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By: David Ihnen

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Story request: Husband buys magic ring that can
grant only one wish per person, gets drunk and wishes
wife and male dog (a mid sized to large dog not a
little one) could be more like each other, wish merges
them into one being (a hermaphrodite, a sort of male
human dog with breasts, but no vagina). He then wishes
he had listened to his wife and had dog fixed, when
the merged being, in a fit of passion mounts him from

The antro-morph/furry would be heavily muscled,
have at least one pair of firm C-Cup breast (and no
more than two pairs), be wearing a woman's
nightdress/nightgown (which the wife would be wearing
before the merge, and would not be completly torn to
apart), and trick the man into the bed room where the
rape takes place.


Gordon opened the door, entering his small house. He was of average build, his body showing signs of former strength. Years of sedentary driving had taken a heavy toll.

"I'm home!" he called, grumbling to himself as he rubbed his back, leaning against the door jamb. His back was bothering him again. And his useless wife wouldn't even care.

"I'm in the kitchen." came his wife's whiney voice from across the house, "Did you get the milk on the way home?" He walked into the kitchen to get a beer. Jessica stood at the stove, stirring something in a pot. She was short, her petit pear-shaped figure outlined against the harsh light of the stove hood. "I'm making rice with chicken tonight." she announced. 'Like you give a shit.' she muttered under her breath.

"Whatever." he grunted, opening the refrigerator. He removed a beer and popped the top off on the opener attached to the cupboard. The cap bounced once on the countertop and fell on the floor. He left it.

"Are you going to take the trash out?" she asked, turning and frowning disapprovingly at the beer he was holding. That's all he ever did, work and drink and sleep.

"My back hurts. I'll be watching the tube." he muttered, turning towards the living room.

"You gonna let Roy in?" she asked, prompted by a whine from outside.

"Yeah, might as well." he replied, opening the back door briefly as he passed it. "He's at least happy to see me." His coonhound, Roy, trotted in immediately, waggling joyfully at his master's return. He patted the dog on the head, groaning as pain shot through his back. He held out the beer and the dog opened his muzzle, he poured a bit in. A little dripped on the floor. Roy licked it up.

"Beer is not for dogs." scowled Jessica, "You'll just get him drunk and he'll piss in the house again."

Gordon snorted. "Happens to the best of us, eh Roy?"

Roy followed him into the living room, where he sat at the arm of the easy chair, tail wagging busily as he leaned his head on the cracked leather. Gordon reclined the chair with a noisy creak, flipping the channels on the small TV until he found the highlights of yesterday's football game. "Damn Bills lost." he muttered, petting Roy's head absently with one hand. The announcer on the TV rushed through several plays before it switched to a blaring commercial. He leaned his head back and took a deep drink of beer, letting the fuzz of the alcohol take the edge off.

"Too bad she can't be like you, eh Roy?" he said, letting the dog have drink too. It was almost gone.

"Bring me another beer!" he called to the kitchen.

"Get it yourself!" she snapped back, dishes clattering as she served up dinner. Worthless pig.

Gordon grumbled but didn't move from the recliner. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wadded up plastic bag. Unraveled, it revealed a ring. He held it up to the light, ignoring the tv announcer's speculation about the outcome of the next day's football game. The ring was unspectacular, a simple wide band of silver with a matte finish. Engraven around the outside were some odd characters on the outside. Inside was a simple inscription in a tiny but legible script. He held it closer to the light and squinted to read it.

Worn upon the rightmost finger
this simple band a one wishbringer

Gordon didn't normally purchase jewelry. This ring was too wide for Jessica, definitely a man's ring. He had seen it on the jewelry and nicknack rack at the truck stop outside of town. It caught his eye as he passed, burning into him the entire time he ate lunch. It turned out to be cheap, so he broke his rules bought it. He'd actually forgotten about it until now. He tried it on his right ring finger. It was too small. He looked up at Roy, who had mounted the bean bag chair again. He was slobbering on it while his hips worked frenetically. Gordon drank the rest of his beer, watching Roy get off.

"Yeah, you got it figured don'tcha." smirked Gordon, putting down the bottle and absently trying the ring on his pinky. It fit, sliding over the knuckle and resting at the base. The TV blared a commercial for laundry soap. His wife marched in and pushed aside some papers to secure a plate of rice and chicken on the end table beside him. She put another beer beside it.

"Don't say I never gave ya nothin." she said. Gordon grunted.

"Roy, Off!" she commanded, nudging the hound with her foot as she passed him. Roy stopped trying to hump the chair and sat down on the threadbare rug, licking himself. She sat down on the couch and ate some of her plate.

