The First Mating

For every girl there's a first time...

By: Skylos and Wolfsinn

NOTEOriginally an RP between the friends Skylos and Wolfsinn
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This story is Copyright by Skylos and Wolfsinn. Please do not distribute without permission.

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wolfsinn: *grins* what about a coyote uncle has been asked by his sister wolf to put her 13yr old daughter through the first date ritual as a favor to her favorite coyote lover?
wolfsinn: woof?

Skylos: erf. oaky.
Skylos: first date ritual.
Skylos: I don't know what this ritual is though?
wolfsinn: *tee hee* "silly,.. improvise,.. basically take a date partner's virginity,.. bonus points for style and sauveness.

Skylos: mmm, okay.
wolfsinn: *tee hee* think you can handle that? want me to set the scene? *tee hee* mind if its coyote and a dog girl instead? I like the thought of a husky instead."

Skylos: husky works fine for me.
* Skylos pictures a 'native' style of dress. Feathers and some deerskin.
wolfsinn: Perfect,.. oh,.. my,.. excellent,..I had thought modern setting,.. but this is almost better,.. *grins* domestic city girl dropped off by your sister to the wild coyote uncle,...
* Skylos grins.
* Skylos sits on a big rock, in the shadow of a jagged desert cliff. A pack lays by his side.
* Skylos flicks an ear towards a distant sound along the dusty road.
wolfsinn: ( I liek the ideas of actual wild coyotes in the near vicinity as well,.. perhaps also use able.) The car rolls down the dusk lit road. As it draws closer you notice its the one you have been waiting for,.. your sisters purple jeep, the first hint of your neice being the two triangular ear tips poking above the dash.

* Skylos slowly stands, leaning on his staff as he watches the vehicle approach. A breeze tosses the feathers attached to his staff and ear gently.
wolfsinn: Your sister gets out of the car first, smiling at you over her shoulder with ice blue eyes, you can smell her arousal from here, prolly a total lack of panties as usually as well to better allow for you to appreciate it. "come on sweetie,.." she calls to dawn, who gets out blearry eyed and obviously dressed for the part. an identicle copy of her mother, though less sensibly dressed in a short evening dress, the small bit of material somehow accentuating her youthful frame.
* Skylos grins broadly, and hops down from the rock lithely. He hugs his sister, not unsubtely shoving his hips firmly against hers.
Skylos: Hey Sister! Hows city life treatin ya?
wolfsinn: She grins that secret smil of hers and cups a paw just under your buttocks as you hug her. "Its wonderful,.. I got another dog,.. a female one this time,.. you should come visit,.. when I am babysitting,.." she says with a slight gleeful chuckle, having done very well with her portion of casino money. Dawn is silent, having never really met her uncle before and not really understanding the exchange going on.

* Skylos kisses his sister firmly on the muzzle, then turns to the youth.
Skylos: Hello there Dawn! You're turning into a real young woman, aren'tcha!
* Skylos asides to his sister, "Growing like a weed!"
wolfsinn: The older husky growls lustfully as you kiss her, sliding in close behind you as the two of you approach dawn. "now sweetie you be good for your uncle and have a fun time,.. he really is a romantic gentleman like I told you,.." she says patting your ass and going back to the driver's side pulling away and leaving the two of you to be alone,..

wolfsinn: (combine your sentances into one post,.. tee hee,.. hard to react to seperate rapid fire poses,..)

* Skylos looks after the jeep thoughtfully, the dust settling and the insect sounds slowly return. He turns without speaking to the rock, opening the pack and removing a bundle of folded brown material.
wolfsinn: Dawn watches on, nervously looknig around and wondering that the utter vastness of silence,.. or not silenc,.. but QUIET noises compared to loud noises. "he,.. hello uncles,.." she says flashing you a small smile.

* Skylos carefully unfolds the bundle, smiling back at you. "Come here, young one. I have something for you."
wolfsinn: :walks over with a nervously tucked tail, wincing slightly as her overtly soft bare paw pads crunch over gravel that your native tough coyote paws wouldnt even notice. "what is it?" she asks.

