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NOTESThis is a work of parody.
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You meet alot of interesting people online. Take this conversation for instance:

*** You have joined channel #manhattan
*** DockNY (dock@pop4-5-12.shipnet.com) has joined channel #manhattan
*** Topic for #manhattan: Gargoyles are cool!
*** #manhattan Leviathan 947270061
*** #manhattan 882447682
*** mode change +b *!xanados@*xanacorp.com
*** Xanados has been kicked off channel #gargoyles by Leviathan (Disruptive)
Hi Dock!
> Hiya Lex! Howya doin?
Nice to see you again. How are you tonight?
> Bored. I don't know what to do with myself.
Don't you have a job?
> Yeah, most of the time. But I have tonight off.
What do you do?
> I administrate a big computer network.
That sounds like fun! Do you get to build computers?
> Yeah, sometimes. Most of the time I get to answer stupid user questions.
Where do you live?
> A bit north of Greenwich village.
I don't live very far from there.
> Cool. Wanna get together for a drink or something? It'll be more interesting than this.
I don't know. I'm a gargoyle you know. I can't go into bars usually.
> REALLY? I've known you for months and you never told me!
> I'm suddenly nervous. You're really a gargoyle? I saw you all on the news and everything.
I understand if you don't want to meet me.
> Oh no! Its all the better. Gargoyles are sexy.
Sexy? Like on the XXX store?
> Better. I never saw anybody at the adult stores that had a tail like that.
You like tails?
> Oh, yes. And leathery wings and loincloths.
I don't have wings like the big gargoyles.
> You must be like the little green one I saw, with the flaps. Like a flying squirrel.
Well, sort of. Squirrels don't have any ribs in their flaps.
> All the better for flying with!
I can only glide. That's why we gargoyles always live up high.
> Still. It must be way better than walking around all the time.
Yes. I like gliding.
> one thing I always wondered though
> your wings are so much smaller than the other gargoyles.
> How do you keep up with them?
I don't know. I guess I'm just a lot lighter than they are.
> Maybe your bones are hollow like a bird's?
Probably. I don't want to find out.
> *lol* I can understand that!
> So, do you want to meet?
I told you I'm a gargoyle.
> I know. And I want to meet you anyway.
What is your real name?
-> *Lex* Ian Smallhouse
Thanks... I'm checking you out. Hold on a minute.
> I'm so thrilled. I saw some gargoyle on the news. Flying around. The one they call... Goliath. He has a huge wingspan! Its practically as wide as a street! Just seeing him. Ooh, wow...
It says here you work for Aethus Networks, a subsidary of Xanacorp!
> Yeah. But its not my fault. Xanatwit bought the company a month or so ago. His slimy paws have made working there a real pain. I'll probably quit soon. Soon as I find a new job.
Why aren't you doing that now?
> Its night time. It makes it hard to call businesses. I have some resume's out.
I know exactly what you mean.
> So will you meet me?
well, okay. I think its worth the risk.
> Yay!
Can you flash a light on your roof?
> Yeah, I can do that.
I'll be over in a few minutes.
*** Signoff: Lex (See you soon)
*** Signoff: DockNY (Leaving)


I didn't really think he was going to come. I mean, a gargoyle, to me? I held up the light bulb, attached to the extension cord that ran down to my apartment. I flashed it again and again, it seemed like forever. I felt like my arm was going to fall off. After about ten minutes, I gave up. I turned back towards the doorway, coiling the cord as I went. There was a whoosh-thump. Like wings in the air and paws landing. Hardly daring to look, I turned around slowly.

Perched on the top of the fire escape ladder was the gargoyle. He was all shades of green. A shaggy loincloth made him decent, fastened by a wide belt. Flaps of skin stretched between his legs down to his knees and his wrists, supported in the middle by a rib of come kind, protruding from his side. He looked at me with friendly eyes, his hands and feet clamped on the metal of the escape. I felt my groin tighten, like it had when I saw a gargoyle on TV. Only much more intense now.

"H...Hi." I managed.

"I'm Lexington." he said quietly.

"I'm Dock." I responded, sitting down kinda hard on an air intake. It clanged noisily. The cord and light fell, forgotten.

He watched me carefully. "I need to be careful." he murmured, "Would you take off all your clothes?"

I stuttered in surprize, knowing he'd see my arousal. "I, uh... but..."

"To make sure you don't have any weapons." he explained. "I can take my loincloth off too, if you'd like."

I swallowed, hard, my jeans already well tented.

"Okay." I allowed.

