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I hurried from work into the unfamiliar suburb. I'd agreed to babysit for my aunt, she and my Uncle were going to the ballet and it was the Nanny's night off. They lived up in the hills, in a palacial estate. My Aunt's husband was the classic rich uncle, and not a bad guy either. After negotiating the impressive community gate, I arrived in their circular driveway just in time. My Aunt and Uncle were already standing on the front porch with my neice, Theresa.

My Uncle was dressed in a traditional tuxedo, complete with ruffles, a Red Cumberbund, and a matching red rose bud on his lapel. My aunt looked gorgeous in a deeply cut gown in a deep blue satin, atop incredibly tall matching heels. My niece was simply clad in a light blue dress, draping from her shoulders and only reaching to the upper thigh.

I hopped out of my rusty civic, dwarved by the large Jaguar crouching powerfully in the driveway. Theresa ran over and hugged me jubilantly. She was ten or eleven now, still easy for a man of my strength to pick up. I swung her around and set her back on her feet.

"Hi Uncle Dave!" she exclaimed.

"Hey big girl!" I grinned, "Howya doin?"

She smiled, glancing down.

"Oh, I'm okay." she said quietly.

I nodded to my Aunt and Uncle who were watching with some interest.

"Hey, we'll be fine. Have a good time!" I told them, taking Theresa by the hand and leading her back up the steps.

My aunt spoke as she climbed into the Jag, showing miles of leg from the slit in her gown.

"There's a note on the refrigerator with our cell number if you need anything. Chiao!" she waved.

Theresa and I waved together as they pulled away with a throaty growl.

"Come on, let me show you what I drew!" she exclaimed eagerly as the crunch of wheels on gravel faded.

I followed her into the house. Like I said, she was wearing a short, light blue summer dress. Her legs were clad only in short stockings and sneakers. The shoulder length straight blonde hair was pushed through the back of a baseball cap, giving her a playful look. I could catch glimpses of her white panties as the air ruffled her dress around her. Her hair tossed in the breeze too, as she trotted down the hallway. I closed the thick wooden front door and followed into the den a bit more slowly. She was spreading a handful of drawings over the enormous hearth fronting an equally large fireplace. I could feel my feet sink into the thick pile carpeting. Nice.

I dutifully admired her work. It was good for a ten year old, she had an eye for perspective, though her porportions needed improvement. She soon lost interest, and wanted to show me other things.

She led me to her room, one of a dozen along a hallway at the top of a long sweeping staircase. I attended her, feigning interest in her things while my eye was drawn repeatedly to the occaisonally plainly visible white cotton panties she wore. They had an understated line of lace along the seams. I had to make a concious effort to keep my mind in line. It was wrong to drool over my neice.

I was sitting on her window seat, holding one of her many teddy bears while she rummaged in a chest looking for something she wanted to show me. Outside on the patio I saw a new addition, a large spa. Steam was rising from the surface, the light flickering from inside as the pumps circulated the water.

"Shouldn't you be going to bed?" I asked her, my eyes turning to find her bent completely over the chest, head buried somewhere inside. I felt a tightening in my pants. I swallowed hard.

"Aww, come on Uncle Dave!" she pouted, standing back up. I could see the slight bulge of her just developing breasts when she stood this way.

"I know your bedtime is nine." I told her, glancing back down at the spa. It would feel good. I was so worn from my warehouse job.

"Aww, come on. They won't be back 'till eleven. And tomorrow's not a school day." she protested, pouting cutely.

I shrugged mildly. "Well, maybe we could get a snack first."

In the kitchen we found some rocky road ice cream in the freezer. Perched on the kitchen stools, we giggled over a tv show on the kitchen set, one of those comedians from saturday night live doing a standup act. All too soon the ice cream was gone and the dishes in the sink.

Theresa wandered off while I was watching the TV. Searching for her, I found a french door ajar in the music room. I plunked a few notes on the piano as I walked by. The rich tone told of a very expensive piece. Theresa was sitting on the railing of the patio outside, knees to her chest, looking out over the sparkling lights of the city. I sat next to her.

"Whatcha doin?" I asked, tilting my head to look over at her.

"Just watching the lights." she said quietly.

I wandered over to the spa burbling nearby and dipped my hand in the water. It was hot, perfect. I could see the jets below the shimmering surface, arranged to massage the back muscles perfectly.

"Why don'tcha get in?" Theresa asked.

"I didn't bring any shorts." I grumbled.

"Just take off your clothes. That's what Mom and Dad do." she said, turning back to the city below.

I blinked, my heart hammering. I shouldn't. It would be wrong. But the tightness in my groin had relaxed. And the hot water would feel so good.

"You won't tell?" I asked.

She shook her head, hair cascading behind her. "Nope Uncle Dave. I won't."

