By: David Ihnen

NOTESSequel to Coriantumr
SERIESThe Adventures of Coriantumr
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The station master hefted a small package in his paw. It was to Skylos, the farmer and mechanic out on the east edge of town. He grumbled at the inconvenience. He had a dozen deliveries out in the central and west areas that would easily take all afternoon. He scanned the area for a likely helper. His hopeful gaze found a husky morph, standing beneath the tree that shaded the end of the rail platform. The canine was waving to a fox, to whom he had been talking for some time. The station master called out.

"Hey, Bud! Come over here!"

The husky's ears twitched as they caught his voice, his eyes following a moment later. He nodded in acknowledgement and hopped up on the platform, trotting towards him. He was wearing one of the fashionable snug loincloths that clung to every curve. His fur was beautiful, smooth in its fluffiness with different greys. It only took a few seconds for him to arrive before the station master, his startling blue eyes peering at him attentively.

"Yeah Steve, what's up?" he asked easily. His voice was had the rough quality of adolesence, new to his ears.

"Its been awhile, Bud. Been taking care of that cute sister of yours?"

Bud's ears flicked in a friendly way, his eyes rolling a bit. "Oh, you know it. She's convinced she'll find the one that's right for her."

The cat tossed the package to him.

"A pretty one for sure. Hey, you know Skylos' place, right?" he asked.

Bud considered. "Yeah, that's Cori's dad, right?"

Steve nodded. "Right-o. Can you deliver that package for me? I've got enough work to do the other way. I'll put in a few credits for you."

Bud smiled and inspected the package with interest, sniffing it and holding it up to an ear with a shake. It hefted and rattled like something metal with minimal packageing. He nodded agreeably.

"Sure, why not. I've been wanting to see Cori anyway."

The station master smiled. "Excellent! Thanks Bud, I really appreciate it." he spoke sincerely.

Bud waved and set off at a trot. Skylos' place was a mile or two away. He gradually increased his pace, his muzzle open in a cooling pant. The breeze washed over his tongue, cooling him as he ran. The wind ruffled his fur insistently as he ran along, bringing a myriad of scents to his nose with dizzying speed. He grinned as he felt his heart beating strongly, the pure rush of endorphins powering him. He ran faster, stretching his legs, flying over the leaf covered road, letting the forest become a rush of greens and browns and scents that slid through his senses. He gulped in the cool air, feeling his tongue flap against the side of his muzzle as he lolled it, his body hot from the exertion.

All too soon the round shape of Skylos's house appeared through the trees, nestled snugly in a hollow. He slowed, scuffling through fallen leaves as he arrived in a clearing, panting heavily. The clearing was dominated by a large dome house, its organic curves rising from the slope behind it. Parked in the large but level yard was a large soft-tired transport, half loaded in a haphazard manner with various machines. He recognized them as builder bots, part of the automated systems that built the roads and bridges. More of the bots were scattered over the yard in an apparently random fashion. A hound was sitting cross-legged on the ground, peering through a head-mounted magnifying glass at a few pieces of equipment in his paws and lap. He glanced up as Bud approached.

"One moment." he mumbled, wiping off a small part with a mostly dirty cloth and inspecting it critically. He blew on it, then fitted it back into the mechanism. He carefully put the object down next to him and stood up.

"Hi. I'm Skylos." he said, openly admiring the Husky's appearance.

"I am Bud." he responded formally, "I bear a package from the station master."

"Niceta meetcha Bud, do stay for supper!" responded Skylos, his eyes lingering on the Husky's crotch.

Bud smirked, "Thanks, I just might. So you fix these things?"

The hound accepted the package and opened it eagerly. Amidst the packing material he finds a small box about the size of his hand, with a series of metal tabs sticking out of one end. He squinted to read the numbers on it, brow furrowed in puzzlement. His face lit up in recognition as he barked joyfully.

"Its the balance module! Cool!"

