Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan Coyote sat at the head of his bed, staring up at the cieling. His clothes lay around the room, discarded. His legs were spread to make room for his balls, two thick globes that filled the immediate space between his legs. A thick sheath extended up his front, obscuring his belly button. About an inch of pink cock protruded from it as Jargan gestulated, speaking to the fox at the foot of the bed.

"It was terrible! They wouldn't let me up, licking at me, shoving and holding me down. I came, but it didn't feel very good."

"That's rape." said Tommy quietly. He was wearing only a pair of cutoff shorts, sitting cross-legged, playing with one of his footpaws.

"How could they do that to me?" asked Jargan.

"But What were you going to do to the squirrel?" asked Tommy in response.

Jargan sighed, looking out the window. He hardly seemed able to control himself any more. The desire to cum would completely fill his mind at times. Tommy burped softly. He'd just drunken a whole lot of Jargan's cum. Jargan himself had found it incredibly copious, if he didn't relieve himself periodically it seemed to become critical.

"What'm I supposed to do?" he burst out, punching his left paw with his right. "Its like, I just HAVE to cum. If I don't I'll explode!"

Tommy sighed quietly. "But you won't, you know? And nobody should be forced."

Jargan shook his head. "But I did! In english class, I came all over myself. I barely did anything!"

Tommy lay on his back, nuzzling softly at one of Jargan's feet. "You could just suck yourself?"

Jargan could see Tommy's normally concave stomach bulging slightly.

"how often could you drink that much?" Jargan pointed out.

Tommy thoughtfully ran his paw over his stomach. "Not very often." he said, then started as if remembering something. "Say, isn't there a game tonight?"

Jargan looked over at the calendar quickly to confirm. "Shit, you're right. I gotta get a move on!" He struggled into a shirt and tugged on some sweat pants. Tommy spoke as his friend crouched to tie his sneakers.

"I'm not hungry or anything. Mind if I just stay home?"

Jargan shrugged. "Sure. See you tonight." He left the room with his game bag on his shoulder, shouting for a ride from his mother.

* * *

Lek was walking along the sidewalk between the school and the football field on his way home. Soccer practice had been cut short for the football game, and the weight of the books in his pack was reminding him of the large amount of homework awaiting him. He paused as he heard a familiar name from a group of football players heading down to the field. Jargan. He looped back around a bench and followed them close enough to hear what they were saying. Most of the talking was being done by a rottweiller, spitting drool in his agitation.

"I don't believe that fucking fag." he growled, "touchin me! What does he take me for, some kind of twink?"

"We should teach him a lesson." suggested one of his companions, a warthog with the build of a linebacker.

"We'll beat him up good, and show him how it feels." growled a muscular lion, patting the rottweiller on the back, "He won't even dare to unbutton his pants when we're done with him."

Lek frowned, worrying. Jargan was the football team's waterboy, and his friend. He would have to warn him of his teammate's plans against him. Who knows how badly they would hurt him.

Lek tried to follow the football players into the locker room to find Jargan, but he was blocked by a large wolf. "Team only." he told the hound.

"I've got to talk to Jargan!" he explained, "Its important!"

"Its gonna have to wait till after the game." said the wolf, shaking his head firmly. He stood silent, looking over Lek's shoulder.

"Look, if I don't warn him..."

"Scram doggie, before I throw you out." he growled.

The wolf weighed at least twice what Lek's thin frame did. It was obvious who would come out on top in any conflict.

"Okay, okay!" Lek sighed, turning away. He climbed the stands, sitting down above the home team's bench. He'd just have to attract Jargan's attention during the game.

* * *

Jargan looked around. Somebody had shouted his name. He turned around, scanning for the source.

