Care Bear

By: David Ihnen

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Tugs the care bear cub sat on his blue, fuzzy rump peering down from care-a-lot.
"Somebody's unhappy, I can hear'm cryin." he said to Hugs.

Hugs tilted her head, cupping a paw by her ear to try and hear better. "I dunno, I don't hear anything."

Her brother leaned over the edge of the cloud precariously, pointing towards an apartment complex. "Sure, right over there! I can see him in the window!"

Hugs shook her head. "Naw, thats a grownup, we can't help those! They don't believe in care bears."

Tugs leaned further. "Nuh uh, see, he's got a diaper on 'n everything! Ack!"

Hugs dove, and grabbed onto Tugs's foot. "TUGS! You can't go down there, yer not big yet!" Her paws slipped on Tug's foot. "I can't hold on!"

"I slipped! Don't worry, I'll be okay. Go tell Grams bear!"

"TUGS!!" Hugs yelled as Tugs slipped out of her hand, quickly tumbling tiny as he fell towards the world far below. She sighed and looked determined, turning and trotting off towards the rainbow where she saw Grams last.

* * *

David lay on his bed. He had a really bad day. There was a bug in his program that was easy to fix, but his boss was all upset at him. He got some really big bills, and his bicycle got a flat tire, forcing him to walk almost three miles. His small apartment seemed confining, the soft blanket on his bed rumpled and half around him. He had taken a good hot shower, and put on a clean, dry diaper. This was usually a prescription to feel better, but it didn't work today. He had been laying there for the last hour or so, softly crying. It felt good to cry sometimes. But his tears had dried up, and he now just lay, eyes unfocused towards the light that shone through the dirty windowpane a few feet away.

His bed bounced as something of medium weight impacted it, down by his feet. He grunted, startled, and propped himself up on his elbows to see... a soft, fuzzy... living teddy bear? It was light blue, about three feet tall. The bottoms of his heels had litle hearts for pads, and he wore a cloth diaper.

"What the...?" he blinked.

Tugs sat up, spotting David after a couple moments. "Hi!" he smiled widely, "I'm Tugs!"

David blinked again. "What the hell?"

The bear climbed to his feet somewhat clumbsily and toddled over to him. "Wow, you're sure big! Whats your name?" The bear was about three feet tall. His stomach was wide, with a pattern in the fur that looked like a yellow star in a diaper. He had seen something like that before. A care bear? Like on TV when he was a kid?

"Uh, David." he said. "Yer... a care bear?"

Tugs looked down briefly, looking a little embarrassed.. "Well, not really. I'm just a Care Bear Cub." He looked defiant. "But I care just the same!" He sat down up against David's front. "Why're you so sad?" He asked. He felt soft, just like a big teddy bear.

"I had a bad day. Mostly just lonely, Tugs." David said, somehow accepting the presence of the bear. His hand ran over the fine, soft fur. Very soft. Tugs felt more like he was stuffed like a plushie than a living being. He took a deep breath and sighed, laying his head back on the pillow. Tugs shifted against him, snuggling up, his short arms hugging gently.

"Well, I'm here, so you can't be all that lonely now! Why don'tcha give me a big hug?

David tentatively put his arms around the bear, and pulling him closer, squeezed. It felt unexpectedly good. He smiled softly, pressing his face into Tug's soft fur. His body relaxed all over, tension draining away. The bear smelled good, like clouds and rainbows, if such a thing could have a smell. "You smell good." he said. His diaper was beginning to feel tight, the scent somehow arousing him. He noticed his diaper was damp. Had he just wet himself without realizing it?

Tugs closed his eyes in bliss as he was hugged. This was better than he had ever imagined! Way better than being hugged by another care bear, though even that was good. He shivered softly in delight, reaching as far around the big kid as he could. He could feel him breathing against him, his paws stroking his fur. What could possibly be more wonderful than this? He buried his face in David's chest as David did into his headfur. He smelled of soap and a musky scent that Tugs had never smelled before.

"Mmmm..." David said dreamily. He hugged the bear closely, feeling the cub respond with rapturous murmurs. He relaxed for the first time that day, slipping into a half-awake state, petting and cuddling the bear. He rubbed up against him gently, stroking the fur, squeezing the happy bear. He didn't remember feeling this good in a long time. "I'm glad you came, Tugs." he said softly into the small, round ear. The pressure against his diaper was becoming unbearable.

Tugs smiled. "I'm glad too." he said. He wiggled gently, enjoying the pure pleasure of being cuddled. "I do anything for you."

"change my diaper?" David murmured.

Tugs blinked. "Uh, okay, I think I can do that." he said. David gently released him, still petting as he sat up, peering at the fastenings. They weren't the kind he was familiar with. "Uh, see, mine are different." he said, pointing to the little ties of cloth at his hips.

