By: David Ihnen

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It was late evening. Danny was playing with one of the family dogs, in the back yard. It was after dinner, almost time for bed. King and he played fetch with a rubber ball, the big german shepherd faithfully retrieving the ball and returning it energetically to the boy's hand, more slobbery. A big silvery moon bathed the yard in a pleasant light.

The boy always liked moonlight, it seemed to fill him with excitement and energy that could never be used up, flowing through his arms and legs and body like he could glow. He joyfully cavorted around with the dog, rolling and bouncing and running. Clothes seemed uncomfortable, he stripped down to just his underwear. The cool night air felt wonderful on his bare skin, the liquid fire of the moon's light seeming to make him warmer than warm, glowing and full of energy. Laying on the damp evening grass with King's soft fur against him, he felt a surge of feeling so powerful and intense he wanted to scream in want. King licked at his mouth, he opened it. The dog's long tongue lapped into his mouth. Danny licked back, his tongue pressing around the dog's insistent licking. The boy's underwear strained as his body responded to the emotions. The young boy reached between King's hind legs and stroked the long heavy sheath. He loved the warm furriness and feel of it. Soon Pinkness poked from the fur. The boy felt more excited. He held the sheath. The dog's phallus seemed to have a bone in it, poking it out. King suddenly humped into his hand eagerly. In one of the thrusts he lost hold of the sheath and found his hand full of moist, warm dog penis. Shorly, Danny's hand couldn't close around a huge bulge that grew near the base of King's cock. He squeezed and stroked the shaft and bulge. He could feel waves of pleasure coming from King as sweet smelling liquid sprayed from him. When the dog finished, he immediately sat down and started licking himself. Danny was dumbfounded by the sheer size of his canine friend. It looked to be about nine inches long, the now relaxing knot as big as the young man's fist. Danny wiped his hands on the dog's fur as the dog licked himself carefully back into his sheath. The boy's nose was full of the dog's musky scents.

His underwear still strained against his madly erect phallus. He pulled his underwear out of the way. His hand now stroked and pulled at his own youthful cock. The silvery moon's light filled him with a fire of want and desire. He gasped and moaned in the intensity, stroking himself as he had King. The dog licked at his pumping hand, tongue stroking across the bulging head of Danny's cock. In Ecstacy he twitched and rolled on the damp grass, King nuzzling and licking around the quick movements.

Danny's mother called out the back screen door. "DANNY!! BEDTIME!!"

The boy dimly heard the call. In a panic he wrenched himself out of the heights of self-pleasure to stuff himself back into his clothes and run inside to go to bed. Embarrasedly he turned away from his mother as he went by, so she wouldn't see the lump in his pants. She wondered why his shirt was on inside out, but didn't say anything. It was a warm night, she didn't care if he wanted to run about without his shirt on.

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