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SERIESThe Adventures of Coriantumr
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For Simon
By David IHnen

The young hound morph approached the rapidly growing line. The half obscured banner tied to the front of the building announced "...Metric Study" in large black letters. He stepped into line behind a husky boy about his age. He was another canine. Unlike the hound, he had a tail. It was fluffy, and curled up to touch his back. He was wagging it gently, sending his scent to Cori's nose easily.

"Hi." said the hound, sniffing the husky's scent deeply, a bit of a smile on his muzzle.

The young husky morph looked back at him, away from the book he was reading. He had thick grey fur all over him, darker patterns accenting his muzzle and eyes. His eyes were a startling blue, framed under round fuzzy ears. "Uh, hi." he responded, tail wagging all the more.

Coriantumr introduced himself. "I'm Coriantumr, you can call me Cori if you want." he said.

The husky boy offered the hound pup his paw. "Hi Cori, I'm Bud."

He had a firm pawshake. Cori smiled and leaned against the smooth, cool surface of the wall.

"Any idea what we're doing here?" he asked.

Bud shook his head. "Nothing but this metric study thing."

Cori nodded, but couldn't think of anything more to say. Bud smiled warmly before he turned back to his book.

Bud's loincloth was fastened snug around his hips. The waistband was pulled tight under his tail, rather than having a hole cut for it. It was a fashionable sort of loincloth. Where most were a simple piece of cloth looped through your belt, his was custom seamed and contoured to fit him snugly. It accented the curves of his rump. Such a nice rump. So firm and round. Cori could feel his loins tightening. His sheath thickened, seemingly by itself. Every breath of the gentle scent of the husky seemed to make it worse. He was so sexy!

The hound leaned his head against the wall, half-closing his eyes. His cock throbbed in his sheath, contained by his own more conventional loincloth. He looked again at the curved tightness of Bud's ass, beneath his ever waving tail, curled up so perkily. He coudln't take it any more. He reached over and yanked the loincloth down. He shoved his cold nose under the fuzzy tail and licked to the delight of the husky. He pressed his tongue into the musky channel, the fuzzy tail tickling his nose. Bud couldn't take it any more, his whimpers begging for the hound to fuck him. He rose up, his cock ready, dripping tip ready to plunge between the tight globes.

"Hi Perty!" exclaimed Bud, hugging a young husky bitch who had walked up to him.

Cori shifted his gaze from Bud's ass to the newcomer, pawing his crotch to move his arousal to a more comfortable position in his loincloth. He could feel the dampness of his precum. The newcomer was Bud with a feminine twist, all thick grey fur and dark markings. Her tail tickled her back too. She wore a conservative loincloth, more like cori's but with larger accented flaps that reached half down her thighs. She looked to be built just as well as Bud, but he couldn't see it all. It made it all the more tantalizing. He could smell the tang of recent heat from her. She was wearing a backpack. It was brown suede, embroidered with the monogamy symbol. Cori never had much use for that practice, but some people liked it for some reason. If she was manogamous, and Bud's bitch, then he was probably monogamous too. He sighed wistfully, moving along with the line about ten feet. He leaned against the cool wall again, eyeing the pair of perky tails waving back and forth as they cuddled side to side, speaking softly to each other.

The scent of the pair was really starting to get to him. The tightness in his loincloth was almost uncomfortable. Bud's scent had gotten him aroused from the start, and Perty's heat was just fanning the flames.

That would taste good too. He pulled Perty around, and pushed her up against the cool concrete wall. Her loincloth pulled out of the way easily, revealing her moist sex. He thrust in his muzzle, his tongue probing, lapping out the sweet juices, the taste raising his arousal to practically rip through his loincloth. He stood and released his sex from his loincloth, his hardness revealed to the hungry bitch. She was already leaning over, legs spread, her pert tail wagging eagerly as her sex begged for his seed. He mounted her, grabbing her hips, sliding his rigid cock deep into the rippling heat.

"Hey, Cori! Move it!" barked Master Tork.

Cori blinked and looked around. He was holding up the line. His teacher Master Tork was glaring at him. Bud and Perty were 20 feet away now. He grinned apologetically to the teacher and trotted after, trying to minimize the discomfort from his crotch. His arousal was getting painful now, pressing taut against the fabric of his loincloth. Normally would just go relieve himself, but they were almost to the doorway, Bud and Perty were next. There wasn't the time. Though he would probably cum instantly in this state, he figured. He knew from experience once you let a hard cock out of a sheath, it was out for a good bit. You could tell when somebody went to the bathroom for more than elimination, because they took so long. As if their scent wasn't clue enough. Cori smirked to himself.

The line went into a narrow corridor, Perty in front of Bud. Bud reached forward, pulling down Perty's loincloth, releasing the buckle on his own. He mounted her, his cock taking her eagerly, while Cori eagerly planted his hard cock between Bud's firm cheeks. Bud's own humping carriedy him onto the hound's hard phallus, lubricated by Cori's spurting precum. Their scents rose in the hallway, filling the young hound's mind.

Cori watched the door swing shut behind Perty. Her scent seemed to receed rapidly in the face of Bud's active one. Cori sidled up behind the sexy husky, sniffing deeply of the thick grey fur of his shoulder. It was so strong, but so gentle. It was making his head spin. The taut fabric of his loincloth was an inch or two from the tight globes of Bud's ass. Bud turned his head and smiled at the friendly sniffings. He flashed a winning husky smile. His paw slipped back and caressed the huge bulge in Cori's loincloth teasingly. His muzzle turned to Cori's ear, his breath tickling the sensitive flap.

He whispered, "She's my sister".

Cori whined involuntarily as his hips twitched, giving up his seed in a rush of spurts, soaking the front of his loincloth. He trembled helplessly from the pleasure, eyes closing, afraid to move. His knot was swollen inside his sheath, an uncomfortable tightness but not quite painful. He slumped against the wall, weak from pleasure. When he opened his eyes, Bud was already gone through the door. He breathed in the lingering remnants of his scent. He'd have to find Bud again. Soon, very soon.

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