He dropped the packing material thoughtlessly, rushing over to a roundish machine that stood on short tripod legs not far away. He opened a panel on the side, pulled out a box similar to the one he had been handed. Tossing it carelessly over his shoulder he replaced it with the new part. He grinned at Bud, and gave him a thumbs up.

"SMOKE TEST!" he cried out loudly, flipping a switch inside the panel and slamming it shut. He backed away from the machine quickly as it started making noise.

At first Bud could only hear the whir of a few fans. A matrix of lights on the side of the machine started to light up one by one. Relays clicked, servos whined. An antenna extended from the top edge, along with some lenses from a protective housing. Skylos grinned and thumped Bud on the shoulder, letting his paw slide down the husky's back onto the tight rump.

"I think its fixed!" he barked triumphantly.

Bud looked at it distrustfully, pawing the hound's hand from his ass automatically. Suddenly, the machine roared. Air blasted out the bottom, flattening the grass as it pulled its legs free of the ground. It balanced there for long moments as the legs slowly retracted. Bud backed nervously around the corner of the transport. From the relative safety he watched the mechanic. The hound had a small box of some sort and was pressing buttons on it. The robot seemed to respond, moving left, right, up, and down in time with Skylos's manipulations. Bud warily walked over and peered over Skylos' shoulder, keeping an eye on the noisy machine. The hound was holding some sort of testing equipment. Scrolling tables of numbers quivered on a solid display, next to symbols he didn't understand. Skylos grinned at Bud and hit a few buttons. A line on the display changed to "Automated Testing..." Bud glanced up at Skylos and tilted his head questioningly.

"Just watch." spoke the hound, holding up a finger.

The machine roared louder and then dissappeared at a startling speed, rocketing upwards at high velocity. The two canines tilted their heads back to watch its path. It executed a number of sharp corners, tumbling and recovering, swooping about the yard and nearby sky. After a couple minutes it flew down and hovered exactly where it had been before. Its legs extended, and it settled on the ground. All but one of the lights went out, leaving a slowly blinking green one.

Skylos nodded. "Yup, all fixed. About time."

"Hey, Skylos," murmured Bud, still keeping an eye on the machinery, "Is Cori around?"

Skylos nodded, settling down with the box he had been working on when Bud arrived. He indicated a path leading out of the clearing.

"Yeah, I expect he's down by the tub. He took off with a load of compost a while ago."

Bud nodded. "Thanks, seeya round."

Skylos waved absently as he concentrated on his task. Bud trotted down the path in the relative cool of the woods. His paws trod over the hard earth, winding amongst the huge trees. He paused to stroke his paw over the rough bark of an evergreen reverently. It had been here far longer than he had been alive. Before long his nose caught the intense smell of a decomposing matter. He rounded a corner and could see Cori through the open flap of the compost bin, energetically aerating an it with a long handled pitchfork. Bud moved up quietly and leaned against the corner of the bin. Cori was wearing only a loincloth, of the traditional type. It hung loose around his hips from his repetitive motion. He could catch glimpses of the hound-boy's tight ass as he swung the fork.

Coriantumr was working hard, his tongue lolled for cooling as he poked and lifted the material. His nose was full of the smell, not objectionable but still strong. He liked to do things like this quickly, so he could get on with more appealing tasks. Like climbing into the hot tub. It only took a few minutes before he was done. He sighed and shook his fur out, turning to climb out of the pit. A husky was standing in the opening, smirking at him. Cori started, then grinned.

"Bud! Nice to see you!" he said, scrambling out. He shook his body a bit, releasing clinging leaves and soil.

Bud nodded. "I was in the area, thought I'd stop by and see you." he spoke, sliding a paw along his own obvious package.

Cori's loincoth tented, the effect amplified by its looseness.

"I... oh..." he murmured, eyes locking on the emphasized bulge, "um, wanna get in the tub?"