I bent down and unlaced my boots, pulling them off with my socks. They were soon covered by my shirt and eventually my jeans. Last of all I turned slightly away as I pulled my underwear off, revealing my rigid phallus. I'm not huge, least I don't think so. Seven and a half inches or so, nicely thick. A good mouthful for most people. I turned around showing all sides to him when I finished.

Lexington watched steadily the whole time. When I finished, he stepped onto the roof, standing upright as he opened the buckle of his belt, pulling the leather strap through the slot at his hip. The furry loincloth and belt dropped to the rooftop. He was, well, hung like a gargoyle. Even limp, his size was somewhat obscene. Then again, that matched every naked gargoyle I'd seen on a building, so I shouldn't have been so surprized. I could feel my own cock twitching.

I couldn't say anything, my eyes just drinking in the sight. He advanced slowly, his small nose sniffing my scent. It had been awhile since I took a shower, I could even smell myself. Musky warm, but not sour. There was a backless stone bench near the door from the stairwell. Butts scattered on the gravel showed where residents used the area for smoking. The gargoyle tended to walk a bit hunched over, like he was designed for all fours. He swung his tail over the bench and sat, inclining his head for me to sit beside him.

I sat my naked butt gingerly on the bench, finding to my relief it was still warm from the bright sun of the day. I looked over at the green fellow to find him holding up a four fingered hand. I met it with my own hand. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. Somehow we were connected in that moment. I could feel his nervousness, adrenaline. I could feel the thrill of swooping and gliding, I could feel the depth of loyalty and need to protect. I gasped, but didn't break it, squeezing my hand around the thick fingers. And then I felt him react to what I am even as I reacted to him. And we both smiled. I think it was then I first loved him. I wanted to protect. An existance with meaning and goal.

I slid over under his arm, feeling his arm wrap his warm wing around me. It felt completely natural, we knew so much about each other's feelings that touching was nothing. We watched the last of the twilight vanish in the west, the relative dark of the city night still fairly easily illuminating the rooftop around us. He smelled nice, like a musky mix of male and concrete. I wanted to say something, but nothing needed saying. At some point, I was awaked from my revrie, feeling him sniff at my still hard cock. I don't usually stay hard that long. Honest.

"Its sensitive." I told him.

He gently licked the precum off the tip, his tongue not even touching my flesh.

"Tasty." he said.

I reached out and gently stroked his head, from his eye ridges to the back. He closed his eyes and pressed into my hand. I stroked down his shoulder with my other hand. He felt smooth, warm, but firm. I rose, kneeling down in front of him, stroking the insides of his wings. They were leathery, tough, and warm. He shivered visibly.

"Ooh, that's nice." he murmured. I pulled his hand to my mouth and kissed the back of it gently.

"You're beautiful." I said softly.

He smiled, his lower fangs sticking out cutely.

"You're pretty nice yourself." he answered. His thick fingers stroked through the fur of my chest, claws that could rip stone tenderly playing with the nub of my nipple.

I explored his body, the edges of his wing flaps, the rib that supported it. It had a joint in it, folding it close, keeping the wing flaps out of the way nicely. He liked my fingers along his wings, I dug my fingernails into the leathery hide and scritched downwards. He moaned in response, his cock lengthening, easily reaching his knees as it thickened, stiffening out towards me. I did it again, stroking his wings until the end of his cock gently pressed to the center of my chest. It was a uniform green, just like the rest of him, his hairless balls heavy between his legs. His penis was probably a foot long total.

I could hardly turn down such an invitation, and raised the thick cock to my lips. I stroked both my hands up and down its length, feeling his heat throb through it. It was human in form, it was such an integral part of him. It fit perfectly, despite its size, somehow in perfect porportion. I looked up to see his eyes half open, an expression of pleasure upon his face. I licked then slurped the fat head. I could taste his precum, it tasted a little like sand, yet was smooth and slippery. I stretched my jaw, surprized that the thick thing could even fit into my mouth. I licked and slurped around it, ignoring the ache in my jaw, pushing it into my throat again and again. It was warm, almost hot in my mouth, my eyes drank in the remaining shaft before me, attached to the green body, the wings draped around, obscuring the world as his hands pulled me close.

I closed my eyes, letting the world swirl into nonexistance as I nursed on the tender phallus of this gargoyle. I strained to open my throat, almost gagging several times as I worked his shaft. Then, it worked. My throat shifted somehow and down it went, deep into my throat. The gargoyle grunted, his hips thrust forward into my body and I found my nose pressed against his hips, his huge penis impossibly far down my throat. And it felt so good. I shivered, not needing to breath, for now. I swallowed helplessly around the shaft, I could feel him pull and thrust, his cock head stretching my esophagus, it felt like he was fucking into my stomach.

