The Assembly

By: David Ihnen

NOTESThis story is closely based on a dream I had the morning of Saturday, April 15th 2000. Basically I woke up after the elder led me to the other room, but I *knew* how the rest of it was supposed to go, so I expanded on the events to go with what I, in the dream, was expecting. I grew up mormon which I think has alot to do with this story.
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My brother and I hurried through the crowds of smiling people, making our way across the beatifully manicured campus of the temple complex. We had traveled far, a hundred days walk across the land to attend the great ceremony. The great assembly hall reared up just as drawn in all the books. Its intricately carved walls rose impossibly high, the face covered with balconies and windows.

"Hey, look at her! Bet she ain't got none since the last ceremony!" snickered my brother, pointing to a rather fat canine in dark clothes.

She waddled along with the rest of the crowd, staying close with several others dressed like her. The flow entered the grand entrance of the assembly hall. The high, vaulted corridor was flanked by two rows of elevators, providing an alternative to the wide sweeping staircase that rose from the end of the hall. My brother and I took one of the elevators that snapped open nearby. With a load of people it started upwards, making a quick ascent.

The doors opened and we exited into a plush walkway, part of the second ring corridor. I immediately started down one of the radial walkways, between sparsely populated benches, looking in fascination at the enormous pipe organ that reared overhead. The cieling seemed impossibly far away, lit evenly in blue. It was like an artificial sky. My brother grabbed my arm.

"Come on, we gotta go up there." he said, pointing upwards to the left.

We climbed, absorbing the atmosphere. It was full of eager tension, of joy at being together and serving the Lord. We rose above the second and third levels of seating, and into a different area.

The outside layers of the third level faced outwards, towards giant screens that would soon display the prophet of the lord speaking to us all. I started down one of the screening rooms, seeing plenty of space.

"Come on, lets get a seat!" I said, concerned as the flow of people into the building seemed to increase, the hubbub of voices filling the air.

"No, silly, we have to go up here. Its our duty." he said, leading the way up a corridor that slanted upwards steeply.

It was lined with doors about every ten feet. I knew they opened onto narrow hallways that opened onto the thousands of privacy rooms that honeycombed the building. We climbed up steeper and steeper, until after a landing, the slant curved upwards, covered in plush upolstery, riding to meet the bottom of the seating above us. And from there it formed the curve of the roof, I was sure.

"There you two are!" exclaimed our father. "Come on, your mother is waiting!"

He waved to us, a little way down the stairs. I have no idea how he found us amongst the hundreds of thousands of people. He must have had the assistance of the Lord.

As we started back down the staircase, we could easily hear the meeting starting. A leader offered the benediction, and speaker after speaker spoke, reporting on the status of the church, encouraging us. I could feel the emotion in the atmosphere grow, pure joy at being here to be a part of the great ceremony.

Almost down at the third level again, my father turned to the right down one of the narrow corridors. About halfway down we turned again into a small room, about twelve by six. The end wall was a video screen, showing the smiling muzzle of each speaker in turn until the ancient prophet tottered to the stand.

"My brothers and sisters," he began, his voice quavery with age, "We come together on this joyous occaison once again to raise our voices in praise to the Lord. Ever since the days of Abraham and Isaac our people have assembled as one, pilgrimaging from afar to share in the beauty of procreation. Today, as many times before in the grand tradition of the prophet Loozan, we will join in the most sacred of actions, bringing ourselves together in celebration of the fertility God has given us. Join with me now, as we sing the song of coupling."

The organ struck up, filling the hall with reverberations of strong chords, leading into the familiar hymn. My heart beat faster in anticipation. On the screen the prophet approached the central altar, his robes shed revealing his own lean but strong body. A voluptuous bitch was sprawled their, her eyes wide, her opening almot painfully small from virginity as she awaited the prophet.

An elder poked his head into the room, sighting my brother and I standing there, sticking out of our sheaths already. My father was stroking my mother's stomach, teasing her with the end of his cock. She was laying back on the room's altar.

"You two, you're needed over here." he spoke, motioning to us.

We followed readily. He led us three doors down the narrow hallway to another room. Two young bitches giggled and smiled at us, raising their voices with ours as the hymn began. They were barely old enough, obviously still virgins. I couldn't believe our luck. I practically stuck clear out of my sheath at the thought. I grinned over at my brother who shook out his fur, grinning back as wide as he could.

My breaths seemed to burn into me, my body flushing with heat. I took the bitch on the left, sliding my penis in worshipful reverence into her already slick channel. Together, in time with the song we sung and stroked. My head roared inside, my arousal rocketing as my nose filled with her scents, and with the scents of a million canines worshipping together. The organ reached thunderous climax, chords reverberating through our bodies as we tied, our bodies spraying the seed of the Lord into our sisters, filling them with the spirit. Together with our father, together with every male and female in the place, we raised our voices in a howl of worship to the Lord.

The air seemed to clear after awhile, the voices of the people swelling in a gentle murmur. On the screens, the prophet himself came untied from the beautiful bitch, her glazed expression speaking volumes of the prowess of the prophet. We too soon came untied. We cuddled with the cute bitches until our father coralled us.

We rejoined the throngs of happy people, streaming out of the massive building once again. The sky was a bright blue, shining warmly on our fur and on the flowers that lined the campus pathways. You couldn't ask for a better day, or for a better service. The world would be enriched with more children of the Lord. Soon, the glory of the Lord, with all our help, will be able to overwhelm the evil and darkness brought by the cats upon the rest of the world. I only hope it happens in my lifetime so I can be part of the force that defeats them.

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