Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan shifted uneasily in his seat. He glanced down, seeing his balls bulging the cloth of his sweatpants. His half-hard cock made a thick ridge of his sheath that reached up past his waistband. He tugged his sweat pants up over his sheath, but they slipped back down. Lust pulsed in his loins with every heartbeat, his cock feeling electrically charged. He had to have sex. Lunch was after this period, he could probably find somebody to fuck then.

"Fuck." he mumbled, his sheath swelling thick as he shifted position, the elastic of his waistband pressing against the side. He tried to distract himself with the lecture, but to no effect. His entire crotch seemed to throb, the slightest movement sending surges of arousal through his loins. He raised his hand.

"May I go to the lavatory? he asked the teacher.

The teacher shrugged. "Go ahead" he said, continuing with the lecture barely missing a beat..

Jargan entered the echoey hallway, the wall cool against his back as he paused. His balls hung between his thighs, fat and heavy. "Fuck, I gotta cum!" he whimpered, pawing his sheath as he started towards the washroom. Walking amplified the sensations, the unfamiliar weight of his sheath swinging and balls rolling sending surges of arousal through his body. His cock pressed its thickness up under his shirt, causing it to tent a bit. He sniffed the air for a musky scent, before realizing it was his own. He smirked as he pushed through the spring loaded door. The lavatory was abandoned. Daring discovery, he leaned against the sink and lifted his shirt, pushing his sweat pants down below his balls. He sighed as the cooler air rushed around his balls, his musk rising thick in the air. He stroked his phallus gently, running his paws up and down the damp length. He smiled, closing his eyes as the now familiar pleasure returned, his cock hardening easily.

A teenage snow leopard quietly slipped through the doorway, his large paws padding silently on the tile. He came up short as he saw and smelled the coyote. The short fellow was leaning against a sink, an enormous cock protruding from his loins as he stroked himself. The canine continued unabated, oblivious or apathetic to the intruder. He gave the coyote a wide berth, pausing at the urinal to relieve himself. His eyes were drawn to the coyote's sex as he released his bladder. He was so big. That cock would feel good... He felt himself harden at the sight, his tail twitching, lifting as he imagined the cock penetrating him. So big. His eyes caught the sparkle of precum dribbling down the side of Jargan's rigid cock. The leopard padded over and crouched on all fours in front of the coyote, tail raised, his pants on the floor.

"Hey." he said quietly, looking back over his shoulder.

Jargan started, opening his eyes as somebody spoke. There was a snow leopard on the floor in front of him, his tailed raised invitingly, pants lowered to show a large black pucker. He recognized him, a third string football player named Ken.

"I got someplace for that." said the Leopard, grinning, his tail lashing at the air.

Jargan grinned, immediately pressing his hard, dripping cock to the cat's fuzzy butt. "Fuck yeah." he said, "Just what I needed, kitty butt!"

Ken gasped as Jargan leaned into him, pressing hard against the resistance, stretching him wide as he broke through, quickly setting up a rythm. Precum spurted, lubricating the feline as the massive cock was crammed into the leopard's ass.

"Shit, man" gasped Ken, "You're thick" The cock first stretched him to the point of pain, but that was soon overwhelmed by the pleasure of the stroking sensations. He panted, eyes slitting as he relished the feeling of being fucked.

Jargan closed his eyes again, his paws tightly gripping the leopard's hips, driving his cock deeper and deeper. He loved feeling inch after inch slide through the tight ring. He was about three quarters in when the leopard twitched, grunting.

"Too Far" he panted, his ass clenching helplessly around the thick intrusion.

Jargan grunted, shoving into the cat regardless. His cock would only slide in that far, no more. He whined, fucking from ring to bottom, his shaft throbbing hard as his balls pulled close. He shifted his paws on the slippery floor, trying to find purchase to plow deeper. The coyote growled, the rush of lust filling his head. He shoved into the tight ass, needfully grinding, desperately trying to get his cock deeper. He couldn't do it, it was too late. He could feel his balls pulling close, pleasure building in his loins. He took a deep breath. "Oh yeah, fuck yeah." he gasped, orgasm sending his hips into spasms as he came, his cock swelling rock hard, the now familiar rush and sensation of stretching around his shaft filling his brain, but not the intense length of before. His knot throbbed, and relaxed, only lasting a moment.

Ken yelped, twisting out of the coyote's grip as pain spiked inside him, too big, too much for him to take. He collapsed on the floor, panting, feeling the warm gush of the canid's seed spilling down his balls, the sound of it splattering on the floor echoing off the hard walls. After some long moments he turned, panting still, watching with wide eyes as Jargan's impressive cock slowly receded into an equally massive sheath.

