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Once upon a time there was a man-doggie, alot like me. It wasn't very long ago. Only last Tuesday, if I remember right. He was a hound morph, and his name was Shimrod.

Now this Shimrod, he had a mighty big problem, and I do mean that literally. He got along okay most of the time and all, but when he got aroused, well, it was a different story altogether.

Sure, you might get aroused and be a little uncomfortable for a while, but when it happened to him, it was a downright emergency. Lucky for him, it didn't happen often. It wasn't like he was deformed or anything. He had a nice big sheath, of course. It fit that big penis just perfect. He was careful to keep it somewhat tense so it hung close to his body, keeping himself covered. He didn't like it to be too obvious. It was a little embarassing.

Anyway, Shimrod had just finished playing a game, sorta like your soccer, but different. As you can imagine, he was all covered in grass and dirt, it was time to take a nice hot shower. He got undressed with the other players and went in the shower.

Group showers weren't normally a problem for Shimrod, he'd done it dozens of times before. Today, there was a new guy there, Tert. He was a nice ottery sort of fellow, visiting up from the river. He wasn't the fastest runner, but he sure could kick the ball! Shimrod and Tert ended up showering next to each other.

As I said, Shimrod was kinda embarassed about being so big and all. Once, he had gotten beaten up by a guy that was jealous just because the hound's cock was bigger than his. Shimrod noticed that Tert's sheath just went on and on - in fact, his sheath was bigger than his own! Shimrod was pretty interested. Wouldn't you be? He started thinking... thinking about how big that cock had to be inside that big sheath. How it would stick out all thick and long... And when he started thinking of big long hard cocks, he started pokin out of his own sheath without even realizing it.

In all the warm water and spray of the shower, it wasn't all that hard to miss. He was preoccupied, and there wasn't the usual cool air in the warm steamy atmosphere of the shower to alert him.

Anyway, Shimrod wasn't bad at controlling his erections, out of necessity. It wouldn't do to get a swollen cock sticking out of his loincloth in the middle of class. Hormones are strong, though, and he long ago found he needed a quick start on it. By the time he noticed this time it was too late. He felt his groin tighten in his arousal, pushing his cock up in front of him. He knew better than to fight it too much, so he pulled back his sheath over his already swelling knot and before you could slip on a bar of soap, there he was standing in the hot shower, eighteen inches of half-hard dog cock glistening redly.

Now the otter had not been unaware of the intense looks he was getting from Shimrod, or the other team members. He liked being looked at, and it was getting him aroused. He was a bit more surprized when he saw that big red phallus. Shimrod's wore an adorably embarassed expression, trying to hide his arousal futilely in the crowded shower. Tert decided he had to make it better.

He let his own arousal show as he sidled over to the hound, grasping a shoulder pulling the hound up against him, face to face. The hound's big cock pressed into his thick ottery chest fur, the pointed tip throbbing a bit just below his chin. He liked that. He felt his own shaft sliding up as he hardened, sliding along the man-dog's slick shaft.

"It's okay." he whispered in the hound's blushing ear, "I'm big too."

Shimrod felt and saw that otter cock pressing up along his, and he couldn't help it. He got REALLY hard. He whined, he couldn't remember being aroused like this before. He blushed all the more when he noticed some of the other team members stroking themselves in anticipation.

"Wow, look at the size of that" somebody murmured.

"It'd kill me!" whispered another.

The otter lowered his muzzle and licked at the end of Shimrod's cock, tasting the precum welling up readily. Shimrod returned the favor, opening his muzzle and licking around the end of Tert's cock. Soon they were both bobbing and stroking, standing face to face as they worked each other's cocks. Their hips twitched with the pleasure.

Some of the team members came from stroking themselves, making the air musty and thick with the scent of their maleness. The otter stretched his long neck, pushing the end of Shimrod's thick cock into his throat. It was a tight fit - the hound's shaft was thicker than his own, but he had some good practice with some other otters. He knew how to let his throat stretch.

He got more of Shimrod's cock into his muzzle than some of the watchers had in entirety, and he wasn't more than halfway down it. Shimrod shuddered, whining helpelessly in arousal. He didn't know that anybody could take so much in their throat! The otter grinned around the cock, and decided to give the watchers a real show.

Backing off the massive arousal of the hound, he gently turned him around, his paws on the man-dog's shoulders. Shimrod looked curious, but cooperated. His mind was still buzzing with the pleasure he had just felt. Tert pressed his long, slim arousal against Shimrod's ass.

"Lets see if you're as big inside as outside!" he said, grinning over at a couple of the team members who were also starting to fuck.

Before Shimrod could do more than yelp, a good foot of otter cock slipped inside him.

"Ooh Goddess!" he exclaimed.

It wasn't like anything he'd felt before. It wasn't like he was a virgin, he'd had plenty of cocks in him. But they had always been short cocks. Always nice, but never really fully satisfying. With every additional inch the otter thrust into him, the better it felt. His legs shook as his his balance and strength seemed to drain. He collapsed to his knees, but the otter knelt behind him as he went down, thrusting into the dog, deeper and deeper. He was surprized, he didn't feel the usual bottoming out. The hound was really deep inside. The gripping chute seemed to go on forever, penetrating deep inside.

For the first time when he wasn't with an otter, Tert's hips touched the ass he was fucking. This aroused him more than I can say. That otter really started fucking, with huge long thrusts, sliding his cock in and out like a piston. He could feel his balls twitch, his cock throbbing thicker as he got close, grunting and panting with the effort.

