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The scent of her heat filled his nose, filled his mind. Shimrod lay, helpless, upon the bed. Cool drafts would ruffle his fur, but he couldn't move. Something held down his hips, his legs, his arms, even his head. He couldn't see, but it felt like straps. The scent seemed to burn through him, starting at his nose, sizzling through his body, until he was helplessly erect, his cock standing out rigid, out of his sight, feeling huge and swollen. He was afraid, afraid of the bitch across the room. She hummed innocuously, a little tune he heard somewhere before. Taking off layer after layer of clothing, her scent getting stronger with each one.

The fear grew stronger too, his helpless body shaking with it. It always ended the same way, the invisible woman finished undressing, her scent overpowering, advancing on him step by step, almost in his view...

Shimrod awoke, every muscle tense, eyes wide open in the warm darkness of the room. Shoofa's damp nose nuzzled at him.

"You okay?" she murmured, nose followed by a warm tongue.

Shimrod snuggled closer with his big sister, breathing in her sweet breath.

"Yeah, just that dream again." he responded quietly, sighing.

Shoofa nodded quietly, and held her brother close. Shimrod nuzzled his sister as she drifted back to sleep. His heart still thumped from the nightmare. The siblings had been sleeping together for some time. He had forgotten when they started doing this. Sometime after he got back from Uncle Skylos' he guessed. After the rest of the family retired, Shoofa would crawl under the covers with him, her younger brother Shimrod.

They hadn't had sex since she started sleeping with them. Everybody seem convinved they were screwing like rabbits, but they only had once. That was during her first heat, so long ago. She would go into heat about every three months, and she was in the midst of one now. He tried to enter her once, back at her second heat. The memory of the pain of her leg in his crotch was enough to keep him well clear.

Shimrod shifted, laying flat on his back, Shoofa sighing and cuddling up beside him, her leg layed carelessly across his sheath. He closed his eyes and relaxed, clearing his mind. Yet her scent distracted him over and over. Eventually he grumbled to himself and rolled to his other side, which only let Shoofa to spoon with him. He could smell the musk of his own sex protruding from his sheath as he lay there.

He remembered that musk. Laying on his back in the leaves, back at Skylos's, Coriantumr sucking him off again and again until he begged him to stop. It was so nice to have a friend like that, who just loved to drink his cum. He remembered one time they went running in the woods, for hours. It was a beautiful fall day, just cool enough to allow excersize comfortably.

They had sprawled out on a sunny rock, high on a hillside. They were wearing nothing, loincloths discarded in favor of running free.

Shimrod wished he could still do that. Back before adolescense, his balls didn't swing so much, didn't hurt after a day without support.

They lay out on the rock, Cori eventually pulling back his sheath and having his way, coaxing him hard, making him knot up, the intense pleasure of cumming roaring through his head. He'd get soft, and then he'd start all over again, coaxing him to orgasm after orgasm, till the sun was low in the sky, then, when he begged him to stop, fucking him with a ferocity that he'd never met.

Shimrod rolled back over onto his back, his raging erection tenting the covers. Shoofa muttered and shifted, cuddling close, her muzzle leaning against his chest now, a knee touching his hard knot. Her breath washed over his nipple gently. He remembered Skylos's nipples.

Uncle Skylos would settle down for the night with the whole family. They all shared a bed, something Shimrod missed. It just felt so right to him that way. He was next to Skylos one night, cuddled up like a little baby. Skylos was petting his fur gently, in a way that made him feel happy and safe. He found a nipple at his muzzle and suckled on it instinctively. Nothing came at first, so he sucked harder. Sweet warm milk flowed into his mouth, seeming to make a chemical connection in him. Nothing ever felt so content, happy, and safe as that. He sighed gently.

His erection had receded, sheath covering his genetalia once again. He counted in his mind the last time he had sex. One year, 9 months ago, he thought. Too bad there wasn't some sort of award for it. He rolled to his side again, wrapping his warms tightly around his sister, who returned the embrace, warm body against warm body. Sex doesn't matter, thought Shimrod, Love makes the real difference.


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