"Wow." he said, leaning on the door of a stall.

Jargan sniffed the air, looking at the mess on the floor. He pulled up his pants. "Help me clean this up. They'll recognize my scent for sure and I'll get in trouble." said Jargan, opening the closet by the door and retrieving a mop and bucket. Ken filled the bucket while Jargan took the dampened mop and started scrubbing the fluid towards the sunken urinals. They finished in silence, and slunk back to their respective classes.

* * *

Jargan strode into the lunchroom, watching the reaction to his scent out of the corner of his eyes. Most of the students turned their heads, noses flaring as his virile musk floated around them. He grinned, knowing he could have his pick of the student body. He took his time crossing the crowded room, letting his cock and balls bulge against his clothing teasingly. He secured lunch quickly as several girls offered to let him in front of them. The cashier even gave him a free ice cream, if he would give her a kiss. He shrugged and gave the reptilian snout a firm lick, which seemed to please her to no end. He could hear the jealous sighs of the girls behind him.

He settled at one of the large round tables, choosing one of the seats with a table leg below to prevent attack from below, well remembering the day before. He wanted to fuck until he was delirious, he needed the perfect partner, not some hungry mu e..

About halfway around the table he could see the vixen Lisa from that morning, smiling at him and thrusting her breasts out, winking whenever she thought she caught his eye. On the other side was a girl he had never seen before, a young husky bitch, her soft fur exceptionally fuzzy. He scooted his chair around to be next to her. She glanced at him with her bright blue eyes, pink tongue lolling as she panted mildly in the heat of the lunchroom. Jargan took a large bite of his mashed potatoes, and offered her some too. She accepted. Jargan sliped his arm around her waist, admiring how his paw sunk into her soft fur, feeling the warmth of her body on his pads.

"Hey beautiful." Jargan whispered into her rounded ear. She smelled wonderful, making his cock twitch, the tension against his clothes increasing, "Wanna play fuck the bitch?"

The husky giggled, "Only if we can do it here!" she said, causing the other people at the table to laugh.

Jargan panted, feeling the need in his loins near problem porportions, the tickle of precum pressing up his shaft. "If that's the way you want it!" he agreed, standing up quickly, pulling her to her feet. He dropped his pants, pulling her skirt up against the fluffy tail. She had the perfect ass, tight round globes covered with short, fuzzy fur. As she willingly bent over he groaned joyfully, seeing the arousal swollen lips of her sex parting for him. "Holy shit." he whispered, "I'm the luckiest coyote ever!"

The crowds around him vanished from awareness as he pressed his boned cock up into her tight heat, feeling the slick walls stretch around him as he slid deeper, hardening as he went. She was tight and muscular, her pussy milked his cock with every thrust. He panted into her neckruff, breathing in her intoxicating female scent as he thrusted, shoving inch after inch of his cock into her. He found the end of her cunny but hardly cared, the tight fuzzy lips swallowing a good eight inches of his foot long cock, the muscles squeezing and massaging delightfully.

"Oh god fuck yeah!" he gurgled, gripping the hips tightly in his paws, the softly furred perfectly formed hips pulling and thrusting into the deep channel. He stood up to watch his fat shaft sink into the silky tightness. He could feel and see his knot responding to the sensation, starting to swell regardless of being inside the bitch.

"Shit yeah, I'm gonna cum." he panted the obvious, leaning over her. He thrusted into her to the bottom, feeling her body milk his cock, so wonderfully tight around his shaft. He grunted as his cock twitched, spurting into her. The expected hardness was short, his balls boiling in fustration. Some of his seed injected into her but it stopped too soon, his balls aching. He pulled out as his knot relaxed, his shaft still hard.

"Fuck, I gotta tie!" he whimpered, panting deeply, looking around lustfully. He could feel his hard shaft twitching in front of him, dragging heavy against his hips. A kangaroo next to him turned and raised her tail, grinning back.

"I'll give it a try!" she said, her vagina twitching visibly.

Jargan mounted her, grabbing her large hips and thrusting, his thickness sinking into her body quickly. He bottomed out only an inch or two short of the knot.

"Fuck!" he growled in fustration, "Not enough!" He pulled out, leaving the kangaroo gasping. Somebody else mounted her, his tail a blur as he fucked frenetically.

"Fuck me!" demanded Jargan, his chest heaving, "I must cum, please!" his balls ached, feeling swollen between his legs. He stared around at the unhelpful eyes of the students, a mix of fear and awe on their faces.

