Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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This story is Copyright by David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'. Please do not distribute without permission.

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Jargan waved to the stands with the rest of the players as they trotted towards the locker room, victorious over their opponents for today. He saw Lek leaning over the railing above the tunnel, shouting with the rest of the fans. He grinned and waved back. Lek shouted his name, and he yipped to him. He didn't know Lek got into football at all, being a soccer player. He shrugged, pushed along by the rest of the team as they moved into the darkness of the tunnel.

Jargan pulled off his uniform, piling the dirty clothes in the top of his bag. The rottwieller Shack was undressing a few feet away but he ignored him entirely. He was feeling pretty good, the persistent fullness of his groin seemingly well drained into the newfie bitch he fucked and tied with during halftime. He hummed softly to himself as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and wandered towards the shower. For the first time in days the sensation of his suddenly large balls and cock weren't sending surges of arousal through his groin. He hummed softly to himself as he found a shower head in the corner and doused himself in the warm spray.

His head and face fur was full of shampoo when he fell, legs pulled out from under him. He tried to catch himself on his hands but it didn't work. He hit hard, landing flat on his chest. He yelped sharply as the wind rushed out of him. His eyes opened in the surprize and shampoo ran into them.

Jargan clenched his stinging eyes closed tightly as he tried to drag a breath in. It wouldn't come, lungs flattened by the fall. He struggled to right himself, get to all fours. He couldn't move! Something was holding his arms behind him, a heavy pressure between his shoulder blades holding him down. He couldn't breath! Adrenaline surged through his blood, and he bucked, knocking the weight from his back. His hands were free, he raised himself to all fours, finally dragging in a deep breath, coughing as his lungs started working again.

Suddenly, he was kicked in the side, sending him sliding across the floor of the shower with a yelp, his head clanging hard against something metallic. Lights went off behind his eyes, the world reeling. He shook his head as he was forcefully uprighted. He was being attacked! They were going to beat him! "Let me go!" he barked, struggling in the arms of his attackers, his arms held in strong paws. He kicked wildly, and impacted somebody who yelped before his legs too were held. He tried to open his eyes, but the soap rushed in again, stinging worse than before. He shook his head, trying to twist out of their grip as they tied his hands and feet together. The soap rushing in, stinging again.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" he barked, kicking and twisting as much as he could with his ankles tied together. A cloth was wrapped around his muzzle and eyes with savage tightness, effectively making him mute. He grunted, struggling as he was lifted up, hands over his head, something hooked between his wrists over something. Water was rushing over his head, his ears lay back instinctively. The water worked its way in anyway, making all that he could hear a burbling roar. His heart pounded, he was helpless.

There still was some soap in his eyes, the sting irritating them, making his eyes twitch beneath the blindfold. He tried to speak again, but the cloth was tied too tight, his teeth tight against each other. He shook his head repeatedly, trying to shake the water out of his ears, but it was no use, more replaced it immediately.

Jargan whined through the gag, trying to kick blindly at the room. His leg was caught and he was turned, slammed savagely into the wall. The paw binding cut into his wrists as the cloth was tightened by the motion. He found he couldn't move his legs any more, his body stretched against the cool tile of the shower wall. He struggled as much as he could, tail clamped tightly between his legs. His heart hammered in fear, he dragged deperate breaths in through his nose, shaking with excess adrenaline.

The bindings were cutting into his wrists, his weight dragging at his wrists and shoulders painfully. His tail was suddenly yanked hard, pain spiking up his spine. His body twitched, a muffled yelp forced out of his tied mouth, his tail pulling back between his legs immediately.

He could feel a warm pressure against his back, crushing him against the tile wall. A soap dispenser was poking painfully into his side. He tried to shove back at the weight, but he could barely move. He growled through the binding.

Jargan felt a paw grabbing at his tail and tried to clamp it between his legs, pulling it out of the grasp initially. What were they going to do, shave his tail? No way!

