Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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"Hey wally." said Jargan, dropping into the desk beside his thick spectacled friend. "What's up?"

Wally shrugged, looking over, his feline nose flaring as he took in the scent on the coyote.

"You smell like a vixen. Tina." he said. "And a ferret too."

Jargan preened, smoothing his whiskers and hair back. "Hey, yeah. I had a little fun before class, you know." he winked.

Wally answered the roll call briefly before turning back, whispering. "Don't you think that you're going to get in trouble?" he asked, "you can't just screw at school!"

Jargan was eyeing a girl mouse seated two rows away, and didn't answer. She was cute, her straight dark hair cut with bangs. She wore a petite sailor suit with a skirt of fairly minimal length, but legal. Her tail twiched idly behind her as she answered the role call. She glanced over and Jargan caught her eye. She looked away for a moment reflexively, then looked back. Jargan sat back in his chair, letting his coat fall open, showing the heavy bulge of his balls pressing against his sweat pants. He winked.

"Hey, want some of this?" he whispered, shifting his hips, making his cock outline against his pants..

The mouse looked away, blushing, her ears bright pink. As the other students began milling around in preparation for their first class, she moved over and stood beside him.

"Uh, hi." she almost whispered, "I'm Lucy"

"Jargan Coyote" announced Jargan, grinning triumphantly at Wally. "Grab a seat." he offered, patting his lap. She tentatively sat down.

"Hey, class!" announced the teacher, "I have to step out, you're all dismissed when the bell rings, okay?" He left hurriedly, pulling on his coat as he entered the hallway on some errand.

"You ever have a big coyote before?" asked Jargan quietly, sliding his paws down her sides and over her hips. The mouse looked down, her eyes lingering on his bulge, more obvious now that her weight tightened the cloth. She stood momentarily, turning to straddle his lap. She glanced around, making sure the teacher was gone.

"Yeah." she whispered, her eyes hungry, nose to nose with the coyote, "You ever fucked in class before?"

Jargan's pants tented, his arousal surging. "Right now?" he asked, panting as his cock hardened, a rush of excitement making him feel light headed.

Lucy nodded, lifting her skirt to cover Jargan's crotch, her paws pulling his pants down smoothly. Jargan's tail wagged behind him as he felt her soft paw pull the sheath back from his long cock, guiding it directly to her wet folds. She wasn't wearing any panties. He grunted at the surge of pleasure as his cock slid into her tightness.

"They'll see" he whispered, glancing around. Some of the other students were in similar positions, taking the opportunity to snuggle as the teacher was out of the room.

"Fuck me." she whispered, her petite breasts pressing against his chest, her narrow nose sniffing in his ear. He let out a soft whimper in reply, thrusting his hips, shoving his cock deep into her. She was tight, her heat tingling along his cock, her slick channel stroking every milimeter with silky smooth tightness.

"Fuck, you're tight" grunted Jargan, eyes closed tightly as she ground her hips against his. His paws pulled the mouse close, hips meeting hers again and again as she took the full length of his hard cock. He no longer cared if anybody saw, it felt so good. He felt drool slipping out the side of his muzzle as her panting came harder into his ear. He panted, thrusting, feeling the unfamiliar length of his cock press so deep inside her. Her body working around his cock, milking it intensely as she orgasmed, her body pulling his cock into her further.

Jargan shuddered helplessly as her body sucked him deep, his knot swelling rapidly. Hi cum fired down his hard shaft, gushing into her as the tightness grew, sending a vibrating tingle through his loins. "rrrr..." he gasped, panting, opening his eyes as the sensation buzzed through his body.

He turned his head to find himself alone in the room with Lucy and Wally, who sat ramrod straight, still in his chair, eyes wide as he stared at them, a large tent in his jeans.

"Whats wrong cat, ain'tcha never seen sex before?" panted Lucy, wriggling a bit as she tried to dislodge Jargan's knot. It was stuck tight, and she would swear it was getting tighter, sending waves of pleasure as she moved around it.

Wally shook his head, "Uh, no." he said quietly. Lucy reached over and ran her paw over the rigid lump in his jeans.

"I'm stuck solid to Jargan. Why don't you fuck my ass?" she asked him.

Waly swallowed. "R...Really?"