He sniffed the air deeply, catching the alluring scent of a bitch in heat nearby. He forced his way through the thick crowd around him, his cock rubbing against people as he pressed by, sniffing. He found the source of the scent, sitting at a table calmly eating her lunch. She was large even sitting down, her tail wagging slowly. She wore a bib to catch the drool that slid from her mouth, protecting her simple dress and fur.

Jargan dug his nose into her neckruff, snuffling deeply. "You!" he snorted, his muzzle chewing the air at the thick scent. He humped up against her, his big cock sliding along her side, poking over her lap.

Her head swung over slowly. "Yes?" she asked, pointedly ignoring the cock pressed against her.

Jargan pulled her chair out, bodily shoving her to all fours. As she fell, startled, he mounted, yanking her skirt up, his swollen cock spearing towards her sex.

Jargan lost grip on her as she rose to her full height, a seven foot high wall of thick fur, weighing well over three hundred pounds. She launched him head over heels into the watching crowd, much to their delight.

The bitch's foot contacted Jargan's thigh, lifting him, flinging him through the air. He landed in the crowd, atop several of the people there, who immediately started playing with his cock.

"Hey, let me go!" protested Jargan, pinned down by amorous furs. Somebody stuck a cock in his muzzle, and he gagged, trying to avoid it, but he was held there. He grunted helplessly as they worked his cock, squeezing his knot, the cock in his muzzle splattering musky cum into his throat. He spit it out as he came, his body spasming, back arching as his seed gushed from his balls. He could feel his cock swollen rock hard, driven on by the paws seeming to stroke every inch of his phallus. He twitched again and again as muzzle after muzzle drank his seed, sucking at his tip.

"Hey, its getting bigger!" exclaimed one of the students. Jargan thrashed as they tickled his cock all the more, squeezing and massaging his swollen knot, at long last his balls giving out. He panted heavily as the students left him one by one, his cock slowly relaxing back into his sheath. The floor was cool and hard under his back. When it seemed like everybody had left for class, he opened his eyes to see the huge newfoundland bitch looking down at him.

"Nice cock, shorty." she said, "Maybe later we can screw."

Jargan panted, grimacing a bit, his cock warm back in his sheath. He could still taste the cum in his muzzle. It was time for his next class.

* * *

Jargan's eyes scanned steadily over the code on his screen before him, figuring out the logic flow. "Here." he pointed to Wally, who peered from beside him. "You're not incrimenting the loop counter when the element is found. It just sits there looking at the same thing over and over again."

Wally nodded and typed at the keyboard, fixing it. He hit a key and a window appeared, rapidly scrolling text. After a few moments he screen cleared an showed several wireframe blocks slowly spinning.

"Yeah!" grinned Jargan, high-fiving his friend, "That's the hard part!"

Wally nodded. "Almost, we still have to see how it behaves with a complex..."

He was interrupted by the bell. "Yeah, I know." grinned Jargan in the flush of accomplishment, "We'll get it done though! I bet the others haven't gotten half as far."

Wally shrugged as they gathered their books. "We'll see."

Jargan shuffled his books in his locker distracted eying the curled tail of the husky he had fucked at lunch. It was so tight, so good, but he couldn't get all the way in. Who would think having such a big cock could be so fustrating? He followed her down the hall, wistfully watching her tight ass disappear into another classroom. He entered his english class, his tail wagging despite trying to maintain his cool image. They had been reading Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors", which constantly sent the class into fits of laughter. He was looking forward to it.

"As you may remember," said the teacher, "We were in act four scene one. Dromio of Ephasus was sent for some rope by Antipholus of Syracuse. But now comes Dromio of Syracuse, reporting on the tasks given by Antipholus of Ephasus! Jargan?" Jargan was reading Dromio of Syracuse, and for good effect another coyote, Derv, was reading Dromio of Ephasus, even though they looked nothing alike, really.

Jargan cleared his throat.

Master, there is a bark of Epidamnum
That stays but till her owner comes aboard,
And then, sir, she bears away. Our fraughtage, sir,
I have convey'd aboard; and I have bought
the oil, the balsamum and aqua-vitae.
The ship is in her trim; the merry wind
Blows fair from the land: they stay for naught at all
But for their owner, master, and yourself."

Suti, a tall cheetah, was reading Antipholus of Ephasus. He hurriedly turned the page of his english book. Jargan pawed at his balls, which were starting to ache from lack of release. His groin felt kind of tight. He sighed and tried to ignore it. Suti hammed it up, standing up to bellow affrontage.

