By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
SERIESSkylos and Shimrod
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Skylos hugged his brother Dart last, after his sister-in-law and nephews and niece. He chuckled as he trotted down the stairs. Some furs had to make such a big deal out of goodbyes. As he entered the busy street, Dart stuck his head out the second floor window and hollered after him.

"Say hello to Jobe for me!" he yelled.

Skylos waved back brightly, giving no indication he'd heard. Let him wonder he giggled to himself, letting himself get caught up in the busy swirl of foot traffic entering a large square. It was, officially, market 34, as proclaimed by large signs above the entrances to the square. Everybody just called it the fruit market though. It was on the side of the city near the hills, where the orchards were, so it made sense. Skylos bought a couple apples and headed cheerfully on his way. There was enough time to visit his friend Jobe before the train home. Ruth was waiting at home for him. His loincloth unconciously bulged as he daydreamed a bit.

"Hey horny, wanna fuck?" propositioned a young prostitute, bringing the Man-Dog up short. Standing in a doorway alluringly clad in gauzy garments stood a bitch. One of her ears flopped over cutely, and she looked at him with wide clear eyes. The man-dog swallowed hard.

"What?" he asked.

"You're making your loincloth damp." she pointed out.

Skylos looked down at the damp spot on the front of his cloth. "I was just thinking of my wife, that's all." He looked back at the pretty bitch. "You're beautiful."

"You're not so bad looking yourself, handsome." she replied, smiling, her canines pretty and white.

Skylos shook his head. "no, no I cannot. I have to visit Jobe!" He looked relieved at the excuse. "Yes, got a friend to visit. Goodbye fair one."

Skylos trotted on, making his way down a wide street. It was busy at first but as the houses along it became bigger and more expensive the traffic changed from the bustle of everyday necessity to the hurrying of well-clothed servants and service persons. Soon he approaced a large school building, alone about the size of his entire village. It rose over him to a height of several stories, rows of windows facing the morning sun.

Skylos' Cougar friend Jobe worked at the school. He spent his time fixing desks and doors and chalkboards, sweeping and mopping and doing all the stuff that janitors do. He'd known Jobe forever it seemed, since early childhood. He always tried to visit when he came to town. Jobe appreciated the visits so much.

Skylos trotted up the steps to the front door and inside the dimly lit halls. Somewhere in the building a door slammed, echoing off the hard surfaces, probably upstairs somewhere. The man-dog loved running in the hallways. He always had. Something about the cool air rushing past in the dim light, the floor smooth and hard under his feet. He ran along, glancing into the classrooms, searching for Jobe. He could be anywhere.

Skylos was covering the very top floor when he finally found him, quite suddenly. He zipped around another corner, and saw him, studiously mopping the floor, his back to him. Skylos noticed the floor was wet about the time he slipped. Jobe's only warning was a yelp as the man-dog hit the floor, sliding towards him fast. He half turned by the time the man-dog collided with the bucket, upending it and sending mop water all over the cougar and Skylos, knocking the feline's legs out from under him so they all landed in a heap on the floor.

Jobe chuckled. "Hi puppy."

Skylos grinned, and patpatted Jobe's nearest part, which turned out to be an elbow. "Hi Jobe! Whatcha doin?"

"I WAS mopping the floor. I was almost done, too." he stated, scrambling to his feet and helping Skylos up. "What brings you to town?"

"I was bringing my nephew Shimrod back from a visit to my place. You know, Dart's boy. I had to come see you! Got to catch the afternoon train, ya know." Skylos chatted, replacing the mop squeezer on the righted bucket. Jobe efficiently mopped up the spilled water.

"You know we're gonna have to take a shower now, puppy." said Jobe, "You can't go on the train smelling like floor wax!"

Skylos nodded agreeably, grinning. "yeah! We can take a shower in the locker room. Beatcha there!" He took off down the hall.

Jobe chuckled and dropped the mop in the janitorial closet. He ran after, making it to the swinging locker room door well before the canine.

"Ack! You took a shortcut!" accused Skylos, coming around the corner and seeing Jobe loafing against the door jamb, trying hard not to look like he was panting.

Jobe just smiled and led the way into the showers. The echos were sharp in the tiled room, but soon drowned out by the rush of the showers. Skylos took a bar of soap unbidden and soaped up Jobe's back, following the contours of the feline's powerful frame. The soap lathered easily in the short cougar fur. He soaped up Jobes tail, his tight butt, and his strong legs.

Jobe loved being bathed. The feeling of Skylos' fingers scritching through every bit of his pelt felt wonderful. His erection came unasked, pressing out of his sheath with thick warmth. Skylos just washed it in turn, making the feline gasp as the slippery soap and fingers stroked over it efficiently. The man-dog started to linger on it, manipulating the thick shaft, drooling as he took in the sight. Jobe shooed him away from it.