Shimrod didn't even whine any more, he blubbered incoherently as his insides were stroked by a magic wand. The cock filled him more, stroking more of him than he ever imagined possible. Tert thrust faster and faster, his big balls pulling close as he grunted, his whole body tensing as he drove his hips against Shimrod, his cum exploding deep within. He yelled in the intensity, "AAARRGGGHH!!!" unable to contain it all. He felt every inch of his cock throbbing inside the hound's clenching ass, injecting his load deep inside.

Shimrod completely collapsed at this point, half rolling onto his side. He had a dazed look in his eye, but his cock was still rock hard. The slick fullness was sliding out, leaving him feeling empty in its wake.

Tert watched Shimrod's ass cling to his cock as he slowly drew his twitching length from the hound's body. It glistened in the steamy light. The only sound for long moments was the ragged panting of the furs there, and the rush of the hot steamy water.

"Holy shit, is he okay?" asked one of the watchers. His chest fur was soaked in his own white cum and shower water.

The otter grinned, patting at the hound gently. "oh yeah. We'll get him up."

He rolled the man-dog onto his back, and stood over him, rubbing the tip of the hard dog cock under his thick tail, stretching his pucker around the thick tip. Just as he had hoped, Shimrod responded, his hips thrusting upwards. As soon as Shimrod's eyes focused on him, Tert shook, his head.

"Its not that easy, pup. You're gonna have to earn it!"

He hopped off and placed his paws up against the wall, raising his thick tail to Shimrod showing his pucker. The hound growled, the lust and pleasure having long ago eaten through any self control or inhibition. He scrambled to his feet, his erect cock bouncing in front of him. He planted it under the otter's tail and growled in lust, shoving into the mustelid with his weight.

Tert gulped, but steadied himself, feeling the incredible thickness of the dog pry him open and force its way deeper and deeper into him. Shimrod's hips bucked rythmically, pounding deeper into the tight channel.

"Oh God, Oh God!" groaned Tert. Some of the other players were working on their third orgasm, others fucked each other frenetically, eyes locked on the big cock plowing the otter.

Tert's cock had softened after he came, but was now poking out readily. Shimrod's paws dug into the otter's hips as he yanked and thrusted, stroking his painfully aroused cock in a mad rush to orgasm, pounding his already half-swollen knot against Tert's clenching ass. The otter lowered his head to his own rising arousal, taking the hardening shaft into his mouth and throat.

Tert sucked himself as the massive prick pounded into him frenetically. He could taste his precum welling up already, the pressure inside him growing. His ass relaxed more and more as the pleasure grew, the hound's knot battering against his opening, demanding entrance even as his body instinctually tried to reject it.

Shimrod gripped Tert's thick neckruff in his teeth, the fur padding the skin as he pulled and thrusted, desperately trying to pound himself completely into the otter. The man-dog could feel his muscles burning, unimportant in the intensity of the sex, but still there. The burn grew sharper, more intense. He snarled, unable to gasp in enough air, his strength starting to give out as he pounded with all his might, using his whole body.

Suddenly, he was in, the otter's sphincter clamped around his knot. He came, hard, every bit of his energy drained as he pounded his cum into Tert's body, his conciousness completely swept away in the orgasm. Tert's eyes bulged as the particularly vicious thrust from the hound forced the knot into him. He hadn't planned for that to happen. Otters weren't built for knots. The rapidly swelling bulge pressed against his prostate, and without even trying he came, his body twitching helplessly in the rush of orgasm.

Tert's cum splattered into the back of his throat, it was all he could do to swallow it, unable to back off. Shimrod shoved him up against the wall in his passionate frenzy, pressing his head between the wall and his spurting cock, which was jambed firmly into his throat. Shimrod's body shuddered, spraying copiously into the otter's tight ass, the clench around his knot base milking out swell after swell of orgasmic pleasure. As the sensation took over, his muscles slowly relaxed. He didn't even care, everything was perfect. Pleasure was now the universe.

Tert backed off of his cock as soon as Shimrod started to relax, coughing and gasping for breath even as his cock continued to spurt cum. Several large splatters hit the wall above the shower heads. The huge knot in his ass was pulling, dragging him down as Shimrod slumped.

Tert knelt, then lay down on his side in the hot shower water, panting heavily as his body flushed, his ass quivering and heart thumping as he tried to deal with the tie. It was too big, causing him pain. Shimrod wasn't too long, but the knot was just too thick. He panted shallowly, blinking some tears out of his eyes. Just a little much. It would recede. Soon now. It had to be soon.

The other team members slowly turned back to their showers, washing off the cum and drool from watching. A couple of them were tied, but soon slipped free. Shimrod was completely incoherent, oblivous to surroundings as he drifted in clouds of ecstatic pleasure. His cock was tied, and there was nothing he could need to do.

It was a good ten minutes before Shimrod got soft again. That's a long time when it hurts. Tert sure was relieved.

Once the pressure from the swollen knot receded, Tert didn't even mind keeping the hound's cock inside him until the hound awoke a few minutes later.

"Wow." said Shimrod.

"Lets do that again." said Tert.

Shimrod shook his head. "Oh, not now. I'm too tired."

Tert grinned. "Okay, but I won't let you off the hook forever!"

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