Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan Coyote moved through the crowd of high school students. He stood significantly shorter than others of his age, his five feet short to the average six. He was dressed in baggy pants and a school letter jacket over some t-shirt with a phosphorescent logo on it. He carried a single-strapped backpack over his left shoulder, full of books. His headfur was sprayed into a short brush that stood straight up between his ears. He walked with an exaggerated swagger, waving to a group of jocks who rolled their eyes and laughed. He strode up to a group of vixens who chatted easily around the railing to one side of the main entrance.

"Mornin, Girls!" he grinned at them, letting his letter jacket fall open just so.

"Hi there cuety!" said Tina, a red and white vixen in a fuzzy sweater and a short skirt. Nancy elbowed her. "Well he is." she protested.

Jargan slipped around Nancy's back and put an arm around Tina. "Hi there Tina, what's new with you?" he said, shifting his backpack with his other hand. Tina ruffled his carefully brushed up headfur.

"Get lost, shrimp." snapped a black-furred female, glaring at him, a good head taller.

Jargan chuckled richly. "Hey girls, no need to fight over me! There's enough for all!"

Nancy smirked. "There's not enough of you to start on one of us!"

Jargan laughed, and patted Tina on the butt. "Save some of that fine ass for me, willya?" he quipped, winking at her as he continued on into the school, followed by the vixen's laughter.

"Why do you encourage him like that?" demanded Loreesh of Tina.

Tina shrugged, twirling a bit of her headfur. "He's cute!"

"And hung like a two year old!" giggled Nancy.

Jargan strode into the lobby, picking up a copy of the school's weekly paper. He tucked it under his arm and high-fived his friend, a small geeky cat named Wallace. He was even shorter than Jargan, only measuring only a bit more than four and a half. He was from a poor family, his fur constantly scraggly and his clothes worn or torn. He squinted nearsightedly down the hall.

"Hey yote. Class starting yet?"

Jargan glanced at the clock, too far away for Wallace to read. "Naw, another seven minutes. Come on, we got homeroom."

Jargan kicked back in his chair, placing his booted paws on his desk casually and looking over the school paper he grabbed on the way in. The headline made him blink.

"JARGAN COYOTE HAS TINY PENIS" it said in bold print. He nudged Wallace.

"Hey, check it out Wally. Somebody's so jealous I made the front page!" he grinned, passing the paper to his friend.

Wally read it curiously, and looked up at Jargan. "Are you going to kick their asses?" he asked.

Jargan laughed! "No way, that just brings me to their level. I'm so cool, I don't HAVE to fight to prove my prowess!"

Jargan pulled a pair of sunglasses from his inner jacket pocket and put them on, laying back in relaxation mode until the teacher cleared his throat. He hurriedly sat properly at his desk as the teacher began role.

"Mr. Coyote?" the teacher asked.

"Yo!" responded Jargan, pretending to shoot the teacher with his finger. None of the other students laughed.

A minute or two after role, the morning announcements came over the loudspeaker.

"Good morning. Welcome to Silk Valley High, today is September Fifth, 56. Events today include... live jazz in the lunch room..."

This was greeted with groans by the class.

"...and the big football game between the Silkworms and the Wolverines."

Some jocks cheered from the back of the room.

"... Todays headlines. Jargan Coyote has a tiny dick."

There was a hoot from the back of the room. "Hey, how about some show and tell, Jargan!" called one of the larger cats.

Jargan smirked, smoothing his hair back as the teacher glared towards the back of the room. They could slander all they wanted, they weren't going to get HIM to loose his cool.

"... Congratulations to Nancy Foxworth for top honors in the democracy speech contest. And as always, feel free to bring your complaints and comments to our friendly princiPAL Troyer!"

There was a sharp pop and the speaker went silent, followed immediately by the bell. The room emptied out with a rush of students and chatting, the students caught in the whirl of morning classes. At lunch, between sets of the amateur jazz quartet, a large lion grabbed one of the mikes.

"Yo, furries! Listen to Scott!" his voice boomed across the room, cutting through the conversation, the hubbub receding to a murmur as they listened to the football team captain. Jargan was sitting at the table closest to the stage.

"Today we have with us... Jargan! Jargan Coyote! I'm sure you all know who I mean! This little guy has been here all year long, but you may not have seen him, 'cause he's so dang short! Say hi Jargan!"

He held the mike up to Jargan's muzzle. "Hey." grinned Jargan, strutting under the attention, winking at some of the girls.

"Yes, we have here today the infamous Jargan! And the paper today says...."

He cleared his throat and held up a copy of the paper for all to see.


This was met with some laughter from the lunching furries.