"Hey, no sex now! You have a train to catch." he pointed out.

Skylos sighed, and trailing his fingers across his friend's dick, went back to scrubbing the front of the cougar. As he finished, Jobe took the soap from him and started lathering up the man-dog's fur. Skylos leaned against the deep clawed scritches that the cougar's strong paws and claws gave, myrring happily. By the time Jobe got to his sheath he was quite hard too, but the cougar didn't spend any extra time cleaning him off.

Soon they were rinsed and dried to dampness. They were lazing in post-shower pleasure on some benches in the locker room when the distant sound of the school bell ringing the hour brought Skylos awake with a start.

"The train!" He cried, "I'll be late!"

Skylos gave Jobe a slurp on the muzzle and ran out the door without his loincloth. Jobe shook his head and ran after him with loincloth in hand.

"You forgot your loincloth!" growled Jobe, blocking Skylos before he charged out the front door.

"oh! Yeah. Thanks." grunted Skylos, hurriedly fastening it around his waist.

"I'm coming with you to the station." announced Jobe. Skylos shrugged.

"Okay, lets go!" he pushed around the big cougar and started at a steady lope down the road. Jobe followed, easily pacing his his friend. They wove through the thinning traffic in Market 34 as the vendors took down their stands. The rumble of the train as they approached the station a minute too late slowed Skylos to a walk.

"Aww damn." he growled, and slumped down on a bench. "Ruth's gonna be mad."

Jobe sat next to him. "You missed the train."

"Yeah. And Ruth's gonna be mad 'cause I didn't come home tonight. She'll think I'm off with you or something, having sex and leaving her all alone."

Jobe smirked. "That's a bad thing?"

Skylos sighed and looked up at the big cougar, smiling a bit. "Well, its not a terrible thing. I'll send a message when we get back to your place, 'kay?"

Jobe grinned. "Okay. Come on, lets get some food. I know a nice place not far from here."

The two chatted continuously as they consumed a large roasted fowl, polishing it off to a pile of bones. Skylos hadn't seen Jobe in a few months and there was alot to catch up on.

While Skylos had spent the summer season busy with agriculture, growing food for his family and community, Jobe had continued his janitorial work, doing artworks on the side. He promised to show Skylos some nice drawings he made when they got back to his place. Jobe was hot for one of the new teachers, a young lion fresh out of college that was teaching english. His name was richard. The cougar was all shy about talking to him, afraid that the lion wouldn't be interested in him 'cause he didn't like males that way. Skylos shook his head.

"You just gotta be forthright about it, Jobe. You gotta ask. Just edging around doesn't solve the problem. If he likes guys, then he does. But how you ask him isn't gonna change that."

Jobe looked down. "Yeah. But I'm afraid..."

Skylos patted him on the shoulder. "Come on. Lets go." The man-dog paid for the meal with his thumbprint and they strolled through the dusky streets. The rythmic pulses of dance music subtly vibrated the air. Jobe got a sly grin and looked out the corner of his eyes at the man-dog. Skylos was unconciously falling into step with the beat, eyes half-closed as he held the cougar's hand. Jobe grinned.

"Come on!" he exclaimed, pulling Skylos through the door of the club before he could object. They were in the close atmosphere of the dance club now, the music pounding down loud enough to make conversation difficult. Skylos protested, barking over the noise.

"I don't wanna dance!"

Jobe pushed him onto the dance floor anyway, and danced up close to him. "Come on, its fun!" Jobe rubbed his crotch up along the canine, undulating to the music. Skylos whined and gave in, moving to the music, moving in the press to rub up against the sexy cougar. They danced for an hour or so, loosing themselves in the pleasure of moving with the music. The dark night found them on the back patio, panting and cooling off, leaning on each other as they staggered, weak from dancing.

"Whoo! Did you see that horse? He was huge! But boy could he dance!"

"Yeah, I bet his hooves left chips in the floor!" chuckled Jobe.

There was a lion sitting shyly on the porch swing. Skylos sat down next to him, pulling Jobe down too, putting his arms around both of them. It was a tight fit for all on the swing, and the chains groaned under the load. Skylos spoke to the lion.

"Hi cutey! I'm Skylos the Doggie, and this here's my friend Jobe!"

Jobe hissed in Skylos' ear. "That's the teacher!"

"I...I'm Richard." said the lion. He offered Skylos his paw. The man-dog took it in his hand and licked it. "I know the cougar... Jobe. He's the janitor." He waved tentatively to him.

Jobe smiled weakly and waved back, obviously nervous. Skylos nodded, looking between the two. "I'm gonna go get a drink. What'll you have, Richard? Jobe?"

Jobe glared at Skylos. "Don't leave me here!" he hissed.

