Not For This World

By: David Ihnen

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Tim was talking to Joe animatedly as they strolled through the mall.

"I mean, there's these guys, what say they're women. And there're these women, what say their men. But how about me? I'm not this." He indicated his body, "I'm not childless, unpregnable. I just feel it. But I'm not a receptor, either! How can I explain it. I'm supposed to do BOTH. I know it sounds wierd, but I just know it, you see?"

Joe held up a rainbow striped wind chime, batting the paddle so it rang.

"Oh, isn't this _darling_?" he grinned at Tim. "I simply MUST have it."

Tim groaned, and waved his hand. "Go on, buy your wind chime. Ignore me!" he grumped.

Joe handed a twenty to the shopkeeper who bundled the package and returned his change. They continued down the mall. Tim muttered quietly.

"You just don't believe me. Nobody believes me."

Joe kissed him on the cheek. "Now now, Tim. You know I love you even if you aren't... whatever you say you should be. I like you just the way you are."

Tim leaned on one of the fake palms down the center of the concourse, watching Joe's antics mildly. Joe hitched his daisy dukes higher on his athletic frame and strutted towards a stormfront. "Ooo, Look!" he cried. "They have a doggie!" He dissappeared inside. Tim sighed and followed him.

The proprieter, an ancient figure in a ratty bathrobe, was reading behind the counter. He looked up over his reading glasses. "Ah, hello Joe."

Joe waved distractedly at the man and crouched down to more closely view the large wolflike creature on laying on the floor. The chimes in his shopping bag clinked softly.

"Hello big doggie. I'm Joe." he announced.

The wolf raises his head, looked at the stoorkeeper, then got up and walked into the back with a suppressed growl. Joe huffed.

"Well, how about that. Your puppy isn't very friendly, you know!" he said to the old man.

The old man smiled a little. "Yes, well, what can I do for you?"

Joe ummed blankly.

They were interrupted by Tim entering. He looked around, viewing the many shelves.

"Hi Tim." said the bathrobed man.

Tim glanced at the man. "Hi man in a ratty bathrobe" he said matter of factly.

The man frowned, straightening his robes. "It is NOT ratty." he said firmly.

Tim smiled a bit, browsing the shelves. "If you say so."

He ignored the upset snort from the front of the store, instead browsing a selection of charts. They seemed more in place in an anatomy classroom. At first glance it just seemed to be diagrams of typical human males and females. But as he continued through the selection they got more odd. One was a full anatomy chart of a typical "little grey alien", another detailed the anatomy of a very large insectoid. About two thirds the way through, he found one featuring a large, humanoid but fur covered wolf type. He paused here and looked at it carefully.

It was full life size, standing a bit less than six feet tall on plantigrade feet. The frame was stocky, but well porportioned. The head looked very much like a wolf or german shepherd, with large ears. The front of the figure prominently featured a large penis, covered with the typical canine sheath in cutaway view. What was more interesting was the fact that the being had a uterus. Right there, plainly labeled. He tilted the chart over more to get more light on it. His eyes followed the anatomy, from ovaries, to uterus, to cervix and vagina. It strangely seemed to terminate at the ass rather than the crotch. Just inside the sphincter was a second muscle, protecting the vagina from the colon. He got a little excited, and waved Joe over.

"Hey Joe, look at this!"

Joe looked over Tim's shoulder at the chart. "Cool doggie-man." he said fairly indifferently.

Tim checked the number on the display, and pulled the appropriate rolled chart out of the cubbies. "I'll take this one!" he announced, marching up to the register.

The wizard glanced at the rolled up chart. "Fifty dollars." he said flatly.

Tim handed him a fifty dollar bill out of his wallet. "That's a ripoff. Buy yourself a new robe."

The wizard bristled at the comment, almost chasing after the departing man but was blocked by the wolf. He sighed and walked into the back room.

"You're right, its not worth it. That twink will get his soon enough."