Another hand grabbed his tail, pulling it painfully up and to his left, he could feel the hot water of the shower flowing over his bared ass. He growled in fury and embarassment, helpless to stop it, struggling futilely, his wrists burning as the cloth cut into them. His growl turned to a yelp as he was penetrated violently. His body spasmed as a hard intrustion was rammed against his ass, prying his desperately clamped pucker open, tearing at his unwilling muscles. He struggled, tears welling up in his stinging eyes. No! Not that!

Jargan tried to twist his way out, levering his knee against the wall. He started making headway but was rewarded by being slammed painfully against the wall nose first, the pain in his muzzle, causing him to go limp, panting raggedly through his nose. He could taste blood. A moment later he was violated again, the hard object spearing into him. It was followed by a spreading burn. He arched his back, trying to twist away from it, whining through the gag. His body spasmed helplessly as the cock slammed into him again and again, the pain spiking through his body, the burn spreading deeep inside him.

Jargan writhed, trying to escape his bonds as he was raped again and again. Heavy slugged him in the kidneys when he tried to twist out of the way. He finally gave up just hung slack from his wrists, panting hard, sobbing from pain and violation. The water was spraying over his muzzle as he was yanked away from the wall in the violence of the rape, making it hard to breath. He sputtered and snorted trying to clear his nose, his muzzle unable to open. He groaned in agony as the fucking became harder, slamming him against the wall as something far too large was crammed against his hole again and again. A knot? He was being fucked by a dog? It finally ended, the burn inside him subsiding as the knot was ground against his ass, then was gone.

"FUCK YOU faggot!" somebody yelled in his ear. Jargan sagged against the wall and just tried to breath, sobbing from the pain and humiliation. He had to be bleeding from his ass. Every heartbeat was another burst of pain.

He didn't move, the rapist had cum, he should have had enough. No such luck. His drooping tail was yanked up again, an incredible weight crushed him against the wall as another cock speared into him, burning far deeper than the one before. Jargan grunted through the binding, the pressure against his back making it almost impossible to breath. He halfheartedly tried to twist to avoid it. He was rewarded with a hard kick to his balls.

Jargan hung slack from his wrists, twitching helplessly as lights went off behind his eyes. The sensation of the cock apparently trying to penetrate his lungs from the inside was a relief as the fire of pain in his balls subsided. He was probably hyperventilating, panting hard through his nose, the taste of blood still leaking into his muzzle. He was too hot, the gag kept him from opening his muzzle. The stress and the hot shower water were not helping in the least. He tried to concentrate just on breathing as his body twitched with every painfully deep thrust into his burning ass. The cock was ground deeper inside him, causing his body to twitch violently as the rapist came, powerful jets of cum that filled him in heartbeats, pain spreading through his gut. His body twitched with the sensation, pain lancing through his stomach. And then it was gone. He could feel something flowing down his legs. Was he shitting himself?

Jargan slumped, welcoming the distraction of the pain from the cloth bindings cutting into his flesh. At least it wasn't up his ass. At least his eyes weren't burning any more. He just wanted it to stop. To be anywhere but here.

Jargan's tail was lifted again. He twisted, clamping it between his legs, temporarily rescuing it. No. Not again. Beat him, anything but that. He shook his head, grunting, "no!" through the gag.

He was rewarded with a sharp punch in the kidney. Jargan yelped again, body convulsing from the hit. He felt a huge paw rest on his shoulder, followed by a line of sharp claws pressing through his fur, against his skin. A cat? A tiger? Oh, god no. They were huge! A leonine rumble whispered in his layed back ear, temporarily blocking the spray.

"I saw your pencil dick at the party. Just relax, microdick. Lions fuck for days."

Jargan groaned, struggling helplessly as his tail was pried up again. It had to be over soon. The lion would rape him, then they would go away. It would all be over. His body was shaking, from adrenaline or pain, he didn't know.

Jargan thrashed helplessy as the lion penetrated him. It was worse than the dog's knot or the painful depth. The lion's paws held his sides, claws digging into his flesh, holding him in place with uncontestable strength. He continued to spasm as the massive cock ground into him, burning painfully, his raw ass tortured by its textured length. He sobbed, twitching uncontrollably, his world an ocean of pain.

