Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan whistled happily to himself as he walked towards the cafeteria. He couldn't help but be aware of the bulge in his jeans, and the scattering of students who followed him, many with hungry looks in their eyes. He was wearing his sunglasses, and strutting elaborately under the attention. He elbowed his way through the other students milling around him to sit at the table with Wallace and Tommy. A skinny adolescent wolf wedged himself between Tommy and Jargan, and one of the most popular cliques in school filled the rest of the table.

Jargan elbowed the surrounding students away a bit. "Easy, folks! Give me some room! A guy needs air!"

"Hi Jargan!" giggled a plump vixen, mooning and batting her eyelashes from 1/4 the way around the table.

Jargan smiled, lapping up some of the soup. "Hey babe." He almost choked as he felt some paws undoing his jeans. "Hey..." he started, then stopped as the paws pulled back his sheath and a muzzle started sucking him, tight and warm. He shivered, and smiled around, panting as his tongue lolled a bit.

Wallace boggled at the cleavage on an older vixen who was crowded around the table, Her hip pressed up against his on the bench.

"Uh, h-h-hi." he said, smiling tentatively up at her.

The vixen glanced him, then stared back entrancedly at Jargan. "Doesn't he smell good??" she murmured.

Jargan shivered violently, cumming copiously into the muzzle hidden beneath the table. He was cleaned off by a warm tongue as his cock relaxed, and his jeans were done back up. A slim male wolf slid from under the table into the chair beside him. He burped and grinned at Jargan. Another paw rubbed the bulge in his jeans, he looked over and started as the sight of a large equine girl, smiling at him. He shook his head and held up his paws.

"People! Back off! Let me eat!"

He shook his head again as the myriad furs moved scant inches, and busied himself lapping up his soup.


Jargan strode down the hall, feeling more confident than he ever had before. That morning he not only had the third and fourth girls he had ever gotten to fuck in his life, but they threw themselves at him, demanding sex. He couldn't blame them. He smelled good, reeking of maleness and virlity. Any bitch would want him to be the father of their cubs. He sniffed under his arm again, grinning to himself at the musky scent before he entered his history classroom, quietly setting the bathroom pass on the desk and slipping into his seat without disturbing the lecture in progress.

"So that is why they say you can't herd cats." the professor joked, pulling down a picture of some medievally dressed canines surrounding a group of stubborn looking but aristocratically dressed felines. The class laughed.

"Now for our homework tonight. Can I have a volunteer to hand it out? Thank you Lek."

A tall canine stood up near the back of the room and walked towards the front of the room. He brushed by Jargan, taking the coyote's attention from his textbook. The scent left behind kept the coyote's attention, drawing his eyes to the canine's rear, the tight globes rounding out the top of a pair of loose slacks. His tail was thin, but long haired, giving it a feathery appearance as it waved back and forth. The instructor started explaining the evening's homework, but Jargan's eyes were on Lek.

He was the token exchange student, a tall hound of eastern european lineage. He not only spoke polish natively but also english with only a slight accent. Jargan had seen him around the school and at assemblies particularly. He was a soccer player, an image of the hound clad in the brief shorts of his sport coming to mind.

"Hey Jargan." said Lek quietly as he set a copy of the homework on the coyote's desk.

Jargan looked up and smiled, taking the opportunity to sniff the canine more closely. He got a good noseful as the feathery tail brushed across muzzle as Lek turned away. It could have been accidental, but Jargan noticed that he didn't do that to any of the other students. Lek wanted him, he was sure of it. He watched the hound complete the task he had been given, slowly becoming aware of an uncomfortable tightness in his groin.

He had an erection. This was hardly new, the difference was his size. He could feel his sheath stretching, the tip of his cock tickling in sensitivity as it pressed out of his sheath and against his pants. Lek passed again on the other side of his desk, handing the assignment to the remaining row of students. His tail once again brushed the coyote, the spicy scent of the canine filling Jargan's nose. He turned his head to look at Lek's behind, his slightly aroused state quickly turning into a rock hard problem. He was hard like this while fucking Tommy, sliding his cock into that tight butt. Lek had a better ass than Tommy. He imagined what it would be like to press his throbbing cock between those tight globes. His groin throbbed harder, straining at his clothing. He started to raise his hand to go to the bathroom, when he realized that he had just been there. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to ease the pressure in his crotch. It felt no better, the additional space gained by shifting immediately taken up by further swelling, the motion sending a twinge of pleasure through his body, his groin flexing for a long moment, the tickle of precum leaking free. He tried to pay attention to the teacher who was still explaining the homework. He desperately tried to put the arousal out of his mind. When he stopped thinking of it it would go away.

"The last section is straight matching. Link each time period in the left with zero or more of the historic personalities listed in the right. I'm sure you have all done this before, so I'll spare you the demonstration."

Jargan shifted again, his cock straining painfully against his pants, his mind losing track of the teacher and sliding inevitably towards Lek's tight ass. He had seen the hound in the shower after gym a few times, his feathery fur plastered to his body, showing the bulge of his athletic muscles. Jargan glanced about to make sure he wasn't being watched as he serrupticiously pawed himself, sliding his paw along the raised ridge of his arousal, the bulge of his knot stretching the fabric further. The teacher's answering of one one of a student's question was interrupted by the bell. A glance down showed a damp circle the size of a fifty cent piece where his cock tip throbbed.