How now! A madman! Why, thou peevish sheep,
What ship of Epidamnum stays for me?

The class laughed, Jargan choked down mirth to reply plaintively,

A ship you sent me to, to hire waftage.

Suti leaned over the desk towards Jargan, getting into the role, his ears back and eyes wide,

Thou drunken slave, I sent thee for a rope;
And told thee to what purpose and what end.

Jargan tried to look serious.

You sent me for a rope's end as soon:
You sent me to the bay, sir, for a bark.

Suti snickered, calming himself as the class giggled. He restrained his bluster slightly.

I will debate this matter at more leisure
And teach your ears to list me with more heed.
To Adriana, villain, hie thee straight:
Give her this key and tell her, in the desk
That's cover'd o'er with Turkish tapestry,
There is a purse of ducats; let her send it:
Tell her I am arrested in the street
And that shall bail me; hie thee, slave, be gone!
On, officer to prison till it come.

Jargan raised his arm melodramatically and spoke to the class.

To Adriana. That is where we dined
Where Dowsabel did claim me for her husband:
She is to big, I hope, for me to compass.

The coyote pretended to be trying to hug somebody too large. He put the back of his hand to his forehead.

Thither I must, although against my will,
For servants must their masters' minds fulfil.

Jargan settled in his chair, giggling with the class. He listened while in the next scene Luciana and Adriana talked. He pawed himself some more, the pleasure and hardness of his cock alleviating or at least overpowering the ache in his balls. He read along in the book, letting his cock press up, its tip under his shirt all the way up to his nipples. He could just stick his muzzle down his shirt and suck it. His line was coming up. He cleared his throat, and made like he was panting from running.

Here I go; the desk, the purse! sweet, now, make haste.

The classmates who had been reading luciana and Adriana continued. Jargan squeezed his thick shaft a bit, noting how he couldn't quite touch his thumb and forefinger around it now.

How has thou lost they breath?

Jargan interjected,

By running fast.

Adriana's line came next.

Where is thy master, Dromio? is he well?

Jargan replied,

No, he's in Tartar limbo, worse than hell
A devil in an everlasting garment hath him;
One whose hard heart is button'd up with steel;
A fiend, a fury, pitiless and rough;
A wolf, nay, worse, a fellow all in buff;
A back-friend, a shoulder-clapper, one that countermands;
The passages of alleys, creeks and narrow lands;

His cock was throbbing painfully against his chest, begging attention. He gritted his teeth and took a breath, trying to continue,

A hound that runs counter and yet draws dryfoot well;
One that before the judgement carries poor souls to hell.

He got a few quick strokes in along his thick shaft during the next line.

Why, man, what is the matter?

It was over too soon.

I do not know the matter: he is 'rested on the case.

The throbbing of his cock was extending from the bottom of his balls to the top of his cock with every hearbeat. He tried to steady his breathing, a tightness in his groin getting painful, like he had to go, but it wasn't his bladder.

What, is he arrested? Tell me at whose suit.

Jargan swallowed hard, his voice quavering a bit.

I know not at whose suit he is arrested well;
But he's in a suit of buff which 'rested him, that can I tell.
Will you send him, mistress, redeption, the money in his desk?

Adriana's turn came again. The tight sensation seemed to climb steadily.

Go fetch it sister. This I wonder at,
That he, unknown...

Jargan gurgled loudly, causing the entire class to look at him. He shuddered as he came, his paws clamping hard around the edges of his english book as his cock gushed. A huge stain spread on the front of his shirt, his chestfur getting soaked as it flowed down into his lap. His cock throbbed hard, swelling for a moment before it passed. He closed his eyes, shivering as it ended, leaving the warm wet dripping down his front.

The class gaped, his thick shaft easily visible tenting his wet shirt.

"Aww crap." he muttered, feeling cum pool under his butt as his fur drained. The scent of his musk was quickly filling the room.

The teacher glared at him, growling in his throat. "This is SHAKESPEARE, Mr. Coyote! Not jack-off-central! I don't care whats going on with your hormones, you WILL keep your cock in your pants during my class! Go to the principals office NOW!!" He pointed to the door, growling impatiently. Jargan hurriedly gathered his books and rushed out of the room, feeling his sweat pants and shirt sag under the volume of his load, ears hot with embarassment, plastered against his head. He heard the teacher continue as he exited.

"Cripes, somebody get some lysol! Open the window! It smells like a whorehouse in here!"

