My Evening

By: David Ihnen

NOTESA true story
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I got home late from the hospital. I was visiting my mate there, he's recovering from a gall bladder surgery that went a good bit wrong in the aftermath. He seems to be getting better, thanks for your concern.

When I got home my white shepherd Zane was ecstatic to see me. You know, running around, bouncing about joyfully, jumping up for kisses and running around yet again. I petted him and told him to calm down.

I let out Getty, the white shepherd bitch that belongs to my roommate, from his room where I put her a few hours earlier. She came out and barked at me.

"No! shut Up!" I hollered at her. She does this barking thing alot, particularly when I come home. She ran outside through the doggie door, grumbling. Zane cringed.

I patted my thighs and Zane raced over, jumping up and kissing me again. I hugged him and fuzzled his sides. Its great having a dog that's so happy to see you!

I wanted to get my scsi tape drive working, so I got on my roommate's puter and tried to bring up adaptec's site. It didn't work. I tried my mate's computer. That one didn't work either. So, I went to my roommate's room and tried his OTHER computer. This one worked. Apparently something to do with the network address translation - its complicated. Anyway, I downloaded the manual I was looking for, and loaded it onto my mate's puter with FTP, where I then printed it out. Its 15 pages long and quite detailed about jumper settings.

I got to work, setting jumpers on my card. the IRQ was conflicting with the network card, so I changed that, put it in the puter, and booted it up. It sais "CONFIGURATION ERROR". How... helpful. The computer is unable to recognize this. I'm laying on the floor at this point, looking up at my puter screen. Zane walks up and puts his sheath in my face.

So there I'm sitting on the floor, with a face full of white fur. I lick at his sheath, sticking my tongue in the end. I'm getting hard. Zane turns and licks some too, then lets me do it again.

Its late, I'm aroused, so I go into my bedroom, shedding my clothes into the clothes hamper. Zane waggs and bounces, racing around the bedroom eagerly. He knows what's coming. I milk a handful of lube from the bottle on the dresser and slobber it on my ass. Zane licks at it, catching some of the excess. It feels good.

I walk into the bathroom and rinse my hands of the lube, then turn off the light and climb into bed. Knees together, feet apart. Zane's right behind me, mounting as I settle into position. We like to fuck with my shoulders higher than my ass, so that's how I pose. Zane quickly finds the hole and starts humping gently. He doesn't usually hump gently. I can tell he doesn't quite feel the stimulation yet. He humps in and out, I can tell the knot-area of his cock isn't inside me yet.

After five seconds of this, he shifts gears and starts really fucking me, shoving deep inside. I feel a twinge of pain, and cringe away from it. He keeps going. Since I've felt that twinge before and its never resulted in any injury, I concentrate and push back. The dog pounds me hard as he can, driving his cock fully in me. I can feel his knot starting to expand, his backthrusts almost pulling it out of me a couple times before his hips quiver tight against my ass.

His cock is hot inside me, swelling, stretching me very pleasantly. He's trying to put his paws on my shoulders now, so I slump down to a more even posture, shoulders level with my ass. He puts one paw on either side of my head and leans there, panting. His cock is hard inside me. Wonderfully hard and stiff. I can feel its heat, I can feel the spurts running through my sphincter.

I squeeze around the knot with each outake of breath, pulling the cock deeper into me. After a minute or two I'm tired, and my right knee hurts. It seems to be digging into some spring on the bed. I'll haveta get a new mattress. I shift to the left a bit, supporting more weight on my left knee. This feels even better.

I'm getting a buzz, a flush on my skin. My heart beating more rapidly. I try to steady myself, breath steadily. I've passed out from this sort of thing before, and it wasn't pleasant. I lean my head into the pillow and relax, feeling the hot cock inside me, the warm fur on my back, the flush that tingles over my skin.

Zane's cock is relaxing a little, not at full hardness any more. I squeeze it strongly with my muscles, feeling his cock respond inside me, spurting more cum, hardening again. I do this at ten second intervals for awhile, taking a deep breath as I squeeze. I can feel bits of his cum dribbling down my balls. Oh, that feels good.

About ten minutes after he mounted, I'm almost asleep. I'm trying to keep my back rigid, supporting him. If I don't support him he tries to dismount early and that has been painful. Suddenly, he decides its time to get off, and dismounts to the left. His thigh leverages against my ass and he yanks out. I gasp.

It didn't hurt alot. Only stretch-shock from a sudden pull. He was half-soft at least when he did it. It wouldn't have hurt if I was ready for it. I lay there, slumped with my head on the pillow, ass in the air. Zane pauses to lick himself into his sheath before returning and cleaning my own butt. His tongue feels warm and rough, efficiently catching the leftover lube and cum with a few swipes.

I smile and slump down on the bed, pulling the blanket over me. Zane lays down near my back, I can feel his paws pushing under my shoulder.

And some people wonder why I'd want to have sex with my dog.

They obviously haven't.

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