Little Sister

By: David Ihnen

NOTEThis is an artistic work of fiction.
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Steve lay on his back in the large bed, staring at the cieling. The only light in the room came from the street lights nearby, filtering through the closed curtains enough to make the room dimly lit. He stared at a Y-shaped crack, willing his eyes to close but they stayed open. His mind wandered. He had given his little sister a bath this evening. She was almost eight now, but ever since their parents had died three years ago the baths were their time together. She seemed to grow so fast now. He sighed. He had to sleep, he had to go to work in the morning. Another day of work at the gas station. He couldn't go to college any more with his sister to take care of.

The door handle rattled and turned, he rolled his head to see his sister peering in.

"What is it Vicky?" he asked softly.

"I couldn't sleep." she said.

"Neither can I. Come on." he said, patting the bed beside him.

Vicky closed the door behind her and walked over, her young body nude in the dim light. He had dropped the requirement for pajamas long ago, personally finding them restrictive. His sister climbed over him, and slipped under the covers. Her momentarily cool flesh snuggled up against him, quickly warming. Steve put his arm around her.

"Bad dream?" he asked.

Vicky shook her head, resting it on his shoulder, an arm and a leg laying over him.

"Mom and Dad?" he murmured, and she nodded, tears in her eyes.

He hugged her close. "I miss them too." he said, "Every day."

They both sighed, and lay there. The furnace kicked on, the air from the register gently moving the curtains, making the light from outside flicker.

"How was school?" he asked, changing the subject.

Vicky shrugged. "Boring."

"Got a boyfriend yet?" he said, smiling a little.

"You got a girlfriend yet?" she replied. They had this conversation many times before. He sighed.

"Only you, Vicky." he said, his eyes finally closing of their own accord.

"An I got you." said Vicky sleepily. His sisters company and warmth against him seemed to relax him. He smiled vaguely, sleep slowly overcoming him, Vicky too settling down.

Steve awoke, feeling the pleasant surge of precum welling up in his arousal. "Arroomm..." he murmured, shifting his hips a bit. His body was worked up, the tingle of sexual fire well establishedin his loins, his cock rock hard as a soft hand played with it. His eyes snapped open as he remembered he had no girlfriend. His sister was still snuggled up against him, lazily playing with his sex.

"Um, Vicky..." he said, not moving, battling between his arousal and his sensibilities.

"Steve, why do penises get hard?" she asked him quietly.

He mentally shrugged. Honesty was best. "So they can stick in vaginas." he said.

Her hand squeezed around the base of his cock, forcing out more precum. "I thought so." she said. "But why?"

"Sometimes to make babies." explained Steve, "But mostly just because it feels real good."

"This feels good?" she asked.

Steve nodded briefly. "Yes. But you are my sister. We aren't supposed to."

"Why not?" she asked again, her fingers playing with the head of his cock, making his loins contract.

Steve puzzled that one for a bit. "It would be bad to make babies with you. They might have birth defects." he finally said.

Vicky giggled softly. "I can't have babies. I don't even have my period yet."

Steve smiled, and hugged her up against him. "You are a smart girl. Besides, if the social services worker found out I let you do this." he indicated his erection, "they would take you away from me."

Vicky sighed, her hand falling to rest on his hips. "She's just stupid."

Steve had to agree with that assessment. "I don't think that she thinks very much."

"Leo isn't nearly as big as you." she said.

Steve's mind dredged up the reference. "One of your classmates?" he asked.

Vicky nodded. "I let him be my boyfriend one day."

Steve blinked. "Only one day?"

Vicky nodded again. "He tried to poke his penis in me, but it hurt. I bled a little. I punched him."

Steve held Vicky close. "Its okay, I'm not mad." he said.

"You're alot cooler than most daddies." Vicky said, her hand restlessly fondling his still rock hard cock.

"The hurt like that only happens the first time." Steve said softly.

"Only the first?" she asked.

Steve nodded, lifting his head to look at the alarm clock. Another half hour and he would have to get up for work, and Vicky would have to go to school. He dropped his head back. Vicky climbed on top of him, hugging him around the chest, her knees to either side of his hips.

Steve hugged her. "My big girl." he said, "Yer almost grown up already."

His body tensed as he felt his sister press herself onto his cock, his precum lubricated head pressing into her warmth.

"Vicky!" he said, "Don't."

Vicky looked stubborn. "It feels good." she said.

Steve's loins contracted several times from the sensation.

"Oh, god it does." he admitted, slumping back to the bed, giving into the fire that burned inside him.

She moved back further, her almost virginal slot stretching around Steve's adult sized member.

"Oh god... Oh god..." Steve panted, his hands running tentatively over his sisters thighs. He hadn't had sex in years. The tightness was almost too much for him to take.

Vicky shifted back completely, resting her hips on his, sitting up on his hips. Steve and Vicky both looked down, seeing his fat shaft spreading her lips wide, buried to the hilt inside her.

Vicky looked at him, eyes wide, panting softly. "Wow, it feels so good." she said.

Steve tightened his hips for a long moment while he suppressed his body attempting to cum, slumping back and panting audibly as he overcame it. "Oh god..." he said again.

Vicky started rocking back and forth, milking the thick cock inside her. "Oh, yes." she said, eyes closing as she knelt over him.

Her brother met her rocking with thrusts of his own, the pleasure swelling inside his head. He felt his cock slide into the silky tightness again and again, looking down he could see her lips pulled out by his stroke, then pushed in as he slid fully into her. It felt so good, so warm and slippery. He gasped, stopping his stroking. Vicky redoubled her efforts, screwing her hips onto his cock with an eager desperation.

"Oh God, Vicky... I'm going to cum..." he panted, unwilling to stop.

Vicky continued, drool falling from her mouth as she concentrated, her hips shoving down onto his cock. And then he came, cock standing rigid as he sprayed directly into his sister's cunt, sloppily lubricating the passage. She continued her stroking as Steve groaned, the cum making her far more slippery, she gasped, her fingernails digging into her brother's shoulders as she came around him, her tightness becoming a vice, holding his hardness inside her, milking a couple more spurts from him. They both shuddered and collapsed, one across the other.

"Oh, Vicky." Steve said, "That was so good."

"I got a boyfriend." said Vicky, "I got you."

Steve felt his cock throb, softening inside her. "You can't tell anybody." he said, "If you do they will take you away."

"Okay." she whispered, hugging him.

"Come on, girlfriend." Steve sighed, kicking the last of the covers off them and sitting up on the edge of the bed. She squirmed, keeping her hips against his, legs looped around behind him now.

"Lets take a shower." he said, lifting her off his lap as he stood up, his cock still half hard.

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