Dream Genie

By: David Ihnen

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A quick transgender, REAL style.
(well, as real as they get)

Jared was dreaming. He was dreaming of a genie. He rubbed a bottle, and out came a genie.

"Whadaya want? I got a nail appointment at three!" she snapped in irritated valley-girl.

It being a dream, this seemed perfectly normal.

"I wanna be a girl!" Jared exclaimed. He'd always thought that would be cool. And the stories about changing into them on the tsa list were so hot.

"Like, Whatever." she whined, and snapped her fingers.

"Goodbye and good riddance!" she said, sticking out her tongue. "Enjoy your wish!"

Jared blinked. "Don't I get three wishes?"

"Hey, I'm only a Dream genie. Go find a real one if you want three wishes." she looked at her nails and sighed. "Besides, too much wish giving makes me break nails."

About that time Jared woke up. He shook his head and sighed. His hair was still short. His arms and legs were still hairy. Obviously not a girl.

He got up and stumbled to the bathroom. Squinting in the glare of the lights, he pulled down his underwear and let go. He made a bit wet mess all over the area. He yelped in surprise and reached for his penis... but it wasn't there.

He looked down and saw petite breasts bulging on his chest. He walked over and looked in the mirror.

Looking back at him was a crew-cut girl. His hair hadn't even grown! His face had changed a bit, becoming more feminine. His hips weren't much wider. But you'd think he'd have gotten a bit of a bust. Or a nice ass. He glared at himself in the mirror. In all the stories, the leg hair had vanished, they'd had big bosoms, and were all shapely and long haired. Now he just looked like a plain farm girl. He even had a bit of a mustache.

The bathroom door opened and his brother Jonathan came in. "Hi jared." he said, then caught site of the lack of genetalia and the breasts. His eyes got big. "What happened to you!?" he asked.

Jared ran his fingers through his short hair. "I'm a girl now, you idiot."

Jonathan blinked, and ohed. He walked over to the toilet and started relieving himself.

"You gotta sit down to go potty when yer a girl, Jared." he told him, pointing at the wet mess.

Jared just growled, and got into the shower. The water felt nice on his nipples. It didn't take long to wash himself off. After cleaning up the mess around the toilet, he walked back to his room, and put on his clothes. They still fit, mostly. His jeans and underwear were tight in the hips and loose in the crotch, but the flannel shirt bulged nicely around what breasts he had. "What a rip!" he thought. "My clothes didn't even change. And everybody remembers me as a guy. Damn dream genies."

He went downstairs to the computer and sent a letter of advice to the transformation story list.

"WHATEVER you do, DON'T make wishes with dream genies!"

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