Big Shimrod

By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
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Chapter 3
By David Ihnen

Shimrod loped through the streets. It was late, and he wanted to be in bed asleep. He had been across town delivering a package he had forgotten the day before. The streets here weren't well lit. There was more light coming from the neon outside a dance club than the street lights. He almost unconciously fell into step with the heavy beat as he passed.

He was only a couple blocks from home when his way was blocked.

"Hey Shimrod!" leered one of the dark shapes. He winced and tried to backtrack. He recognized the voice as belonging to one of the neighborhood bullies. A well known local anarchist, he ran a small gang of cat-type morphs, mostly black. They were closing in from all sides.

"Whereya goin, mutt?" he hissed, teeth bared.

Shimrod froze, looking around. He was outmatched by half a dozen large cats, most of which outweighed him by at least fifty pounds. And they were armed with their sharp claws, too.

"What do you want?" he asked, growling defiantly.

Larsh laughed, "What do we want! Well, MUTT," he hissed, drawing close, his claws out threateningly, "We wanna know why we never see you without your loincloth! You gotta pencildick or something?"

Shimrod shook his head. "I'm too big. If..."

"Grab him boys!" commanded Larsh.

Shimrod struggled against the grip of several large cats, holding his arms and legs.

"Hey!" he protested.

"Oh, really. Too big, huh. We'll see about that!" hissed Larsh, "Muzzle him!"

The panther reached out with a sharp claw, ripping his loincloth from his hips. Another cat forced a muzzle over his head, strapping it behind his ears, cruelly tight.

The hound stood, growling, hackles raised. His sheath swung heavy over his massive balls, revealed in the cool night air.

The panther's eye took a different almost manaical gleam as he took in the hound's equipment.

"So what they say is true. You're going to fuck me, mutt." he said, turning, dropping his own loincloth.

The panther was well endowed himself, but it didn't look like much next to Shimrod's sheath and balls. He raised his tail, revealing his black rimmed ass.

"No I'm not!" snarled Shimrod, "Let me go!"

"Lube!" Larsh snapped.

A female cat spread a pawful of a dark cream beneath the cat's tail.

"Now fuck me!" ordered Larsh, crouching in front of the hound.

Shimrod snarled, "I won't!"

"Make him!" the leader ordered.

Shimrod struggled against the powerful cats as they pulled his sheath back, revealing his long boned penis. Larsh backed onto it, tight and slippery around the fairly thick cock.

"Fuck me!" he thundered.

The cats forced shimrod's hips forward and back. Shimrod snarled and struggled, too weak in their grip to break free. The muzzle cutting into his head made his teeth ineffectual. He thrashed and snarled, to no effect. His body was responding to the stroking, he felt his cock swelling, rage growing in him as they raped him. He started to thrust on his own, slamming his growing cock deep into the panther.

"You want it, you get it!" he snarled, slamming into the panther again and again.

Larsh's groans became gasps, then yelps and hisses. His body shuddered around shimrod's swelling cock. Shimrod pounded the tight hole, feeling the body tighten around him as his cock hardened. He redoubled the strength of his thrusts, reaming the ass of the panther in rage. He was hitting something inside, something hard. He brutally slammed his cock against it, battering relentlessly. And then it gave way. The cat suddenly screamed, thrashing and struggling.

"Get him off, Get him off!" he managed, screaming in pain.

"Shit, its the big boys!" yelled the other cats, releasing the hound as they beat a retreat.

Shimrod snarled through the muzzle, grabbing the cat's hips, slamming into his body with power he didn't know he had. The cat's ass ripped around his swelling knot, blood flowing over his cock, down his legs. It fueled his rage all the more. He could feel his knot swelling inside his rapist, tight, tighter. His thrusts were abbreviated now, the cat's bones too narrow to pass his knot. He felt his cock fully hard inside the panther, spraying out his rage in surge after surge of cum. He drove his cock into the spasming body that milked his cock. He felt like he was going to cum forever. This was nothing like jacking off, the pleasure burned and soared through him again and again, his head dizzy. It was the familiar roar of pleasure amplified into a stadium, his cock lodged tightly inside, spraying and spraying. He stood shaking, gasping for breath, his loins exploding again and again, his balls pulled close to his body.

Larsh gurgled, coughing up blood, his eyes glazing over. His body hung limp from Shimrod's cock. A long dark transport pulled up alongside the pair in the dark street with a quiet whine. A window slid down.

"Hey, kid." said a muted voice.

Shimrod panted hard, turning his muzzled head to the voice. He couldn't see into the car.

"We saw what happened." the voice continued, "and it ain't your fault."

