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The moon shown in the Danny's window. Crickets could be heard outside. At first the rising moon shown on the wall, low in the east. The beam slowly moved down to illuminate the young boy, laying sprawled, naked, face down on the sheets. His body was covered in a sheen of youthful sweat. He made small noises in his sleep, they increased as the moon shown on his body. His buttocks gleamed in the cold light.

As the moonlight fully illuminated him his activity increased. He moaned softly in his sleep, shifting position a bit. His back darkened with fur, covering first his ass and spreading down his legs and up his back. A tail slowly grew from his tailbone, covered in the same dark fur. He moaned again and rolled onto his back, his youthful arousal now quite evident. His front continued to darken the same way, fur covering him with a warm coat. His hard cock dissappeared into a furry sheath. His face reformed into a wolvish muzzle, long tongue lolling. His body changed, his fingers first, shortening into big paws. His chest changed shape with a disturbing creak, and he rolled onto his side. His hips twisted, legs shortening and feet lengthening, his toes crowding into matching hind paws. As the transformation completed, he awoke.

The wolf stretched luxuriously on the bed. He could feel his hind paws push at the footboard. He yawned hugely showing sharp fangs. He rose to all fours, arching his back to stretch. He placed his forepaws on the windowsill and snuffled at the screen, ears swiveled forward, listening intently. The sound of night insects filled his ears, along with distant traffic. He looked back into the room, tracking the sound of gentle snoring. It came from the heating grate set low on an interior wall. He sniffed the air. He followed the scent of food. The wolf complacently padded down the hall to the kitchen. His stomach growling loudly.

King, the family German Sheperd, followed him, snuffling under the wolf's tail.

"Greetings Danny" said King, "You're supposed to be in bed." It wasn't vocal. It was something in King's body language that was very obvious to the wolf. And he could somehow feel his presence within his head too.

The wolf glanced at King. "No." he stated flatly. King didn't argue.

His ears twitched as he heard footsteps and the sound of a door opening. He moved into the shadows under the kitchen table. Danny's mother walked in, rubbing an eye sleepily. She opened the refrigerator and took out a gallon jug of milk. She glanced at the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, then drank deeply from the jug. She put it back and wandered back towards her bedroom. The wolf remained frozen under the table until the bedroom door closed again.

He walked across the kitchen and tried to open the refrigerator with his paw. Without thumbs, he found it impossible to do as the woman had. He used his muzzle instead, opening the refrigerator far enough shove his nose in and grab a packet of meat from a lower shelf. He let the door close, leaving the kitchen in darkness once again, except for the shaft of moonlight shining in over the sink. He tore into the paper package right there on the kitchen floor. It tasted wonderful. Thick chewy chunks of rare flesh wolfed down his throat sated the hunger inside him. He lay for a while, enjoying the full sensation. King cleaned up the blood that was left on the floor. The wolf felt something different now. Restless. It was time to go.

The wolf went to the door and paused, trying to figure out how to open it without hands. With some trial and error he opened it with his mouth again. King followed.

"Walk with Danny?" he asked eagerly, tail wagging.

The wolf glanced indifferently at King before taking off down the street. The neighborhood was full of interesting sounds and smells. He could smell his neighbor's footprints from the car to the house, acrid with the scent of tar. There was antifreeze dripping from a car in another neighbor's driveway. The sweet scent of pups hung around the toys that littered the yard. All this didn't bring satisfaction though. He ranged further, breaking first into a trot then to a run. The wolf ran and ran, the sheperd keeping close behind. His body seemed to glow as he sprinted across the landscape. He left the housing development and mounted tall neighboring hills. He arrived at the top of the hill, and looked back. He could see the entire town, half filling the valley below, tied to the northwestern glow by a strip of freeway. He looked up at the moon and shivered with light and joy. He howled at the full moon, high over head. Again and again he howled shivering delightedly with the feel it gave his body.

His ears suddenly picked up a return howl. It wasn't King, his nose buried in a nearby thicket. The sheperd was babbling something about rabbits. The howl didn't even sound like a dog. He went to investigate.

He stopped and howled every once in while, listening for the response. King came along too, trotting after, keeping fairly close. It wasn't far into the development below before he encountered an open back yard. The grass was trimmed short. The space was populated by a small pool and lawn furniture. He couldn't smell anything over the chlorine stink from the Pool. He focused on a movement. A woman knelt on a towel on the short grass, not wearing anything at all. Her body was stretched in the moon's light. It illuminating the curves of her body in cold sensuality. King trotted past him, telegraphing eager hellos to the woman. The wolf hung back in the shadows under some shrubs that smelled of fir. The woman bowed playfully to the big sheperd, holding out a hand to be sniffed, then petting him as he came closer.