His heart beat fast. The signals were clear, the beautiful husky wanted him. Bud smiled and led the way to the round structure, making sure to waggle his butt at the hound on the way. Cori trotted after, enjoying the view. He quickly pulled the rope that lifted the insulating cover off, allowing steam to rise into the cool forest air. While Bud dipped a paw into it, he ran the fur trap weight up to the top of its fall, starting its descent with a tap on the pendulum.

"Perfect." smiled the husky, looking over at Cori meaningfully as he unstrapped his loincloth, revealing his finely furred sheath and balls. Coriantumr whined involuntarily as he watched. Poking from the perfect, short furred tip of Bud's sheath was a surprizingly thick penis tip, its roundness betraying its semi aroused state. He felt precum wetting his tented loincloth. He released his belt as Bud climbed into the tub, husky tail wagging over his tight grey-furred ass.

The canine settled into the hot water, feeling it soak through his fur and into his muscles. He leaned his head on the side, watching through half-open eyes as Coriantumr climbed in too, several inches of aroused young cock poking obviously from his crotch. Some precum dribbled from the tip. He would be a good fuck. Real eager.

Coriantumr winced, and sighed as the hot water soaked into his fur. The water helped him relax, sinking into it until just his nose and eyes were above the water. He could feel his arousal poking free of his sheath into the water. He looked over Bud, the normally fluffy husky fur matted to him by the water.

Bud watched the pendulum for a little before turning his attention to Cori. He lifted a foot under the water, tracing up the hound's leg to his crotch. Cori gasped as his balls were fondled. The sensation was intense, amplified by the sensitivity of the hot water. Bud's foot felt over Cori's half hard shaft, his toes squeezing gently. He smiled, feeling his own arousal grow. This boy was very ready.

Cori watched as Bud shifted in the pool, slowly turning and rising so his ass lifted out of the water. His wet tail streamed water down over the tight hole, every bit of the smooth curve of his ass shown by the fur plastered wetly to it.

"Fuck me, Cori." Bud commanded.

Cori whined eagerly, rising up. He put his paws around Bud's hips and poked his ready shaft beneath the perky tail. Bud's ass twitched as he pressed against it. He thrusted gently, feeling the bone press his cock into him.

"Yes, deep!" gasped Bud.

Cori shifted his grip and pulled at Bud's hips, pushing his cock deep inside. Deeper and deeper until his hips pressed hard against the wet husky's ass. It felt so good. The ass squeezed around his cock, the silky depths clinging to his shaft. He could feel the cum boiling in his loins, begging for release. He shivered, holding back, afraid to move.

"Oh, god!" whimpered Cori, "Its too much, I'm gonna cum."

"FUCK ME!" growled Bud, "I DON'T CARE!"

Cori relaxed a little, sliding his cock out and slamming back in. His hips seemed to take over, yanking and thrusting madly. He gulped air as he his body found a groove, his hips pounding with primordial need. Again and again he fucked into the tight ring. The pleasure seemed to swell and increase in intensity, his cum held back somehow. He whined as he welcomed the sensation taking over his mind, the world dissappearing in a mounting rush of pleasure.

Bud loved it when Cori thrust completely in him. His cock wasn't big, but satisfyingly long, slimly stroking him deep inside. But the hound wasn't fucking. He whined about cumming. Bud growled, commanding him to fuck him. And then he let loose. A whirlwind of puppy energy pounded his ass. He couldn't say anything. He couldn't think. He could gurgle helplessly a bit. Paws yanked at his hips, slamming the cock into him again and again, stroking madly without cumming. The pounding gradually took on an even more frenetic tempo, reaching a continuous shudder that made his own cock stiffen on its own. That rarely happened. He groaned as precum spurted from his own phallus. And then he felt the burning heat of Cori's orgasm, spraying into him as the hound's modest knot popped into his ass. He clenched hard around it, the puppy's shuddering making it difficult to keep in, the intensity of the sensation amplified by it.