I sat on a stone bench and unlaced my boots, laying each item of clothing onto the bench beside me until I stood clad in briefs alone, the cool night air ruffling the hair on my chest. I looked over at Theresa again. She sat on the wide railing, knees hugged to her chest, still contemplating the city. The breeze tossed her hair around her. She was so beautiful, I wished I had a camera. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of my briefs and quickly strode the last two steps to the spa. As I settled down, I noticed Theresa's blue eyes looking at me. I looked down in the the water, settling into one of the preformed seats.

"Here, I know how to turn on the bubbles." she said, walking over and touching the panel.

With a surge, the spa started, filling the water with rushing jets of bubbles. They bore into my sore muscles, relaxing me. I sighed and luxuriated, closing my eyes as I rested against the headrest. This was the way to live. If only I had a few million dollars.

My eyes snapped open as I felt something touch my leg. Theresa was in the spa with me, her blue eyes smiling at me as she lowered the gentle swell of her small breasts into the water. I swallowed hard again, erection coming unbidden, thankfully hidden below the swirling bubbles.

"Um, Theresa!" I exclaimed, looking around to make sure nobody was watching. I spotted her dress and stockings lain over a nearby planter.

She smiled at me. "Feels good, doesn't it?" she said.

I nodded, relaxing a little, leaning back again and trying to ignore my throbbing crotch.

"Yes, it does." I sighed, letting the swirling jets relax me.

"Its great." she said, turning and kneeling backwards in one of the seats. I knew that one of the jets had to be spraying directly between her legs. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. "ooooh..." she gasped, I could see her hips twitching forward against the jet.

Needless to say I was helplessly hard at this point. Seeing her smooth youthful body glistening from the water, the gentle swell of her chest, the gangly length of her arms combined with the thought of her getting off was too much. I could feel my cock ache in the warm water, probably its full seven inches and swollen purple by now. I needed my girlfriend so bad. Nothing short of pussy could take care of this. She was so beautiful. So untouchable. I watched her body tense, her head lolling as she ground her hips into the side of the pool for long seconds. Then she turned around, sliding back into the water to her neck, breathing hard, her face glowing.

"Um... How did you learn about that?" I asked.

"I saw Mom doing it." she said, pointing behind her and upwards. I looked up and saw the teddy bear I had been holding earlier leaning against a window pane.

I nodded. "You see her do other things?" I asked.

She looked down shyly.

"Come on, I won't tell. I promise." I told her.

"Um, well, she has this vibrating thing." she murmured.

"Oh?" I prompted.

"It like, feels soo good... it makes it so I can hardly even think!"

She looked down shyly. I nodded and smiled to her.

"You can tell me about anything, Theresa." I said ernestly, "I think that its wonderful it makes you feel good. Do you put it all the way in?"

Theresa paused for several moments before answering, shyly looking down into the water. "Y..Yeah. It hurt once, but not now."

I desperately tried to relax, the jets from the water not even seeming to help any now. I groaned to myself, leaning back on the pad again, letting the jets pile into my unyielding flesh.

"Theresa, I want to show you something now. You gotta promise not to tell anybody about this, okay?" I asked, my heart thumping quickly.

"Okay." she nodded curiously, "I won't tell anybody."

I sat on the edge of the spa, my hard penis standing out swollen in the flickering underwater light. She looked at it with fascination, a soft hand extending to touch it briefly. I almost came, my balls twitching as she did so. I tensed a bit, holding back. I put a hand on her shoulder, stroking down her arm as I slid over next to her.

"Sit on my lap." I told her in a whisper, guiding her up out of the water to face me, straddling my lap. My eyes drank in the petite slit between her legs, surrounded by smooth hairless skin. My cock stood out rigid still, a drop of precum standing out on the tip between us. I stroked her sides gently with my hands, sliding over the small swell of her breasts, the nub of her youthful nipples, down her slim sides to her hips, the silky smooth flesh satin beneath my hands.

"You're so beautiful." I whispered, the world dissappearing as my eyes drank in her youthful beauty, from her lovely blonde hair, matted stringilly in the water to her shoulders, to the tantalizing swell of her mound between perfect legs mere inches from my throbbing sex.

She smiled and leaned forward, kissing my nose, shifting a little on my legs. I held her hips in my hands, her weight so slight on my lap.

"Its like the vibrator." I whispered to her, guiding her hips closer to me.

We looked together, forehead to forehead as my hard cock contacted her flesh. Her lips resisted for a moment, then stretched around the fat head of my cock. I felt my balls twitch again and took a deep breath, holding it right there. As the danger of cumming receded, I slid deeper. She wasn't virgin as she had mentioned, but she was tight. Her snug tunnel was incredible, so smooth and tight I had to stop three or four times to keep from cumming all at once. I held her there on my lap, her hips against mine as my cock throbbed inside, every inch surrounded by her quivering heat.

Theresa's breath quickened, her eyes large and blue as I looked into them. "So big." she breathed.

"You can't tell, Theresa, they would put me in jail. You'd never see me again." I whispered to her, ever so gently sliding out a ways and back in again.

"I won't tell." she answered, her arms and legs clinging to me, pressing her hips to mine.

