Escape From Hell

By: : David Ihnen

CREATED2 Dec 2000
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How did I get to paradise. This glorious land of milk and honey? Mmm, thanks. Its a long story, you know. Well, okay. Lets see. It all started back when I was alive. On earth, you know.


Tom shivered. The night air was about forty five degrees, and he was wearing only one of his self-fashioned loincloths. He crouched behind a low fence, listening to the steps of the neighbor move from the garage to the house. The screen door slammed, the thump of the door following it, then a beat later, the porch light went out. He lifted his head, peering towards the house. The yard was lit only by the moonlight now. Old man Jake turned off the lights as he moved to his bedroom, the lone light casting a path across the yard.

Tom's heart beat fast, his penis stiff in his pants. He could smell the dog across the yard, the faint odor of dogshit and the stronger musk of male dog. The chain that tied the dog to the doghouse clinked as he shifted position. Tom shivered more, watching the house carefully. The bathroom light came on briefly, then went out. Finally, the last room in the house went dark. He crouched for long minutes, listening to the chirp of cicadias in the night air. No sound came from the house, and the light stayed off. Heart beating faster than ever, Tom lept the low hedge. He ducked under the glow of the streetlight shining between the garage and the house, entering the shadows where the doghouse was.

Zeus's stubby tail wagged furiously as he jumped up on him in glee, chain rattling loudly in the night. Tom opened his mouth as he knelt, letting the big rottie lick into his mouth. The dog's warm breath washed over his face, the wide tongue eagerly lapping into the back of his throat.

"Oh, good Zeuss doggie." he whispered, "Did you miss me? Did you miss Tom?"

He ran his hands over the dog's sleek sides, stroking the ears and roughing the fur on his chest. Zeuss rolled on his back in the dirt, pawing at the man. Tom rubbed the dog's stomach, bristling the chest and tummy fur with his fingernails.

"Ooh, you like that, don'tcha. Yeah. Are you a horny doggie tonight? Areya?" he muttered, his own erection tenting his loincloth. His hands stroked over the warm sheath, feeling the silky black ballsac that hung so pendulously between the dog's leg.

Zeuss responded with a hump, poking a couple inches of moist dog cock from his sheath, gleaming in the moonlight. Tom grinned, pushing the dog playfully so he rolled over, scrambling to his paws. Tom knelt on all fours as the powerful dog walked around behind, nosing under his loincloth. Tom twitched as the cold nose pushed between his asscheeks, the wide tongue licking his pucker, stroking over it again and again. His shivers reached an almost violent level in the cold night air.

"Oh, good doggie, Good doggie." Tom hissed, "Show Tom how you fuck, show me doggy loving"

Zeuss thrust his chest against Tom's ass, and mounted, his powerful paws grabbing around the familiar thighs, thrusting forward firmly, seeking the warm channel. Tom shifted below him as he humped forward, and he felt the yeilding pressure of the man's ass stretching around his phallus.

"Oh god, fuck me." whispered Tom, pressing back, careful not to dislodge the dog.

Zeuss thrust again, feeling the pleasure of stroking inside. He started fucking in earnest, pounding himself into Tom's ass with abandon, loosing himself in the pleasure it gave. Tom clenched around the thickening intrusion, gasping and forcing himself to remain still as the cock plowed him roughly. It grew thicker, the dog's hips thumping on his ass, fully penetrating. The knot popped in, swelling quickly before he could react.

"Oh shit, Oh shit!" grunted Tom, fruitlessly struggling to get the knot back out of him. Zeuss was well hung, and he knew he would be in pain for awhile if fully tied. But it was too late. Zeuss had him, that huge cock swelling inside him, bringing tingles of pain amidst the pleasure and the heat of the cum surging into him.

"Shit. Zeuss, you bastard" whispered Tom, his ass feeling like it was stretched around a fist. Zeuss leaned on Tom's back, blissing as the pleasure surged up from his sex, every contraction another shiver of pleasure.

Suddenly, the porch light snapped on.


There was the distinct sound of a shotgun cocking.

"Fuck!" said Jake, knocking Zeuss off his shoulders to the right as he tried to force the tied cock out of his ass. Zeuss was stuck fast, simply turning ass to ass with Tom, his cock bent back between his legs.

Jake's heavy boots trod off the porch and across the yard.

"So its you, Tom." growled Jake, spitting off to the side. "I shoulda known you was fuckin old Zeuss.

"Shit man, the dog likes it!" Tom pled, the swollen intrusion stuck irrevocably behind the bones of his ass.

"Yeah, I know the bible, Tom. Lying with beast the punishment is death." Jake leered at Tom over the shotgun.

"Say bubye, Tom." growled Jake, "Can't say its been nice knowin ya."

