Escapades with a Bernard

By: David Ihnen

DATEFri, 12 Sep 2003 16:23:31 -0700 (PDT)
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Recently, my best friend, who lives about an hour's drive away, has gotten a saint bernard male. He's had a saint bernard female for little while, and wanted a male to breed with her.

This was the second time I had met the dog. The first time, I got him to fuck me, but he wasn't particularly enthused about the whole thing. Anyway, this time, we were barbequeing. It was a beautiful desert day, about 90 degrees or so as the sun worked its way down behind the mountains. I sat on ground, on the porch where the grill was, and petted the bernard, Ben. He liked this, and kept getting closer and closer. He licked my chin, and in my mouth. He has a really nice big tongue. Its as wide as my mouth. My shepherd has a narrow toungue by comparison. He slobbered me well, he pressed into my lap, cuddling up close. Very sweet. I petted and stroked him, happy to just be there with him close. I love big paws. HIs paws are huge! His balls are big too. More than a handful, big and smooth and dark.

Dinner was almost ready, when Ben decided he wanted to mount me. He started grabbing at my arm/shoulder with a paw, pulling at me.

"Excuse me for a minute." I told my friend, and walked off towards the kennels. (the kennels is a pair of buildings housing 20 runs, enclosed areas between the interior boxes for storage of food and equipment... a good place for a little privacy.) Ben came right with me, staying close, wagging his tail. I went into one of the kennels, and laid out one of the blankets on the floor (folded over a few times) to save my knees. I kicked off my shoes and shorts, and by the time I got down on all fours, Ben was rarin to go. Those big paws wrapped around my hips, pressing on my thighs, and he humped, gently. His big, soft, boned cock pressed into me. Not rapid, sharp thrusts like my shepherd, but gentle, powerful shoves.

He was in, and humping. It felt good, his cock swelling inside me, filling me more and more. I braced myself and let him fuck me, bigger, bigger he got. I started to pant pretty hard when the pain started, his cock is BIG. 9.5 inches around the knot, I measured. And eight inches long. I squeezed around it, but the pain tingled terribly. Its really right at my limit for accomodating size, I think. This went on for quite some time - five, ten minutes at least. I eventually gave in to my body's demands and let it slip out. (Yes, really, I *can* stretch around something that big, and have at least a dozen times before.) With a sluurp, he was out. I looked over to see his enormous cock dangling between his legs, throbbing and dripping with cum. Ooh, man, what a sight! He is SO big. I held it around the knot, watching him continue to spurt a bit. He started getting soft, so I let go.

Most dogs just slide right back inside when they start getting soft, but not ben. His cock just sort of dangles there, all half-hard and floppy, glistening with moisture. What a sight! But it was time to eat. I put on my clothes and headed in for barbequed ribs.

I wish I could say they were good. I wasn't particularly impressed. Too much gristle, not the right kind of barbeque sauce.

Anyway. After dinner we went on a tour of the kennels (which are under construction, btw) and ended up lazing out in the twilight, talking. I was once again sitting on the ground, my back against one of the kennel run gates, and petting Ben. He was getting all amorous again, pushing into my lap, licking into my mouth. I was hesitant. It was pretty intense last time, and it was only an hour or so before! But he was so sweet and eager. So I decided to let him do it again.

I retired to the kennel building again, kneeling on the blanket, bare-assed. He repeated his performance, sliding into me, and swelling, big, big, bigger, until the tingles of discomfort distracted me from the lovely full feeling of his big cock inside me. This time a good ten minute tie, his cock throbbing the whole time so deep inside me, before I had to let it slide out again.

I was still feeling my ass tingle hours later, after I was home again.

I've gone and visited him again since then, and he was quite happy to tie me. Didn't want to wait for anything.

I'll have to remember not to neglect my other horny stud dog friends in favor of the bernard. :)

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