"yeah?" murmured David, lookign at the diaper. "Just pull the end of the tape." He noticed a darkness on Tug's diaper. "Heh, looks like you need changing too." he said, smiling. He reached over and untied Tug's diaper, putting the soggy cloth aside.

Tugs grinned, and shifted on his paws self conciously. "Well, you know how it is." he mumured. He concentrated on his soft paws, gripping the end of the tapes. They came away fairly easily under his paw, and he was able to pull the diaper off of David. A big rod of flesh sprung free, pointing somewhat upwards. He blinked in surprize. "Wow, you're big!"

David pulled him close again, snuggling naked with the bear. Tugs smiled. This felt even better. There was nothing at all between them. He giggled softly, feeling a bit light headed from it all. He wriggled up against his friend. He felt a new sensation. There was a hard, good swelling between his legs. His paw found his normally small penis grown big like David's was. It sent a strong, grown-up feeling through him. Yes, this felt very good. He couldn't wait to be a grown up bear, so he could do this all the time!

David petted and stroked the bear, his hand eventually finding the bear's hard cock. He wrapped his hand around it, squeezing firmly, sliding his hand up and down the smooth, warm shaft. "Ooh, wow." Tugs gasped, "that feels good." David inhaled the scent of the bear as he pulled him close, feeling his own cock throb in response. It felt so good. He was so soft and fuzzy and warm and close. The boy flexed his hips, sliding his thick drooling rod along the silky fur. He felt so good. Judging by the matching hard shaft the young care bear was sporting, he was enjoying it just as much.

Tugs rrred happily, snuggling close. The warm hand squeezed and stroked on his peepee, the corresponding stiffness of his friend sliding along his thigh and butt. The closer it got to his tail, the better the pressure felt. He responded, squirming down, seeking more of the good feelings. That throbbing, probing shaft sent tingles through him as it pressed closer. And then he hit the jackpot. There was a strange stretching sensation, and suddenly it slid... inside him! His whole furry body flushed, he closed his eyes to savor the sensation. "Ooh yes" he whispered happily.

David didn't stop the bear from squirming down on his cock. He shifted his hips froward to give leverage, pressing towards him. A jolt of pleasure rocketed through him as he penetrated. The bear was warm, slippery, and soft, quivering around his thick cock head. His whole shaft throbbed as he buried all eight inches into the bear. Tugs practically vibrated with pleasure in his arms, whispering "yes" over and over. David rolled to his back, rotating his hips back and forth. His cock slid into the deliciously soft warmth over and over. The bear's stiffness pressed hotly into his stomach. The rest of the bear was yielding, a big soft teddy bear to hug, to fuck.

Tugs whispered "yes" over and over, unable to express how good this felt. Every bit of him was delightfully on fire. His stomach tingled, his very being was imbued with pure happiness. What could be better than this? He pressed himself onto the surging maleness, riding David's thrusts with growing passion. The deeper it slid into him the better it felt! In time with his lover, he bounced himself onto the cock.

David groaned happily watching the bear really getting into it, riding his throbbing cock. The fuzzy fellow continued to whisper yes, his eyes tightly closed, his stomach glowing and giving off little warm sparks. His paws pressed at his chest, rubbing over his nipples as he pushed himself back onto his sex. The seemed to get warmer, tighter, and softer as his dick slid in an out. And then in a rush, the orgasm swept into his hips, and he shuddered. His hips pounded up into the bear violently for long seconds before his seed surged. His hands gripped the bear tightly, holding him to his hips as he shot his load deep into the bear.

Tugs smiled widely, as he pressed himself back onto the penis, unable to believe how good this felt. It felt so good, so full, he could just pop! Suddenly, the cock jackhammered up into him, sending his mind soaring with pleasure. And then David came. It was an explosion of caring energy, incredibly deep inside him, right into his center. His eyes snapped open and he groaned, mouth hanging open. "Oh, its beautiful!" he whined, his body trembling around the twitching shaft. The explosion of sensation in his center filled him. He felt like he had to be glowing all over! Then different feelign rose inside him. The full sensation started concentrating between his legs.

David slumped back, grinning at his friend. His cock twitched irregularly, pumping out the last of his seed. He hadn't cum like that in years. It felt like he had shot five times beyond nomral, the aftertwinges of orgasm going on for some time. Sadly, they did stop and he lay there, panting, feeling better and more relaxed than he ever remembered before. He reached over his stomach and squeezed with the bear's cock. For all intensive purposes, it was the same size as his, but felt incredibly smooth and almost velvety soft, without any veins or mushroom head. Where David's penis slowly relaxing in the washing pleasure of postorgasm, the bear's was rock hard.

"Now do me." said David softly, lifting the bear off his half-hard cock, which flopped to his front. It was completely dry, no trace of cum or moisture on it. He lifted his legs high, baring his ass to the bear.

Tugs nodded, feeling energized, but unhappily empty. He liked the feel of David inside him. He wasn't sure what to do. "Just...?"

