Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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This story is Copyright by David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'. Please do not distribute without permission.

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Jargan settled into the back seat on the bus.
His ass still tingled from Lek's fucking, in a pleasant distant sort of way.
He leaned back into the corner, the warmth of the engine close behind him filtering through the seat.
He closed his eyes as the bus lurched around a corner, the engine's note sliding upwards as it downshifted.
The bus stopped to let somebody on.
Moments later, he felt and heard the person sit down beside him.

"H...Hi Jargan." said Tommy's voice quietly.

Jargan started, opening his eyes and looking the person beside him.
The fox smiled at him.
His muzzle was bruised and puffy, some dried blood in the short fur.

"Geeze, Tommy, What happend to you?" asked Jargan, sniffing the fox concernedly.
There was a whiff of alcohol and cigarette smoke in his fur.

Tommy sighed, looking down at his paws.
"I...I don't want to talk about it." he said softly, his voice barely audible over the rumble of the big diesel engine.
"Could I, uh, stay at your house tonight?"
He ducked his head and lay his ears back submissively.

Jargan glanced out the window.
It would be a few more minutes before they got to their destination.
He grimaced briefly, and patted the fox's headfur.
"I guess so." he said, "I'll take care of my mom."

Jargan studied the fox for the first time.
He was in poor shape.
A rip in the side of his t-shirt showed his ribs plainly through his fur, which was also pitifully thin, its texture dry.
Even though the night was cold, he wore only a pair of ragged shorts.
His nosepad showed a fairly new scar on the left side.
His right ear had a thick scar along one edge, which gave it a perennial tilt to the side.
His shoes were little more than rags with rubber soles.
All the coyote had seen before was a cute little fox.
Tommy shivered a bit, arms pulled close to his sides, his tail pulled close around him.
Jargan sighed and shrugged off his coat.
He put it around Tommy's shoulders.

"You look cold." he said.

"But its your leather jacket." protested Tommy, trying to shrug it off.
Jargan held it on firmly. "I'm plenty warm enough. Come on, this is my stop."

Tommy limped alongside Jargan as he walked down the road.
"What's wrong with your leg?" asked the coyote.

"Nuffin." said Tommy firmly, "I'll be fine. Just a little cut."

"But," protested Jargan, reaching into the pocket of his jacket for his keys, "It looks like it really hurts."

Tommy just shook his head and tried to walk straighter, wincing as he did so.
Jargan growled, it was obvious the fox was in pain.

"I don't care what you say, I'm carrying you." he stated firmly.
He picked up the fox easily.
He was much lighter than he should have been.

"Jargan, put me down" said Tommy, struggling half heartedly.

"Shuttup fox." growled the coyote, trotting through the illumination of a streetlight, "You're hurt."
The light revealed fresh blood trickling down the fox's leg.
He trotted faster.

Tommy sighed and rested his head against Jargan's shoulder.
He was asleep despite the jostling trot before they reached the coyote house.


Jargan grimly cleaned a deep cut on the fox's thigh, using a sponge to soak off the dried blood that ran down the red-furred leg.
Tommy whimpered softly at the touches, wincing when he touched the flesh, but not complaining beyond that.
The front door opened with the sound of somebody coming home.

"Jargan? Anybody home?" called a female voice.

"In here mom!" called Jargan, carefully sponging Tommy's muzzle, getting the blood out of the fur.

A female coyote walked in, carrying a paper bag of groceries.
She was wearing a three piece business suit and flats.
She sat the bag down on the counter and turned around.

"Oh my god! Who is this?" she asked.

"Tommy. He's a friend, okay?" Jargan said, squeezing sponge into a basin.

She rushed over, nuzzling the fox concernedly.
"wHat happened to you, Tommy? My god, you're just skin and bones!"

The fox looked down, shaking his head. "I... "

"Never mind that now, it doesn't matter.
You must be hungry!
When was the last time you ate?"

"Well, yeah." admitted Tommy, "I had some lunch at school."

"Just call me Mom, okay?
Do you like oatmeal?
It'll only take a minute.
Jargan, put some Peroxide on that so it doesn't get infected.
Then a bandage so the fur can hold it together."

