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Joe was hiding behind the couch. It was bed time, and he of course didn't want to go. He could hear his mother walking about muttering about trying to find him. She seemed to give up at some point, discussing somebody named bill with dad. He knew if he showed up they'd put him to bed though. He yawned, and reached over to Danny's backpack. It had been dumped by the couch after Danny finished his homework. One of the books in it was a spiral bound book with a plain cover, the sketchbook. Maybe he had drawn something new.

Joe carefully pulled the book out and retreated into the shadows to look at it. Danny was watching TV, sitting on the couch. He opened the book and paged through quietly. There were the old familiar drawings that had been there for as long as he could remember. The big robots with guns, the pictures of King laying around, stuff like that. At the end he found a new picture. He studied it intently.

It was of a wolf and a girl, in perhaps a locker room. The background was only vaguely drawn. The wolf was standing over the girl, her limbs splayed like she had just fallen. He had seen the girl before, at school. She looked shocked, surprized. Joe had never seen a wolf look disgusted but if a wolf could, this one had that exact expression on his muzzle. His leg was raised in typical canine fashion, a stream of pee splattering over the smooth back of the girl. He stared at it for a long time, trying to figure out the feelings it gave him. It was drawn in quick strong strokes of the pencil, no erasing, unlike the other pictures. He knew he wanted this picture. He couldn't tear it out, Danny would hear. He quietly closed the sketchbook and pushed it back into Danny's bag, barely ducking out of sight as mom came by again.

"Danny, have you seen your brother?" she asked.

"Naw." he said briefly, not looking up from the TV.

"Well, if you see him, make sure he goes to bed. He has school in the morning. I'm going to the store to get some milk."

Danny waved briefly as she departed, watching TV steadily.

"You're going to have to go to bed sooner or later, Joe." he said as the door thumped shut.

Joe climbed out from behind the couch and sat next to Danny.

"I wanna be a werewolf too."

Danny looked at Joe for a long moment, then shook his head. "You can't."

Joe stuck out his chin defiantly. "Yes I can!"

Danny sighed. "Look, there's no such things as werewolves!"

Joe shook his head. "Yes there is! I saw you turn into one! Allya gotta do is bite me."

Danny looked at Joe again, the television show forgotten.


"I sawya change. I know allya gotta do is bite me, and I'll be one too!"

Danny wiped some sweat from his forehead.

"That's probably a lie." he mumbled.

"I wanna lick myself too!" Joe continued, "I wanna have big muscles and peepee!"

Danny didn't know what to do. He shifted in his seat.

"You can't tell anybody." he told his brother.

"I promise!" said Joe quickly, "Cross my heart and hope to die!"

Danny shook hands with Joe.

"I don't know if you can be a werewolf." he told him.

Joe looked confident. "I read it, allya gotta do is bite me!"

Danny shook his head.

"Maybe, thats a made up story. And besides that would hurt."

Joe held his arm close to him. "Then how?"

"I've been thinking about it. Either I was born this way,"

"I have the same mommy and daddy!" Joe pointed out.

"Maybe, I don't know." Danny frowned, "Or I got bitten or something."

Joe leaned up against Danny. "Can you hug me with fur?" he asked.

Danny thought that sounded nice.

"Lets go to my room." he suggested.

Danny stripped before changing to his werewolf form. Joe watched with round eyes, tenting his own shorts. He tentatively slipped out of his own clothes, bracing himself as the powerful werewolf looked over him. Danny sat on his bed, watching his brother through his familiar eyes. He could see Joe was aroused, his youthful penis standing rigid from his hips. He had the softest down of adolesence at his hips. Definitely starting puberty. Joe tentatively sat on his lap, his narrow hips sliding back to lean on his sheth. He closed his arms around Joe's small frame and pulled him close, laying down, pulling the covers over them. They lay there for a long while, powerful fur around warm smooth skin. Danny licked gently at his brother's neck and cheek, sliding his tongue over the smooth skin, tasting the sweet salt and bits of dinner.

"I... I've been like this before." murmured Joe, "I remember... a long time ago..."

Joe quickly fell asleep, a smile on his face. Danny smiled and snuggled close to his brother, feeling happier than he ever remembered.


Their mother peered in later.

"Oh, there you are Joe." she murmured, walking over to kiss Joe, sweeping Danny's hair out of his eyes.

"How sweet." she murmured as she left them together there.