"'bout time." grumbled Gordon, taking a deep drink from the beer.

"The garbage man comes tomorrow." his wife told him, a whiny edge to her voice, "You have to take the garbage out."

Gordon grunted, and stared at the TV without really caring. They were showing footage of a fire down at the docks, flames boiling hundreds of feet into the air. He recognized the warehouse, he used to make deliveries there. Roy came back for another drink of beer. Gordon poured some into his muzzle.

"Are you going to get that dog neutered?" whined Jessica, "All he ever does is hump that chair."

Gordon grunted, and took another deep drink. He sat and let his eyes unfocus, looking towards but not paying attention to the tv. He burped loudly and looked over at his wife, standing up with her empty plate.

"Gimme another beer." he grunted.

"Are you going to eat that?" Jessica asked, indicating the dinner she made untouched at his elbow.

"Yeah, yeah." he said, "Just get me another beer."

She dissappeared into the kitchen, dishes clattering in the sink.

"Hey Roy." said Gordon, pulling the plate over onto his lap, "eat this crap."

Roy gladly scarfed down the plate. Gordon put it back on the table.

"Good dog." he said, feeding him the last of the beer in the bottle.

Roy lolled his tongue, panting as he swayed a bit.

"Feelin it, eh Roy?" Gordon grinned, patting the dog on the head.

Roy grunted as he sat down kind of hard, licking his balls again.

His wife came out of the kitchen and plunked another beer on the table. "We got to go shopping again." she said. The ungrateful bastard had fed his dinner to the dog again. His fork was still on the table, clean.

Gordon grunted again, shaking his head. "Yeah, figures." He picked up the beer and took a deep drought. The tv played a commercial for dog food as he enjoyed the buzz. Roy was humping the chair.

"When are you going to get that dog neutered?" she nagged in her whiny voice, "and take out the trash, the truck comes tomorrow."

Gordon didn't reply, looking over at Roy. He could feel his crotch swell as he watched the dog get off, the alcohol making him feel light headed and powerful. Too bad his bitchy wife wouldn't screw him any more. If only she were horny as Roy. His wife disappeared into the kitchen again, carrying the empty plate.

"It sure would be nice if you and her were more alike." said Gordon to Roy. He watched the tv because there wasn't anything else to do, drinking some more of the beer. He heard his wife go into the bedroom, and the clinking sounds of the handles on the dresser.

"Yeah, she would want it so bad, like you do. We would fuck like on our honeymoon." Gordon mumbled softly to himself, swallowing the last of the bottle. Roy sat and licked himself again, slurping noisily. Gordon burped.

"Bring me another beer!" he shouted to be heard through the wall.

"Get it yourself!" she shouted back. He could hear the bathroom sink running.

"Shit, I wish she was horny like you." he said to Roy. The ring on his finger suddenly felt hot.

"Fuck!" he cursed, dropping the empty bottle as he tried to pull the ring off. Roy trotted out of the room, half under his feet as Gordeon rushed to the kitchen. He continued to curse as he turned on the water, running it over his hand. The ring was gone, but he hadn't taken it off. His finger ached from the heat. He held up his hand. There was a pink band where the ring had been. "What the fuck?" he grumbled, "frickin ripoff." He opened the refrigerator and took out another beer, popping the lid and chugging the whole thing. He stood in the dim light of the refrigerator, listening to the chug of its compressor. He burped again.

Jessica pulled on her nightgown, looking at herself in the mirror. Her hair was stringy, her formerly perky breasts sagging low on her chest. Even her face was getting wrinkled. She sighed and picked up the toothbrush, wetting it under the faucet. She left it on while she brushed her teeth, picking at a frayed corner of her nightgown with the other hand. Gordon cursed from the other room, she rolled her eyes and bent over, spitting into the sink. Served the bastard right, whatever happened. Roy trotted in, probably to drink out of the toilet. She slurped some water from the faucet to rinse her mouth out again.

Roy felt drawn to the lady suddenly, he went to find her. She was in the bathroom, leaning over the sink. He put his nose under her nightgown, and jumped up on her, his paws around her hips. She stood up straight, but he was stuck to her, an almost painful warmth rushing over his body.

Jessica gasped as Roy jumped up on her, underneath her nightgown. The horny dog was trying to fuck her. She stood up in a flush of anger, but the dog was stuck to her back. Her body flushed with heat, her legs so stiff she could barely move. She leaned on the sink as a searing heat spiked at her ass, a new sensation forming as a hot mass seemed to extend from her lower back. She could feel something moving, lifting at her nightgown. She shuddered, rising to her toes as the heat rushed down the backs of her legs, quickly covering them, reforming them as she stood. Her eyes took in powerful muscles, her thighs bulging huge, only to be covered by a sheen of brown fur. She barely had time to register this as painful heat tore through her groin. Then it stopped, the nightgown bulging as unfamiliar weight swayed between her legs. A weight she could feel swaying, pressing against the cloth.

