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Joe ate his Count Chocula cereal, watching Danny scarf down a bowl of rasin bran and four slices of toast. He was wearing some baggy shorts and t-shirt, several sizes too big for him. Joe was still in his pajamas, since his classes didn't start for another hour.

"You sure are hungry!" said Joe, carefully scooping another spoonful of cereal.

"Yup, that's 'cause I'm so big." Danny cheerfully replied, putting his lunch into his backpack.

"I wish I was as big as you." murmured Joe, "With lots.."

"Don't worry, you'll grow. Seeya later!" Danny left with a slam of the screen door, out of hearing before Joe finished.

"of fur." he murmured softly.

His mother came in, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"How're you this morning, sweetheart?" she asked, picking up the Count Chocula box and putting it back in the cupboard. "That's enough cereal for you!"

"Mommy?" asked Joe.

"Yes dear?" responded his mother, pouring herself a large glass of orange juice.

"What is a were-wolf?"

"That's a man that turns into a wolf, sort of. Have you been watching those scary movies again?"

Joe shook his head vigorously. "Nope! Danny's a werewolf!"

His mother frowned. "Joe there are no such things as werewolves. That's not very nice thing to say about your brother at all."

Joe looked perplexed. "Then what is he?"

The clock on the wall chimed the hour. "He's your brother. Oh, I'm late. Sorry hun, we'll talk about it later, okay?"

Joe returned his mom's kiss, watching as she zipped out the door, off to work.

Joe's father walked in. He looked like he usually did in the morning, unshaven, hair a mess, clothed in a bathrobe and floppy slippers. He poured himself the last of the orange juice in the pitcher, grumbling.

"Nobody ever leaves me any juice. What's the world coming to."

Joe leaned his head on the back of the chair and looked up at the patriarch.

"Daddy, are werewolves real?"

The man smiled and scooped Joe out of the chair. "Only when I don't get my juice!" he exclaimed, roaring as he tickled his son.

"Aah! let me go!" squirmed Joe, giggling and trying to escape all at once.

"Okay, okay." allowed his father, putting him back down gently on the floor. He drank the orange juice in a couple swallows.

"You need to get your clothes on, Mister." the father announced, "Scoot! Vamoose! Get the show on the road!" He patted Joe on the rump as the boy trotted off.

He frowned and stroked his rough chin. "Werewolf. Naw. Coincidence."

* * *

Shiela smiled at Danny as he walked across the campus. She was wearing one of her usual barely legal skirts, her legs crossed tightly as she sat on the bench. Danny pretended not to notice her and tried to hurry by.

"Danny!" she called out, causing him to startle.

"Ah! Um, what?" he asked looking at her nervously.

She patted the space on the bench next to her. "Sit down."

Danny looked around concernedly. Nobody was paying any attention. He shrugged, and sat down a little ways from Shiela. "Uh, hi." he mumbled.

Shiela leaned over to Danny's ear, careful to show off her substantial cleavage, and whispered.

"I like you, Danny. You're cute, and your werewolf cock is hot." she whispered breathily, "Meet me in the girls locker room at twelve thirty."

"But I have a class!" protested Danny.

"A study period. And there's no gym class then either."

Danny shook his head. "I... I can't, Shiela!"

Sheila smiled, but Danny could feel the heat behind it. "Be there, or I tell."

Danny gulped, glancing around nervously again. "Oh...Okay. I'll be there." he muttered, looking down at his shoes.

Shiela nodded. "Good. See you then." she stood up, casually groping Danny's crotch.

* * *

Danny was had a very hard time concentrating on his school work that morning. Every time he'd start thinking of his math, Shiela would pop up in his mind. What's 27 divided by 9? Shiela. x equals 4 minus the square root of shiela. The first fifteen minutes of the study period seemed to take hours, the clock moving imperceptably. Then it was time. He walked up to the monitor's desk.

"May I go to the restroom?" he asked.

The monitor silently handed him the wooden block, and went back to grading tests. He pulled his backpack closer and wandered down the long echoing hallways, out the door, and across the green to the Physical Education complex. It was a sunny day, the sun burned down brightly onto the beaten grass. He pushed open the door and stepped into the cool darkness of the gym.