Tommy smiled tentatively. "Okay."

Jargan glared briedly at his mother.
"Yes, I know! I'm cleaning it still."

The female coyote bustled about the kitchen, setting some water on to boil with oats.

Jargan swabbed some peroxide on a pad.
"This is going to sting." he observed.

Tommy nodded, gritting his teeth, wincing as the peroxide cleaned the wound.
"Oww!" he let out through gritted teeth.

Jargan fastened a bandage on with a band of elastic.
"That'll have to do." he said, putting the supplies back in the first aid box.

Mom rushed up with a steaming bowl of oatmeal.
"Here you are, love. Would you like some brown sugar? Some jam?"

"No, Ma..Mom." said Tommy, taking a big bite and swallowing it, "This is fine."
He continued eating, polishing off the bowl in a matter of minutes.

"Wow, you're pretty hungry." said Jargan, watching the fox consume a second bowl of plain oatmeal.

"Its just really good." he said, smiling as he licked some from his pawfingers and more tenderly from his bruised muzzle.

"I should call your parents, let them know you're okay." said Mom, reaching for the phone, "What's your number?"

"NO!" yelped Tommy, looking paniced, "Don't!"

"Shh..." said Mom, placing the phone back on the hook, "Its okay, you're safe here. I didn't know."

Tommy shivered despite the warmth of the house, looking very small in the kitchen chair.

"I'll go make up the guest room." stated Mom, putting the dirty bowl in the sink, Jargan, why don't you find him a pair of your pajamas to wear?

"Uh, Mom?" interrupted Jargan.

Mom turned, drying her hands on a dish towel. "Yes dear?"

"He'll be sleeping with me." he stated, meeting her gaze, his ears flicking back and forth.

She blinked, raising and eyebrow as she paused for a moment. "Okay then, its settled. Off to bed with you two, then."

"Okay." said Jargan softly, looking at Tommy across the kitchen table.
His mother left the room, and could be heard moving about down the hall.
The fox looked down at the table, his arms folded close up against his chest.
"Come on fox." said Jargan briefly, moving over and taking Tommy by the hand.
"Lets get some rest."


Tommy cuddled up to Jargan on the bed, the coyote's arm snug around him.
The coyote's thick fur and heat warmed him, making the events of the day seem far away.
He could feel the thickness of the coyote's cock pressing thick along the base of his tail.

"What happened to your ear?" Jargan asked quietly.

Tommy shrugged. "It was a long time ago. My brother and his friends were playing."

"An your nose?" prompted Jargan.

Tommy sighed heavily, shivering a little and snuggling closer, Jargan's thick fur warming his back.

"When I got home I still smelled like you." he said quietly.
"My brother... knew... what we did."
He shivered, body twitching in a sob.

Jargan squeezed Tommy.
"Its okay. Cry."
Tommy sobbed into his paws, Jargan cuddling him close in his arms, slowly drifting to sleep.


Jargan woke during the night, his arms around the fox Tommy. His cock was hard, pressing into the small of the fox's back, slowly relaxing. Lust burned through his loins, every movement of his cock against the fur another small jolt of pleasure.
He breathed in their mingled scent, letting it fill his head.
He felt the urgency deep in his pelvis increase.
His cock thickened, slipping from his sheath as his hips shifted, pressing up against the fox.
He panted hotly into the fox's thin fur, wedging his tip under the red-furred tail, finding the heat of the pucker.
He slid his paws along the thin fox's side, sliding over his ribs and over the flat stomach, feeling the tight ass stretch around his cock.
Tommy whimpered softly, not waking up.
Jargan's hips pressed firmly, pressing more and more of him inside, lubricated by his readily spurting precum.

Tommy twitched, moving a bit, his tail lifting.
The coyote slipped in further, feeling the tight ring slide down his shaft, resisting momentarily in front of his barely thickened knot.
A little more pressure and it too slid in, cock buried to the hilt inside the fox.
He tenderly pulled and thrusted, feeling every inch stroked by the silky smoothness inside, a firm pressure at his tip when fully in.
It felt so good.
He pulled out and pressed in again, his cock thickening, the channel tightening around him.
He pressed deep again, and the fox whimpered, shifting again in his sleep.
Jargan stroked the fox's headfur softly.

