By: David Ihnen

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Tommy hopped in the back door, coming home from school.

"I'm a rabbit!" he giggled to himself. They had learned all about rabbits at school that day.

"Mommy! I'm hungry!" he called out.

"Down here, hun." called his mother from downstairs.

Tommy hopped down the stairs. "I'm a rabbit!" he told his mother, hopping demonstratively.

She laughed, and patted him on the head. "Well, rabbit, there's some carrots in the fridge."

Tommy bounced up the stairs energetically. "Carrots! Bunnies like carrots!"

There was a plastic bag of sweet orange carrots in the crisper. The bag was labeled "Carrot Farmers R Us". Tommy tore open the package and took out a carrot. He munched on it like a bunny, nibble nibble nibble.

He felt his ears grow up into long bunny ears. He giggled, it tickled. He took another bite, and a fluffy bunny tail poked out of his shorts. Bite after bite, his legs got thicker, his feet longer, his fingers shortening into paw-like digits. He was soon covered with soft white and brown fur. He giggled. It tickled and he felt all bouncy! He tugged on one of his ears as he hopped over to the telephone. He picked up the handset in his paw and carefully dialed his friend Bill's house.

"Hello?" responded a young voice.

"Hi Bill!" exclaimed Tommy, "Wanna come over and play rabbit? Mom got some really cool carrots! It turns ya into a bunny!"

Bill told his mom where he was going and hurried over. Sure enough, wearing Tommy's shirt and shorts was a bunny!

"Tommy?" asked Bill confusedly.

"Hi Bill!" exclaimed Tommy. "Lets play bunnies!"

Soon Bill and Tommy had eaten all the carrots and gone out to play in the back yard. Tommy's mother picked up the empty bag from the floor and dropped it in the trash as she returned from the basement. She gasped as she looked out the kitchen window to see two morphic bunny rabbits playing tag in the back yard. One of them was wearing Tommy's clothes!

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