The wolf under the hedge lay down, watching intently, ears rotated to the pair. The woman crouched on the blanket, murmuring encouragingly to the dog. King sniffed around her rear, and started licking.

"Oo, bitch!" he cried, wriggling eagerly, "She's ready!"

The wolf sniffed the air. He could smell her over the pool if he tried. She smelled nice. But it didn't excite him. King mounted her, dewclaws scraping over her sides. She cried out in pain, grimacing as she reached to reposition his paws along her hips. The sheperd humped tentatively, his pink cock thrusting forward to contact her rear. He wasn't reaching, and after a few seconds of trying hopped off. He licked her face again, licking into her mouth as she opened it. He walked around her a couple times, and tried again. This time he touched her with his cock, poking up against her body, but not finding the hole. She started to reach back to guide him but his hind legs tripped over her shins, and he was hopped off. He still wagged his tail vigorously, licking at her face again, then at her pussy again, noisily slobbering as he licked. The woman moaned happily.

This time when he mounted she spread her shins to the sides, his paws not stumbling over them. He didn't need any help, either, finding her body on the second thrust. With a few short spikes he made sure he was in her, and then started fucking. His hips shoved up to her ass quickly, pounding into her with frantic intensity. She moaned loudly, closing her eyes, her head dropping.

King shouted silently into the night, "Goddess be praised! You and the moon and this bitch forever! Let me tie that we shall be complete!" His fucking reached a desperate tempo as the woman gasped sharply, dropping her shoulders low. King reached up, leaning his elbows on her back, his hips humping still, now tied with the woman. He lay atop her, hindpaws on the ground, front paws over her shoulders, murmuring happily, "With the tie we are complete, with the tie are one".

The wolf stood and slowly padded across the yard to the pair. The woman rested her forehead on her hands, slumped beneath the dog, panting hard, whimpering softly. The large canine sniffed closely beneath King's tail. He then moved and sniffed at her cheek. She started and opened her eyes, turning her head to see the huge wolf looking at her.

"Shit!" she said under her breath, hardly moving.

The wolf could smell her fright under her primary scent, sharp against the warm fuzzyness of her arousal. He tilted his head at her, ears rotating back as a car drove by on the nearby road.

King babbled from atop her back, "with the tie we are complete, with the tie we are one!"

The wolf turned and padded away a few steps before sitting on his haunches and watching.

King grumbled, now sounding annoyed. "Some bitch. She doesn't even know the words." he said in his doggy way, dismounting. The tie forced one leg over her back, and he stood tail to tail with her, ignoring her ragged panting, evidently in some discomfort. It wasn't long before his cock slipped out of her. She collapsed to the grass, panting heavily. King stood, waiting for his erection to go down. He helped it with his tongue, licking now and then, lubricating it for his sheath. He eventually sat down, and licked in ernest. The woman rolled onto her back, panting still, smiling at the moon.

The wolf walked over and sniffed about the woman's sex. He could smell her arousal, and King's seed. He licked at it, ignoring her twitch and gasp. It tasted interesting against the top of his mouth. Her flavor was sharp, but strange. It was pleasant, it made his sheath tingle a little. King's seed was smooth, salty, mixed in. He sat beside the woman and looked at her. She looked back wide-eyed over her small breasts, breathing shallowly. She smelled scared again. Not fiding anything interest here, he turned and trotted back out of the yard.

He could smell something much more interesting in the air now. It made images of mating, of ecstacy flash through his head. He followed the scent, turning when it got weaker, backtracking, slowly finding his way to where it was stronger. The scent was coming from behind a high wooden fence. He sniffed at a gap in the fence, and was met by the black nose of a bitch on the other side. She smelt heavily of heat. His body told her she was ready. His sheath tingled and swelled in anticipation. The wolf whined softly, humping the air, feeling tingles as his sheath slid against his penis. He started working his way around the enclosure, trying to find a way in. It was a secure fence. The ground was rock hard beneath it, so he could not dig. The panels were all close together, providing no path. The bitch followed him as he circled, always just on the other side of the fence.

"Help me!" she whimpered in the cool night air, "Let me be complete!"

He answered her whimpers, coming to his starting point. They exchanged licks through the gap. Even her tounge tasted arousing, her scent digging into his brain, eliciting a need he had never felt before. King arrived from somewhere and danced excitedly until the wolf snapped at him. He backed off and watched.