The cock slammed into him again and again, forcing him wide open. He could feel the claws digging into his sides as he thrashed, his body shuddering helplessly. He twisted as his back cramped, his muscles burning through his whole body. The cock rammed into him again, and again. He felt delirious, the world spinning around him. The hurt was stopping. He could feel the pressure of the cock grinding into him, but it didn't hurt. His wrists didn't hurt. He relaxed, all sensation vanishing in the darkness. Blissfully gone...

* * *

Jargan collapsed to the hard, cold floor. He slumped against something warm, and was layed down gently against a textured cold surface. Tile? Gentle paws were loosening the cruel tightness around his muzzle. He could hear sobs echoing in the small room. The shower? He kept his eyes closed, his body shivering helplessly as his ankles were untied, massaged by the paws. His wrists had already been untied. He continued to shiver, his fur cold and clammy, matted to his skin. He opened his muzzle carefully, his jaw aching from the confinement. He was so cold.

"Jargan?" said a soft voice, whimpering. It sounded like Tommy.

"Are you okay? Did they break anything?" he sobbed in concern.

Jargan managed opened one eye a crack. It was his fox friend, Tommy, crouched beside him, whimpering. His muzzle was all wet from his tears.

Jargan slowly rolled onto his back, every part of him aching.

"ug." he managed. Tommy held his head on his lap, petting his headfur gently.

"Jargan, Jargan, are you okay?" he sobbed, licking at his friend's nose gently.

Jargan tenderly rubbed his muzzle with his paws. His wrists ached from being tied, his shoulders ached from hanging, his nose ached from being hit. His ass. God, his ass burned. He was so cold, he couldn't stop shivering. And every time he shivered, bruises twinged all over him.

"Come on, Jargan! Be okay, please?" Tommy whimpered.

Jargan opened both eyes and looked at Tommy. Things seemed to swirl around him, he felt dizzy.

"W-What time is it?" he shivered.

"I dunno. The game was over hours ago." he said, nervously tugging at the t-shirt he was wearing. It was several sizes too big for him. It was one of Jargan's, emblazoned with the logo of the ice-cream shop down the road.

Jargan started to move, and winced. This was going to hurt. Alot. He waved at the shower vaguely. "H..Hot Water." he managed, shivers running from his calves to his chest.

Tommy carefully set the coyote's head down and sprang to his feet turning on one of the showers, adjusting the temperatures. The spray washed over his feet. Warm. Good. Jargan half crawled and half dragged himself into the spray. It wasn't long before he felt better, in a way. At least he wasn't cold any more. Tommy helped him wash with the gentlest paws, whimpering about the bruises and blood. He even very carefully washed a good portion of the soap out of the coyote's burning and aching ass too, using the wand attached at the handicapped station.

"My towel?" asked Jargan, turning off the shower.

"Yes, right here." he said. Jargan reflexively shook the excess water out of his fur, slumping against the wall immediately afterwards for long seconds. That hurt.

Tommy brought the towel over. "Here." he said quietly, gently drying his friend's fur. Cleaned up, they eased into the cold locker room.

"They..." Jargan started.

"I know." said Tommy quietly, a whimper in his voice. "I know."

Jargan leaned his head against a locker, eyes closed. "You weren't there." he said, "they Raped me!" he growled. "three times!"

Tommy took Jargan's fist in his small paws gently. "I know. I was raped too." he said. Jargan could feel the fox's warm tongue against his digits.

Jargan opened his eyes. "What?"

Tommy looked down, sobbing for a moment, tears dripping off his muzzle. "My brother, my father." he choked out, his small frame shaking.

Jargan sat down, tears filling his eyes. Tommy's admission brought the emotion out, and he sobbed, emotion welling up from inside him. Tommy hugged him as tightly as he dared, crying too. They sat for long minutes in the dim locker room, arm in arm, sharing their pain.

Thanks to IceWolf for the awesome illustration!

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