Jargan dripped to his locker, his cock mostly receded into his sheath, still twitching periodically with pent-up arousal. "Geeze, I gotta cum." he grumbled. He had an old pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt in there from ages ago, he'd forgotten why. He bundled them under his arm, holding his gym bag in the other. The clock indicated ten minutes before the end of the period. He decided to wait it out instead of going to the principal's office, trotting quietly towards the locker room. He could take a quick shower before his next class, but it was Gym anyway.

Jargan paused outside the coach's office. He was a burly wolf, easily six foot eight. His musculature was impressive even through his shaggy fur. "Hey coach." he said.

"Hey Jargan. Class doesn't start for another ten minutes." said the coach, glancing between Jargan and the clock. Jargan nodded.

"I had an accident. You mind if I take a shower before class?"

The wolf sniffed the air and shrugged. "Some accident. Sure, knock yourself out."

Jargan trotted to a locker, opening it and stripping out of his soggy clothing quickly. He stood in front of the mirror for a moment. His skinny body was unchanged. He could see his ribs still showing through his fur, thin in his summer coat. The only change was his crotch. His balls felt massive between his thighs, one in front of the other to find space. His scrotum was dark, mostly furless, folds of skin taut to hold the weight of his testicles. His sheath was thick, extending in thick mass from his sack almost to his belly button, the end a dark-skinned oval close around his tip, unable to hide the end of his cock. He stood up straight, tensing his stomach, drawing his sheath over it. He relaxed, and an inch slipped out.

The coyote sighed and walked into the shower, turning on the hot water, ducking his head under the spray. He turned, letting the spray dig in, washing the cum from his fur. He scrubbed down his chest and rump, rubbing his legs to get rid of it. He paused as he stood under the shower, bent over. His cock was sticking out of his sheath, mere inches from his muzzle. He lapped out at the tip. It felt pretty good. He grinned and sat down on the shower bench, directing the water flow over his back as he pulled his sheath back, pressing his cock into his muzzle. His mouth was cool compared to the water, but his tongue was soft as he moved it against himself. It felt good, he closed his eyes as he stroked up and down the shaft of his cock, feeling himself harden, pressing easily into his muzzle, pressing it open a bit with his thickness.

"Mmmph." he said thoughtfully, feeling his balls lift between his legs. His head swam with the sensation of getting sucked and stroked, he gripped down around his knot, finding that spot. He grunted as his cock swelled fully hard in his paws, digging his muzzle down around it as he felt his cum surging. His seed pumped into his muzzle, two mouthfuls with every jet, leaving him sputtering as the musky fluid jetted again and again. It felt so good, he continued licking and slobbering, feeling the warm waves of cum flow back down the sides of his cock. His cock throbbed hard, so big and fat in his paws. He grinned as he sat back, looking at his massive cock dribble cum, his muzzle a slobbering mess. His cum tasted good, too. He swallowed and licked his muzzle, the water of the shower washing the rest away. He stood and made sure he was clean, shaking out in the wet room before hitting his locker for his clothes.

The other students had arrived. Jargan sat on the bench, dressed and ready, watching a Rottweiler get dressed. His name was Shack, he was one of the halfbacks on the football team. His muscles rippled smoothly muscular under the short black and brown fur as he undressed. His tail was bobbed in the traditional way. It made it easy to see his ass, a tight pucker of flesh between the round globes. Jargan smiled, thinking of fucking it. It would feel good, that tight ring around his cock.

"Nice ass." he said quietly.

Shack glanced over. "What??" he asked.

"You have a nice ass." he repeated, leaning back, ruffling his headfur up.

Shack frowned, "Look pencildick, keep your faggot paws away from me."

Jargan lifted his gym shirt, showing about four inches of thick half-hard cock protuding from his sheath.

"This look pencil thin to you, boy?" he asked cockily.

Shack averted his eyes, turning and shaking his head, pulling his shirt on over his head.

Jargan stood, moving over as the rottweiler bent over to get his shorts, pressing his thick tip under the tail.

"Yeah, tight ass..." he said.

Shack twitched whirling in reaction. "Hey! I said..."

Coach blew his whistle from the front of the locker room. "Jargan, get up here!"

Jargan smirked at Shack as he trotted, tucking his shirt into his shorts.

"Yeah coach?" he asked, finding the wolf leaning against his office door. He tossed a set of keys to Jargan.

"Go get the soccer balls from the storage room." he directed, then bellowed to the rest of the students, "Two minutes on the field!"

"Hey jargan?" called the coach after Jargan.

Jargan paused at the door, looking back. "Yeah?"

The wolf grinned toothily, "Don't jack off in the shower, okay?" Jargan blushed as the coach dissappeared into the locker room, hollering to the students.

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