Two burly canines climbed out of the front of the transport, lifting the bleeding corpse of Larsh together with Shimrod. The door on the transport opened and they placed them both inside.

The inside of the vehicle was spacious, and plush. Beside him on the leather seat was a very pretty husky bitch. She gently released the muzzle, taking the time to massage where the straps had cut into his fur and skin. Facing him from the rear of the vehicle was a large bulldog type canine, dressed conservatively.

"Don't mind the blood." the bulldog spoke. His was the voice he heard earlier.

"We'll get that stiff off you soon as possible." he murmured, "Now, we wanna thank you. We been trying to get rid of Larsh here for some time. Its good to see his own lust be his downfall. Just between you and me, I had a run in with him years ago. Same routine."

Shimrod looked at the bulldog puzzledly. His cock made a slorching sound as its relaxing size slipped free of the body. The husky bitch started cleaning his cock off with an amazingly soft tongue.

"Hey, get rid of this stiff!" the bulldog commanded.

The transport stopped and the two burly canines pulled Larsh out. After a few moments they were moving again.

That's quite some talent you got there." spoke the bulldog again. "Now because you're so well... equipped... we have a favor for you to do. Do it well, and it'll be like the whole Larsh deal never happened."

Shimrod frowned. "But..."

"I'm making you an offer that you really shouldn't refuse, pup." spoke the bulldog, "Larsh's gang is gonna be looking out for you. I can't be held liable for what might happen. To you or your family. On the other hand. If you do us this favor, we'll reciprocate. We'll make sure Larsh's gang leaves you, an everybody else, alone. Think about it. We'll be arriving at the baths shortly."

Shimrod opened his muzzle, about to speak, then closed it, and slumped against the soft seat. He looked over at the husky beside him. She was almost painfully beautiful. Every piece of fur in place, exuding a sort of eager interest that caught your eye and kept it. Her soft curves were hidden under a loose gown that seemed to float around her.

The transport was immaculate, beside the pool of blood and that which had rubbed off his legs onto the seat cushions. Very expensive. It rode very smooth, the quiet whine of the motors audible from the outside was a barely noticable vibration in the seats inside. The transport turned several times, moving down ramps. He felt the deceleration as the transport stopped once again. The door opened to the burly canines, ushering them all through a door into some baths.

The baths were spectacular. An dome some fifty feet across arched over an oblong pool. Steam rose from the water. A fog covered door marked the steam room, and a pillar to one side sprouted shower heads. The cieling was sparkling with a replica of the night sky. The husky bitch shed her gown. She was just as stunning beneath it. She took the awed canine's paw and led him down a set of steps into the water.

The water was delightfully warm. Hot enough to make the skin tingle, but not to be painful. He settled into the water with a pleasured sigh. The bulldog settled in beside him.

"oh, wow..." murmured the hound.

The husky knelt, gently massaging his legs, working all the clotting blood out of his fur. The redness was quickly slurped into vents in the walls of the pool. She didnt stop there, taking care to get all the blood from his sheath and cock as well. Once she was done she led him over to the showers. She took some rich smelling shampoo and shampooed him from the tip of his nose to the bottoms of his feet. Her gentle paws with blunt claws scritched and massaged his whole body. He was surprized at the end of it he was still standing, he felt so relaxed. The shower washed the suds away, and he found himself led to another corner of the large room. Warm air blew over him from all directions, drying his fur. The husky left him there, luxuriating as the air caressed every bit of him.

After a few minutes, he was all dry. The husky was waiting for him outside the blower chamber. She began brushing his fur, smoothing it down nicely. The brush's bristles stroked over his skin wonderfully, and he found himself almost falling asleep on his feet again. As she completed, she led him back to the bulldog, who was once again dressed.

"Ready to go home, pup?" he asked.

Shimrod smiled a little, and glanced down. "My loincloth." he spoke.

The husky handed him a loincloth. It looked much like the one he had been wearing. When he put it on, he found it fit exactly, holding his sheath and balls close without cramping. Its material was better too, providing more ventilation.

"wow, this is great!" he told her, smiling. She smiled back and nodded.

The burly canines ushered them back to the transport. There was no sign of the blood that was there previously. The transport moved back up the ramps, and through the city. After awhile the bulldog spoke.

"You have had time to think. I need your decision."

Shimrod sighed, and looked into the eyes of the bulldog.

"I will do it, to protect my family."

The bulldog nodded, and handed him a data cartridge.

"You made the right decision. I will send you a message with instructions. Decrypt it with this key. Afterwards, you're entitled to another bath, curtesy of the lovely husky here."

Shimrod climbed out of the transport and found himself standing in front of his house. Sighing, he headed up the stairs.

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