"Shh, everything's fine." he whispered. The fox settled down again. He pulled out and slid in, his cock swelling thicker and harder inside him. "Oh god..." he murmured, gripping the fox's hips as he thrusted, pressing deep into the fox. He grunted, twitching as the pleasure exploded in his groin. His knot swelled quickly, locking him inside, the pleasure building for long moments, the tightness increasing as his cum flooded out. "Oh god..." he moaned as he slumped.

Tommy whimpered, his shifting causing him to squirm about on his cock a bit, his ass quivering and clenching around him. He felt another welling of sensation in his pelvis. "oh, god." he groaned again as he came, his hips helplessly grinding into the milking ass, the tightness growing again, almost unbearable. Tommy woke with a start, yelping, instictively struggling to extricate himself from Jargan's grip.

"Shhh!" he whispered into Tommy's ear, "Shh!"

Tommy quieted, whimpering softly under his breath. "It hurts!" he answered, his ass twitching around the coyote's cock, "Too big!"

"Shhh..." Jargan responded, "I'm tied."

Jargan reached down, feeling the fox's sex. It stood out stiffly, the tip wet with precum. He tentatively wrapped his paw around it, stroking gently. "Just feel this." he whispered, sliding his paw gently up and down, lubricating it with some quick licks of his paw. Tommy just whimpered, though his cock throbbed at the stroking. "Just let it go." he whispered, smiling as he felt the fox relax a bit against him, his hips humping ever so slightly into the strokes. He squeezed the cock tighter. It felt good. The fox was so hard, he could feel the texture of the veins standing out. "Ooh, hard foxy." he whispered, sliding his paw up and down. "Hard like me." he panted, feeling his own arousal surge, throbbing inside his friend. "A good hard foxy." he grunted as the fox's hips humped into his paw, tugging at the tie. "Ooh, such a good fox." he whispered, squeezing harder, sliding his paw faster, matching the rythm of the fox's humps in double time. "Oh yeah, God yeah, hump, yes." he whispered urgently, panting on his own, his body tense as pleasure welled inside him again. "Cum all over, make a mess for me" he whispered, stroking madly, the fox's own humpings becoming irregular and frenetic, his ass yanking squeezing around the coyote's swollen cock. "do it!" he urged, squeezing the fox's cock in his paw.

The fox gasped, shuddering, his ass clamping vicelike about the swollen intrusion as he came, his cum splattering into Jargan's paw, quickly being spread down his shaft by the stroking paw, the slickness making him convulse, several more jets hitting the sheets. He tensed as the sensation passed, the cock inside him swelling, the pain growing then vanishing as something slipped inside him. He relaxed, sighing.

Jargan continued to stroke the fox as his cum flowed out, lubricating his paw. He stroked, sliding up and down as the cock throbbed in his paw. His own hips ground into the fox as the milking and sensation got too much. His cock swelled huge inside the fox as he came a third time, the tightness increasing even as his cum pumped in with powerful convulsions of his groin. Then, something shifted, and he felt his tip sliding several inches further in, his cum flowing into him in slowly slackening long spurts.

"What happened?" whimpered Tommy, panting. Jargan inside him was quite uncomfortable, almost intolerable, but not the intense pressure of a moment ago.

Jargan shivered, the pleasure of orgasm still washing through his head. "Godd..." he murmured, not answering.

"J...Jargan?" Tommy whispered.

Jargan replied after his breathing settled down. "Yeah?"

"You're too big..." he whimpered softly, "It hurts."

"I'm relaxing." Jargan said, the tightness around his cock relaxing as his spent cock returned to limp size.

Tommy whimpered quietly, Jargan's cock slipping out the first few inches, then sighing as the rest slipped free. They both fell asleep almost instantly, completely relaxed, Jargan's paw still holding onto Tommy's stuff cock.

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