Skylos and Williard

By: Larry Seratt and David Ihnen

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Larry Seratt
David Ihnen

Seattle. Like most big old cities, its crowded and noisy. Skylos strode with the flow of pedestrians, eyes taking in the sights. So many people! Old buildings with impressive architecture. And there was space under the streets too. He glanced at the pamphlet he held. "Seattle Underground" Apparently at one point there was a fire, so they just built on top of the ruins. This left space underneath the streets! Where most cities were just dirt beneath the streets, here there were rooms, sidewalks, even streets. Skylos imagined beneath the hard concrete of the sidewalk pounded by his boots, another sidewalk, going past eighteenth century facades, rubble in the darkness, light filtering down through the blocks of glass set in the sidewalk.

He paused to toe some of the glass blocks in the old sidewalk, up against the front of a small cafe. They were worn rounded over time, their surfaces pitted and worn. They had probably been in this sidewalk for a hundred years...

* * *

"Please sign this form." whined the porcupine behind the desk, "Its a standard disclaimer. Its a maze down there. We can't be held responsible if you wander off."

Skylos scanned the document. It looked fairly standard, attempting to imdemnify the tour company for injuries they couldn't prevent. He shrugged and signed it with the offered pen.

"Thank you Mr. Doggie." she whined, "Please assemble near the gate over there. The next tour leaved in five minutes."

Skylos smiled at the porcupine and wandered over to the gate. Several furs were already milling about. He attracted the attention of one of them, another canine. He was wearing a cardigan sweater and khaki shorts over his black and tan german shepherd fur.

"Hi, I'm Skylos Doggie!" he said to the fur.

The male's ears swiveled around as he looked at the mutt smiling up at him.

"Hello." he sneered down at Skylos, "I'm Dorf of the Shultzluff line."

Skylos offered his paw. "Nice to meet you. Have you seen the underground before?"

The shepherd, looked at the paw and didn't move.

"If I'd seen it before, I doubt I'd be going now, don't you think? Or can't mutts think?"

Skylos shook his head. "Stupid shepherd." he muttered, turning away from the insulting man.

A young fox in a t-shirt and jeans several sizes too large was leaning on the wall beside the gate. His left paw had red fur on it, while his right and both footpaws were black. He played with a skate board with one of his footpaws. His ears stuck out of holes in a traditional knit cap.

"Hi, I'm Skylos the Doggie!" he said to him.

The fox gave him a thumbs up guesture.

"Hey dude, they call me Threesocks. Don'tcha just hate those AKC types?", indicating the shepherd who was looking at them both as if they'd just crawled out of the sewer.

Skylos nodded agreeably. "Always thinkin they're better than a freestyle breed." He nudged the fox's elbow. "and we know that's the best way, eh?"

The fox laughed, and pretended to hump his skateboard, making sure to catch the eye of the shepherd first. The sheperd twitched and turned away.

Their conversation was interrupted by a bored looking lynx.

"Has everbody signed the disclaimer? I must see your copy before you enter. Single file please.

Dorf elbowed to the front of the group, and handed his paper to the Lynx.

"Here it is." he said, ignoring the jostling that Threesocks gave him from behind.

Skylos snickered as the fox pretended to hump the shepherd, not quite touching him so the snob didn't notice. The shepherd's tail hit the fox. Threesocks looked up at him innocently as the canine growled back at him. Skylos snickered again. Dorf snorted and stalked through the gate.

* * *

The underground was dark, and musty. A roughly marked trail wound amongst piles of old bricks. There were bricks, metal girders, everything Skylos could think of holding up the streets and sidewalks above. Strung along the side of the trail were a series of lights on a long extension cord. Their light didn't reach far from the path, increasing the mystery of the tour. The lynx guide pattered on, sliding over the jokes like they weren't even funny in a practiced manner. Skylos needed to urinate.

* * *

Williard woke to the sound of voices in the distance. Over the years he had come to recognize the voices of the tourist guides as they herded their groups of people through the underground. The bright lights and masses of people kept him from hunting among them for food or other needs...