"Don't..." began Tom, his words cut short by the roar of the shotgun.


So I saw the light, and I ended up at the pearly gates. Just like they always said, there was Saint Peter. He tells me I was a pretty good guy, except for the dog fucking, but he'd have to send me to Hell. But only because I died while fucking a dog. If I'd have died in a car accident or something, it wouldn't have been a problem. I can't get into paradise through the pearly gates. So its the old trap-door, and into hell I go.


Tom fell to the stone floor, splattering messily about the chamber. His body slowly reformed, all the pieces trickling back together until he was whole again, panting with a stunned look on his face.

"FUCK! That hurt!" he swore, sitting up and brushing bits of rock off his back. He was wearing the same loincloth he had been wearing when he was killed.

"But we haven't even BEGUN." growled an incredibly deep voice.

It was Beelzebub himself. He had curled horns poking from his head, a forked tongue, cloven hooves for feet, and a long, red tail with a spade tip. Tom was in a pretty bad temper by this time.

"Who the hell're you?" he growled, standing up.

Beelzebub raised an eyebrow, smirking sardonically.

"Come come, you know that already. Welcome to the rest of eternity in HELL!" This was accompanied by a burst of fire from below.

"At least I won't freeze." said Tom, looking around critically.

"I haven't gotten anybody like you for a long time." said the devil, "Dying while copulating with a beast is rarer than you might think. A pity you weren't a nastier person. There are lost of worse places to put you."

Tom shrugged. "So get on with it already. What is my eternal torment?"


They appeared in a room, bare with concrete walls. There was a moment of vertigo as he oriented himself, somehow realizing that he was a dog. He turned towards the devil and snarled, baring his teeth. Suddenly, a loop snagged around his neck and yanked him, dragging him out a door and down a hallway to a brightly lit operating room.

A man who exuded cruelty waved a bloody pair of shears in the air. "Snip Snip, dog boy!" he leered, advancing as several orderlies pinned the tom dog to the hard metal table. Tom struggled, straining his jaws against the muzzle fitted tightly around his face, futilely trying to twist out of the grip of the orderlies. The man advanced slowly, leering and snipping the air with the sheers.

"No more fucking for you, my boy!" he grinned terribly as he roughly grabbed the genetalia and stretched it, the shears cutting, pain searing through his body. "Nurse! Cauterize!" giggled the doctor with glee, dancing back as the nurse pulled up a red hot iron and thrust it to his crotch. He spasmed, yelping helplessly.

Tom was mostly dragged back to the dirty run, thrown in and left alone. He whimpered and licked the remains of his maleness, only to find himself... female. He snorted, and jumped to his paws, looking around. Beelzebub stood in the corner, laughing maniacally!

"Careful, Tom, the orderlies are coming!" the devil cackled. Tom could hear the heavy steps of the orderlies coming down the corridor. "Just wait till you see the procedure for spaying!" he laughed again, fading from view.


It went on for a long time. I'm not sure how long. I was every breed of dog I ever heard of. Both male and female. And a number I never have. Anyway, at some point I caught onto something. Every time I was put back into the run, I would never hear the door close. But, when I turned around, the door was closed. So, I got clever. I waited until I was a fast dog. I think it was a greyhound, I felt very fast. When they threw me into the cell I backpedaled as fast as I could... and found myself alone in the hallway, as a standard poodle. The door down the hall clanged as the orderlies came to get me again. I ran the other way. I found a door and tried to exit it. When I tried to through it, it was incredibly difficult. Like pushing through mollasses. But outside, I was human again. And intact, too.


Tom couldn't see far in the murk, it was dark, lit by bursts of flame from random directions. There was no sign of the door I had come through. The ground was rough, but he didn't even care. He had felt so much pain it actually felt kind of nice to feel it somewhere other than his groin. Since he fell down into hell, he decided uphill was as good a direction as any. He started climbing, following the path he found himself on.

Tom met a man crouched by the side of the path. On second inspection, he seemed to be growing out of the rocks in a rather gruesome manner.

"May I help you?" choked out the man, trying not to look at Tom.

"How do you get out of this joint?" responded Tom, looking the man over. What he could see of him was dressed in some arabic robes, but his hair had all been burned off. A turban would have finished off his appearance perfectly.

"Up, up, past the guard. Nobody gets past Cerberus!" warned the man, pointing upwards. "He waits, devouring with his three heads all who attempt to pass!"

"Funny, I don't remember him on the way in." said Tom. "What happened to you anyway?"

"I would not instruct the pilgrims, and they got lost." the man frowned. "So now I must instruct everybody who goes by."

Tom shrugged. "Thanks for the pointer."

