The Very Good Rat

By: David Ihnen

NOTESA Fairy Tale
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Once upon a time there was a very good rat. He was such a very good rat that he never pooed on the floor, or piddled on the sheets. He would lick his man when he came home from work, and say "I'm so very happy to see you, man!" And the man would pet him on his little head, and stroke his hairless tail, and say "What a very good rat you are!" And put him down so he could run all about the room, exploring and sniffing. The rat would explore the boxes in the closet, where the wires and strange boxes were kept. And he would explore behind the bed, where the man dropped cheetos and other tasty tidbits. He would make sure the man knew how much he liked exploring, by coming up and fuzzing along his leg. Sometimes that suprized the man, but they both knew it was all in good fun! The rat especially liked finding the radio, and walking all over it until it made loud noise! He could sniff the other rats in their cages, who kept saying they wanted out. But whenever they did get out would poo on the flor, and piddle on the sheets. They weren't good rats, like he was.

Since the rat was so very good, his man would even get a frozen water bottle and put it in his cage on hot days, so he would be nice and cool when the sun got so broiling hot.

One day, the rat fairy came to visit. The man was sleeping on the bed, snoring loudly. The very good rat was preparing for a stealth fuzzle up the inside of the man's right leg, crouching beneath the excersize machine he liked to climb on and watch his man do things.

The fairy picked up the little rat and said "You're such a very good rat, you get your very own wish, just for you, to have whatever you want!

Now most rats would have wished for a big piece of cheese, or maybe a female to play with. But not the rat. He was a good rat, and he wanted to be everything for his man. He told the rat fairy that he wanted to be big like his man!

The rat fairy nodded, and tapped him with her wand.

With whiskers trembling unusually much in excitment, the very good rat watched as the room got smaller, looking at his paws, his whiskers drooping more under their new length. His tail pushed against the wall behind him, and he crouched in the center of the room, feeling himself, and snuffling about the room. It was so much smaller now! Only five steps from one side to the other.

He snuffled over at his man, and licked him lovingly. He loved his man. He walked over and snuggled up on top of his man. The man was warm and smooth against his tummyfur. He liked it, it tickled a bit. The man started making noises, and wiggling about. The rat licked the man nicely, keeping him nice and warm and safe.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe forever, you're a very good man!" he said. The man just wiggled, making muffled noises into the pillow.

The man's wiggling rubbed against the rat's croch, and it felt good. The man didn't smell like a female, but the rubbings made him think of females.

Getting more excited, the rat gently held the man in his front paws, rubbing his crotch against the man, the rat's balls dragging on the sheets.

He could feel an opening, like in a female. Well, it felt right. He'd never played with a female. But it felt good. He pressed in instinctively, chirring happily as he felt the warmth and tightness of the man around his now erect cock. He started fucking the man, nibbling and licking at the man's neck and head, his heart pounding as he felt the pleasure fill his brain. He couldn't think of anything else, it felt so good! Harder and faster he went, the music of the man's cries mingling with the roaring pleasure to engulf him as everything squirled, his balls twitching as he emptied a good quart of cum into the man. The rat lay still atop the man for a long time, his weight dampening out the man's weak struggles.

After awhile, the rat sat down next to the bed and licked himself clean, smiling happily at the man.

"Aren't I a very good rat?" He asked the man, "You're a very good man!".

The man was backed up into the corner of the room on his bed, eyes wide as he looked at the very good rat.

"Uh... yeah." he stuttered, "Very good."

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