There was a moments reprieve there, leaving her panting heavily before the burning started again, rushing up her stomach, her chest swelling beneath her tightening breasts. She stared at four firm breasts protruding from her chest. She ran her unchanged hands over the firm b-cup bottom breasts in shock, sliding up over the more conventional pair of c-cup breasts firmly hovering above them. The nightgown was almost painfully taut around her torso now, the tingles of sensation showing that they were real. She gasped, leaning again on the sink as her chest swelled, muscling even as it was covered by shiny dark fur, the nipples standing out hard and bare. Her shoulders swelled next, arms bulging as muscles stood out beneath the new fur covering, the sleeves of the nightgown ripping as the muscles flexed. Her neck snapped back as the heat rushed up her neck and over her head, her face burning as her reflected features became fluid, mouth and nose pressing out in a muzzle. Canine teeth pressed out, her nose darkening, foread flattening, and ears lengthened to hound floppiness. Suddenly, it was over. The pain was comepletely gone. Sie panted, a fit of dizziness passing. Yes, Sie. Sie knew there was both male and female in hir, she tilted hir head at the odd sensation, holding up one of hir paws. It was covered in dark fur, the fingers and thumb tipped with blunt black claws. Hir palm was fleshy and dark. Sie looked into hir eyes, deep brown eyes, like Roy had. She felt herself through the nightgown, a startlingly large sheath over a heavy pair of balls. Sie groped, searching, and found no familiar vagina. Lust stirred in hir loins, and sie smiled at hirself. She didn't even care. When it came to fucking, sie was all male. Thats how sie should be. Sie trailed her paw over the sheath, feeling the lust flare in her loins, so intense as to make her shoulder blades tense.

"Ooh hooney..." Gordon heard his wife's voice singsong from the bedroom.

He knew that voice. He could feel his crotch twitch already. Yeah, that was her bedroom voice. He would show that wife the lovin she had been depriving herself of tonight! He grinned to himself as he walked past the tv, carelessly leaving it on. He entered the small bedroom. She was still in the bathroom, so he pulled off his boots and jeans quickly. He had just yanked off his t-shirt when he saw it in the dresser mirror.

Standing behind the door panted a large anthropomorphic dog. The large muzzle was partly open, a thick tongue lolled over massive sharp teeth. Its face looked like Roy's, only larger. The thickly muscled neck led to two pairs of breasts straining under what was left of the nightgown. They rose and fell with its panting breaths, almost bursting from the half ripped nightgown stretched around it. The sleeves were split around massive biceps, the furred arms ending in powerful but short fingered paws. The front of the nightgown was bulging in the crotch, a circle of moisture slowly increasing in size. He took in the thickly muscled legs standing digitigrade, thick claws on the toes digging into the worn rug.

He froze in terror his eyes moving detachedly back to the breasts. His mind noted their firm roundness, the lovely way they strained at the cloth holding them. If only Jessica still had breasts like that. The smell hit him, thick dog musk combined with the slightly sour odor of his wife.

Jessica/Roy stood, watching Gordon undress. Sie could feel lust burning in hir loins, tingling through hir balls, tensing her thighs and back as sie watched the aroused man undress. The restrictive cloth around hir pressed at hir four nipples, movements causing tingles that just emphasized the eagerness swelling in hir loins. The man had just tossed his t-shirt in the corner when he saw hir, his eyes going wide. For long moments he stood, staring, his eyes sliding down hir form.

"Holy shit." he managed, slowly reaching for the dresser drawer. His pistol was laying loaded just beneath the socks.

The creature moved closer, panting, the dog scent blown towards him from hir labored breathing.

The muzzle moved. "We're the same now, Roy and me" said Jessica's voice, "Just what you wanted. Isn't that what you wanted? I'm horny now." She slammed the door to the bedroom with one paw as sie moved closer to him.

Gordon's eyes went wide, and he tried to lunge for the drawer. He got his hand on the knob before Jessica/Roy grabbed him, the powerful body easily lifting him. He felt a firm pressure sliding up against his ass. He tried to twist away.

"Shit, let me go!" he growled, thrashing, hitting the creature's arm but having no effect.