"Right, one lemonade coming up. And you?"

He turned to the lion. Richard looked down. "Oh, Lemonade is good."

"Alrighty!", exclaimed Skylos, "Two lemonades, coming up. Why don't you two get to know each other better?"

Skylos extricated Jobe's claws from his arm. "Hey, it'll be okay!" he grinned, winking and trotting into the club.

Jobe shifted nervously. "Uh, Hi." he said.

Richard looked over, clasping his hands over his crotch. "I liked your dancing." he murmured quietly. "alot."

Jobe smiled a bit, "well, I, uh, like dancing."

"I like your overalls too." said the lion, looking down, his ears back in sudden embarrasment.

Jobe's heart thumped. "Um... Do you uh... Do you like guys?" he blurted, wincing as he spoke.

Richard looked down, then up at the cougar's eyes. "yes. And I like you too." He tentatively climbed into Jobe's lap, and rested his head against the big cat's strong chest.

Skylos trotted back out of the club, three drinks in his paws. "Hey, isn't this sweet! You two are right cute together!" The pair both blushed, ears rocking back. He chuckled and handed them the drinks.

"one for you, and one for you, and one strawberry milkshake for me!" He thumped into the swing, setting it rocking in a twisting motion. He slurped at the metal shaker in his paw and looked them over. He smiled and leaned back, enjoying his drink and the cool night air, tapping a foot in rythm to the music coming out of the club.

Jobe and Richard snuggled there for awhile, before the lion excused himself, saying he had to grade some papers before class tomorrow. Jobe seemed to float on air as they walked the remaining distance to his house.

"He likes me! He does!" he kept exclaiming, bouncing up and down. Skylos giggled and trotted alongside. "Yeah, and he's cute too. Bet he has a big cock!" Jobe bapped him playfully. "oh, shuttup you!"

Skylos danced away, "Oh, you'll find out soon enough I bet!"

Jobe chased after, "Yeah, I'll get you!"

They sprinted the last few blocks to Jobe's loft, arriving at the solid door panting and out of breath. Jobe pounced the man-dog and tickled him!

"I got you now! muahahaha!" he exclaimed.

Skylos eeeped and struggled valiantly to escape, but was not match for the strong cougar. He took a different tactic and kissed the big cat. The tickling stopped as Jobe fumbled with the lock, opening the door and swinging them both inside.

Skylos hopped onto the big bed, shedding his loincloth on the way. He looked back to see jobe climbing out of his overalls, his cock throbbing a huge lumb in his breechcloth. It was quickly released to stand out, huge and hard.

Jobe purgrowled eagerly, "Oh, I'm yiffy now. You're in for it!"

Skylos mockwhimpered, "Oh, please, mister kitty! Don't hurt the doggie!"

The cougar walked over to the edge of the bed. "Oh, poor little puppy afraid of the big kitty?" he teased, shaking his fat cockhead back and forth in front of the dog's muzzle.

Skylos pounced, missing as the cat pulled out of the way, getting a stray lick of couger precum.

"Hey hey, not so fast!" grinned Jobe, "Now gently, stay there."

Jobe held Skylos' head with one paw and guided his cock into the open muzzle with the other. "Okay, now you can suck."

Skylos closed his muzzle around the delicious mass of Jobe's thick cock, savoring the flavor as he started to suck, his tongue working along the bottom, sliding the top against the ribbed roof of his mouth. He gurgled eagerly, pressing the long cock into his throat. Jobe purred loudly, pulling the canine's nose to his crotch, his cock tip buried in Skylos' throat.

"Oh, that's a good puppy." he gasped, "Good pup!"

Skylos suckled with all his might, milking the massive prick, feeling his own harden between his legs. He bobbed his head when the cat's paws let him, gasping breaths and stroking the shaft. The cat's hips bucked into his nose, driving the cock deep into his throat. He swallowed around it, milking it as he felt it swell bigger, the cat's balls twitching as he came straight down the canine's throat. Skylos backed off the dripping penis as Jobe let go of his head.

The cat toppled over onto the bed, grinning widely. "oh, yeah..."

Skylos grinned, and pulled Jobe's legs up onto the bed. "There's more in that juicy cock, I know!" he said, moving down to the cat's feet.

The canine took one foot firmly in his paws and started licking it. He started with the sole of the plantigrade foot, reveling in the happy noises that Jobe made. He thoroughly bathed the bottom, his soft doggie tongue tickling it much to the couger's delight.

Jobe loved his feet licked. He always had. Even the idea turned him on, and to actually have a doggie tongue working them over brought his erection back as strong as ever. He moaned and writhed as the licks seemed to go straight from his foot to his cock, groaning as he felt his precum well up, dripping down his veined shaft. "oh, yes puppy! Yes!" he exclaimed.

