Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan Coyote dodged as the rottweiller Shack came at him, kicking the soccer ball to a team mate. Shack had already 'bumped' into him rather painfully a couple times. He could hear him snarling between pants over his shoulder as Jargan trotted over the grass to stay in position. The gym class was playing soccer, Jargan was on the shirts and Shack was on the furs. The coyote's body was flushed with the excersize, his balls aching a bit from being bounced around so much. The goaly deflected an attempt on a score that arched towards him. He bounced it off his head towards the other rear guard, backpedaling to avoid Shack's charge.

"Nice ass!" he teased, grinning as Shack snarled at him.

"You goddamn faggot!" snapped Shack, "You're gonna wish you was never born!"

Jargan sneered at the Rottweiller. He felt powerful, sexual, his cock pulled close as he ran down the field staying ahead of the pack. He watched the muscles rippling under the rottweiller's short fur, dodging back up the field a bit. The ball bounced their way and Jargan moved at an angle to send it back down field. Shack interceded, booting it towards the goal. The shirt-clad goaly deflected it, and they trotted back down the field as the other players kicked the ball that way. The coach blew his whistle loudly.

"Time's up! Furs win! Hit the showers!" he shouted, waiting for the students to pass him. Jargan lagged behind, trotting alongside the coach. He was a large powerful wolf morph, 6'8" tall, with muscles the bulged through his shaggy fur. Jargan eyed the tail, swinging back and forth as the teacher moved. The coach tilted his head, looking at the coyote. The skinny fellow must have hit puberty finally, his shorts bulged. He had heard and smelled him jacking off in the shower earlier, and judging by the bulge there was quite something to stroke. He felt his own sheath throb a bit at the thought.

"Need somethin, Jargan?" he asked. The rottweiller Shack and his friends were standing outside the door. "Showers!" he hollered at them. They headed in.

Jargan shook his head. "Naw, I'm fine." he said.

The coach smiled a bit. As a teacher, he couldn't initiate anything with the students. But if they were to initiate with him it was a different story. There was a large bitch, a newfoundland morph, who would come to see him every few days. She loved his big wolf cock, would let him pound until he tied and drained himself in her body. He held the door open for Jargan, following him into the echoey gym. The locker room was already steamy from the showers. Jargan went to his locker. The coach paused a row over, looking over the top of the locker. Jargan was turned away from him, but he could see his balls fat between his legs. He could probably come buckets. The coach wandered into his office, sighing softly.

Jargan trotted into the shower, quickly drenching himself with the hot water. He noticed a tight butt through the steam, a short stub wiggling. He put his head under the nozzle, letting the water blast through his headfur, water running into his eyes. He watched the rottweiller clean himself, oblivious to the presence of the coyote. His body was tight, short black and brown fur clinging to his muscles. He probably worked out to get a phisique like that. He twitched as the hot water of the shower contacted his penis, slipped halfway out of his sheath. He tensed, pulling his sheath back over it, turning as the rottweiller did.

"Hey faggot." hissed Shack, "We're gonna kick your ass."

Jargan turned off the shower, and shook his fur out, heading off without saying a thing. Yeah, sure. He would kick them back, and they'd wished the never messed with a coyote. He put on his clothes quickly, trotting out before the rottweiller returned from the shower. There was one more period before it was time to go home.

* * *

Jargan slid down in his chair near the back of chemistry class. The teacher was lecturing on the conductivity of water solutions. He was obscured from the teacher by a fat fox morph that sat in front of him, busily taking notes. All the excersize from gym had made him very horny, he panted softly. His cock had been throbbing since he sat down ten minutes before, a bulge against his shirt. He glanced around furtively, finding himself the only one in the back row. He carefully lifted his shirt, sliding his muzzle down into it. It was so easy to press the end of his cock into his muzzle. He sighed, feeling the rush of warm air around his shaft. He slipped a paw into his pants, stroking his base as he licked, feeling precum starting to leak. It tasted good. He watched the other students, the collar stretched over the top of his muzzle, but they busily took notes.

Jargan suckled at himself, his cock long and thick enough to let his muzzle seal around it. He bobbed a bit, feeling the suction as tingles in his hips. Precum spurted, he swallowed it. He would just cum in his muzzle, then he would feel better. He panted a bit quicker around himself, squeezing his shaft down by his knot, feeling it swell under his touch, surges of arousal spiking through his gut. He swallowed again, pulling his hips up, pressing himself deeper into his muzzle. It felt so good. He stretched his neck forward, feeling the thickness press into his throat, closing off his windpipe. He swallowed, and it suddenly slipped in another four or five inches. He felt dizzy, it felt so good, the pleasure shooting down his shaft, his balls pulling close. He backed off, panting for a few seconds. That felt really good. He shifted his hips forward, pressing his cock upwards as he dove his muzzle down around his shaft. His tip slid into his throat, so tight, slippery... he swallowed, the sensation of muscles squeezing and pulling was too much, and he came.

Jargan tensed, his cock planted firmly down his throat, feeling the ecstatic burn of orgasm build in his loins. In a split second he was going to cum, there wasn't anything he could do. And if he didn't swallow it he would make a huge mess. He closed his eyes and let it go, pulling himself down onto the cock. His hips convulsed, pumping his seed, the pressure firing down his cock, into his throat. The cum injected into his esophagus, feeling strangely warm and full there. He managed to swallow around his cock, his throat muscles squeezing and pulling. The rest of his load came, spraying in huge jets into his throat, overwhelming his swallowing. He started to gag, and forced it down, swallowing hard. His cock hardened, he could feel the texture in relief against his tongue as the heady rush filled his mind, his cock swelling in his muzzle, stretching his throat all the more as the last of his seed gushed into his gut. He backed off, gasping a breath as his throat emptied.

He looked around carefully, but nobody seemed to have noticed. His cock was relaxing, slipping down into his sheath. He steadied himself, tilting his head and scritching his ear. He felt full, like he'd just eaten a meal. Suddenly, he let out a burp, the sound resounding through the classroom.

"Excuse me!" he called, ears flicking back in embarassment as people looked over.

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