David patted his rump. "shove it in."

Tugs planted his unfamiliarly large penis against the pucker, and leaned. The ring resisted for a moment, then stretched around the bullet-shaped intrusion. Tug's hips twitched at he surge of sensation as he penetrated, shoving in to the hilt all at once. This felt good. Not as good as David inside him, but it felt really good! He grabbed onto the legs pulled up close to David's chest for leverage as he slid himself out and in. After only a few strokes, he gasped and started panting. "oh, David, it feels so good!"

David breathed quicky himself, "Oh yeah, thats the way..." he encouraged. He pulled his knees up by his ears. The little bear plowed into him with a frictionless cock. It felt good, he let himself relax, feeling the cock in him. "yeah... such a nice big bear... I like big things in me... big long things..."

Tugs thrusted, eager to care more for his friend. His hips moved in an unfamiliar, but somehow natural way, pressing his hard rod into David's tight ring. He cared so very much! He wanted to make David feel as good as he made him feel. No, even better! David's words triggered a brightening of his stomach's glow. There was a stretching, swelling feeling around his penis. His hardness increased. The boy's rear tightened around his cock. He pulled out again, finding more than before to pull out. David gasped happily, he must be feeling even better! The bear leaned over the boy's reawakened eight inches, standing rigid from his crotch. He rubbed his muzzle against it, the contact exciting him more.

David gasped in pleasure as the bear somehow grew bigger inside him. He now filled him so completely! He felt his cock rise again, pressing into the soft, tickly whiskers. He encouraged the fucking, legs pulled back against his chest, eager to take every available inch of the bear's big cock. Pleasure filled his mind, driving every thought of his bad day and stress from him. The world morphed into a puddle of pleasure, this sliding, humping teddy bear cock stretching him!

Tugs felt good, like he could do this forever. He humped and humped, the glow that filled his body seemed to focus and build in his pelvis. He kept humping, panting and gasping in delight as he felt the sensation build and build. He was getting giddy from it, his hand and foot paws starting to go numb. He got his mouth around the fat head of David's cock, sucking on it like a popsicle. The fullness, a swelling, glowing tension grew, centered in his hips. It swelled, like an intense soft almost too hot star inside him, sending off beams of pleasure into his brain. Just when he was sure there was no more room inside him for the feeling, his whole cock jolted. The pleasure burned incredibly intense down the full length of it. In a series of rapid thrusts he helplessly injected the hot glow deep within the boy. It felt like peeing times one hundred, combined with a million simultaneous hugs! He was on fire with the glow, sending it streaming into the boy he was here to care about! David's cock jumped rigidly in his mouth, pumping delicious gushes of joy into his mouth. Every swallow gave him another bulge of pleasure to inject into his friend. The boy's load expired, the bear took a deep breath. The flow ended suddenly, leaving him feeling weak and drained. He sat down on his rump as his legs gave out. His stomach felt warm as the unfamiliar weight of his penis drained away, returning to normal care bear cub size.

David shoved himself down onto the cock against each thrust. His feet were braced on the headboard over his head. The bear was bringing his tool to bear harder and deeper now, so thick and long he'd swear it would break him. The boy was panting, relzxing into the pleasure when the bear came. It was an injection that didn't just impact his bowel. It went through him like he was a sponge, a spreading of hot, ecstatic joy and caring. He felt the most intense happy caring possible, from his stretched ass to the tip of every extremity. His body shuddered in delight. He could feel himself filled to bursting with the sensation. His cock twitched as his loins fired again like he hadn't cum in a week. The tingle of pleasure that normally overwhelmed him during orgasm was pale to the heat of caring that filled him, his own given jets rewarded with further surges from the bear. He giggled helplessly, tears of happiness filling his eyes. His cock ran out of juice, and shortly thereafter the hot injections ceased too. As the glow slowly waned, he relaxed with a beatific smile. The feeling encompassed every fiber, as if imbuing every ounce of stuffing in a plushie with care. "Yess..." he sighed.

Tugs crawled up alongside David, he was completely exhausted. He cuddled up to David who rolled onto his side, taking him into his arms. He sighed as he felt the warm power of shared friendship flowing between them. In their exhaustion they quickly went to sleep, Tugs snoring softly and David smiling.

Gram arrived by cloud car, whirring in the window with a sparkle. "THERE you are Tugs! What have you been doing!? Where is your diaper!?"

Tugs sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Well, I fell down, so I was just helpin David feel better." he said. "We was changing diapers, and then we got to caring more."

Gram put a clean diaper on Tugs, clucking her tongue. "Tsk, Well, we can't have you running around without your diaper on. Come along now, Hugs is already in bed!"

With a misty whir, the cloudcar sparkled back through the window and was gone.

David pulled the covers over him, snuggling deeper in their warmth with a happy smile.

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