I started fucking her, the pleasure was indescribable. My arousal combined with her tightness was pure ecstacy. My hips pulled and thrusted again and again, feeling the cool air then the warm slickness of her body on my shaft, my swollen cockhead buried deep in her. Her arms hugged around my neck, her legs wrapped around my hips holding her close on me.

"Oh, god, you feel so good!" I whispered, my own arms holding her to me tightly.

"Feels good..." she panted, her hips working onto mine eagerly. "I'm... oh..."

She started thrusting onto my cock frenetically, hips driving up against mine, her walls clenching and milking my cock with a ferocious intensity. She gasped and ground, her fingers digging into my shoulders as she shuddered. I couldn't hold back, the surge of my orgasm swept through my body as I arched up into her, fully impaling my meat as I came. I groaned helplessly, spraying into her in a rapid series of convulsions. We both shuddered for long seconds there before collapsing backwards the deck, her soft, light body atop mine. I could feel my cock softening inside her.

"Oh god." I said to the stars up above, "What time is it?"

I could hear my wristwatch beep from the bench nearby. And it had been after ten when we came out here.

"Fuck! They'll be home!" I exclaimed.

Theresa jumped up, grinning. "Wow, that was great!"

"Your parents will be home any minute, and you should be in bed!" I told her.

She gasped, and hurriedly gathered up her clothes, running inside while I got dressed quickly, running a comb through my wet hair. I finally was soft again, so didn't have too much trouble getting it back in my pants. I found her up in her room, clad in a white nitey even shorter than her previous dress, sitting on the edge of her bed. And she wasn't wearing anything underneath either.

It didn't matter that I had just cum, I got hard again. I walked over, feeling my cock snake down the leg of my jeans.

"Okay, I'll tuck you in."

"Stick it in me again." she said eagerly, "Before you go. They're not home yet!"

I just couldn't resist that. With a helpless gurgle I unzipped my pants and freed my once again throbbing cock. She turned over on the bed, crouching on all fours, making her cute little ass stick up in the air. Just beneath it her delicously hairless cunny hung, readily available. Her lips were dripping from our previous activity. I whimpered in arousal, unable to believe how hard I was so quickly as I gripped her soft hips once again, driving my cock a bit roughly into her. I paused, afraid I'd hurt her, but her happy moan told otherwise. I started thrusting into her, working my cock in and out rapidly, keeping an ear tuned for the sound of anybody coming home.

It was more of a challenge to cum this time, but the additional moisture of my previous load helped. Her tight body clung to the contours of my cock, the sloppy wetness making it deliciously slippery. I could feel the sweat rolling down my face as I worked it in and out. She pulled at the bedspread, messing it up as she gasped and moaned to match my own frantic grunts. Her body clenched around me again and she twitched there on the bed, her breath gasping deeply as she came again. I could just imagine what she was feeling, her cumming body was too much. I gave up a second load, grunting as my body tried to ejaculate what wasn't there, the orgasm twinge driving a knife of pleasure deep into my gut. My head swam from the endorphins, barely able to recognize the crunch of tires on gravel outside. Panting, I stood up, her pussy tugging at my cock as I pulled it free. I crammed my dribbling, half hard cock into my briefs hurriedly.

"They're home!" I told her, pulling her into a roughly sleeping position and straightening the bedspread. I kissed her gently on the mouth. "Don't tell." I whispered.

"I won't." she murmured, smiling at me with her pretty blue eyes, her chest heaving from the exertion. "Good night Uncle Dave."

I walked down the stairs trying to seem nonchalant despite the damp spot on my pants and the scent of her sex around me. I could feel postcum trickling down my cock, soaking my briefs. I felt like I was walking on air, I was so high on endorphins. I found my relatives in the den.

"David! I trust you had a good evening?" asked my uncle, setting his cumberbund over his jacket before turning to the wet bar, pouring some whisky from a decanter.

"Oh, you know," I chuckled, "Fairly uneventful." That was the understatement of the year.

"Nightcap before you go?" he offered.

I swallowed.

"Um, sure. Thanks."

He toasted me with another shot glass and we both downed the beverage. It burned on the way down, good whiskey. He pulled a money clip out of his pocket peeled off a couple twenties.

"We appreciate it Son." he said, looking into my eyes, "We'd hate it if anything happened to our daughter. You know what its like these days."

I nodded, meeting his gaze with my heart pounding, adrenaline making my hands shake a bit.

"Yes, Sir, I know it. I really should be going you know." I spoke, my knees feeling a bit weak.

"Ah yes, of course." he nodded, shaking my hand. "We'll see you at the reunion next month I trust?"

I nodded, smiling a bit. "Of course, I'm there every year. I'll show myself out?"

The man nodded, loosening his collar and cuffs. "Very good then."

They didn't have a clue. With any luck, I could do it again. If she was as horny as she was tonight, a bunch of times. I grinned as I climbed into my civic, exiting down the long gravel driveway with its typical tinny roar. Theresa was so sweet. I couldn't wait to visit again.

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