"WATER BOY!" shouted the coach from the side lines. Jargan grabbed a couple bottles of water and ran over, giving them to two very hot football players who doused themselves with it, wasting most of the water on the ground. Jargan dutifully picked up the discarded containers and carried them back to the cooler, refilling them one at a time. His balls were bulging the tight uniform pants they made him wear regardless of actually playing. He had abandoned the cup he was supposed to wear as rediculous, the new size of his genetalia overflowing it to an extreme. He had sucked himself off again just before the game, but he could feel the fullness in his loins already, his cock frequently starting to erect if he moved wrong.

Somebody was shouting his name from behind him again. He looked up at the stands, just his team made a touchdown. The crowd lept to their feet, roaring their approval, a sea of motion. Jargan shrugged, and looked back at the players. They substituted players as they shifted to defense, and he was kept busy for several minutes distributing the water.

* * *

Lek fought through the halftime crowd blocking the refreshments stand. He had been unable to attract Jargan's attention during the game, the coyote evidently oblivious to his intermittent shouts. He had gotten him to turn around a couple times but he never could attract his attention. He hopped over a low fence and sprinted across the corner of the field to the tunnel entering the locker room. He skidded to a halt, his way blocked by the big wolf again.

"Hey, bud, you're gonna have to wait until after the game!" he growled.

"You don't understand!" panted Lek, "If I don't talk to him, something bad will happen to him!"

The wolf shrugged. "Not my problem doggie. Besides, Jargan ain't in there."

"Are you sure?" asked Lek, trying to look around the shaggy wolf, "where did he go?"

"I don't know, and yeah, I'm sure. Now beat it!" the wolf bared his teeth threateningly.

Lek growled to himself as he trotted down the sidelines, looking for Jargan. He was nowhere in sight, and the din of the marching band taking to the field making it fruitless to shout. He worked his way around the field, eventually finding the water cooler with a hose running into it, overflowing across the table and into the grass. He followed it back to its source, and turned off the spigot.

"Hey, what're you doin here?" demanded a loud voice, raised over the band. Lek looked up to see a frowning leonine guard holding a baton. He wore the blue and red striped bandolier of the volunteer guard.

Lek pointed to the spigot. "Turning off the water. I was looking for Jargan, he's the water boy?"

"Move it, you ain't part of the team, you don't stay here!" the official moved towards him menacingly. Lek sighed and backed off, trotting back towards the gate, scanning still for Jargan.

* * *

As the band took to the field for the half-time show, Jargan stayed behind, refilling the cooler with the hose. He was on his way to turning off the faucet when he saw her. Standing beside an opening leading beneath the bleachers was the newfoundland bitch. She gave him a come-hither look, letting her loose pants droop well below her tail, revealing a flash of pink through her dark fur as she turned, dissappearing into the relative darkness below. Jargan's arousal surged, his sheath stretching as his erection swelled, pressing up under his jersey. The coyote was gonna get some right now! He darted under the bleachers after a quick glance around. Nobody was watching.

Jargan blinked in the darkness, sniffing deeply. He could smell the bitch's in-heat scent thick on the air. His eyes adjusted after a moment and he advanced to the girl, who was sitting on a make-shift bed of collapsed cardboard boxes, pulling off her shirt. She was huge, probably three times the skinny coyote's weight. Not really fat under all of that fur, just really big. She smiled at him as she tugged the shirt off her muzzle.

"Hey." he said quietly, pulling off his jersey hastilly, revealing at least half of his already throbbing shaft. He could feel tingles of pain as his sheath stretched more around it. He pulled down his pants as the bitch moving to all fours, raising her tail high. Her swollen lips dripped with the fluid of her heat, the tunnel of her sex swollen sexily. Jargan groaned in response, fully hard from the sight and scent without even touching himself.

He hastily pulled his sheath the rest of the way back, revealing the full glory of his foot long cock. He guided its tip to her swollen sex, pressing against the slippery heat. His groin twitched at the sensation, spurting precum against her lips. "Oh fuck yeah." he panted, stroking a paw along her wide hips, the other guiding himself into her. He pressed firmly, watching her heat-swollen lips spread around his thick shaft. She was tight inside, her heat engorged flesh increasing the sensation. He leaned, watching inch after inch of his cock be enveloped by her slippery heat, shifting angles to press deep into her body.