Lucy pushed the desk away from behind her to make room. "Yeah, so drop those pants before I change my mind." She panted hungrilly, kissing Jargan's slack muzzle.

Wally started, standing up and hurriedly undoing his jeans, pulling them down to reveal a strained pair of white undies, a circle of dampness easily visible where the head of his cock strained. Lucy pulled them down, revealing the cats slim, textured cock. She lifted her skirt up behind her with her tail.

"Fuck her, Wally!" grinned Jargan, "let her have that cock!"

Wally smiled nervously, pressing his maleness up between the round globes of the mouse girl. A spurt of precum quickly made her ring slippery and with a gentle shove he slid in. The warmth enveloped him, the ring tensing around his cock as he pressed into her velvety soft depths.

"Yeah, I can feel you inside" grinned Jargan, his cock throbbing, still throbbing intensely hard inside her. Wally gasped at the sensation of being inside her, sliding in to the hilt, his fuzzy hips pressing against her hairless tail.

"oh, its so hot!" panted Wally, his hips hunching into the tight space. "oh God it feels so good!"

Lucy kissed Jargan, lapping along his tongue, her hips undulating back onto Wally's slim cock. Jargan groaned, grinding his knot against the tie, sensation heightened by Wally's cock sliding inside her, tickling up and down his shaft. He groaned ecstatically as his cock throbbed hard again, his cumming renewed, driven on by the new sensation. The mouse's cunt tightened around his rock hard cock. She gasped, body quivering on his lap as she milked both cocks, helplessly tied to Jargan's swollen phallus. The bell rang for the next period, causing Wally to twitch in surprize, his hips thumping against the mouse's tight rump as he came, his own rigid cock firing kitty spunk into her, a series of rapid spurts tha left him gasping, slumping dizzily back against the desk. His cock drooped, still half hard as it dripped the last of his load onto the floor.

"Wow." he said, panting, shaking the dizziness out of his head before hurriedly fastening up his pants and grabbing his books. "Thanks Lucy, Jargon. Dang, I'm late for class!" He rushed out, cleaning fog off his glasses with his shirt.

Jargan grinned at the mouse as Wally rushed out. "I tied you good." he stated, his cock softening quickly after his double cumming. Lucy stood as she felt the knot recede, tensing her loins to keep the coyote's cum inside her. She settled her skirt around her, eyeing the large, dripping cock that lay against Jargan's thigh.

"We must do this again soon." she said, licking the coyote's cheek. "Real soon."

Jargan grinned, his sheath sliding back into place as his cock relaxed completely. He tugged his own pants into place and picked up his books as he followed her out of the room. "You betcha." he confirmed, separating from her at a hallway intersection, trailing his paw down her tail.

His cock tingled in his sheath, his balls a fat weight between his legs, sliding against each other as he walked. He felt ready to fuck again, his hips twitching a bit as he remembered the slick tightness of Lucy.

"Fuck, I'm so fucking horny!" he muttered to himself, slipping into his assigned classroom. He managed to sit down and open his notebook without being noticed by the teacher, whose back was turned as he wrote on the blackboard.

Jargan put his paw in his pants, sliding it along his sheath. He could feel his os penis go on and on, so much longer than it had been even a few days before. He reached down further, his small paws cupping around his balls. They were huge, each testicle slightly larger than he could close his paw around. For as long as he could remember they had been tiny, both fitting in his paw easily. He looked up, listening a bit to the teacher. He was reviewing the homework from the night before, showing a solution on the board. It was a simple reapplication of the material they covered the week before. He sighed and looked out the window. It was a beautiful day, the bright sun shining through the large maple trees in the yard to show in dappled shade, the shadows shifting as a breeze ruffled the trees.

Jargan glanced around. Nobody was watching him. He continued to slide his paw along his sheath. He could feel his cock swell, the end of his cock pressing out of his sheath and against the waistband of his sweat pants. He smiled a bit, enjoying the sensation of his paw, gently stroking his cock along its length with his sheath.

"Jargan!" called the teacher.

The coyote started, looking up, slipping his paw out of his pants hurriedly.

"Would you work this problem out on the board?" asked the teacher, holding out a piece of chalk.