Coriantumr just rode the waves of pleasure, feeling the hard contractions in his hips and gut as he came, the pleasure burning through him, into the tight glorious ass of the beautiful husky. He could feel the tightness of being in a tie, his cock throbbing almost painfully hard inside his tight lover. He panted and leaned atop Bud, his cock throbbing inside as his balls twitched again and again, pumping into him. As the pleasure faded, so did his strength. He slumped heavily on Bud's back. His cock suddenly slipped free, his body letting loose with a shudder of spurts at the stimulation of his cock sliding. His smallish knot never had tied him for long. He splashed back into the hot water, panting heavily, his eyes focusing on Bud after long moments of heavy panting. He could feel his cock throbbing, twitching outside the hot tightness of the husky's ass. He pawed himself, whining a bit as the hardness of his cock felt a bit painful.

Bud backed up, pressing his ass to Cori's muzzle.

"Come on pup. clean me out" he commanded, grinding the hound's cool nose into his crevace.

Cori whined, hungry to follow anything his leader husky said. He dug his tongue into the hot depths of Bud's ass, snorting his musky scent as he licked his own cum out of the husky's ass. He could feel his cock twitching, hard still in arousal under the water. He lapped and slurped until the world was nothing but Bud's hot flesh. He licked and slurped, his heart pounding and body flushed from the hot water and arousal.

Bud groaned happily as the hound ate out his ass. The pup licked and stroked him enthusiastically, the probing tongue getting every reachable square milimeter of his quivering ass. His own sheath was heavily swollen now, precum dribbling off the tip and into the hot water. He moaned in pleasure at the wonderful licking, reluctantly pulling away from it, his heart hammering in desire and lust. He eventually gave in, climbing out of the pool to kneel on the deck. He grinned at cori, who watched his every move, eyes adoring.

"Hey pup, wanna get that ass fucked?" he asked, pulling his sheath back.

It revealed his very thick while only mostly hard cock, bright red against his wet grey fur. Cori's eyes widened as he scrambled out onto the deck, diving his muzzle around the bright phallus. Bud groaned at the sensation, the hound's muzzle greedily stroking his sex. He could feel himself hardening more. He pulled the pup up by his shoulders and licked his nose.

"Hey, its time for you to get fucked. Turn around!"

Cori's grinned, scrambling around to stand on all fours, looking back in anticipation. Bud grinned, feeling his cock throb as the pup's snug ass was presented to him.

"You like it hard, pup?" he growled, smiling while he said it.

Cori nodded vigorously. "Oh, god yes! Real hard!" he encouraged.

"You got it!" he smiled, gripping firmly onto Cori's hips, pressing his cocktip against the clenched ring. "This might hurt a little."

"Just fuck me!" answered Cori.

Bud took a deep breath and shoved his cock hard into the pup. He was answered with a deep gasp, the tightness quivering around him.

"Oh yeah, you like that, don'tcha" murmured Bud.

Cori scrambled on the deck, trying to push himself back onto the cock further. Bud slammed deeper into him, driving the full modest length of his cock into the tightness. He could feel every bit of Cori's ass squeezing and quivering around his thick shaft.

"God, yesyesyesyesyes!" moaned Cori, rocking in Bud's grasp.

"Oh, you'll get fucked." growled Bud lustfully, "I'll make sure of that."

Bud pulled out till just the tip was inside, then slammed his thick phallus back home. A thrill rose in his chest, making his head feel light.

"Oh, you'll get fucked and tied by my fat knot" he growled, "Do you know how fat my knot is Cori?"

Cori whined, milking his ass around the thick intrusion, "More!" he begged.

"You'll see," he growled, pulling and thrusting several times rapidly before pausing again, "I'll lock in you so hard we'll be hung for hours"

Cori shuddered, his arousal worked to a frenzy, precum splattering on the deck boards beneath him. He desperately tried to work the cock in and out of his ass as Bud teased him. The husky slowed, moving his cock in and out of the hound with agonizing slowness.

"Oh, you don't know how big I am." he growled, "You think I'm thick now, try this..."