"Oh, god." the newfoundland panted, bracing herself firmly in the dimness, "So thick!" The band outside shifted from an elaborate fanfare to a march.

Jargan drooled unconciously, letting go of his cock as his tip settled against something inside, her flesh a pulsating sleeve that clung and massaged around his shaft. "Oh, feel that." he panted, eyes closing in pleasure as he pressed himself in deeper, dragging out and sliding in again. He could feel her heat envelop him with every stroke, inch after inch after inch. He panted more quickly as his cock slid deeper into her, further. The slack knob of his cock slid into the silky heat as his hips finally came to rest against hers. The large black-furred tail pressed into his stomach, wagging back and forth happily, unconciously in time to the throbbing beat of the drums outside.

The big girl panted, gasping as the diminutive coyote penetrated her fully. He was thick enough to stretch her, and so gloriously long. She could feel his tip pressing deep inside her, tickling a place only artificial toys had found before. Her pussy milked at the cock eagerly, her muscles already twitching in the beginnings of orgasm.

"Oh God, fuck me hard!" she growled, demanding.

Jargan snarled lustfully in response, the sensation of his cock being milked from root to tip by the horny bitch making him feel light headed and powerful. He pulled almost all the way out and shoved himself in again roughly. The bitch moaned positively in response, shoving herself back onto his thrust. The band swung into a lively tune.

"Ooh, you want it, you slut!" growled Jargan, his heart hammering in his chest. He pulled and thrusted repeatedly, the bitch responding to his movements in wonton heat.

"I'm gonna fuck you, and I'm gonna tie you, and you're gonna take it!" growled Jargan, pounding harder, his paws gripping tight around her wide hips. He yanked and shoved, grinding his hard cock into the bitch in time with the band. It felt so good, so full, and so tight. His hips hammered at her ass, driving his massive shaft into her as relentlessly as the beating of the band's bass drum.

The newfoundland braced herself, trying to remember to breath as the coyote fucked her with surprizing energy, his massive cock slamming into her sex again and again. The burning itch of need was forgotten, replaced by a flowing glow of pleasure that built inside her with every stroke. She could feel the coyote's heavy balls bouncing off her mound as he fucked, solid whacks. They must be huge. She shoved herself back lustfully. She could feel the coyote's knot swelling, stretching her swollen lips in the most delightful and satisfying manner. She shoved back eagerly, meeting every thrust with her body. She could feel her sex stretching ever so wonderfully around his knot. Her fluids slurped and popped around it as he yanked and shoved.

Jargan felt short on breath and dizzy, gasping great deep breaths as his body pounded the massive dog beneath him. He was hardly thinking any more, his body working like a programmed machine. It felt absolutely wonderful. He was getting close. His knot was swelling, popping through the swollen resistance into her heat. The bitch responded by redoubling her shovings, her weight shoving him back even as he dug his paws into the dirt, forcing his swelling cock into her. The bitch's every movement seemed to beg him to tie. Oh God, he was going to tie. He was going to tie to this bitch, and fill her with his cum. He grabbed her thick fur in his paws, pulling her wide hips back onto him with a shudder as his cock fully engorged, knot swelling huge inside her.

The sensation of intense pleasure and hardness filled his body again, stronger than ever before. He gasped, grinding his hips against hers desperately as he came. It wasn't the rapidfire spurts of before, this was massive contractions, driving gouts of cum into his lover. The powerful clenchings spread into his gut and thighs, making him double over her back, her tail wedged hard against his stomach. It felt so good his head spun. The bitch's pussy had locked around him, muscles holding and massaging his knot. The pussy was so tight, so deep. So good. So much. Yess... Again... Again...