Lexington made a gurgling sound, and I knew he was cumming. I could feel the swelling rush of fluid vibrate down his cock as he emptied his balls straight into my throat, his whole cock twitching rigidly with his spurts. He cried out softly as he ground my face into his crotch. My hips twitched, and my cum came splashing out, without will or effort, spilled in my arousal. I needed to breath. His strong clawed hands held me to his crotch, far stronger than I could resist. I twitched, trying to pull off. I couldn't make a sound, not with his cock throbbing in my throat. I felt panic surging, not used to holding my breath when forced. He pulled out of my mouth, like miles of cock sliding free. I slurped in air, catching my breath, swallowing, my throat feeling strange, empty. His cum burned hot in my stomach, spreading through my gut in a fading burn of delicious pleasure.

"Wow." said the gargoyle. He was on his hands and knees beside me now, panting, his face expressing amazement. "That was terrific!"

I smiled, running my hand down his warm back. "Ooh, terrific, yes." I fondled his tail, wrapping both hands around its thick trunk, sliding down towards its tapered tip. My cock was half relaxed, dripping the last of my load. He curled around to lick at it. I twitched as he touched my hypersensitive tip. He licked again, then mouthed it. I could feel his sharp teeth brush my sensitive shaft. I was hardening again quickly.

"I have a better idea." I murmured, moving back, gently rubbing under his tail. The thick tail sprouted just above his tight ass, massive muscles tendoning into his back to control it. Tight beneath the tail was his ass. I loved the way his tail joined his body, I couldn't help stroking from his back, around his tail, teasing his tail hole. The end of the long tail lashed, he peered back at me curiously.

"I saw a picture once." he said, "The man put his penis in the tailhole of another."

I nodded. "Do you think you'd like that?" I murmured, pushing his ass apart.

I buried my nose in his musky stone scent, licking at his ass. His musk was stronger here, and so was his heat. His opening quivered beneath my tongue, his legs spreading and tail lifting.

"Oooh, yes!" he exclaimed, obviously enjoying the attention.

I let the world vanish as I rimmed him, slowly working down till all of my tongue was fucking his ass, fondling his heavy balls in my hand. He ground back onto me, shuddering and panting, I could feel his opening relaxing. I smoothly knelt behind him, his thick tail pressed against my stomach as I probed my cum slickened tip against his ass. He opened easily, and I slid in. It was unlike anything I'd felt before. It was warm, living stone, absorbing, caressing my cock. I gripped his tail as I withdrew partially, and slid back in. His heat was searing inside, so smooth and sensual I couldn't thrust deep enough. I spasmed, unable to cum so soon, my body desperately trying to.

The gargoyle moaned and hunched back onto my cock, gripping it in a tight embrace, his tail tip lashing in pleasure. I set up a slow rythm, accelerating as his ragged panting begged me to fuck him harder. My hips thrust, meeting his hunches eagerly, stroking in and out. My lungs gulped the cool air of the summer night, eyes closed as we became one, a unit of pleasure, writhing and panting in joyful celebration. It built and built, swelling into a cacaphony of mental noise. I never felt closer to another, never before felt the depth of pleasure and emotion that accompanied our coupling.

My fucking reached a frenetic pitch, my hips driving into the gripping hole like a jackhammer, pulling up cum I didn't know I had, until pleasure exploded in my brain. I fired the longest load ever into him. I shuddered and thrusted into him desperately, feeling my cock fire pulse after pulse. The tingles of orgasm lasted into the long moments afterwards, where I held myself inside him, solid and throbbing in his heat. After long minutes my relaxed cock slipped out, and he rolled onto his back.

I fell across his chest, my arms around his neck. His arms and legs wrapped around me, warm body and wings warming my sweat chilled body. I kissed his muzzle, and was met by a thick tongue. We lay there and kissed for a long time. I could feel his cock rigid between my legs, pressing warmly against my balls and thighs.

"I think I love you." whispered Lexington, his large eyes meeting mine.

"I love you without a doubt." I responded, kissing him more.

I squeezed his penis between my legs. "Enter my tailhole?" I whispered, "Please?"

He rolled over, laying me on my back. The rough gravel of the roof dug into my flesh, but I didn't mind.

"Turn over." he whispered, tugging me to all fours.

I scrambled around, on all fours. The cool early morning air brought goosebumps to my skin, his wings leaving me as he knelt behind me. His thick tongue stroked over my own pucker, and I moaned.

"Oh, yes..."