Skylos: He removes an ear decoration from the center of the bundle, a green irridescent feather attached. He lets you inspect it. "thats a korna bird feather, from down south where it rains all the time."
wolfsinn: *eyes sparkle as she looks upon the enchanting object, her young sabre like tail perking tightly and wagging appreciatively. "wow!" she says her fur puffing out slightly in the cool dusk wind her relatively flat evening dress looking slightly more filled out.
Skylos: He gently attaches it to your ear, removing the more conventional earring to make room for it.
Skylos: He looks down at your dress and shakes his head a bit. "Climb up on this rock." he sais, and with a couple high steps, stands atop it. Its obvious to him that your dress won't let you step that high.
wolfsinn: :blushes slightly and lowers her muzzle, her ice blue eyes showing deference and respect to her elder. "thank you,.." she says genuinely thinking more of what mother had said when she described a coyote as HANDSOME.
wolfsinn: :looks at the rock in slight confusion and tries to scale it carefully, unable to really get any where with the short cut dress, and maintain her precious modesty.
Skylos: He squats down and unfolds the rest of the bundle. Its made of soft deerskin, the edges ragged in a gentle unfinished sort of way. Its beaded over the tunic front with a spray of colorful beads, rays of bright yellow from a brilliant orange sun, half-occluded by purple mountains. The side-slit skirt is composed of dyed leather, the shapes suggesting birds, streams, and branches in abstract.
Skylos: I think its about your size. He says, winking over his broad grin.
wolfsinn: *looks up at her uncle, standing so tall above the slowly deepning sky behind him. "Oh,..-okay,.." she says wondering why her mom had her dress special just to have to change clothes agains. "close your eyes,.." she warns begining to fumble with the difficult to unzip evening dress.*

* Skylos hops down silently and unzips your dress
Skylos: he stands a few feet away, almost turned away, but you suspect he's sneaking a peek, his grin sly.
Skylos: Your mother never was very practical," he explains, "We're going up the hill, you'll need some flexibility."
wolfsinn: Dawn gasps as youradult paw brace themselves on her back and her dress is unzipped, slipping down her slender young frame, leaving her dressed in a lery low slung pair of white cotton panties that smell suscpiously of her mother. She slowly pulls on the garments you have given her, the fit indeed very close, though a bit loose in areas,.. she easily climbs the rock now to stand with you atop it, giving you a breif show of her lean youthful body in action.

Skylos: He nods approvingly, and takes a pair of mossicans from the pack. "The trail is rough, and your paws aren't used to it. Come, darkness is already falling!" He turns and starts to walk up the hill.
wolfsinn: Dawn whines softly but begins to follow you,... she suppose this is a small price to pay for becoming a woman,.. but why does it have to be so far from the road? Dawn makes her way clumisly along the trail, her normally graceful body completely not at home in the environs
Skylos: He slow enough to walk beside you, steading you over the rougher parts of the trail. "So what've you been doing with yourself lately, Dawn? Last I saw you was so long ago!"
wolfsinn: *smiles at her uncles, his pressence making the road easier. "Well,.. I am doing well in school,.. and am starting to take gymnastics,.." she says not knowing what she should say to the soft spoken coyote.

Skylos: Do you have good friends?
wolfsinn: Dawn pasues and then sort of shrugs. "not really,.. I mean I have mommie,.. but thats about it,.." she says, the young introvert reminding you strongly of your mother in her younger days.

* Skylos scrambles up a chest-high cliff, and holds his paw out to help you.
Skylos: Not even any boys? Some handsome ruff pup?
wolfsinn: She grasps onto your paw firmly, her soft warm grip hanging onto yours for support as you pull her up, her breath coming in long tounged pants now.
wolfsinn: *shakes her head no. "boys are icky,.." she confides,.. still panting sexily, her throat pulsing with gasps for life*

Skylos: The trail gets steeper, the wind a bit more cutting. The last stretch leaves even your uncle panting, but the view at the top is stunning. The sun is setting behind a distant ridge of mountains, casting the immense valley below into shadow. A warm breeze swirls over the ridge, blowing our fur and clothing about. "Ah, we made it before the sun set!" he pants.
wolfsinn: *gasps and looks out on the largest vision she thinks she has ever seen, the close skyline of the city not preparing her for the existance of anything like this. "its beautiful,.." she says between breaths, clasping her young paws over her heaving thin breasts.