Bud stroked in and out rapidly for several seconds, bringing deep gasps from Cori's muzzle. His cock shaft was almost completely hard now, his modest length amplified by the three and a half inch diameter shaft. Cori shuddered, his whole body quivering helplessly. Bud leaned back, looking down at his thick shaft stretching the pup's tail hole. The flesh was pulled taut around his shaft, smoothly penetrating the furred puppy butt. His ring stretched along his shaft as he pulled out, bringing shudders to cori's body. He pulled all the way out teasingly, watching cori's ass gape as the thick intrusion left, slowly starting to close.

"Oh no you don't." growled Bud, "You're gonna take me all the way."

He thrust in suddenly, causing Cori's whole body to twitch as he forced the passage back open around his cock.

"Oh yeah, tight pup," he grinned, "Just relax and let Bud show you how its done."

Cori whimpered, his body quivering around the incredibly thick cock. He was dominated, he would do anything. Nothing mattered but Bud's desires, nothing mattered but the pleasure. He felt his body quiver again as the cock slid into him, then teasingly out again. Then the cool draft in his ass, and the impaling thrust that filled him once again.

"yesyesyes" Cori whimpered, squeezing on the thick shaft.

Bud grinned, his paws firmly grasping Cori's. He pulled his dick completely free of the pup's ass again, and thrust it in. He repeated, slowly faster as Cori relaxed more and more. Air slorched around his cock as it pulled free into the cool air and plunged back into the hot depths. Again and again he worked it, feeling his fur dry as the heat of his body evaporated the water. Out and in, out and in he fucked until the pleasure became too much.

"Oh baby," he growled with all the more conviction, "I'm gonna fill you with so much knot you're gonna cum."

He could feel his knot starting to swell. He shifted his grip on cori's hips and fucked him in ernest, letting his hips jackhammer his thick cock into the tight hot ass instinctually. Cori shuddered helplessly, his ass clenching around the driving rod. It was so thick, so wonderfully thick. He could feel his own cock throbbing hard beneath him, spurting his musky precum on the deck. It felt like the thrusts were shortening.

"YES! FUCK ME!" he begged, slamming his body back onto his lover's.

"YES!" cried Bud, slamming his swelling knot into Cori's ass, "You are Mine!"

When Cori felt the largest thing ever slam into him his whole body convulsed, clenching down around the magnificent knot with all his strength. Bud gasped raggedly as the pleasure in his loins seemed to grow like an explosion, unable to release in the incredibly tight hold of Cori's ass. He felt his knot growing thicker and thicker, locking him inside the pup. And then he came. The world vanished in a roar that filled his mind, a glow that filled his whole body and pulsed, focusing on his loins, and exploded outwards into his head. His body shuddered violently, yanking and thrusting against the tie. Cum burned out his cock in scalding rivers. It seemed to go on forever, draining his strength until he was left, panting incredulously, leaning hard on Cori's back.

"oh god, oh god, oh god..." gasped Cori, the huge knot in his ass almost too much to take. It stretched his insides, twinges of pain in time with his heartbeat barely noticable beneath the endorphin roar in his body. It was like he was going to explode and he was in heaven all at once. His eye caught sight of his engorged cock dangling below him, dripping precum still, not showing any signs of his violent release only a few minutes before. Bud's weight leaned heavily atop him, his panting hot in his ear. He turned his head and licked at the gasping muzzle.

Bud moaned as a tongue licked his muzzle. It felt so good. He lived to tie, lived for this running, throbbing and pulsing sensation. The tightness around him felt so hot, so good, drawing spurt after spurt of his seed from his loins, through his throbbing knot, and into his lover's body. He returned the lick.

"mmmm... So good.." he panted.

"s...s...so big..." whined Cori, his ass quivering around the huge knot.

"mmm, yeah." panted Bud, eyes half open, "six inches."

Cori gasped, "in me?"

Bud shifted a bit, moving his cock a little inside the pup. "Yeah. All in you."

Cori hung his head and panted some more. "God." he groaned, "I feel like I'm gonna split. How long?"