The sound of the door closing echoed across the vast room, the sound sliding back and forth a dozen times before vanishing into the noise of the ventilation fan. Danny half closed his eyes, sniffing deeply. He could smell the mildewy wetness of the showers, the musk of sweat and effort mixed in. The varnish of the bleachers, scuffed from years of sitting and stamping during games dominated on the main floor. As he strained, letting his nose transform into a wolf's, he could even smell the passing of the gym teacher, earlier, and the more recent transit of Shiela.

Danny slid down behind a set of bleachers, where a board was loose that nobody told the janitor about. The floor was padded with some old cardboard boxes, and a corner was littered with prophylactics. He shook his head at the heavy, old scent of lovers. He slipped out of his shoes and socks, then his shorts and shirt. Completely naked he willed the change. He felt the warmth of fur covering him, and the surge of power as his muscles grew. He lowered himself to all fours, letting the changes sweep over him completely, leaving him indistiguishable from a normal wolf. Even his eyes were yellow. He opened his muzzle in a canine grin, and slipped back out around the loose board. It slapped back into place with an echoing whap.

Shiela was getting impatient. Danny was not showing. She'd gotten all undressed for nothing. She'd have to tell. Who to tell first? Her friend Larry, the football star? The principal? She glanced up to see a large wolf advancing on her. She lept back in fright, into a corner, crying out. She instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands. He seemed to know exactly what he wanted, pushing her hands aside to push his cold nose against her. And licking. It felt so good. No man ever had a tongue that long, sliding so deep... It sent tingle up her spine, the tongue and breath so hot. She was getting licked by a wolf! She trembled, her hips bucking into the wolven muzzle, cumming. God, she never came so quickly before!

"Oh!" she cried, staring at him wide-eyed.

Danny-wolf continued padding towards her without a pause, licking his lips. If she wanted sex from a beast, he would give it to her. He nosed her hands firmly out of the way, pushing his cold nose against her heat, licking deeply of her moisture. He panted noisily against her, licking until she trembled, practically gushing. Danny relaxed and let his body do the licking, enjoying the suspension of decision making. The wolf's enthusiasm began to wane, and he sat back on his haunches, licking his jowls and thinking.

She stank, really. Stank like a human. She had on some cloyingly sweet fragrance that reeked from her wrists. He snapped in irritation as she reached one hand towards him. Under that her scent was confused. She was afraid of him, he could tell that. And she was aroused, that had to be obvious even to somebody with a fraction the nose he had. He yawned, showing his sharp wolf teeth, and watched her to see what she would do.

The girl panted as the wolf just stopped, sitting there and looking at her.

"Danny?" she asked tentatively, reaching towards him.

She snatched her hand back as the wolf snapped at her hand.

"Geeze! No need to bite me!" she grumbled, inspecting her hand critically.

She patted the inside of her thigh.

"Come on, lick me some more!"

The wolf just looked at her, all yellow eyes over sharp teeth. She was making sounds at him, and fanning the scent of her arousal. He lay down on his elbows and watched her some more..

Shiela glanced at her watch, and shook her head.

"I don't have time for this." she snapped, and stood up.

The human suddenly reared up overhead, and the wolf struck. He hit her back in a flying leap, knocking her to the floor. Shiela screamed shortly.

The wolf stood atop the fallen human, panting. Her smooth white skin was marked but not broken by his claw marks, two sets on her back. He growled at her in warning. His ears caught the sound of approaching footsteps moments before his nose caught the scent of one in authority. He looked down at the weak human and felt disgust. She was unworthy, no more than dirt. He raised his leg and told her so, using her for his toilet. He turned and padded out the gym door as the footsteps echoed louder from the other end of the locker room.

Danny started, his mind reeling over the last few minutes. He felt like he snapped into control of his body, stumbling in mid-walk, correcting his course to slip behind the bleachers again. He willed the change, shivering a little as he returned to his adolecent human form. He pulled on his clothes quickly and hurried back to the study hall, adrenaline making his legs quake.

Danny put the pass on the teacher's desk and sat back down. There was still another ten minutes in the period. He pulled out his sketchbook and scribbled. Strong course lines outlined a wolf, sneering down at a fallen human. His leg raised as he urinated upon her. His eyes were almost closed as he drew. He slapped the book shut as the bell rang, hardly thinking as he dropped it into his pack and headed to his next class.

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