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Danny was learning alot about being a werewolf.

For one, even though he could change just about any time, it was hard not to when there was a full moon. Secondly, he was much bigger as a werewolf. He had taken to wearing looser clothes, sweats and a big t-shirt, for instance. After one long moon-filled night, he didn't know how he was supposed to explain his shredded pajamas. He just snuck them into the trash. Not only did wolfing, as he called it, ruin clothes, but it really hurt. It took alot of pressure to rip clothing. It was easier to just sleep naked these days.

Despite all that, he was feeling alot more confident. He hadn't lost control for a week and a half. He also had noticed some conventional pubescent hair growing on him at last. He felt grown up and sexy. He smiled as he got a pair of his new bikini style briefs to underline a pair of Levi's 501's. Their denim form fit snugly around his legs and buttocks, the briefs making an almost perceptible high-riding line around his thigh. He grinned at himself in the mirror, and matched it with close fitting t-shirt, the one with the big red 'D' emblazoned at an angle across the front.

"D is for Daniel!" he said to the mirror, highfiving the mirror image. He hummed as he went on his way to school, backpack slung low on his back.

* * *

It was the last period. Danny winced and concentrated, hands clenched in tight fists. He could feel his claws poking at his palms.

"No... not now..." he murmured, feeling his blood surge in his veins. He could feel sweat beading on his brow as he worked at keeping his form.

"Daniel?" called his teacher.

The student started and looked up. "Uh, Sorry."

She frowned, walking a bit closer. "Are you okay? You don't look well."

Daniel shook his head. "I... I'll be okay. May I go to the restroom?"

She nodded, and handed him the large wooden block labeled "Lavoratory Pass".

Daniel hurried out of the room with a hurried thanks, and practically sprinted down the hall towards the bathroom. He had to let out some of the pressure, be a wolf for a few minutes. Then he'd be fine. His vision was blurred from sweat dripping into them, he blinked and wiped at it as the doorway loomed close. He swung inside and dropped into a stall. His hands were fumbling at the button on his jeans when he heard a girls voice.

Shiela was on her way to the lavoratory when she saw Daniel run into the girls restroom. Her problem wasn't dissimilar. She was just so angry, she had to relax. A nice quiet stall for a few minutes was just what she needed. A boy would be all the better. She grinned in anticipation.

"This should be interesting..." she posited as she walked in. She could hear the boy's frantic breathing in the second stall. The door was open a little, ajar. She pushed it open with a hand, leaning against the stall wall provocatively as she smiled coyly at Daniel.

"Hey, Cutey..." she began.

Daniel froze as the door suddenly swung wide open. A girl was standing there, looking at him, legs spread tantalizingly before him.

"Hey, Cutey..." she said.

Daniel let out a whine as his body responded readily, quickly loosing control of wolfing.

Shiela's heart pounded all the harder as she saw a huge lump grow in the boy's pants. He let out a helpless whine. "He's mine..." she thought, letting her barely legal skirt ride up her legs. She could feel the heat inside her starting to moisten her thighs.

Daniel grunted and clenched his eyes closed as the change swept through him. First he felt his crotch swell hard against his jeans, the tension standing out clearly. Claws popped through the toes of his shoes, his legs swelled with muscle. His thighs bulged, his tail shoved through the seat of his pants. His jeans seemed to explode, separating under the tension to show the thick fur. The crotch of his jeans held until his hips shifted, ripping the buttons out as his huge werewolf cock popped out, straining inside his underwear. His upper body joined the change, thickening and bulking out, the t-shirt's shoulders ripping as the change thickened his chest and arms. His mouth stretched as fur sprouted over his head, ears rising rounded atop. He stood there in the stall, panting heavily as it finished, the remains of his clothes tattered around him.

The girl gasped, not daring to move as she watched the transformation before her. The cute boy was growing, his jeans split, a tail behind. Each heartbeat seemed to stretch into eternity as the eyes opened again. They were the same eyes, set above a heavily panting muzzle. Her eyes dropped to his now woefully undersized briefs, almost but not quite hiding a penis that easily outstripped anything she'd even seen in photos. To her surprize she wasn't frightened at all. She felt her body responding to this all the more, she could even smell herself. Her legs slipped wider, the skirt riding up around her hips now.

The werewolf's nose took in the scent of the woman before him. His instincts screamed arousal. His loins seemed to swell bigger, against restraint that then snapped, letting his sex swing free. He reached out with clawed hands and grabbed the female, burying his muzzle in her sex, snorting in her scent as he drove his tongue into her. She was sweet and musky, in a way that sent tingles radiating from his crotch. She tensed, her juices redoubling. He pushed her out of the cramped space they were in, giving maneuvering room.

Sheila groaned as the werewolf took ahold of her and started eating her out, her mind swimming with pleasure as the powerful being's tongue slid deep into her. She shuddered as it triggured an orgasm, spurting her fluids onto him. Suddenly she found herself pushed into the main bathroom, her ass resting on the edge of the sink counter. The werewolf looked into her eyes with all too human ones, then looked away.

The werewolf pushed the girl away. It was wrong, bad to take a girl this way. It would be rape, evil, bad. He wasn't evil. He looked into Shiela's eyes, ignoring the trembles of arousal that surged through his sex, ignoring the deep urgent need from somewhere inside him.