* * *

Skylos dropped back behind the group. Threesocks looked at him curiously.

"Dude, don't wander off." he said, "Looks pretty scarey out there."

Skylos nodded, patting the fox's shoulder as he walked by.

"Just gotta take a leak, I'll catch up."

He dodged through an old steel door left ajar. Loosening his loincloth, he leaned against a cieling support beam and pulled his sheath back. He sighed as he relaxed, sniffing the musty underground air. His urine splashed into the darkness. It smelled like rats here. They were probably everywhere down here, in all the cracks and crannies...


Williard crouched back in the shadows of the room, watching as a form slipped from the dimly lit tunnel into the darkness. He held still as the canid smell came nearer. It stopped before him. There was a brief rustle of cloth, then a sigh. Suddenly, hot liquid splashed on his face! What was this! Urine! This dog was peeing on him! He stood on all four paws, growling and hissing, his incisors bared, the sharp white teeth catching just a glint of the light.


A huge muzzle rose into the light, glaring red eyes over a giant mouth... Skylos whined helplessly, letting go of himself. More urine arched up, splattering into the monster's face! It swarmed forward, lunging for him. Skylos spun, every instinct screaming run! His loincloth and belt fell, forgotten in the moment. His feet bound in the cloth and he went sprawling with a yelp. The rough floor dug into his chest. Then the monster was on him. A huge paw that covered most of his back pressed him hard into the floor. He gasped for breath desperately. He could feel the stinking breath of the monster ruffling his neck fur. He squirmed desperately, slipping out from under the paw for a moment, managing to turn over before the paw pinned him on his back. Mere inches from his face, a huge rat growled so low the floor seemed to shake. Huge rodent incisors bared menacingly beneath piercing eyes, glaring into his. Saliva dripped from them onto his face. He whined helplessly, trying to remain still. He felt the rest of his urine release.


Williard sprang forward, a paw pinning the canid to the floor. He leaned into it, using his weight to hold him there. It had been a long time since Williard had enjoyed warm meat ripped fresh from the bone, and he looked forward to cracking this dogs skull between his teeth and licking out his brains. The thought of that made him salivate, and he leaned forward, sniffing up the prostate figure as it squirmed about. He lifted his paw a bit to balance himself, and as he did so, the man-dog managed to slip out, turning over under the rat. Williard slapped the paw down again, grinning as the air whooshed from the dog's lungs. Growling horribly, he leaned close to the dog's face. The canid whined, and williard felt a fresh flood of hot urine splash against his paw.

He sniffed backwards, careful not to release his weight this time, investigating the sharp odor of the dog's piss. He gathered a bit of it onto his muzzle, then licked. Licking at the dog's fur, Williard gathered more of the urine, a more pressing need supplanting his hunger...

A decision made, Williard opened his jaws, delicately taking hold of the man-dog. Lifting him easily, he turned back into the darkness, fading like a white ghost, back towards his lair.


The rat's head dipped. A huge tongue slid through his urine soaked stomach fur. He tried not to pant. If he doesn't move, he's not alive. The rat will leave him alone. The rat lapped up his urine, slavering all the more. His huge tongue stroking over his sheath again and again. That felt kind of good. Suddenly the weight of the paw was released. He didn't move for a moment. It got what it wanted it'll go away. The huge jaws opened wide and closed around his body. The man-dog shuddered, closing his eyes. This was it. And he was lifted. He could feel the thick tongue against his backside, the sharp teeth holding him in place. They were moving through the pitch blackness. He could heard the grate of the giant paws in the gravel. The smell of rat got stronger. They entered a dimly lit room, the light filtering down from high above. It was intermittently blocked by something, giving it a surreal flickering light. The rat was just carrying somewhere else before he will eat him he miserated. And he was dropped.