"And I say, how do we know? Is he gonna show us?" He held the mike up to Jargan again.

"Hey, if any of you fine ladies want me to show you mine, you gotta show me yours first. In pri-vate." he grinned, leaning back in his chair precariously.

"I wouldn't show you mine if you was the last schmuck on earth!" called a female dog from somewhere near the back.

"Ooh, can't handle a real studmuffin!" responded Jargan, pushing the mike away.

Scott laughed, and hammed it up in preacher mode. "Do we have any witnesses! Any of you fine ladies... OR MEN... who have SEEN this freak's equipment?"

An overweight badger girl shoved her way up towards Scott. "Yeah, lemme at it!" she snapped, grabbing the microphone away from the lion.

"This 'coyote' has got the biggest ego this side of city hall!" she started, to the laughs of the furries, "And not only does he have the SMALLEST prick I ever did see, but came so fast he didn't even get past my thigh! And don't get me started on the volume. I've had FARTS that were messier than his cum!" She snorted at the coyote, and stalked back to her table, slapping the mike into Scott's hand.

"And there you have it! Do we have ano-ther? Does any-a-body wish-a to Wit-ness?" he grinned, showing his teeth.

A lioness strutted up. "Yeah, I went out with that one once." she said.

Jargan nodded, nudging Wallace. "She's hot!"

"His dick is miniscule. I tried to lick it, when I pulled back his sheath I realized he was already hard! I cracked up. He couldn't even come close to a stud like you." She purred deep in her throat, rubbing up against Scott.

"Woah girl, its school hours!" he then told her with the mike not quite far enough away from his muzzle, "Meet me after the game." He paused to appreciate the tail on the lioness as she walked away, then spoke into the mike again. "I'd love to humiliate Jargan some more, but I got bigger fish to fry!"

He handed the mike to an impatient wolf on the low stage, amongst the applaus of the furries.

Wallace stared at Jargan, slurping some of his milk through a straw. "Aren't you going to DO something?" he asked.

"Hey, I'm cool, I don't care about a couple bitches and some oversexed jock." grinned Jargon, putting his shades on again, leaning back as he polished off his ice cream sandwich.

It came up again at the big game. Jargan was on the football team as a water boy, all somebody of his stature could qualify for. But it gave him his letters! He waved from the sidelines as the announcer finished the starting lineup.

"And Special mention today, Jargan Coyote! He's our water boy - and has the smallest dick on the team!" the voice boomed. The opposing fans teams laughed, the roar reaching Jargan's ears violently. He twitched, his muzzle frowning a moment, before he hopped up from the bench and jumped up and down, waving all four limbs in acknowledgement.

He sat down as the game commenced, shaking his head. Naw, they weren't serious.

The game went well, the Silkworms totally dominating the Wolverines. Jargon went along with the team as they went to party, cheering as loud as the rest. They'd all had a few beers by the time Jargan stumbled into Scott. The big lion held up diminutive Coyote easily in his large leonine paws.

"Well, look who we have here!" he crowed, setting Jargon on the table, and mussing his headfur. "Its the team pencildick yote!"

Jargon growled back. "Hey, my dick is as good as yours!"

There was much hooting. "Is that so, my tiny friend!" cackled Scott. "How about a little contest? Eh boys??" he grinned around at the hulking football team. "Whoever cums the best wins! And that's the MOST, and the furthest!"

Jargon laughed, "Any time, bucko!" he yapped, "Watch me cum buckets over you!"

"Yer on!" grinned Scott, swaggering over to the declared line, the edge of the deck. They all lined up along the edge of Scott's deck, pants pulled down. Scott had an impressive rod, he stroked it in his big paw, hips thrusting as he worked himself up. It was at least twice as long as the lion's already huge paw. Jargan pulled his sheath back, holding it with one paw while he stroked with some pawfingers on the other. His wasn't even as long as his small paw. He glanced over at the others. He was less than half the length of the smallest of them. He growled and worked himself up, feeling himself harden, his balls tighten. Scott came first, roaring deeply as cum fountained out from his throbbing cock, landing a good four feet out on the lawn. One of the linemen came next, a warthog morph with a long if skinny cock, sort of spiral in its shape. He came a surprizing amount, huge globs of thick spunk splattering the grass about six feet from the patio. The others ranged somewhere in between, one of the canines easily winning in volume, though one of the bitches in attendance decided that she would judge the volume herself, and was swallowing it vigorously. Jargon came last, working up a jet of cum that arched and fell short about three feet from his feet.

Scott held up the hand of the warthog. "The winner!" he announced. And then he pointed at Jargon. "The looser! The most spectacularly tiny dicked pitifully balled wimp on the team!"

