By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
SERIESSkylos and Shimrod
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Skylos lay limply in his hammock. He could feel the warm sun shining through the trees onto his fur. The soft sound of a nearby brook tickled his ears, with the distant rise and fall of conversation in the house. Occaisonally a distant shriek from th e children told of their whereabouts. It had been a long weeks work and he was glad to get a rest. Everything seemed perfect, a full stomach, nice weather, and a good hammock to lay in. He swung gently back and forth, eyes closed enjoying the day.

His long ear twitched as footsteps came through the house, and a creak could be heard as weight was put on the railing.

"Skylos, dear..." came the melodious tones of his wife's voice.

Skylos opened one eye and looked towards the house. Ruth, his wife, stood leaning on the porch railing, a too sweet smile on her lips. He closed his eye and sighed.


"But I haven't even asked you!"

"I know."

"Skylos!" she barked.

The man-dog opened his eye again and saw her standing halfway across the clearing, hands on hips and glaring at him.

"Yes dear?" he sighed mildly.

"I need you to take Shimrod back to the city."

Shimrod was Skylos's nephew, probably happily playing with Skylos' son Coriantumr somewhere nearby. The eleven year old had been visiting for several weeks, but his stay was coming to an end. He'd be traveling back on the fly-train, not a dangerous trip but one that would take several hours.

Skylos whimpered mildly. "He can go by himself. He's big enough!"

"I promised my sister that somebody would ride back with him. I've got a date with Sandy, nobody else can go!"

She rubbed Skylos's tummy consolingly. He made a soft content sound.

"Its not gonna work. I'm not gonna go." he stated.

Ruth turned and walked back across the yard, looking back over your shoulder.

"But just think what we'll do when you get back...", she winked.

Skylos swallowed and then sighed.

"Okay! I'll go!" he hollered after her sexy rear, going through the door.

"Thank you dear..." came her response.


Skylos strode alongside Shimrod on the dusty path. He rather liked the pup, with his cute houndish face and strong young body. Shimrod ran off to the side now and then to chase some random butterfly or movement. The day was warm and bright, a couple wh ite clouds graced an otherwise blue sky. The air was crisp and fresh, interesting smells pulling attention here and there. As they approached the fly-train station, they could see the engine being navigated into position, and attached to the compressed- air based booster that got it started. They were traveling light, so they simply registered at the station house and climbed on board. They chose a compartment near the middle of the train, Shimrod sat on one side and Skylos on the other, they looked ou t the window at the busy station platform. Soon the warning buzzer sounded and Shimrod moved over next to his uncle, in anticipation of the acceleration.

The station started to slide past smoothly, the acceleration climbing steadily. Skylos rested his head on the padded rest, panting gently as the pressure climbed. After several long moments, the pressure vanished, the rumble of wheels against ground gone. Shimrod delightedly looked out with window as the train lept a canyon.

The train was a large ground effect craft. Every car had two sets of stubby wings that supported it, at speed. The first car was the engine, large cat-fans maintaining the speed of the train. It couldn't accelerate well, but that was what the tracks and hooks were for at each station. Some trees skimmed below as the train flew through a pass, and down the other side. Skylos yawned and slumped down, closing his eyes sleepily. Perhaps he'd take a nap.


Skylos' dreams were hot and torrid. He dreamed of coming home, meeting his wife. They kissed and stroked each other, licking ears and kissing deeply. Smells of arousal drove them on, writhing, and rubbing, eventually Skylos' large rod slipping inside her eager passage. Bucking and groaning, with slobber plentiful they played, until with Skylos deeply planted and tied inside his wife they rolled and howled in communal ecstacy, cumming again and again...


Skylos awoke with an erection.

He yawned and smacked his lips, looking down mildly at his tented loincloth. Shimrod seemed to have found it pleasing to him, because his hand was stuck under the loincloth and wrapped securely around the thick shaft. The pup snored softly, snuggling up against his uncle. Skylos carefully disentangled the hand and relaxed, laying there half-awake, half-watching the scenery. In some hours they would arrive in Kinuut, one of the larger towns around. That was where his sister and brother in law lived, w orking on some plant research project that got them in the news too often. That was why Shimrod had come to visit originally, with his parents so busy he had been running out of control and getting in trouble all over the place. They sent him off to the ir relative's place for the interim, while things calmed down more. Shimrod seemed to be a happy enough kid, though he could get into trouble if you didn't watch him closely. He had a healthy young interest in sex, it was evident that he'd been busy with Skylos' children, and them with him. Besides the fact he was rather fascinated with his uncle's crotch. Skylos thought he would turn out to be more of a gay type pup, he really liked the cocks.


After awhile, Shimrod woke up and climbed into Skylos' lap. They talked about various innocuous things, Cori's bed, his sister, his mother, and the neighbors. Landscape slid by. Shimrod leaned against Skylos' front, nibbling at his uncle's ear, which he enjoyed greatly, sighing happily. Despite his halfhearted attempts to relax, his sheath pressed stiffly against his nephew's crotch.