Williard padded back along familiar passages. Though the tourists traveled along a winding path, the truth was that they didn't see more than 10% of the underground, the rest being closed to the public. The rat had explored every inch of the sixteen square blocks over the years, making the Seattle Underground his home. Following twists and turns, he went down narrow passageways, dodging through door after door. Over piles of rubble, and through moldering rooms, the rat moved farther back into the maze. Finally, he arrived at his destination, his lair. Dropping the dog in his nest, he sniffed about, checking for any signs of intruders into his home. Finding none, he made himself comfortable.

A soft sound brought his attention back to the dog as it moved about in his nest. He moved closer and the dog froze in fear. He sniffed at his capture. The dog spoke, but Williard did not understand the sounds coming from the dog, only the smells. The scent of fear and of urine were strong, but the smell of seed and musk were present as well. Williard felt his cock twitch as the pheremones awakened his body.

He pressed his nose under the dog's tail, eliciting a yelp of suprise as he brushed it to one side, concentrating on his goal. A crinkled pucker of flesh greeted his inquisitive nose, winking a bit as he sniffed at it. As he did so, he watched the tail curl up a bit, moving of it's own accord to one side. He licked, a long stroke that started at the dogs balls, using the base of his tongue, sliding up to his balls. A good twelve inches of hot rodent muscle sliding up and over the pucker, washing it with hot rat saliva. Tasting the dog on his tongue, Williard dipped his muzzle again, repeating the licking, his incisors pressing gently on each side of the dog's rump.


The nest smelled like rat. Big time rat. But it was soft, too. There were pieces of chewed cardboard, fuzzy bits of pillow. Even something that looked suspiciously like the remains of a large mattress. It was actually quite comfortable. He peered over at the rat carefully. It was pushing around bits of its nest in the flickering light, its paws like shovels. It must be the size of a pony! Skylos was sure that rats did not grow that big naturally. But somehow this one had. He couldn't tell from which way they had entered the room, and outside the small circle of irregularly flickering light it was too dark to see. But first to safety. He started to carefully crawl away. He'd only gotten three steps when his paw pressed on some crinkly plastic. He froze as the rat came back over, sniffing him with a giant nose.

"Uh, hi." stammered Skylos. The big rat didn't seem nearly as menacing now.

The rat sat back, his giant paws scooping up the dog easily. He sniffed at him, holding him upside down.

"G..Good rat. You're not hungry, right?" he spoke again, desperately hoping it understood.

The big wet nose pressed under his clamped tail, pushing it easily out of the way.

"Hey!" grunted the startled canine.

The hot breath of the rat blew over his ass several times. That felt pretty good. He relaxed his tail, letting the rat sniff him. And then the rat licked him. One lap went forever, the huge tongue sliding across his tailhole.

"Oooh!" he grunted, hanging helpless in the paws.

That felt REAL good. He myrred and gasped as the tongue slid again and again over him. He could feel his cock swellin in his sheath, sticking out in his arousal. About to be eaten by a rat and he was getting off on it. Oh goddess it felt good. And then it stopped. He twitched and tried to twist out of the grip. He was free! He landed with an oof in the nest, on all fours The rat's paws immediately thumped to either side of his shoulders, his heavy body pressing down on him hard. A pointy cock poked at his rear, first hitting his lower back, then his left cheek, then jabbing beneath his tail in a lustful strike. It shoved into him firmly, the thickness of the shaft impeding more than the entry of the tip. He whined as his ass quivered under the unexpected strike, more going in with less pain than he expected. The licking must have relaxed him.


The more the dog's tailhole loosened, winking and twitching at the licking, the more excited Williard grew. It had been a long time since he had mated. His enormous size precluded joining with any other rats, and the danger of discovery kept him deep in the underground most of the time. He whurfed deeply, his cock firming up, the wet tip dripping precum now. He raised his muzzle from the dog's rump, moving over his form. Hunkering down a bit, he probed with his maleness, two feet of hard rat cock pressing up under the dog's tail. He felt fur, shifted his aim, felt fur again. Trying a spot between the two attempts, he growled in pleasure as the sensitive tip pressed against the hot wetness of a well licked tailhole. Pressing inwwards, the rat shoved a good six inches into the dog, but the tightness prevented further entry. Unable to hump properly, Williard slid his paws under the doggie, lifting up against his belly. He sat back on his haunches, bringing the man-dog back against his belly. His obscenely huge shaft of ratcock helping to hold him in place there.