Bud chuckled softly, sounding very detached, "Oh, an hour or two. I toldja I would tie you good."

After long minutes Cori licked at Bud's muzzle again. "hey, can we lay down?"

Bud nodded agreeably. "But my way." he stipulated.

He knelt behind Cori, watching the ass quiver helplessly around his cock base, his knot swollen huge inside him. His knot was bigger than the opening in Cori's pelvis. They were stuck until he got soft, no two ways about it. And that wasn't going to happen any time soon. The pleasure and hardness wasn't even close to finished. He shivered as another surge of pleasure rode through him at the thought. His pup. He supported himself on his hands and pulled his feet up, tugging cori down until he was almost flat on his stomach.

"Roll to your side..." murmured Bud, starting the motion.

Cori groaned. "oh god the pulling is so good" as the tie was tugged in the movement.

"pull your knees up... That's right..." mumured Bud.

They were now laying ass to ass on the deck.

"Did you cum?" asked Bud.

Cori panted, his cock ranging from rock hard to half hard as the huge knot inside him moved about. He curled over a bit and licked some of the salty precum off the end of his cock. He could see Bud's ass down between his legs, the tail still curled away tantalizingly. He smiled.

"Oh, I will soon." he smiled, wriggling the angles a bit different.

Cori pulled his sheath back, using the flexible base of his cock to point it back between his legs, like when he's tied with a bitch. He pressed the slender bone under Bud's tail, poking into his ass a few inches.

"What the?" asked Bud, trying to turn to see what Cori was doing.

"I can tie with you, too, I'm sure of it." grunted Cori, concentrating.

Bud chuckled, shifting a bit as his cock throbbed rock hard with no sign of letting up inside Cori's ass.

"heheh, okay pup" he humored him.

Cori worked with both paws, pressing his erecting cock into Bud's ass deeper and deeper.

"Ooh, god... I can do it..." mumbled cori, feeling his cock thicken, his knot starting to swell in his arousal and the tightness around it.

He used the knot as leverage, pushing it in, in, pulling at the alrady established tie to get closer. Bud gasped, his ass twitching as the hound tried to force his knot into his ass.

"Oooh, Cori..." moaned Bud, the tugging and poking in his ass feeling so good.

"Just... relax... a little..." grunted Cori, straining against the tie to push his slippery cock deeper into Bud's ass.

The cock was too slippery, not reaching far enough. Cori was getting hard too fast, he felt his cock thicken, the texture coming out as he got fully hard. He grunted and pushed hard on his knot. He felt the warmth of Bud's ass sliding against it, then around it, and he was in. He grunted at the sensation as Bud clamped around his swelling knot.

"Uh... oh god... shit..." whined Cori as the sensations soared inside him.

The clenching around his knot and the tightness in his ass from the huge tie drove him easily over the edge. He shuddered, unable to do much as his body orgasmed around Bud's huge knot, cum jetting into his lover in copious jets.

Bud gasped as Cori pressed his cock into him. It was so nicely long, thin and perfect for his ass. The knot pressed against him and he relaxed, feeling it slip in. He clenched tight, myrring in pleasure. It grew inside him, swelling to its full thickness inside him. He could feel the wet slippery inside increase with the twitching of Cori's cock inside him, delivering so much cum he could feel his insides swell. The sensation drove all the more out his own cock, his own body jetting cum well inside Cori's ass.

"Ooooh..." moaned Bud, laying limp except for his ass which clenched helplessly.

The pair relaxed there on the deck, their panting slowing as they lay, tied in each other next to the wispy columns of steam rising from the hot tub. Cori felt so relaxed, so very filled, and fulfilled, his eyes closed as he just enjoyed the sensation. Before long both were asleep, the exertion and pleasure had taken so much out of them. After about an hour and a half, Cori woke. His ass spasmed around an impossibly large intrusion, trying to eject it in a panic. He whimpered, his insides twinging with pain.

"Hold on pup, just a little while now." came Bud's gentle voice.

