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Danny kicked off the blankets and yawned. He felt hot. He sat up on the bed, blinking the sleep from his eyes. He absently scratched his crotch and sighed. "Gotta go pee" he muttered. He walked quietly down hallway. The family german sheperd, King, came out of the living room, wagging his tail, and nuzzled him as he opened the bathroom door. He patted the big dog's head and walked into the bathroom. Despite the darkness of the night he found the toilet easily. He pulled out his penis and sighed happily as he relieved his bladder into the porcelian bowl.

He finished and let go. As the youth stretched again and started back to bed, movement in the bathroom mirror caught his eye. He glanced and froze, stock still. He had expected his familiar young wirey frame, but that wasn't what he saw. The mirror instead displayed a powerfully muscled and stocky frame. His arms and torso were covered with a thick pelt of brown fur, fading to a lighter shade on his front. His eyes dropped. His penis looked huge, swinging in a furry sheath. His obvious balls caused his eyes to widen. A movement behind him caught his eyes. A tail twitched gently behind him, the same brown as his arms. His own familiar eyes looked at him from a long wolfish muzzle, rounded ears swivelling straight ahead. Fascinated, he opened his mouth and saw a long pink tongue slip out... everything went black.

Danny's mother was woken by King, whining loudly and stratching at the bedroom door. She woke up her husband.

"Hey, Dan, wake up. Something's wrong."

Dan grunted and sat up.

He heard King. "You're right. Stay behind me."

The couple cautiously followed the big dog to the bathroom. The door was half open. Inside they found Danny laying on the floor, unconcious. King whined and nosed him.

"Oh my god, Danny!" cried his mother.

"Shhh!" said Dan. "Let me check him out."

He knelt down beside his naked son and ran his hands over the thin frame. Everything appeared to be intact, but he had a swelling lump on his head.

"He probably just slipped and hit his head. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'll carry him to his room."

The man grunted as he picked up his son and carried him down the hall. The boy was quite a load now, probably 140 pounds. His wife held open the door and he gently layed him on the bed, pulling the rumpled covers back over him. Danny stirred.

"Danny? Are you allright?" his father murmured, smoothing his son's hair.

Danny stiffened, eyes wide, his hands going to his face. Then he winced.

"Ouch! My head hurts."

His father responded, "Yes, you fell in the bathroom. You just rest, you'll feel better in the morning."

Danny moaned a bit and fingered the lump on his head, wincing. "Oh. Okay."

Dan's hand collected a bit of fur from his son's bed as he tucked him in. The man and his wife went back to their room, whispering amongst themselves. Danny just lay and thought about what he would swear he had seen. He kept feeling his body, checking to see if it was still the skinny smooth body he was accustomed to. After a good half hour, he drifted off to sleep, accompanied by the dull ache of his head.

* * *

Danny was running. It felt great. The wind ruffled his fur as his legs pistoned, carrying him through the moonlight dappled woods at incredible speed. Smells of the area assaulted his nose, a whirl of sensation. A deer, a woodchuck. The squirrels, a skunk waddling through the ivy. He howled in pure ecstacy, ringing into the night.

His howl was answered by the baying of hounds! They were chasing him, he could hear them now, crashing through the brush a hundred yards away. His nostrils flared as he took in the night scents, now corrupted by the stink of man and the dogs. The trees whipped by once again as he ran A high fence loomed ahead and he was over it with a powerful jump, hitting the rushing ground with a roll to break the impact. Without pausing he was back on his feet and sprinting through a compound, avoiding the harsh pools of light that would reveal his whereabouts. He paused in a dark shadow to catch his breath. This place smelled of oil and unwashed humans. It made him uncomfortable. A noise caused him to turn his head to a man walking around the corner of a the building. His eyes were dazzled for a moment by a bright flashlight.

"HOLY SHIT!!" exclaimed the man, ducking back around the building in a scurry of flying gravel.

Time to go.

Danny ran once again, past stinking steel and oil behemoths, rusting heaps that his nose informed him contained rats. Lots of them. Another fence loomed ahead and he sprang over it, delighting in the power of his limbs. As he came up from the roll a light glared in his face. In a panic he dropped, rolling to the side, wincing from the brightness. Loud explosions rocked the night, making the ground spit at him. Breathing hard he ran parrallel to the tall fence, away from the light and explosion. Suddenly the sprinting form exploded from the cover of the woods and plunged into a cornfield.

He could smell the dogs. Dogs ahead of him. Dogs behind. Baying, barking. Then a loud noise from above, glaring bright light catching him as he ran through the rows. Terror! He's trapped! He stumbles on a rut, a red glint to the left catching his eye. Then the roar of a shotgun, and the blazing burn of buckshot blasting through his fur...

* * *

"AHHHHHH!!!" Danny screamed as he sat bolt upright in his bed, sweating profusely. After long moments he spoke.

"A nightmare. Just a nightmare." He tried to reassure himself.

King nosed the door open and hopped up on the bed, laying down by Danny. Danny hugged him furiously, buring his head in the thick black fur.

"You'll protect me, King, won'tcha?"

The dog lay alert, watching as Danny drifted off to sleep, supporting an arm of the youth.

"Don't worry. I'll keep you safe." Danny thought he heard King say as sleep once again covered his conciousness.

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