It wasn't long (well, relative to eternity) before Tom found himself at the grand entrance to hell. Chained at the gate was a huge, three headed rottweiler. His whithers were a good five feet high, his broad shoulders supporting three snarling heads with matching muzzles. He was facing away, and Tom could easily see the huge mass of the dog's testicles. They were huge. And his sheath swung ponderously as all three heads helped to ravenously tear apart the carcass of an unfortunate man.

"Sad." muttered a man crouching behind a stone, out of reach of Cerberus's chains. He wore a business suit, and carried a tattered briefcase chained to his wrist by a medieval looking manacle.

Tom looked him over. "Why?"

"Waited here with me, for ages. Cerberus seemed to be sleeping. He almost made it too. Almost out of reach when the demon woke and grabbed him. Now that he's eaten it'll be another millenium before he lays down again." The man shook his head.

"Lawyer, right?" Tom asked.

The man glanced at him before settling down, holding the briefcase between his legs. "Yeah. What're you in for?"

"Got killed while a dog fucked me." he said, pointing between his eyes, "Shotgun to the head."

The lawyer rolled his eyes. "I had a heart attack while fucking my illegitimate daughter who was, at the time, one of my clients."

Tom shook his head. "That's just fucked up." he said, turning and walking towards Cerberus.

"Moron." muttered the lawyer, shielding his head from the expected bloodbath with his briefcase.

Cerberus finished the corpse, and the three heads were chewing on some bones while keeping a sharp eye out for interlopers. The dog stood, turning, all six eyes glowing redly was he growled three low notes.

Tom knelt, dropping to all fours. He pushed his hands out in front of him, making the universal canine sign for play.

Cerberus continued to growl, walking up and sniffing, the three heads moving over his body. As Cerberus's body moved alongside his, Tom reached up and felt the huge sheath, sliding his hand back around the thick bulge of his knot and stroking, the sheath and cock a good fistful. Cerberus snarled, starting to turn at first touch, but grunted in surprise at the stroke, humping hard into the hand. Tom grinned, releasing it.

"Horny, poochy?" he whispered, flipping his loincloth out of the way. "Gonna show me who is boss?"

The demon didn't wait a half second before he grabbed Tom and mounted him, his massive canine cock shoving into the man. His hips pumped madly for long seconds, pistoning the massive rod of flesh through his ass before swelling, quickly tying inside him. It was bigger than Zeuss. WAY bigger. He could feel something inside him give with a burst of hot pain, the dog's cum burning into his guts in a hot stream.

"FUCK!" Tom shuddered, trying to deal with the sensations, pounding his fist on the ground. "FUCK FUCK FUCK!"

It was a most of an hour before Cerberus's cock slipped out of his behind, one of the heads had a real goofy look on his face. The other two sniffed at Tom's rapidly healing ass suspiciously. Tom straightened up, looking at Cerberus.

"Is THAT the best you can do?" he growled, waggling his ass at the demon, "Come to papa."

The demon mounted again, this time the heads grabbing him by the arms, the goofy one leaning heavily on his back. The demon used Tom again, relentlessly fucking him, splattering the ground with blood before tying. His cock was bigger this time, practically pureeing his insides as the dog used him. When he came, it was like a garden hose, the burning fluid filling him, sending twinges of pain through him as the gigantic knot sealed it all in. It was two hours before the hound finished, cock slipping out amidst a rush of blood and cum.

Tom's eternal body rapidly healed itself as he writhed on the floor, pulling back together until he was whole again. He lay panting for long moments before he looked up at the hound. Two of the heads hung, panting with glazed eyes, the third still alert. Tom tried to creep away, but the muzzle growled, the powerful body blocking the way.

"Okay, if that's the way you want it. Come on, big boy. Show me your worst!"

Cerberus mounted Tom with a suddeneness that made him cry out in pain, the huge cock redoubled in size as it pounded up his ass. It was as if he were being run through, the searing blunt pole using his body, ramming and pureeing his guts until he could see the distension of his stomach as the cock slammed in, the pain indescribably intense as the beast used him a third time. When he came it was like a fire hose, an unleashing of such power that Tom found himself helplessly puking blood and cum. The knot was so large it filled his stomach, making it bulge, the cum bloating his whole body.

It was six hours before the massive phallus receded, cerberus staggering, falling over, all three muzzles with an utterly satisfied and glazed expression on them. Tom got himself back together, and looked around, grinning.

"Hey lawyer man!" he called. The lawyer looked around the rock. Tom thumbed his nose at the man and trotted off, leaving the circle where Cerberus was chained. The lawyer sprinted after him, but as the Lawyer entered the circle, Cerberus leaped to his feet, snarling, diving on the hapless barrister.


And that's how I escaped hell. I fucked Cerberus. I fucked him until he fell over. Getting to paradise wasn't hard. Long as you don't mind climbing for a few years.

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