Skylos: He puts his arm around your shoulders, holding you against his side as the wind blow and the sun slips down, breathing returning to normal.
wolfsinn: Dawn tenses up as you put your broad adult arm over her shoulders, but slowly relaxes, even leaning her svelte young body against you.
Skylos: He squeezes your shoulder gently. "Feeling a bit hungry, young woman?"
wolfsinn: As if to answer you the girl's tight belly makes a deep and needful growling. Dawn just nods and giggles. "momma said you were going to take me for dinner,.." she says almost an embarassing connatation of 'romantic dinner' implied. Dawn doesnt really feel romantic though, more embarassed for what a kid she must seem to you, the thought making her feel akward.
* Skylos takes your paw, and kisses it. "well then, my pretty, come with me!" He turns and expectantly holds out his elbow.
wolfsinn: Dawn giggles and blushes, her white facial fur turning pink in the dusk and from her blush, she hooks her elbow up into yours and follows along.
Skylos: He leads you down into the lee of the ridge, where there's a deep overhang. A small fire glows in front of it, savory smells of roasting rabbit carried to you on a gust of breeze. "Welcome to cafe d'Uncle, my pretty young husky! On the menu today is the house specialty, rabbit ala Dawn!
wolfsinn: *giggles and wags her tail her eyes definately a sparkle. "Rabbit! I have NEVER had rabbit before,.. whats it taste like?" she asks as she approaches, your two gurdian coyote neighbor's/spirits slinking a bit further away as you approach, hoping they set everything right for you two.

* Skylos looks speculative. "Hmm, it tastes like... well, like rabbit, silly!" He leads you to a low flat rock near the fire, and sets the rabbit on spit off to the side to cool a bit. He picks up a wineskin and offers it to you. "A drink?" (It contains prickly pear wine, a sweet and fairly alcoholic concoction)
wolfsinn: *finds a peice of strategically placed wood to sit on and takes the offered drink, guzzling the sweet nectar like kool aide,.. "It smells delecious,.." she says raising her nose up to sniff, really showing off the curve of her neck as he belly tightens.

Skylos: He nods, his paw softly petting from the line of your jaw to your shoulder. "Stuffed with special spices, no less."
wolfsinn: Dawn shivers lightly, the sky deepening to a final blue black, the two of you lit by reflections of the fire light. "that feels,.. nice,.." she muses outloud as the alcohol goes straight to her head, the 80 pound virgin certainly a light weight
Skylos: He picks up the rabbit and cuts off a leg with a large knife you hadn't noticed on his belt before. He offers it to you. "here, eat up." He cuts a piece for himself and works on it.
wolfsinn: Dawn noisily eats, unheeding of the soft approach of the coyote spirit couple, their tails wagging in unison. You can feel their eagerness, them somehow sensing the eagerness within yours as you watch this young girls lips and teeth gnaw away the meat.
Skylos: the meat is a bit gamey, but its compensated for with some good spices. He takes a drink of whe wine himself, and winks at the coyotes. He cuts you another chunk as you finish with that one, the two of us devouring the whole rabbit easily.
wolfsinn: dawn slowly and lovingly groom licks her own poaws, the wine and the flavor of rabbit meat having a funny effect on her head. her thin dexerous paw slip grooms between her fingers easily, imagination easily placing that toung elsewhere on or in your body.
Skylos: He gently takes your paw and licks it for you, looking into your eyes.
wolfsinn: Dawn looks blissfully happy, but slightlyspacey as you take her paw, smiling as your more firm tounge works over her meaty tasting paws. Your two allies approach closer a distinct hot desert smell blowing gently around the two of you.
Skylos: (I have about half an hour more)
Skylos: (I don't know where you're going with the coyotes)
wolfsinn: (drop coyotes then,.. proceed with date rape,.. tee hee)

Skylos: He places his paw gently up against your muzzle, the rough pads pressing softly against your dark, damp nose)
wolfsinn: Dawn gently licks your paw, tasting the gentle spicy taste of the wild game, her touch soft and smoth as she closes her eyes.
Skylos: The coyote replaces his paw with his muzzle, kissing softly as he slideshis paws around youa nd pulling you close, warm against the chill of the rapidly decreasing night tempearture.
wolfsinn: Dawn shudders against you, her yuong muscles pressing against the hard adult body of the coyote, her tounge lazily wrestling with yours with a charming sort of clumsiness.*
Skylos: He strokes your soft fur, a paw sliding down stroke down your fluffy tail. "mmm, such a pretty young husky you are." he whispers, kissing deeper, his tongue showing you sliding over your teeth, the roof of your mouth, twining with your tongue.
wolfsinn: Dawn breathes passionately into your mouth her young rabbit flavored breath caressing with your more adult musky scent, her tail nervously tucking as your paw finds it*

Skylos: He pulls you into his lap, then stands, carrying you to the thick bedroll in the deep overhang, it rolls out with a kick and he lays you gently on it. You see his fur ruffling on the desert breeze in the dim flickering light of the fire, fur where there had been clothing before.
wolfsinn: Dawn looks up with a groggy smile on her face and then sees in the light,.. the shadow of your penis,..She tenses, unsure if this is okay or not, but more simply just fascinated at the thought of an adult being naked on purpose,... her little pink nipples become erect.
Skylos: His paws softly undress you, his gift clothing layed to the side, the night air cool above, the bed and coyote warm beneath and beside. He pets your chest and flat tummy, nuzzling at your ear.
wolfsinn: Dawn helps you get hre out of her panties, her tail still modestly tucked over her genitls, but unable to take her pale ice blue city eues off your strong powerfully lean adult body,.. it scaring and comforting her at the same time.