Lexington made a nameless happy noise, and kept doing it. That tongue was wonderful, lapping and sliding inside me, sometimes I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure, other times I could only shiver in delight. Eventually, the tongue left, and I just let my head hang, panting. The gravel of the roof poked roughly into my palms and knees. I didn't have much chance to think about it as I felt his fat head press between my cheeks.

"Oh, god... easy big boy..." I breathed, desperately relaxing my body around the intrusion.

He pressed firmly, rocking his hips to find the hole better. And then in a stretching sliding twinge of pain, he was in me. I could feel my ass stretched around his cock, even though it was barely in me.

"You're so big!" I panted, leaning back against it, taking more and more into me.

The gargoyle crouched over me, I could see his foot claws digging into the roof surface as his body pressed against my back. His arms hugged my chest, his wings warm about me once again. I sighed as I felt my body relax more, the sliding sensation feeling good.

"Ooh, fuck me..." I whispered, pressing back onto his thrust.

I could feel his tongue licking at my ear, his sharp teeth nibbling, sending shocks of pleasure down my body. His cock thrust into me, deeper and deeper. There were twinges of pain as he pressed so deep in me, but something shifted and I felt his hips press against my ass, his balls heavy against mine. I couldn't believe I had the whole cock inside me. I moaned, squeezing my ass around his huge cock.

"Fuck me..." I begged, supporting his weight. He was right, he was quite light.

His hips flexed, pulling miles of cock out of me, then plunging back in, his balls thumping against me again. I shivered, knowing with much more of this I'd easily be incoherent.

"yes, more..." I whispered, pressing my ear to his thick tongue.

The gargoyle sped up, his hips setting up a powerful rythm, stroking my ass again and again. His breath panted hotly in my ear, the muscles of his body rippling against me as he thrust again and again. Everything faded but the cock stroking me, the thick shaft sliding and pulling, hot inside me. The world was the stroking, the pleasure, the heat that filled me. His thrusts became harder, faster, his balls hit mine heavily. And then he came. His cock swelled inside me, stretching me more as he erupted. His cum was hot, driven into my intestine with the force of passion. I felt his cock throb and spurt again and again. I let go of my body, drifting in a sea of shivering pleasure, dimly aware of contractions in my loins, driving more of my own cum free.

The hot cum seemed to cool inside me. But it felt good there, sort of cool like stone inside. The sensation grew, spreading through me. I felt like I became one with his cock. My perception changed from a pleasant foreign intrusion to the perfect part to fill my emptiness. His stoney scent became mine, The smooth warm texture of his skin and mine was the same. We rubbed up against each other, drunk on the sensation of pleasure and closeness.

I could feel my tail forming, pressing into his hips. He stood behind me, letting the thick flexible tail press against his front. I could feel his taloned hands stroking it, up and down. It felt wonderful, every inch a new sensation. Its size tightened my ass around his thick hard cock all the better. I felt my own loins swell, expanding to gargoyle dimensions. The sharp stone of the rooftop pressed against the tip of my cock as I crouched there. Now I could show him the joy he showed me.

I stretched, opening my mouth as my face swelled to a short muzzle. I could feel fangs with my tongue, which grew thick and powerful in my extended mouth. I lapped out, easily licking my protruding eye ridges. My hair slipped from my head, useless and extraneous. I flicked my pointy ears, ridding my body of some hair that had been caught behind them. I could hear everything now, even the individual conversations of the delivery men on the street so many floors below.

I opened my mouth and roared, delighting in the echo from the sharp canyons between the buildings. My vocal cords seemed to thrum in my throat, and I smiled widely. We roared together, filling the grey morning air with a river of delightful sound.

I planted my feet solidly on the ground as my legs and arms reformed. I could run on all fours quickly now I knew. My legs were now digitigrade, thick claws that dug easily into the soft stone and tar of the roof. My hands were similar, but thumbed. I could feel the texture beneath my claw tips, the stone of the roof sharp edged but soft.

I could feel my wing rib growing, filling out from my sides as the leathery flesh of my wing flaps filled in between. Lexington's claws ran over the new flesh, and I shuddered in pleasure. I turned to him as the sun rose over the sea, and kissed him passionately, letting the sun warm my body, feeling it warm his. We stroked each other's wings until the pressure of our arousal forced us apart.

"Don't gargoyles turn to stone in the day?" I asked him, turning towards the staircase leading down to my apartment.

He snorted, chasing me into my bedroom, pinning me to the bed with a pounce.

"Don't believe everything you see on TV." he advised, "Its all lies."

As he ground his erect maleness against mine, I knew the truth was far better.

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