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Danny lay in his bed, thinking of what had happened. The feelings that he felt out there still remained somewhat, making him feel vibrant and energetic, hardly sleepy. He crawled out of bed and sat in the middle of the floor, where the moon made a soft pool of light. He sat staring at the moon there, remembering King. Without realizing it, he found himself stroking himself once again. It felt so good... The pleasure increased gently, steadily. The moon shone gently into his eyes, filling him with the energy. It felt so intense and wonderful he thought he could do anything. He thought of King's frenetic humping as he stroked the dog earlier. His thoughts centered on the pleasure. He found it felt even better with more energy there. He pushed the vibrancy that filled him towards his crotch.

Danny's brother heard heavy breathing through the thin wall. He crept over to the heating vent and eased aside the panel than normally obscured the view out of the way. It wasn't supposed to do that, but he wanted to be sure to see it when his big brother had sex with a girl.

As his eyes accostomed to the light in the room, he spotted his brother lying on his back in the moonlight, stroking himself. His own hand wandered under his underwear, excited by the sight. Danny seemed to glow like the moon, sort of shimmery. His brother watched, entranced. Danny's penis was bigger than his. He was stroking his hand up and down, close to his stomach. He gripped the skin, not stroking the tip at all. Joe knew that stroking the tip felt the best. He watched as the glow increased around Danny's hand. He blinked. His brother had a bit of hair around his groin, but it seemed to be increasing. He blinked and stared as his brother's crotch changed, to be furry and long, the fur reaching up Danny's stomach. The moonlit figure still stroked himself, sliding the fur along his front.

Danny concentrated on the wonderful feelings, the moon pouring wonderful feelings into him. He could almost feel what King nust have felt. The warm hand on furry sheath, sliding around his boned cock so deliciously. The urge to hump. The cool air on cock. The warm hand so tight and pleasureable. He could feel the long slender bone slide through moist warm hand and into the cool air. Furry balls clench eagerly as the pleasure rises to spread the cock into hard erection. Joe watched incredulously as Danny's cock protruded more, glistening with unhuman wetness. His brother's hand rode over the large, thick shaft quickly. Danny's hips bucked and twitched, forcing the swelling shaft through his fingers. Joe's cock throbbed with arousal as he stroked himself, drooling in his concentration on his brother.

Danny didn't notice the change around his hand. The pleasure filled his mind, filling his total conciousness. He craved more pleasure, more intensity. He stroked madly, his hand sliding slickly the length of the dog cock. The air seemed to shimmer with the intensity of his feelings, the energy filling him. Everything else lost importance as a river of pleasure crept up from his balls. He could feel the pleasure of hand around knot. His hips bucked and pulled, hand tight around the back of the knot. The river of ecstacy roared forth, his body spasming, cock spraying warm fragrant cum.

Joe's eyes widened. Danny's penis was huge... it reached way up his front. His hand was clamped behind a bulge that Joe was sure he didn't ever have. After a couple seconds like that, Danny made growling whimpering noises, liquid spraying from his hard cock. Joe came. His eyes closed for the long moments of intensity that filled his body, the expected wetness dampening his youthful appendage.

Danny kept his hand clamped tightly around the knot, his body relaxing more, but his loins still twitching wonderfully. Without much thought he rolled to his side and took the end of his cock in his mouth. He groaned happily around it, his hand squeezing and rubbing behind the knot. He tasted and slurped, had to swallow, and did it again and again until utterly exhausted he lay limp and asleep on the floor.

Joe reopened his eyes and peaked through the grating, tasting his bit of cum with a forefinger. His brother was on his side now, back to him. He continued to twitch, and make happy noises. After awhile he seemed to fall asleep. Just before Joe crept back in bed, he saw Danny roll over. In the last vestiges of moonlight in the room, he saw his brother's crotch was perfectly normal now.


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with a dog in heat

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