"I'm horny, Gor-don!" said Jessica's voice again, the powerful body tossing him onto the queen sized bed. Gordon twisted, scrambling back towards the other side.

"We're going to screw, Gor-don!" sie said joyfully, leaping after, pinning him to the bed. Gordon swore, struggling under the superior weight and strength. The thick paws grabbed the gown and ripped it in half like tissue paper, revealing the four breasts and a canid sheath, aroused canine cock poking from it thickly. Sie rubbed up against him, tickling her four nipples against his chest, hips pressing the cock up against his stomach. "Don't you love me Gordon?" sie said, massive tongue licking his face. "I love you Gordon, I love you forever, I promise." sie said with doglike simplicity, grinding her body against his.

Gordon struggled beneath the creature, the cock shoving into his stomach, driven by powerful hips. Sie pressed him to the bed, hir breasts grinding into his chest as the tongue licked at his mouth, stretching it wide as it forced its way in. He tried to bite it to no effect, the tongue stretching his jaw, lapping at his throat. He managed to clamp his mouth shut as the tongue lapped out, twisting with all his strength. He managed to thrash his way over with the strength borne of panic. But now the thick hardness was shoving at his ass!

Jessica/Roy reveled in the sensation, rubbing hirself against the heat, smelling the musk of hir man. Sie kissed him, licking into his little mouth, tasting his throat and the mettalic tang of his stretched lips. Hir master. Hir husband. All hirs. And he loves hir when he gets sex. Sie ground her arousal against him, feeling the lubricating spurts cool against hir shaft. Suddenly, Gordon twisted, turning over under hir. Sie knew this position. Sie grabbed him tightly with hir paws, her jaws grabbing at the back of his neck, holding him firm. Sie felt her cock pressing between Gordon's cheeks. It felt good. Now he will love hir because he gets sex.

"FUCK!" screamed Gordon, trying to writhe out from beneath, helpless in the powerful grip of the creature. The massive cock pryed his ass open forcefully. It felt bigger than any shit ever, pressing inwards, violating him. He screamed again as the cock pulled out and rammed in again, stretching his unwilling ass, pain splintering through his body. He drew a ragged breath and shuddered as the cock pounded into him, the pistoning ram rending his bowls. Teeth dug into his neck, slobber or blood dripped down his neck, he didn't know which. The claws dug into his thighs, yanking his ass onto the penetrating rod. Oddly, he could feel the round firmness of the breasts crushed against his back, sliding over it as his body moved from the impacts of her frenetic fucking. He sobbed, shuddering and gasping for breath, completely powerless.

Sie thrusted into the heat of Gordon's body, shivering at the delightful sensation around her phallus, feeling her loins contract, driving the first of hir seed into him. Sie leaned into him heavily, hir boned cock plowing deep into his clenching ass, gripping his neck with hir powerful jaws. Sie yanked him onto her thrusting cock, lifting his body with hir powerful arms. Sie pounded, letting doggie passion take control of her loins, driving into hir fucktoy with a passionate frenzy. Hir cock swelled, stretching hir lover around it. Sie thrusted more urgently, shoving deeper as she felt a tie coming. Sie hadn't tied in a long time, since the Roy part had that bitch.

Gordon gave up screaming, hanging limp in hir arms other than random twitches as spasms of pain shot through him, his body clamped and used by the creature. The cock slammed into him again and again, shoving ever deeper. He would swear it was getting bigger, stretching him more. The creature that used to be his wife and his dog suddenly accelerated, the cock slorching in and out of his abused ass before slamming completely into him. Agony bloomed as the creature ground hir hips against him, stretching, ripping the flesh inside him as a surge of fluid send a chain of expanding pain through his stomach. He gurgled helplessly, the teeth digging into his neck painfully. The haze of red over his mind slowly receeded as the creature let go of his neck, letting him collapse to the bed. His ass twitched around a massive intrusion. He bitterly realized he was tied like that bitch he bred Roy to last year. If only he had neutered Roy.

Jessica/Roy pounded hir lover in an ecstatic frenzy, hir balls boiling as lust swept through hir body, tightening her grip on his body with tooth and paw. Sie felt hir cock swelling, and slammed it fully into the heat, grinding hir hips against his ass as she came, an explosion of canid seed that gushed in jet after jet into his body. Sie convulsed repeatedly, driving gush after gush into him, his helpless twitching milking more out of hir. As hir spurts steadied to a regular jet, sie released the man, kneeling on the bed. Sie grinned at the body heaving on the bed in front of hir. Sie could smell the tang of his blood, and the musk of hir seed. The unthankful brute had got his, that's for sure. And Roy had finally really gotten off for the first time in over a year.

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