Skylos's head reeled as the world spun around him, lifted by giant paws. His ass twitched around the incredibly thick rat cock. The shaft alone was probably bigger than his own knot. It was levered hard into him. The rat pushed up into him again and again, making him twitch and yelp as his ass protested the stretching. He tried to struggle, to get off the leviathan cock, but that only seemed to help it press deeper into him.

He shuddered as the cock pulled, and thrusted, stroking his insides so firmly and in such a long stroke that he gasped, eyes closing. More of this and he'd probably just pass out. He could hear slorching sounds as it pulled out and thrusted into him. The massive paws held him in place, lifting and pushing him down. He just relaxed, realizing for the first time that his cock was rock hard, protruding from his stretched sheath. The cock slid deeper into him, stretching and stroking again and again. The pleasure swept through the helpless doggie.


As the dog squirmed around, flailing and trying to escape, Williard felt his ass stretch a bit, sliding a couple more inches down the thick shaft. The tight ring of muscle clamped and spasmed helplessly, trying to shit out the huge intruder, but Williard held the canid in place, using his paws to move him up and down, gasping in pleasure.

The rat rolled back over, pressing the dog down into the nest to hold him in place. He pulled his throbbing shaft out, then pressing hard into him again, feeling the tight muscle stretch a bit more... just a bit more... ahh... there! Growling happily, the rat shoved his fat cock deep into the doggy. feeling twists of guts straighten in front of his shaft. He pulled back, a wet shlorching sound loud in the room, over the soft whimpers of the doggy and his own eager growling. With a dip of his hips, the thick maleness slid back in, easier this time, the dog's tailhole surrendering to his assault.


Skylos gurgled and shuddered helpleesly, unable to make sense of anything. He was getting fucked, he knew. The alternate filling and emptying of his bowels was that. But such filling, so big he could felt his intestines rearranging. Twinges of pain on the deep thrusts were quickly overwhelmed by the surges of pleasure that fogged his mind. He could smell... Rat, thick, musky rat. Huge paws were holding him, moving him about. He could even feel the tingle of precum dribbling out his cock.

The world spun again. He was shoved onto something soft. It smelled heavily like rat. And then the cock thrusted again. It wasn't the strokings of before, it was hard, urgent jabs. He relaxed, desperately trying to let his body accomodate it. The stings of the deep thrusts seeming to numb as the fucking increased in speed. Giant balls impacted his legs at the bottom of the thrusts. Goddess, the giant rat must be completely inside him. The strokes blurred together into a gob of stimulation that left him helpless. He could feel his drool sliding from his mouth, the sharp pull of his lungs for more air. His heart beat hard in his chest. His body was taken over, used by the giant rat. The thrusts continued, the balls ceasing theier perennial slap. The thrusts came harder, the hips grinding the cock deeper into his ass.


Williard hammered his cock into the man-dog. His cock slammed into the canid like a fleshy ram, each stroke causing precum to fart out around the thick shaft, the dog's guts straightened as an arm-thick cock rammed up inside him. The rat panted and continued to fuck with lightning fast strokes as he felt his balls throb, the pleasure rising has he mated this doggy under him. The huge balls pulled up close against his crotch, the furry pouch stretched tight to contain the huge globes.

With a shudder, orgasm fired through his body. The hot flood of pleasure raced along his spine. His grunts turned to a steady yowl of pleasure. His balls boiled over. The jism burned a path along his shaft. It poured into the mandog under him. The the narrow ass tunnel was filled with cum, flooding back to meet the next thrust. Hydraulic pressure squeezed rivulets of seed back along the shaft till it weeped out through the tightly stretched tailhole. He pulled back a bit, a gout of cum splashing down over his balls, soaking the canid's rump. The sharp odor and sensation of the hot seed prompted more powerful humps from the rat. His sensitive phallus slammed deep into the cum soaked passageway, displacing the cum, more seed farting out around his swollen cock. Still more volleys of cum fired down his shaft, till he could no more.