"Oh Shimrod, stop. I can't, you're my nephew..."

Shimrod rrred playfully, nipping at the ear. Skylos' ears were rather sensitive in an erotic way, he shifted a bit, panting softly.

"Yer gettin me all excited!"

Shimrod giggled around the ear, and lightly chewed it, pulling practically the whole thing into his muzzle. At the same time, he pulled aside both Skylos' loincloth and his own, pressing his rear against the protruding tip of his uncles penis.

"Erf!... No, I can't... I'll hurt you, you're too small..." moaned Skylos, desperately wanting but afraid.

Shimrod pressed down on the thickening shaft eagerly, chewslobbering the ear, panting quickly. Skylos shook his head, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

"i can't!" he exclaimed, then his eyes grew wider as despite his pulling back Shimrod got him further inside, "Oh! You're tight!"

Skylos shivered in pleasure as Shimrod's tight rear stroked the end of his shaft, his ear attacked by a frenzied tongue and teeth, sending waves of lust through him. He stopped trying to pull out of the pup and just let him sink onto his shaft, which hardened into its erect thickness, easily wider than most things that pass through such a small fellow. He whimpered and moaned in pleasure, Shimrod grinning broadly as he saw the pleasure he was giving his uncle.

"Too tight... it must hurt you... oh wow... incredible..." moaned Skylos, rotating his hips gingerly, his ten-inch cock sliding over halfway in.

"Fuck me uncle" whispered Shimrod into Skylos' ear, releasing the slobbered ear and attacking the other.

Skylos moaned, trembling slightly in pleasure as he slid completely into the tightness. The pup's anus was tight and smooth, stroking the length of his cock deliciously. No pressure told of bottomming out, almost unbelievingly Skylos felt the pup's round rump land on his hips. His balls twitched, and he knew precum was already spurting into the young fellow.

"oh yeah...," moaned Shimrod, putting his weight on Skylos' hips, It felt like he was split apart up to his neck, tingles of pain dancing along the hard intrusion. Something warm and liquid could be felt, and for a moment he thought his uncle had cum, but not yet. He gasped and hugged around skylos' chest, the pain receding as he grew more used to the thickness, he managed to relax some of his muscles a bit more as his uncle's hips tugged and thrusted.

Skylos slowly pulled out and thrusted in to the tight passage, trembling as he kept himself from bucking wildly. With deliberation he kept his knot from growing, knowing it would make it impossible to do the wonderful full strokes in Shimrod's tight ass. He panted quickly, drool falling from his muzzle as he concentrated, the teeth and tongue on his ear making him moan eagerly, almost shuddering as ecstatic sensations spread from his cock through his body.

The pup panted and moaned, the cock was bigger than any he'd ever felt before, its movements giving pleasure that seemed to flood his body, pressing his prostate, he could feel his sperm welling from his own erect penis alomst painfully. The thick rod withdrew and thrust relentlessly each stroke another intrusion of pleasure sliding deliciously through his anus. He relaxed his arms a bit as the feelings overcame his conciousness, his only want to feel more of the shaft inside him, harder, thicker, and deeper.

The man-dog felt Shimrod relax more, he whimpered as he came closer, the sheer tightness of his nephew around him seeming to pull at his balls, trying to suck the cum out. He was loosing control of his knot, but also of his restraint, in sheer need he pr essed deeper and harder, his thrusts speeding up, his swelling knot forced through the tight ring with each stroke, pressing it wider.

Shimrod panted heavily, taking the cock limp with joy and pleasure. Eyes closed, he dimly felt his uncle's arms holding him, the warm fur against him, but his attention was centered on the sensations from the filling cock. He could feel the knot expanding, stretching his ring which he relaxed desperately, but despite that tingles of pain tensed his body. He knew his uncle would cum soon, his arms tightened around him in expectation.

Skylos groaned deeply, unable to restrain longer, and started bucking. His strokes were long and hard, pulling almost completely out before slamming the entire length into the tight passage. His arms tightened around his nephew, holding him closer and more firmly against him, encouraged by the pup's own tightening of grip. His knot started swelling even more, he changed his thrusts to not put the knot inside the pup for fear of hurting him, a worry of rationality amidst the sweep of pleasure consuming him.

The pup moaned as he felt himself go into an uncontrollable shudder, like an anal orgasm that swept over him, the need for more was all he knew, and the cock wasn't thrusting as deep! Desperate for pleasure he threw himself back and down onto the cock, yelping as he forced his anus around the expanding knot, barely taking it at the last possible moment. A new sensation pressed him, a huge, swelling tighter pressure against his prostate, he continued to shake in pleasure, noticing vaguely that his young cock was spraying cum into their fur.

