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Danny thought alot about sex now. For the last month whenever he saw the family dog King, he'd get a surge of feeling in his crotch. Many nights he'd visit King in the back yard's darkness. The boy would stroke the dog off, loving the taste of his cum and the feeling of his cock. King was amenable to the whole thing, he didn't mind if his friend wanted to play sex with him.

One night, Danny wandered out to the back yard, and sat down behind the doghouse where he normally played with his canine friend. King jumped around excitedly, licking at Danny's face.

King liked Danny. He was just a pup, but he was big. He liked sex alot too. He was wonderful with his paws, and could make him feel almost like he was inside a hot bitch. Danny had come to play again. The dog felt so happy, he bathed his friend in warm kisses. He caught a taste of the inside of Danny's mouth, and licked more. He loved that taste, couldn't get enough of it. He licked happily, trying to lap more of it out, trying different angles for better effect, the taste even better the further he could lick.

Danny stripped out of his clothes while being kissed by King. The dog's wonderful, long tongue lapped warmly into his mouth. The boy's erection shown silvery in the soft moonlight. He stretched out, spreadeagle, on the soft grass. The world was beautiful, his body felt vibrant and expectant. He hadn't felt that way for so long. He licked back at King's mouth fairly ineffectually, his relatively short tongue useless against the battering of the shepherd's. He gave in and let King lick his mouth dry, one hand stroking himself, the other feeling King's heavy sheath.

"Oh, King, you're horny!" murmured Danny as the dog humped suddenly into his hand.

"Wouldja like me to suck you? Wouldja like me to jack you off?" he murmured further. He stopped stroking to pet the soft headfur of the dog. He panted in arousal, his body light with energy.

"I want fuck" said King, simply.

Danny blinked, and looked at the dog. "Did you say..."

King licked Danny's puzzled face all over, getting the delicious salty taste of a days worth of youthful sweat. The boy smiled, and got on all fours.

"If fuck you want, fuck you'll get, my friend." stated Danny softly. The moonlight filled him with lust and desire, and the need to please. He wanted King to feel glorious, like he did so long ago.

King puzzled for a moment, trying to figure this out. Danny was in a different position than ever before. It seemed more natural, somehow. He licked his face again once or twice, then went to investigate further. The boy's rear was open to him. He licked curiously. He was delighted by the new taste, sharp on his tongue, but not unpleasant. He licked more, until it seemed to be cleaned off. He went back to licks at Danny's face, maybe he could get some more of that inside taste...

Danny panted arousedly as the dog's tongue rimmed him. He remained still and quiet so he wouldn't get King worried, but it felt so good. His rear relaxed at the gentle, warm lickings. The dog came back to lick at his face, so Danny pushed him back gently.

King tried to lick Danny's face, but he was pushed back some. Being a cooperative dog, he tried to figure out what he was supposed to do. He found himself gently tugged onto Danny's back. He sat there for a long moment, puzzling. Danny's warm hand stroked that wonderful place. He humped forward, his paws falling into place. He had a bitch under him, he realized. He probed forward with his cock, and hit skin. A moment of warm hand, and he felt tightness around the end of his cock.

Danny guided the dog on top of him. When nothing happened, he reached back and stroked the sheath. Now the dog had the idea, scooting his cock up to his rear. He guided the boned shaft to his asshole, and the next thrust poked inside. He twitched, for a moment thinking it woudnt' be so bad.

The dog drove his penis deep into his new bitch, feeling the warm stroking slipperyness that meant ecstacy. He thrusted deep, pulled out a bit, and slammed in again. Deeper is better, he thought. Gotta get it in, way in, best way, feels great. He could feel the tightening that meant he was suceeding. Furiously he drove on, knowing the only way to succeed was to have everything inside, all the way.

The boy grunted, his rear clenching as the dog's cock drove into him deeply. It seemed impossibly deep, and painful. In the issuing seconds he tried to deal with the pain, shooting into his brain from his rear. The dog knew no limits, again and again the boy was reamed. He tried to get the dog off, falling forward, but the canine held him tight in his paws. In long moments he felt a hot liquid sensation, and a huge swelling, filling him, spreading his insides. It got bigger, and bigger. It hurt, it seemed to be exploding inside him.

King was thanking the goddess for his success as his cock stiffened completely inside his bitch. It was incredibly tight. He couldn't help but cum continuously, ecstacy confirmed by the tightness rippling around him. He no longer thrusted, safely tied inside. He gently tugged at the tie to make sure it was good.

The boy moaned and whimpered to himself. The huge knot he had massaged so many times by hand was inside him. He couldn't believe he could even hold such a thing inside him. The initial worries of exploding were receeding, the tightness aching through him. He looked down and realized his own cock was hard beneath him.

King carefully turned around, tail on rump with Danny. He was happy at the feelings that filled his body, driven by the tightness around his sex. Tail on tail with his friend, he panted gently.

Danny whimpered as King tugged at the tie, dismounting, a hind leg being passed over his back. It settled again as King stood behind him, audibly panting. Danny stroked himself, and once again felt himself slipping into in the dreamland of canine rapture he felt last time as the moon filled him with energy. He closed his eyes, feeling the energy inside him. He pushed it towards his crotch once again, stroking himself. His body seemed to roar with arousal, every fiber of his being alert and eager. He felt fur under his own hand as he stroked himself, and looking down saw a furry sheath of his own. His rear clenched King's huge knot tightly as he shuddered, driven on by the hard pressure on his prostate and the arousal that filled him. He had time to think "This isn't right" before he squeezed behind his knot, sending him into a long, shuddering orgasm of ecstacy.

He could feel a power pulsing through him. As he came in a blaze of light and ecstacy, he could feel strange things in his body. He felt to be on fire without pain, his body hot all over. Saliva filled his mouth, he dropped his spurting cock to hang heavily between his legs. He was losing control of the sensations and feelings that filled him. He got scared. In a panic, he pushed the power out of him, away from him.

King was the easiest path for the energy. His thoughts were of making sure every bit of his cum got inside his partner. It was a wonderful sensation, his cock massaged and squeezed by this bitch. Suddenly, earth-power filled him with ability. Joyfully, he tried to squeeze more cum into his bitch. A sensation to make him dizzy filled him. A river of cum flowed from him, filling his female beyond doubt. This was great! Thank the Goddess! Delerious with pleasure, King fell to the ground, even without pumping, cum sprayed into his bitch. He murmured his thanks dizzily.

Danny collapsed about the same time King did. The feeling of exploding was back again, only hot and liquid now. He felt like he needed to go to the bathroom the worst in his life. His body worked on that, relaxing more and more, pushing hard out the rear. Danny panted and sweated, it beaded all over his body. Suddenly, the knot came free from the boy's rear. Most of the phallus was still inside, but in great relief the pressure on his insides was being released. He lunged forward weakly, wanting it all out, to be finished. With a long stroke, the cock slid out of him. His stretched rear sloshed liquid upon the ground, its smell sharp. He lay for long minutes, to weak to move, feeling his rear relax and close after the huge intrusion.

Eventually, the boy eased himself up to a sitting position. King was laying on his side, lapping at his softening cock. A pool of liquid lay in the grass, rapidly dissappearing. His rear ached softly. He looked at his crotch, and found his usual small human penis. He looked up for the moon, but it was behind some clouds. Light around the edges of the cloud clued its location.

Danny petted and praised King, then carefully put his clothes back on and slipped through the house to his room. That wasn't something he expected to repeat very soon.

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