"She needs me! She needs me!" whimpered the sheperd, laying down submissively before the big wolf.

The wolf reared up against the fence, testing its height. He could barely see over it at his fullest extention. It was jumpable. He walked a few steps away, turned, and sprang high. He cleared the fence by about a foot, falling down the other side. He landed ungracefully, flat in the dirt. He scrambled to all fours again, meeting the snifs and licks of the bitch eagerly. She was big, almost as big as the wolf. She layed her ears back, bowing gently. Her scent was almost overpowering now, instinct beat at his conciousness, demanding that he mount.

He sniffed and licked beneath her raised tail, tasting the heavy scent of her readiness. He mounted, resting his chest on her back, paws fitting around her haunches in a way that felt perfect. His hips humped forward automatically, his mind filled with confusion as his body seemed to work without his direction. He suddenly felt the hot tightness of the bitch around the end of his cock. The sensation exploded in his mind, filling his body with the need to shove in. He felt his body shove deeper into the heat, his penis tingling and burning with pleasure. He felt his hips hit the bitch's rear, every inch of his phallus being shoved frenetically into her. He could feel himself swelling, stretching her tightness which massaged and squeezed his sex. He panted heavily, every bit of rational thought swept away in the pleasure of fucking. The pleasure grew and grew as his cock swelled, his thrusts shortened when couldn't pull out any more. The bitch clamped down around him. The tightness around the base of his cock went straight to his balls, burning ecstacy. He closed his eyes as his body twitched, absolute joy and ecstacy blasting through his mind with each copious spurt into her.

He found himself saying, "With the tie we are complete! With the tie we are one!"

The bitch answered, her body clenching around him in time with his spurts. "And as one we shall continue forever!"

As the pleasure slowly receeded, the sensation was just the pleasant tightness and throbbing of the bitch around his hard cock. He dismounted, but found he was stuck tight to her. He lifted a leg, swinging it over her back. They stood tail to tail there in the moonlight, panting. He could hear King panting from the other side of the fence where he lay in the moonlight, whimpering because he couldn't get over the fence. The wolf and bitch stood in the shadows under a tree in the enclosure. He could smell her scent changing now. Instead of filling him with need it made him feel happy, that she would carry on. His cock slowly relaxed inside her, shrinking until her body could no longer hold onto it. He started as it slipped out, his sheath quickly covering it as he twitched. He sat and nuzzled at himself, licking some of the scent of the bitch off his sheath. He found by tucking his hips closer beneath him he could lick at he penis. He cleaned it thoroughly, enjoying the sensations and the taste of the bitch on him.

By this time the moon was low in the western sky. The eastern sky was lightening. He nuzzled the bitch again, and cleared the fence in a single bound. He landed more gracefully his time on all four paws. Hardly hesistating, he headed across town towards home. King followed, tongue lolled as he panted in the crisp pre-dawn air. They loped across a field and down the streets. A paper boy yelped crashed his bike in surprize as he saw the big wolf and sheperd run across his path. The wolf sooned pushed through the front door, and padded quietly down the hallway to the den. He climbed up on the bed that smelt of him, and curled up, tail over his nose. His eyes closed and he quickly fell asleep, the night's activities tiring enough.

The wolf's body changed once again there on the bed. His muzzle shortened, his ears reforming into a human shape. His fur slowly dissappeared into his skin, chest and hips shifting with some mild pops. He moaned softly and rolled onto his back, his paws reforming into hands and feet. His sheath receded around his penis, leaving the youth's sex aroused once again. His tail shortened, dissapearing into his body. He blinked and awoke, staring at the cieling. He raised his hands and looked at them, then down at his aroused body and legs.

"Wow, what a dream." he murmured, shaking his head incredulously.

He stopped in the bathroom and relieved himself, sighing as his erection relaxed. He felt thirsty, so he wandered to the kitchen. On the way he noticed the front door was ajar. He frowned and closed it. King was laying on the living room floor, sleeping soundly. He shrugged and walked into the kitchen. While he was taking a drink from the milk jug he noticed the shredded meat wrapper on the floor. He choked on the milk, dropping the jug on the counter as he hacked the fluid out of the wrong pipe. He quickly picked up the shredded wrapper and dropped it in the trash compactor. With a whine, the evidence was crushed. He shivered as he put the milk back.

"Just a dream," He murmured to himself, "Just a dream."

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