly, massing around his swelling knot, feeling the tension build inside him. His hips twitched as the first trickles of orgasm slipped past his control, and then he came.

He swallowed around the first jet. It was hot and tasty, the aftertaste washing around his muzzle as he milked his cock with both paws, swallowing again as several rapid-fire jets filled his throat. With each swallow his canines poked at the sides of his shaft, his jaw working to swallow. His body clenched rythmically, every squeeze another shudder of pleasure, pumping his cum out in copious jets. He milked his knot again and again, swallowing his gushing cum, slowly feeling his body drain itself. His eyes were closed tight, feeling every throbbing pulse as the cum splattered into his muzzle and slid down his throat.

His delivery slowed gently, gradually less and less until it was only a welling drip, then no flavor at all. He pulled the blanket over him as he licked himself, curling over to reach his waning knot. Back in his sheath he yawned, feeling very tired. He looked over at the bitch, who was out from under her brother now, looking at him through slitted eyes. He smiled at her and stretched out, pulling the blanket close around him, relaxing to let sleep overcome him.

Shimrod was awakened by gentle lapping at his mouth. He smiled, putting an arm around the warm body up against him, opening his muzzle to the kisses. He could smell her scent, the tantalizing tang of her heat and arousal was unmistakable. He stroked his paws down her sides, hooking one of his legs behind hers to pull her closer, her sex hot against his sheath. Her mouth was sweet, and her body felt good against his. He reacted to the sensations, pressing his boned member against her stomach, kissing deeply. He felt good, sexy, aroused. He wanted her.

She rolled off him, raising her sex to him alluringly. He knelt over her, burying his muzzle in her thick back-fur, inhaling her intoxicating scent as he humped instinctually. He found her hot sex, pressing, sliding into it, deeper with each thrust. She gasped, arching her back, pressing him into her tight heat. Shimrod grunted, thrusting as he felt his cock thicken, the sensation of tightness growing. He slid his paws down her sleek sides, deeply inhaling her scent as he thrust again, feeling the tightness slide deliciously around his cock. His paws gripped her slim hips.

The wolf whined, and dropped out from beneath him, wriggling free of his grip. He whined in turn, falling back to his knees, his cock hardening fully as she pulled off him. He opened his eyes for the first time since awaking. The she-wolf was in front of him half turned on her back, tail tight between her legs, looking at his massive penis with a frightened expression. Shimrod slumped his shoulders, kneeling there. His cock throbbed in rigid arousal, protruding obscenely from his hips.

"I...I'm sorry." he murmured.

"No, its my fault." whispered the she-wolf. "I had no idea."

"What now?" he sighed.

The she-wolf picked up a blanket and took his paw, pulling him down with her. With the blanket over them, she took his cock in her paws and stroked, licking and mouthing around the tip, while spreading her legs and scooting close to his muzzle. Shimrod gladly buried his nose in her sex, lapping her spice with his long tongue. It felt good. He slide his tongue along her sex, narrowing it and pressing it deep to taste her hot from the source. The tang of her heat went straight to his cock, making him feel harder, the burning swelling in his hips as she stroked his knot, mouthing and lapping at his cock.

He felt her cum, clamping around his tongue and shuddering, her thighs gripping his head. He lapped frenetically over her clit, slurping up her delicious fluids as his hips shuddered. His cum sprayed without effort, his balls pulled close as he felt her muzzle work around his cock, dranking down his second load of the evening. He slurped her until she pulled away, moaning softly and pawing his muzzle from her sex.

She lapped him back into his sheath and they kissed, smiling and nuzzling each other's neckruffs.

"Shimrod" he whispered to her.

"Branda" she whispered back.

They smiled and crawled to their respective beds, quickly falling asleep to the soft murmur of the sheltered hundreds.

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