The tongue worked away from his sensitive sole to between his toes. His claws worked in and out rythmically as his friend pleasured his foot, driving him up the wall, He whined and growled, trying really hard not to dig his claws into the bed. He shuddered and grabbed Skylos' foot, jambing most of it into his muzzle, slurping and licking at it in aroused passion. "mmph!" he grunted joyfully, his cock twitching as Skylos switched to his other foot, giving it just as thorough a tongue bath, the cougar's erection throbbing with every stroke. Finally, Jobe couldn't stand it any more. He tossed skylos onto the bed easily.

"Okay," he growled, "You're REALLY in for it now!"

"Oh no!" squealed Skylos in mock terror, "He's gonna eat me!"

Jobe grabbed Skylos' hips firmly and pulled him up, planting his dripping cocktip against the man-dog's ass. "No, I'm gonna stuff you, THEN eat you!" He closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he pressed his throbbing prick to the hilt inside his friend. "A proper stuffing requires..." he pulled all but his cockhead out. "Proper PACKING" he grunted as he slammed his cock back in.

Skylos groaned, shaking as adrenaline filled his blood, "YES! STUFF ME!" he tried out, loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

Jobe started to methodically fuck the man-dog, his thick cock sliding in and out of the grasping ass. He looked down at the penetration, watching the ass get pulled along the slick cock, squeezing and quivering around him. "Oh, good puppy! What a great ass!" he spoke as he fucked, slowly accelerating.

Skylos shook in pure pleasure and excitement. His friends giant phallus stroked deep inside him, every deep sliding inch driving his pleasure higher. His ass clenched and quivered around the thick intrusion. He helplessly threw himself back onto the thrusts. He couldn't get enough, it felt so good, so good, so full. The man-dog vocalized a loud whine as the pleasure built to orgasm levels, shuddering violently, his ass clenching full strength on the pounding cock. He groaned and panted, whining again as the pleasure climbed, the accelerating cock driving the pleasure higher quickly. His eyes were wide as he shuddered again convulsively, scrambling to shove himself deeper onto the cock.

Jobe screwed the canine eagerly, loving how his ass tightened and quivered around him. He went quicker, driving himself to the hilt every time, purring all the louder as the man-dog started convulsing. He would screw him until he couldn't stop shaking, then he'd fill him with the biggest load. The pleasure filled his mind, his cock throbbing all the harder as he got closer.

Skylos' brain was turning off. He couldn't think. He didn't want to think. he wanted the pleasure, more of it, faster, harder! He shoved himself back onto the jackhammering cock, clenched tight around it, his body shuddering with faster frequency. Desperate whines and gasps escaped his muzzle as he felt the pleasure grow deep inside him one last time, filling his mind with ecstacy. He screamed in pleasure, shuddering violently all the while

Jobe pounded faster and faster, his hips a blur as his rythm rocked against the man-dog's deperate scramblings. He felt his cum welling up inside as his body tensed, seeking release, his cock feeling like it was swelling even bigger as he pounded his lover. The shudders in the canine increased until he was just shaking, clenched around his cock, letting out a scream of ecstacy. Jobe let go, spraying his orgasm impaled deep inside, laying atop the man-dog panting heavily, getting his breath back.

Skylos wobbled as the cougar's weight shifted onto him, then fell flat on his stomach, his aching cock pinned between him and the bed. He twitched periodically, grinning widely as the pleasure drained from him, giggling a bit in endorphin drunk pleasure. He whined as Jobe pulled out, rolling off him. The cougar then rolled him onto his back. He didn't resist, just laying there completely relaxed. His warm paw stroked at the throbbing dog cock, spreading the wet precum over it.

"Now its time to eat you!" he announced, and went down on the man-dog's penis, sticking it straight down his throat.

Skylos twitched, and myrred. "Oooh..." he moaned, smiling happily.

Jobe sucked and licked at his aching cock with his big rough cat tongue, driving the man-dog's pleasure high. He whimpered, his hips thrusting up at the throat. He could feel some of jobe's cum leaking out his backside onto the bed. He groaned and relaxed, letting the cougar get him off. The big cat's paw stroked around his knot, bringing him close, then the expert licking and bobbing did the rest, coaxing his balls to spray into the feline muzzle copiously. After a good bit of doggie cum Jobe tired of it, and flopped down next to him, letting Skylos' cock dribble the rest into his fur. Skylos smiled and looked over at him, eyes half open, wandering from the half-hard cougar cock up to the smiling feline muzzle.

The canine rolled onto his side and snuggled up to his feline friend in the dim loft. Shapes of easles and shelves lined the walls. A shaft of moonlight from a skylight show on a large painting over the bed of Skylos and Jobe, both in janitors coveralls, holding mops and smiling.


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