The rat came into Skylos, his cock swelling, stretching him all the more as it surged down the giant cock, spraying into him thick and hot. It filled his rectum in a moment, injecting up his intestine. He shuddered at he sensation, the almost pain of cum spraying into him making him see stars. Just when he thought it was over it came again, and again, followed by a rapidfire spurting spray of thick rat cum. He shuddered again, whining as he felt his stomach stretch around the load, some of the pressure relieved by cum slipping past the thick plug in his ass. The rat seemed encouraged by this and slid out and in the further lubricated chute, firing again and again into him until the canine's stomach was swollen, his ass drenched in the rat's cum. He could feel it dripping down his legs.


With a sigh, Williard held himself deep in the man-dog. His cock slowly softened, eased by the muted satisfaction of his throbbing balls. Pools of cum lay under the rat and the dog, soaking the man-dogs chest and belly. Williard pulled back a bit, feeling his cock slip out of the rutted tailhole. Cum and assjuice dripped off his sex. He reared back a bit and looked at his handiwork. The canid just lay in the puddle panting raggedly. A soaked and matted tail lay to one side, revealing an absurdly stretched ass. Cum still dripped from it into the cum soaked nest lining under him. It was smeared into the man-dog's fur, soaking his back all the way to his ears.

The rat hovered in indecision. He usually ate at this point, but he wasn't hungry. The dog couldn't stay in his territory. Picking him up once more, he tasted his seed on the barely moving form. Sluices of rat seed flooded off the canid's belly and chest. He carried the canine Back along the passages. Stepping cautiously through the steel door into the dim light, he dumped him. He sniffed the man-dog carefully. The steady breath sounded right. The rat heard the sound of people approaching, led by the familiar voice of a guide. Somebody came around a corner and yelped at the sight. He turned and faded into the darkness once more.


Skylos gurgled, barely moving as he was lifted bodily again. He was carried between the giant teeth through the darkness. And then he tumbled free. He groaned as the ground rushed up to smack him in the face. He slumped onto his side. There was a yelp, and the rat was gone in a flash. There was light here. Bright light. Electric light. He rolled to all fours and shook his fur out. His ass was so stretched he could feel a draft. His cock was rock hard, its throbbing extending to his balls. It felt like his entire body was soaked in...

He sniffed and tasted some of what was on his legs.

"Rat... Cum?" he mumured confusedly.

Threesocks nudged him concernedly.

"Hey man, you okay?" he asked, setting his skateboard down beside him, "I saw the rat. What happened to you?"

Skylos looked up at the friendly fox's face.

"Would you believe it if I told you a giant rat took me to his nest, had his way with me, and then dumped me here?" he asked hopelessly.

The german shepherd humphed.

"You expect us to believe a tale like that from a mutt like you?" he snorted.

The Lynx guide looked at Skylos with disdain.

"This is NOT covered on our insurance. Its part of the standard disclaimer. "Participants of the Seattle Underground Tour who do leave the presence of the tour director shall be held wholly liable for any injuries." he stalked off, motioning the rest of the group to follow him.

Skylos chuckled and shook his head, accepting Threesock's paw to help him up as the rest of the group dissappeared up the stairs.

"Between you and me, I would pay for a ride like that any day." he told the fox.

Threesocks smirked and flipped his board, grabbing it out of the air.

"Looks like you had too much fun man," he grinned, "come to my place, get cleaned up, tell me about it, okay? Looks like you could use some help."

Skylos grinned, scooping his loincloth from where it was dropped. It didn't conceal his arousal much, but it provided a modicum of decency.


Williard watched from the deep shadows, the shapes of the furries dissappearing up the stairs. He sat back and licked his cum splattered sheath and balls. That was fun. He just had to wait for another tourist...

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