"What?" asked Cori, his mind spinning. The afternoon's events came back to him in a rush. "ooh, yeah." he nodded, relaxing around the huge knot in his ass.

His own cock was free again, warm in his sheath. He could still smell a little of Bud's musky ass in the air. Bud carefully rolled Cori from his side onto his back, still tied, rotating within the tie to bring them both onto their backs. Cori groaned, the cock pulling and twisting inside him bringing delightful sensations.

"Oooh, yeah..." he murmured, sticking out of his sheath again.

Bud smiled and tugged more as he maneuvered himself to kneel between Cori's spread legs, supporting Cori's ass on his thighs. He pulled the pup's ass firm against his crotch, pressing his massive knot into him a little more. He leaned over the hound's prone form, his breath panting quickly in arousal.

"So did you like that pup?" he panted into Cori's ear, his teeth gently nipping at the sensitive flap.

Cori gasped at the teeth on his ear, a twinge of arousal surging into his sheath. "Ooh, very much Sir." he panted, smiling, looking into the husky's startling blue eyes with dedicated brown ones.

Bud dipped his head. "I'm Bud, not Sir." he said, his muzzle lowering to press back Cori's sheath, pressing the red flesh into his mouth.

His tongue slid over the sweet flesh, salty from the cum that so recently surrounded it. He myrred in pleasure as it thickened. He held Cori's hips firmly to his, relaxing the pressure on his cock. The tie would not last much longer.

"Oh, god, I can't cum again." whined Cori, amazed that his cock was even responding, his body flushing as adrenaline surged in him again.

"I'll be the judge of that." whispered Bud, working his muzzle over the flesh.

Cori whined as the muzzle manipulated his sensitive flesh, his shaft thickening quickly, pressing into the tight throat of the husky. Bud bobbed his head and swallowed around the shaft, his tongue lapping around the base, at the knot. It responded readily, thickening and twitching bites of flavorful precum. The husky whined thirstily, redoubling his efforts, feeling his own cock throb inside Cori as the sucking amplified his arousal.

"Ooh. Ooh god." sputtered Cori as he felt the huge cock in his ass throb, the muzzle working his cock practially dragging the cum up from his balls.

Bud stroked and slurped along Cori's cock, feeling him so close, the pup's ass clenching around his throbbing knot again and again. And then the pup came, splattering his hot flavorful seed into the husky's throat. Bud gulped again and again, swallowing and milking the twitching cock, laving the hard knot with his tongue.

"'nuff! oh god no more!" whined Cori, every spurt of cum seeming to stimulate every nerve on the way out. "oh!"

Bud smiled at Cori's complaints, only letting up when the spurts dried up, the cock throbbing stiff in his muzzle without reward. He smiled and uncurled, straightening his spine. Cori's cock relaxed quickly, his sheath sliding over it easily.

"I'm getting soft now." panted Bud, his cock rapidly shrinking inside the hound's ass.

"Good." murmured Cori, looking a bit dazed.

Bud felt the tightness vanish from around his cock as his erection receded. He held himself inside Cori for long moments, feeling himself get softer and softer. Finally, he pulled out. He giggled at the rush of cum and fluids that washed onto the deck, dripping down between the boards from the stretched puppy ass.

"You made a mess." he snickered.

Cori took a deep breath, shaking his head vigorously. He focused on the leaves of the trees up above, in contrast to the darkening sky. "Its getting dark." he pointed out the twilight.

Bud nodded. "I'm sure hungry!"

Cori smiled, hugging his knees and admiring Bud's sexy form. His ass quivered in the memory of the recent penetration.

"Wow, you're so big. I'm hungry too." he murmured, as his stomach growled.

Bud's tail wagged as he stretched, yawning. "Your ass is so sweet! Fucking you sure takes it out of me. Come on, lets get some food!"

The two strapped their loincloths back on. Cori cleaned out the fur trap, tossing the lump of fur in the compost pile as they trotted back up the path, following the scent of cooking food.

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