Jargan's ears went back, his stomach dropping as he hurriedly pulled his pants back up, slinking towards the door amidst the dirision of the crowd. The screen door slapped behind him as he hurriedly trotted down the walk, turning down the tree-lined street. He could still hear the laughter in the house. Laughing at him. At his tiny dick. He sulked, nursing his embarassment as he skulked across town to his house. On the way, he passed a lit storefront that had always been empty before.

"Penile enlargement experiment subjects wanted" a sign in the window said "One week participation, free for qualifying furs."

His eyes lit up. This would do it. He opened the door to a jingle of a bell and walked in.

"Fill out this form." said the receptionist, a short spectacled fox. The desk was formed by a conventional door over two sawhorses. The knob was still in the door. "The doctor will see you shortly."

Jargan nodded and picked up the offered clipboard. He indicated the desk. "Looks like your knob needs polishing." he grinned, winking.

The fox's eyes grew big, then he caught on and stifled a giggle. "Silly yote." he said.

Jargan filled out the form, putting a false address and phone number on it. Like he wanted these freaks calling him up. He gave the form back to the Fox, who looked it over, then led him behind a cardboard partition.

A horse morph looked up from his desk, covered with books and papers. He took the clipboard from the fox, read it shortly, and looked Jargan up and down.

"Okay, Jargan. Here's how it goes. You list your size here as five inches. That might make you eligible. I will have to measure it myself though.

Jargan sighed, and sat glumly on the cold chair, undoing his pants and pulling his sheath back.

"Ahh... Hm..." said the doctor as he measured. "Four and a quarter."

Jargon sighed again, doing up his pants as the doctor walked across the room to a cabinet. He returned with a small cup of water and two pink pills.

"Take these. Masturbate yourself to orgasm at least twice a day, but no more than a dozen. You must agree to come back and see me in one week."

Jargan nodded, eyeing the pills. "I suppose I can jack off that much. One week."

The doctor nodded, and handed him the pills and water. Jargan gulped them down.

"That's it, Mr. Coyote. See you in one week!

The doctor extended a large hoof-hand. Jargan fit his small paw in it and they shook.

"See you then doctor." he said.


Jargan sat on the edge of his bed, nude, staring at himself in the mirror mounted on the back of his door. It wasn't hard to see his ribs through his relatively thin fur. He wasn't underfed, just never seemed to put on any weight. His sheath was a compact short ridge leading up from his small balls, looking undersized even on his small frame. He closed his eyes and shifted his hips, pressing his cock into his paw. He stroked himself, imagining a larger cock. It was no use, he shifted to his fingers, stroking up and down quickly, small grunts escapign his muzzle as he stiffened fully, knot hardening which he grabbed around, and then he came. Pleasure rushed through his gut and his loins contracted three times. He opened his eyes, gasping. He never spurted more than once before. There were three good sized splatters of cum on the floor, and his somehow still hard cock seemed to thrum stiffly for most of a minute before relaxing again.

He sat staring at himself in the mirror well after his sheath had covered him again. He'd jacked off before, but it never felt like that. And after cummin already this evening too. Those pills must really work. He grinned, reaching down again, and watched himself this time, stroking himself, hardening, the pleasure rising, cock swollen hard and then he came again, another three full jets, arching and splattering on the rug. Grinning to himself, the coyote turned out the light and crawled under the covers.

The next morning he woke with a hardon. He smiled in the dim light shining through the window, stroking himself. He imagined his cock felt bigger, poking through his paw, throbbing thick and hard... He tossed off his covers as he came, the unexpected intensity of the pleasure making his gut clench, shoving his hips into his fist with a series of twitches, cum splattering over his face and chest.

"Oh god..." panted Jargan, grinning as he lay on his back. He could feel his cock still hard, sticking up in the cool air of the room. "I coulda beat them last night, no problem." he muttered. He had to urinate.

He walked to the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet. He was still hard, standing out stiff and swollen. But somehow, he was able to release, his urine splashing into the bowl in an unusually thick stream. It felt intense, running shivers down his back. He never peed while hard before. He walked back to his room, and brushed his headfur, getting his usual clothes ready, enjoying the feeling of being hard.

"Damn." he said. He had been expecting his cock to go soft again some time before. He had to go get breakfast before school, and his mother was in the kitchen. He couldn't let her see him all hard this way. He hurriedly stroked himself again, closing his eyes as the pleasure rose, crashing into his head, leaving him leaning on his desk when he began thinking again. There was a sloppy mess on the rug. He grinned as his cock finally relaxed, pulling on his pants and rushing to have breakfast.

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