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Danny was having trouble at school.

It wasn't at all an unusual sort of trouble. Adolescent hormones naturally give a boy erections at random embarrassing intervals. The problem in particular was that Danny was a werewolf. Let me tell you what happened.

Dan's seat was near the back of the room. There was a substitute teacher that day, and she didn't speak very loudly. Since his classmates were talking to each other as well, he was having trouble hearing. About a third the way through the class, he got an erection. He hardly thought twice about it, just rearranging himself serrupticiously and looking back at the teacher. She spoke on, ignoring the students whispering to each other. Dan figured she was used to it, being a substitute. Her eyes moved over him quite often, as he was one of the only ones paying attention.

The hardness in his crotch was becoming a very distracting problem. He took a deep breath and tried to relax, imagining it receeding as his dad had suggested. It wasn't working, if anything it seemed to be getting worse. Dad had also suggested he try concentrating on something else, so he looked at the teacher steadily, straining to hear what she was saying. Gradually, he was able to focus on her, his crotch relaxing, her voice clear and easy to understand now. Her eyes moved over him once again, and snapped back. She looked at him intently, interrupting her lecture. She glanced at the seating chart.

"Uh, Daniel?" she asked, meeting the young man's gaze.

Daniel nodded. "Yes?"

"What're you wearing?" she queried.

Daniel blinked blankly. "Uh, clothes?"

The teacher paused a moment more and went back to the lecture.

One of his female classmates looked back at him and giggled. He slumped down in his seat a bit, frowning. The substitute continued with her lecture. The girl passed a note to one of her classmates, who also glanced back at him and giggled. He frowned and began to daydream a bit, unfocusing as the lecture droned on.

The girl seated in front of him passed him back a note. He opened it.

"Hey Daniel - Where did you get the cool wolf ears? - Susan"

Susan was three seats closer to the front and one row over. He glanced up at her startled, seeing only her french braided hair bent over as she wrote somthing in her notebook. He ran a hand up over hia head, feeling nothing but his normal hair and ears. He frowned puzzledly.

As he was wondering about this, the erection came back. He adjusted himself again, glancing to see if anybody was looking. Nobody was, but you couldn't be too careful. He looked out the window, the stuffy heat of the room and the droning voice making him feel like he did when waking up from a daytime nap. His arousal wasn't going away, either, not helped by his imagination. His mind skittered across disjointed thoughts, bits of the lecture, the note, the tightness in his crotch. His half hypnotised state of mind was interrupted as the tightness in his cotch seemed to become painfully so in a surge. He sat bolt upright with a twitch, adrenaline surging through his veins. He looked down to see the obvious shape of his wolfen formed penis straining at his jeans.

"Goddess no!" he whispered, covering himself with his... paws!

"relax... breath deep..." he murmured, slumping down to be less obvious, feeling the change straining at his weak control. "what's happening... the Moon's not full.." he thought, desperately trying to force the change back, feeling the fur pull back in from his hands, fingers returning to human porportion. The tightness in his pants finally relaxed, and he trembled a bit as he felt himself fully human again.

The class bell rang, which caused him to twitch and almost fall out of his chair. His clumbsines was covered by the rush of students who wre already halfway out. He gathered his books and walked towards the door. The teacher stopped him.


"Uh, yeah Miss Larz?" He responded, pausing near the desk.

"If you want to put on silly ears, please do it on somebody else's time?"

"Ears?" repeated Daniel, heart beating fast.

"The wolf ears you put on during the lecture." she looked at him severely.

Daniel looked down. "Sorry, Ma'am." He hurried out of the room to his next class. He was going to have to work on his control!

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