Jargan waited while the students rushed out, taking his time putting away his books and the assignment paper. Lek walked past him, asking the teacher a question. He laughed at the answer, and turned, meeting the coyote's gaze.

"Hey Jargan." he said, smiling, "Heard at lunch that you are mighty tasty."

Jargan swallowed, the image of Lek going down on his cock arousing him more. His cock strained at his pants all the more, his balls quivering. Lek walked past him on his way out of the room.

"Should stop by after soccer practice some time, huh?" he smiled, brushing the coyote with his feathery tail again, already walking out of the room.

Jargan nodded, gasping as he quivered, his cock bucking as orgasm came unwanted, inhaling the scent of Lek deep into his lungs. His cum gushed hotly into his pants, soaking his fur and running down his leg, a large wet spot appearing down the inside of his thigh. He closed his eyes and shivered, his cock spurts slowing and stopping in the lack of further stimulation.

"Are you okay Jargan?" asked the teacher.

Jargan nodded, standing up a bit shakilly. "Uh, just a little accident. I'll be fine."

"Should I call the nurse?" he asked, looking surprized at the teenage coyote.

Jargan shook his head negatively as he rushed out of the room, carrying his books in front of him.


Jargan panted softly as he walked down the hall after school. He was thinking of Lek again, the soccer team would be practicing in the field behind the school. He could feel his cock poking out of his sheath, slightly aroused at he idea of Lek. His sweat pants tented a bit. He glanced back to see the young fox, Tommy following him.

"Hi Tommy." said Jargan, glancing around. There was an alcove off the hallway. The door to the wood shop was there, but locked and dark at this hour.

Tommy trotted up, smiling with his tail awag. "Hi Jargan!" he grinned, following the coyote's guesture into the alcove.

Jargan pulled down his sweats, one of his paws pulling his sheath back, panting a bit quicker as he grinned at Tommy.

"Let me have that ass." he demanded, his cock rapidly thickening as he drooled, shifting eagerly on his feet.

"Here?" the foxed asked, glancing about wide eyed.

"Yes, here! Nobody's gonna know!" snapped Jargan, his cock swelling in his paw.

"Yes Sir!" nodded Tommy, moving to the corner furthest from the hallway, dropping his pants as he turned to raise his rump to the coyote. Jargan gripped the fox's hips and shoved in, feeling his ring resist, then stretch around him, stroking his cock in the most satisfying manner.

Tommy yelped quietly as the cock poked into him. Jargan panted, staring down at the lashing fox tail, watching inch after inch of his cock sink into the slim body.

"Yeah." he grunted, shoving in, "Tight fox!"

Tommy panted, whimpering under his breath, afraid not to let the coyote have his way with him. His cock was bigger than the night before, significantly bigger. It felt good, stretching him inside. Jargan smelled even more thickly of the male musk that had first attracted him, making the fox pant deeply, drawing the scent into his nose, enjoying the intoxicating affect on his brain. Jargan was fucking him frentically now, pounding into his body, using it for his pleasure. The thought aroused him, his own cock sticking out rigidly from his groin, dribbling youthful precum onto the floor.

"God!" the vulpine exclaimed, bracing himself against the wall, "I'm going to cum!"

"Gimme that ass!" snarled Jargan, fucking into the fox frenetically. The fox was tighter than before, his bigger cock sliding into the tightness again and again. He could feel his cum building inside, pleasure welling up, preliminary twitches driving precum into the fox.

Tommy shuddered as the coyote pounded into him, jackhammering into his ass, his body shivering as the pleasure swelled in his ass like a glowing ball, encompassing his body and then his head, his sex twitching wildly as his seed splattered onto the floor, his ass clenching hard.

Jargan plowed into Tommy to the hilt as the fox's ass clenched hard around him, catching his knot, the pleasure spiking as he came, spraying his cum deep into the fox.

"Oh God Yeah!" he growled, shivering as his body emptied his balls into Tommy. His cock throbbed hard inside the vulpine. The fox drooled, panting as the coyote's sex throbbed inside him, his ass quivering around the swollen knot.

"Hey, leggo fox." snapped Jargan, trying to pull his cock out of Tommy.

Tommy whined more loudly as the coyote pulled, his larger cock and knot sticking inside him. "You're too big!" he panted.

"Fuck yeah." grumbled Jargan, pushing at Tommy's butt and pulling hard, feeling the fox's ability to hold onto him start to slip. "I'm not going to fucking stand here while you decide to hold onto me. Come on!"

Tommy whined, grunting as he tried to relax, the cock in his ass slipping slowly, stretching him. Pain shot through him as Jargan pulled out, he collapsed with a sharp yelp into his own puddle as the cock slid out.

"Fuck!" grinned Jargan, staring at his cock, relaxing in the cool air of the hallway. It was thicker now, his knot was big enough he was unable to be fully encompass it with his paw. "I'm gonna be huge!"

Tommy curled, levering himself against the wall to lick at his sensitive ass, whining under his breath.

"Shuttup, fox." said Jargan, straightening his jacket on his shoulders, "I got a soccer practice to go to."

Tommy watched Jargan leave, smirking a bit to himself at the coyote's strut.

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