"Ah.. Ah Can't..." he mumbled, starting to turn away.

Shiela looked down where a spurt of precum from the werewolf's dripping cock just wet her leg. Her chest heaved as her anger surged. She grabbed one of the powerful forearms and yanked the slightly off balance werewolf up against her. She glared into his eyes.

"You're not getting away THAT easily" she hissed, her other hand wrapping around his cock and guiding it into her. It was so big her hand couldn't close around it.

"Fuck me!" she hissed, "NOW!!"

Daniel's eyes widened as he was yanked to the girl, he felt her hand push his cock between her lips, lodging the tip in her tight pussy. His whole body seemed to react to that one sensation. His mind was shoved aside. He experienced but could not in control. His powerful body gripped Shiela, pushing her up against the wall, his hips driving into her mercilessly. His mind seemed to oddly note that she felt cool inside. He struggled to stop himself as he watched the girl's angry leer turn into one of pain, then slackening as she shuddered bodily, her feelings unobvious. His mind screamed, "I'm killing her!"

Shiela's heart hammered in her ears. She was so aroused, she was not going to let this get away, werewolf or no. She pushed the thick cock into her, determined to take it. What happened next was beyond her expectation. The werewolf grabbed her and shoved her up against the wall, the impact knocking the breath from her. His huge cock rammed into her, a burning spear of pain lancing impossibly deep. He didn't stop there, instead fucking without a pause. The pain was quickly overwhelmed by pleasure as the cock pumped in and out of her body. It felt so good, so wonderful, she came, then again, and again, in quick succession, her body convulsing around the massive shaft, milking it. She felt stretched, filled beyond comprehension. The werewolf pounded into her, driving her literally up the wall, held there by his powerful paws and thrusts, teeth slavering inches from her face. His eyes were glazed and unfocused, almost yellow as he plowed into her. His hot but not unpleasant breath blowing over her face.

Daniel struggled within his body, slowly finding control. Then, suddenly his body was his. He jumped back, letting Shiela fall to her feet. He panted hard, balancing precariously, tongue lolled. His heart thudded in his chest, in time with the twitching of his dripping phallus. The scent of sex was thick in the air. He looked at Shiela miserably, ears flattened back. He could feel the wolf receeding within him, his body shrinking.

Shiela barely kept her balance when the werewolf jumped back. She fell to the floor, wobbled, and leaned against the wall. She opened her eyes to see the werewolf looking at her, eyes once again clearly Danny's. She followed his gaze down as his stature reduced, returning to his natural porportions. He panted, his body beaded with sweat, visible through his ripped clothing.

Daniel felt sick to his stomach.

"Shiela... I'm sorry. I"m SO sorry. I... I couldn't stop myself..." he sobbed, sounding absolutely miserable.

The girl could still feel tingles emanating from her crotch. A glance down revealed a bit of blood on her thighs. She tentatively reached forward and patted Danny on the shoulder.

"Its... its okay Daniel." she spoke softly, "I... asked for it. It was wonderful."

Daniel looked up at her through tear-blurred eyes. "What?"

Just then the school bell rang, reverberating through the hallways.

"Shit!" exclaimed Shiela. She grabbed Daniel and pulled him into the nearest stall, latching the door just before the first girls came in, chattering noisily.

"Eww, it smells skanky in here!" said the first.

"Like, totally gross." said the second, sitting down heavily in the next stall over. Sheila and Danny could tell by the sound she was urinating.

* * *

Daniel stretched out in the middle of his floor, luxuriating in being naked. The family german shepherd, King, lay close, watching though half-open eyes.

"Its been quite a day King." he said.

Joe crawled out of his bed and peered through the heater grate. Daniel was in the middle of the floor again, petting King. He was naked.

"Shiela..." murmured Danny, staring out the window at the stars. "You know I fucked her today."

Joe knew Shiela. He'd been babysat by her a couple times, back when Dad was out of town and Danny and Mom went to some events.

Daniel fondled himself gently. "She's the only person who knows I'm a werewolf." he murmured.

His sex quickly hardened, shifting into canine shape almost reflexively.

"She didn't even mind." he mused, stroking himself vigorously. He shifted further, sprouting a tail, his spine and hips reshaping. The heat of orgasm burned through his loins easily at the recollection. He closed his mouth about the end of his cock, drinking down his seed. It rolled through his mouth, sharp and salty, immensely satisfying between the pleasure that shivered from his loins and the taste in his mouth.

Joe's eyes widened. Daniel had a tail, he could see it wagging. He was laying on his side, facing the grate. He was sucking on his own huge cock, swallowing again and again. Joe trembled as he stroked himself, trying to do the same. His youthful flexibility allowed him to almost reach it, his small load shooting directly into his mouth. He tasted it thoughtfully as he peered back through at his brother.

Daniel was still curled, drinking his own cum. He eventually seemed to finish and stretched, swelling all over. Now he was covered with fur, his sex slipping back into a sheath on his stocky frame. Joe blinked and rubbed his eyes, blurry from needing sleep. His second look showed Daniel looking perfectly normal again, climbing under his covers.

"Were-wolf..." mused Joe, climbing into his own bed. "Were-wolf."

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