Joe opened his eyes, mouth open. "oooh." he said. Something... very warm... was poking in his butt. His first instinct was to pull away, but as he lay there it moved, in out, in out ever so gently. It sent tingles through him, a rush of good that seemed to fill his chest. He carefully reached back, and felt Danny's peepee hard, and poking into him. That was supposed to hurt, he thought. But it didn't. And he felt so warm and safe. He relaxed, just breathing, feeling the probing, his own cock standing out stiff. Deeper and deeper, never pushing very hard, just stroking more. The goodness seemed to fill him, and he closed his eyes. It was like he was floating in clouds, billowing around him. Every time they carressed him it filled him with more goodness, more good feelings.

Danny dreamed. He dreamed of werewolves. They touched him, snuggling up. They were soft and warm, pressing their tailholes to his sheath. Inside they were tight and warm, feeling so wonderful. He could feel them slipping around his shaft so willingly. Unlike his other experiences he slid in and out without any urgency, floating in happy pleasure. He could feel himself, stiff with arousal, his cock sliding deep into the silky depths. His cum seemed to well up from his center, closer and closer to his loins. He slowed his strokes, drawing out the pleasure, feeling every milimeter of silky wall around him. And then he came, all in a rush. He wrapped his hands around Joe's hips and pressed his cock fully into his brother, his cum rushing out in a series of rapid contractions.

Joe gasped as Danny's hands moved, wrapping around his hips and pulling him hard against him. The cock inside him swelled, and sprayed. It seemed to heat up inside him, spreading through him quickly. It was like orgasm only better. He could feel his cock twitch as it sprayed his small load. He tensed, his body clamped around the cock as... he changed. First his crotch, his rigid cock swelling, growing, changing structure as he came again. It felt like a pounding on his gut as he came hard. He could hear the spray impacting on the covers. And it spread from there. Fur sprouted from his hips, a tail pressed against Danny's stomach. His thighs thickened, changing as his legs changed, covered with fur and tipped with claws. At the same time it ran up his front, chest thickening, his arms growing thick. His neck furred thickly. He could feel his ears tingling as they grew, furred and erect. His face reformed last, lengthening into a muzzle, nose visible before him. He shivered, feeling Danny's cock still throbbing inside him, his tail pressed against his brother's front. He yipped happily. He was a werewolf now!

Danny woke to a yip that said "I'm happy!". His arms were around a young werewolf, and his cock was inside him! He hastily pulled out, with a startled yelp of his own. The werewolf struggled around, thumping his paws onto Danny's shoulders and licking his face!

"Look Danny i'mma werewolf it worked I'm a werewolf lets go play!" he barked excitedly, his tail wagging hard.

Danny pushed Joe off him and sat up, wiping some of Joe's cum off his stomach.

"Geeze, calm down. What if mom hears you? And look at yourself, you're making a mess."

Joe drooped. "I sorry." he said.

The bright morning sunlight was already shining into the window. Joe sat down in the sunlight and with a few licks returned his cock to his sheath.

"Its morning already! You gotta change back!" whispered Danny urgently.

Joe shook his head. "No! I wanna be werewolf!"

Danny grabbed Joe by the scruff, though the boy's werewolf form slightly outweighed Danny's human one.

"Look, we'll play tonight. But until then, you gotta be human!"

Joe yelped and shook, but not hard enough to dislodge his brother's grip.

"Okay, okay!" he whined.

He stood there for a few moments expectantly.

"Well?" asked Danny, pulling on some underwear.

"How?" he asked.

Danny blinked and looked at his werewolf-brother.

"Think... human." he suggested.

Joe tilted his head at him puzzledly.

"Say your ABC's" he told his brother.

Joe closed his eyes. "Aye Bee Cee Dee E Eff Gee, aych eye jay kay ell emm enn oh pee."

He could feel himself changing, the eager muscles shrinking, the warm fur dissappearing. He opened his eyes and looked down at his human body. He sighed.

"I like being werewolf better." he said solemnly.

Danny nodded, pulling on a t-shirt.

"If you tell anybody about it, they'll probably take you away!" he warned.

Joe looked puzzled. "Why?"

"They don't understand I guess," shrugged Danny, "People are mean."

Joe frowned. "I won't tell anybody. But we get to play tonight, right?"

Danny nodded again as he tied his shoes. "Yes. Now go get dressed!"

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