The newfie's eyes widened as the coyote tied. His knot was bigger than any she had had, sending her into orgasmic shudders before it even reached full size. As the first wave passed she wriggled her hips, the coyote grinding against her ass needfully. Her body was locked tightly around the heat of the cock, powerful contractions milking it. The coyote doubled over her back. His cock seemed to grow inside her, thicker, deeper. She had felt many canids cum in her, their rapid spurts tickling her deep inside. The coyote gushed, her orgasming body not able to pull all the seed in. She gasped as the coyote gushed again, his swelling cock growing even larger inside her.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed, helplessly shuddering, her body milking the cock. He gushed again, cock bulging inside her, stretching her tightening flesh around his knot. Every gush of cum was forced deeper, the massively thick tip prying open her twitching cervix.

"Oh! Oh!" she yelped as the pleasure became too much, driving all thought out of her mind. Her body shook all over, the coyote flooding her womb with his cum.

Jargan didn't want to stop cumming. It felt so good, so hard, so huge inside her. He panted heavily, leaning on the shaking dog's back. She was orgasming hard around his cock, yelping happily with each further surge. He ground his cock into her, pressing each wave of cum deeper with the next. His cock felt hard as nails, forcing his cum into her sex, her swollen lips shoved tight against his sheath. "oh, fuck yeah." he breathed, grunting joyfully as he clamped with the clench emphatically, helping each contraction drive more cum into her. A tight ring clenched his tip inside her, it sent a rush of pleasure through him, his spine tingling. He panted hard, resting a moment, his muscles burning. The milking of the pussy was pulling, begging him to shoot into it. He grunted, holding back to feel the building pleasure until he could handle it no more and convulsed over her again, every muscle in his body contracting. A delightful rush of cum gushed down his cock, feeling bigger than ever inside her, a massive hard rod attached to his groin. He twitched a few more times, finally running out of cum. That was the best fuck ever.

The newfie grunted happily, the tingle of orgasm receding, the world swirling back into focus. That was good. Too good. Wonderful. She was utterly spoiled. The hot cock was still inside her, a rigid spear of heat pressing deep into her womb, her inner opening stretched around his shaft. His juices in her womb made her feel even more full than the cock did. She turned her head and smiled at the coyote, who grinned back.

"Is that a fuck, or what?" he asked.

The newfie grinned, unconcious of the ribbons of drool that trailed from her swimmer's muzzle, her tail wagging vigorously. "oh, that's three fucks, stud. God!"

Jargan grinned, stroking his headfur back. "Hey, no problemo." he looked down, tugging at the tie. The thick root of his cock dissappeared into the bulging mound of the bitch's heat-swollen sex. It was slowly coming loose as her muscles relaxed, the mound seeming to swell.

"You have to get back to the game." she told him, her pussy clenching again at his cock as he moved. The band was doing their closing number, the school's anthem.

Jargan nodded, still panting hard as he pulled his jersey back on. "Just let go..." he panted.

The newfie sighed, and leaned against the delightful knot. She felt her body quivering as she tried to relax, slowly stretching around it. Suddenly there was a spike of pain and he was out with a long, wet slide. Coyote cum gushed out of her like a sluice. She gasped at the suddenly empty sensation, feeling like an ocean had been crammed inside her. She turned and sat, panting, ignoring the flow of stream of cum that ran across the cardboard and into the dirt. Jargan panted for a moment, just standing there in the dimness, his huge cock swinging gently as it settled. It was well over a foot long, she didn't remember it that big. The knot was absolutely impressive. Jargan pulled up his pants, tugging the wasteband gingerly over the still swollen knot. He winked at her as he pulled on his jersey, his still hard cock held to his front by the waistband of his pants. "Later, okay?"

"That's a promise!" agreed the newfoundland, leaning up against a post. She could see the thick ridge of his cock bulging his jersey. What an incredible fuck. She scooped up some of the cum still dribbling from her with a paw and tasted it, smiling all the more.

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