Skylos: he holds the panties to his muzzle, snuffling deeply. "Mmm, smells good." he pants, straddling your hips and nuzzling down at your muzzle, his hands stroking your sides firmly. The tickle of his fuzzy balls resting on your mound is no doubt novel, the hard ridge of his arousal laying against your stomach undeniable.
wolfsinn: Dawn whimpers and joins the kiss once again, the warm feel of your body above making gravity flip for her,.. her young body quivers, her tiny lil mound dribbling a drop of moisture against your balls. Her soft young body shivers against your paws, her mind reeling at the feel of the HUGE cock on her belly. Her mother's scent is strong enough on her daughter's panties she must have PISSED in them at some point.
Skylos: His tongue joins yours, muzzle tilted to kiss you deeply, a little whine behind his aroused pants. "tonight" he whispers, "a woman we will find." His hips slide back, the thick phallus trailing a thick line of precum down your soft tummy fur, the tip settling against the petite opening of your sex.
wolfsinn: Dawn gasps and shifts her hips up against you her slender thighs trailing against your sides as your penis trails away from her sex. "wh-wh,.." she whimpers as her curled tail brushes between your legs.
Skylos: He presses firmly, rocking his hips from side to side, his thick tip finding the way to open you up. his muzzle is close to yours, so close our whiskers touch. His tongue laps gently, soothingly, a paw stroking your headfur back. "shhh, its okay. Its gonna feel real good, I promise."
wolfsinn: (vaginal or anal?)

Skylos: vaginal
wolfsinn: Dawn whines and strains her body against you, more in the intensity of the feeling than really attempting to stop you her tail tucking up the crack of your ass as your thick cock begins to part her small virgin sex.*
wolfsinn: (awwws,.. *tee hee*)
Skylos: (what, I can do either?)
wolfsinn: (anal preference)

Skylos: (okay then)
Skylos: He rocks his hips, spurts of precum sliding you slowly wider, planted firmly beneath your tail. "just relax." he whispers, "and it will go..."
wolfsinn: dawn gasps and throws her jaws open wide, the greasy scent of the rabbit meat wafting from her silent mouth as the tip of your penis penetrates her incredibly tight anus.
Skylos: He leans, and his cock slides into your ring, he pauses for a long moment, letting the initial spasms of discomfort recede.
wolfsinn: Dawn angles her hips slightly, wincing for a moent, but then slowly releaxing into the warmth of having your body so close to her young husky body.*

* Skylos licks your chin, sliding deeper inside, setting up a firm, powerful stroke that slides in and out of your tightness, lubricated by precum to slickness
wolfsinn: dawn groans softly closing her eyes, and relaxing against the firm feel of that pressure sliding deeper and deeper within her, she presses against your chest with her small paws lovingly*

Skylos: Your uncle pants urgently, soon his entire large cock stroking up into your tailhole, he panting loud in your ear. "ooh goddess" he pants, "you're so tight!" He fucks faster and faster as he gets close, panting and hugging you close, his warmth against you, protecting from the cool of the night
wolfsinn: She clenches down feircely, her tail hole swallowing at the thickness of your cock as best it can. She begins to yip breathlessly as you fuck her, bucking her own nubile hips against yours.*
Skylos: Oh, you like that girl, doya? he pants, your response sending his arousal over the top. He drives his hips hard against your rear, fully impaling you on his large tool, his cock throbbing and bucking as he cums, firing hot coyote spunk deep inside you
wolfsinn: *squirts against your belly,.. the young girl cumming hard and arching her back only to pass out and slip into a slumber as deep as the cock you have in her.

Skylos: He smiles at the sleepy girl, snuggling down with his cock still in her, pulling the blanket over us against the night. He knows she'll awaken , and he'll give it to her few more times...
Skylos: (walking dog, I'll be back briefly before I go offline)

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