Skylos gasped as the pup yelped, feeling his cock fully sheathed in his tightness once again, he realized he couldn't come out again as his conciousness was overtaken by a roaring that climbed in pitch, his cock swelling so it felt huge in his crotch. A pleasure filled every bit of him for long moments, ending with powerful convulsive thrusts into his lover, moments later followed by the burning pleasure of liquid streaming from his cock in orgasm.

Shimrod shuddered deeply, the incredibly thick pressure seeming to push his cum from him, his own knot throbbing amidst the fur between the dog-morphs. Skylos stiffened beneath him, his cock swelled rock hard inside for long moments, the pup rejoiced inwardly at the pleasure given his uncle. Suddenly he was thrust into sharply several times and hot liquid started increasing the pressure inside him. He felt it creep back along the shaft, more and more liquid pulsed into him. His rear clenched tightly, squeezing the base of his uncle's cock, holding the liquid inside him. He could feel the moisture spread hotly inside him.

The adult man-dog panted heavily, his cock pulsing strongly inside his nephew. The young fellow's rear squeezed and twitched around his thickness, urging on his pleasure. Skylos' hands stroked the soft young fur, sighing contentedly as his sexual tension is released.

"I, uh, didn't hurt you, did I?" he murmured.

Shimrod shook his head negatively.

"No, its wonderful... so thick..."

Skylos hugged his nephew snugly.

"We'll be arriving soon."

Shimrod panted, "I know. But we're tied."

Skylos frowned. He did have a point there. His cock was securely tied into his nephew, and considering the way it throbbed in the tightness, there wasn't much chance of it coming out immediately.

"I'll try... to relax it..." he sighed, enjoying the way his cock throbbed solidly, injecting post-cum into the tight space.

Shimrod shifted a bit, panting softly. The cock was wonderful while he was cumming, but now the thickness was pressing uncomfortably inside him, making him wish for its removal. Almost subconciously his bowels started pushing the shaft out, but the knot was stuck behind bones. He panted, drooling absently against his Uncle's chest.

"Sk-sk-sk-skylos?" he whimpered, as the refusal of the intrusion to move increased his discomfort.

Skylos panted softly, eyes closed. "Yes Shimrod?"

His nephew whimpered, "Out... please... it hurts..."

The adult whimpered concernedly, and concentrated on relaxing himself. Gradually, the throbbing lessened, and the flesh softened, the pressure from the young fellow's body squeezed the knot from his body with a yelp. Skylos winced, stopping all movement, his cock stuck in up to the knot, which despite his efforts to the contrary had rehardened fully, his cock spurting a bit more, stimulated by the movement.

Shimrod yelped, then sighed in comparative relaxation. He could still feel some of his uncle's sex inside him, but it didn't hurt. Instead it was a comfortable fullness. He wiggled gently, panting happily. He gave his uncle a kiss on the nose and looked out the window, to see the mossy walls that marked the beginning of the city sub-train system.

The car lurched a bit to the right as it settled onto the track, and the noticable vibration of wheels could be felt. The daylight streaming through the window faded out as the slot deepened, then dissappeared to make the window a smooth mirror, reflecting the disheveled compartment inhabitants. Shimrod giggled.

"We're a mess, uncle."

Skylos looked at himself. "Better clean up. We'll be there momentarily."

Shimrod eased himself off Skylos's cock, and set to cleaning himself, his dog-like tongue making quick work of his own penis and soiled fur. Skylos busily cleaned himself, and straightened both Shimrod's and his own loincloth. About that time the train coasted into the well lit station and the window was a port to the waiting crowd.


Skylos shouted, "Hi sis!" over the heads of the crowd.

His sister, Betha, waved to him, standing up from the bench along the wall.

"Hey there Sky!" she responded as he pulled Shimrod across the platform. "How goes things?"

"Oh, pretty good Betha." he grinned. "Quite a nice son you've got here!"

Shimrod grinned at Skylos and ran over to his mother.

"Hi Mom! I'm back!" he hollered, jump-hugging her enthusiastically.

She caught him. "I see!," she responded, and hugged him back.

"Didja have a good time at your Uncle's house?" she inquired.

Shimrod nodnodded. "Sure! It was lotsa fun!"

As they spoke, they walked up the steps into the late afternoon sunlight of a broad square. Solid brick buildings mixed with some plastic and glass, a curious blend of old and new. They stopped at the huge fountain in the center for a drink before conti nuing amidst the many people and activities of the place.

Betha tugged Skylos' hand. "Come, Skylos, you must stay the night!"

The man-dog shook his head. "No, I can't. I should go home! Ruth is waiting for me."

Betha didn't give up. "It won't be any trouble. And Joe would love to see you! Besides, I want you to stay!"

Skylos eyed Betha's determined expression. He sighed.

"Okay. I stay. But I go home tomorrow!" he insisted.

Betha waved her hand vaguely. "Of course, of course! Come, up here." They wound through the narrow streets to the house.

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