Jargan nodded. "Okay." he said. He stood and walked to the front of the room. He was kind of hard, he could feel the heaviness of his balls and partially erected cock swing as he moved. He took the chalk and looked at the question drawn on the board. It was a simple system of three equations expressing three variables. He glanced at the teacher who waited expectantly.

He turned slightly to the class to show off his bulge, his back to the teacher as he solved the equation system as fast as he could write it onto the board. It was basic algebra, it just took alot of steps. The solution filled up most of the board.

The teacher nodded as he finished, writing the values of the three variables on the board.

"Very good, Jargan. You may sit down now." he said, taking the chalk back.

Jargan grinned and walked back to his desk, feeling his balls again rolling between his legs. He sat down and sighed, smiling briefly at a chipmunk classmate who watched him with bright eyes. His desk was beside Jargan's. The teacher moved into explaining the evenings homework, Jargan looked over at the chipmunk.

"Whanna fuck?" asked Jargan briefly, feeling his cock press against his pants stiffer, despite his lack of attention to it.

The chipmunk nodded. "Meet me in the bathroom after class." he replied, scribbling down the homework assignment.

Jargan walked into the bathroom after math class, sniffing the air. Besides the usual acidic tang of urine, he could smell the chipmunk in one of the stalls. He opened the door, panting in anticipation. The chipmunk knelt immediately, his shorts around his ankles. He pulled Jargan's pants down, gasping at the size of the sheath. Cupping the heavy balls in one paw, he licked along the furry sheath, finding the end and tonguing into it. The coyote's cock quickly swelled, thickening the sheath as it slipped out into the chipmunk's muzzle.

"Ooh, mmph!" said the chipmunk, cramming it into his throat eagerly, his large tail lashing from side to side behind him.

"Hey, easy with the teeth!" protested Jargan, watching the large sharp teeth fronting the Chipmunk's muzzle slide so close to his shaft.

"mmph" responded the chipmunk, backing off hastilly as it hardened, gagging at the length and thickness. "Sheesh!" he said, wiping his muzzle, eyes wide as he looked at the harge cock. "Yer so big!"

"What didja expect, a pencil dick?" demanded Jargan, his cock throbbing stiff, balls warm with his load. "You made it hard, now you make me cum." he growled, the lust filling his head.

"I, I can't!" protested the chipmunk, demonstrating his mouth couldn't open wide enough to let the thick cock past his teeth.

Jargan growled, his head spinning, his cock throbbing needfully. He pushed the chipmunk around, pulling up on the tail, revealing the tight hole. "Then I'll take it out of your ass!" he snapped, gripping his paws around the chipmunk's hips, his twitching cock missing the chipmunk's ass on the first thrust, sliding between his legs.

"No!" yelped the chipmunk, trying to squirm out of his grasp, "You're too big!"

He heard Tommy's voice from outside. "Jargan!"

Jargan twitched, and the chipmunk squirmed out of his grasp. He was gone in a flash, climbing over the partition.

"Shit." grumbled Jargan, staring down at his throbbing cock. He opened the door and pulling Tommy into the small space. "You made me loose the rodent!" he accused.

"Good!" growled Tommy, "He didn't want to! You don't rape people!"

Jargan paused, looking at the growling fox. "Fine. Then you suck me!" he demanded.

Tommy dropped to his knees as he ran his paws along the thick shaft, stretching his muzzle and lapping along the underside as he pressed it into his throat. Jargan grunted in satisfaction, pawing Tommy's ears and pulling the head down on his cock. His throat was tight, warm, slippery. His heavy balls pulled close as he grunted, his hips twitching forward. Tommy's paws worked over his knot, making the pleasure surge in his loins. He fired his cum in satisfying gushes into the tightness, feeling the throat swallow around him, milking his cock as he sprayed, the hardness peaking again. Tommy's eyes grew wide as the cock in his throat swelled, making it hard to swallow around it. He managed a couple more swallows before Jargan let go of his head, letting him back off. He stared at the slowly relaxing cock, its length particularly impressive in the small space. He looked up at Jargan seriously.

"Never force on people." he said.

Jargan rolled his eyes, pulling his pants up as his cock slipped back into his sheath. "Whatever." he grunted, turning and trotting off to the next class.

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