* * *

Tim hung the chart on his bedroom wall, the foot of the chart on the floor, the top a bit above his eye level. He lay down on his bed, staring up at it. His eyes drank in every line, every part. This was what he was supposed to be. He could do without the canine part, but the anatomy seemed so right! He found himself walking nearer and nearer to it, reading the labels on parts. The closer he looked, the more detail he could see. The texture of the fur, he could even see the individual follicles. This WAS worth the fifty dollars. He stood toe to toe with the chart, looking into the incredibly realistic eyes that seemed to look right back at him. He raised his arms in an identical posture to the chart, and closing his eyes, leaned against the cool wall and chart.

There was a moments resistance then he seemed to fall into the chart. Light flashed so bright it seemed to burn through his eyelids. He was thrown backwards bodily, landing in a heap on the bed. He shook his head and sat up, unkinking his tail where he landed on it. He felt like he had been run over by a train. He looked up at the chart on the wall, and blinked in puzzlement. It showed a perfectly normal human male. He sighed, and lolled his tongue because he felt a little hot. "Why would I buy that?" he wondered.

Tim Yelped in surprise, almost biting his tongue. He looked down at himself, noticing a canine muzzle blocking his lower vision. His body was covered in fur, right over the sheath... He looked at his hands, fur on the back of them, bare on the front. Trembling, hardly daring to hope, he pushed aside his tail and probed his rear with a finger. He could feel his body react to the pressure, a relaxing and a tightening inside him as it slid... not the discomfort of his ass... but with a tingle into his internal sex. He was whole! It was almost indescribable delight, he felt like he was going to explode in ecstacy!

He howled joyfully, right there, in the bedroom. In front of the chart of the human, of what he used to be. Joe opened the door, yelling incoherently.

"TIM!!! THERE'S A WOLF IN THE HOUSE!!" he shrieked, running into Tim, who caught him in his furry arms.

Joe leaped away from Tim. "YAAAHH!!!" he yelped. He tried to go through the door and open it at the same time, scrabbling at the wall and door. "DON'T EAT ME!!" he cried.

Tim tried to speak, "grrwuffle wurff" it came out. He sighed and grabbed the slight frame of Joe, and carried him over to the chart. The young man struggled violently, but not very strong compared to the stocky canine. He held Joe and tried to get him to look at the chart.

"owwwrrr!" he tried, "grwoorrororwww"

Joe elbowed him in the solar plexus. "Let go-a me you monster! What've you done with Tim!"

"ooooffgrrr!" said Tim. He grabbed Joe's head and held it towards the chart. "Grrwowoo!"

Joe shook his head as he saw the chart. "So what! Tim had one of a doggie-man, too!"

Tim growled in fustration, and threw Joe on the bed. Joe scrambled up to the top of the bed, cowering in fear.

Tim sat on the edge of the bed and sighed.

Joe looked at the dog man, and the chart. The connection was made after a little while. He frowned.

"Tim?" he asked.

Tim looked up hopefully, nodding and pointing to his chest.

"Well, you finally got what you wanted, huh?" Joe said sadly.

Tim nodded slightly, then shook his head, then nodded again. He sighed and tilted his head, ears flicking a bit.

Joe grabbed a suitcase from under the bed and started throwing his clothes into it.

"Its been fun, but I gotta go. Can't live with some dog-man. What would people say?"

Tim put a furry hand on Joe's shoulder, but he shrugged it off.

"Yeah, I know you love me. Well, I loved you too. Just the way you were."

Tim walked over to the chart, and tried to lean into it like he did before.

Joe threw the chimes on top of the clothes in the suitcase and snapped it shut.

"Its no use, you know. Its only one way. These things always are. Next thing the government'll hear about you, and you'll be gone. If I stay here, I'll be gone too, and I can't deal with that."

Tim whined plaintively, chasing his former lover through the house, tears leaking down his muzzle.

Joe paused at the door to kiss Tim on the muzzle. "Goodbye." he said, and marched down the walk. A dirty South Pacifica Upland taxicab was waiting for him, and drove away with a rattle. He almost would have sworn the driver was wearing a bathrobe...

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