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I groaned as I sat at the bus stop. I really had to go, and the bus wasn't here yet. Heck, I had needed to take a dump since about ten in the morning. I was supposed to just go in my diaper, but I couldn't let myself do that. I knew it wouldn't stink, Daddy had created a air filter system. I could feel it vibrate quietly, just a small box on my belt. I pulled my coat around me, feeling the conspicuous bulge my diaper made between my legs, filling out my slacks. Don't get me wrong, I like the feeling of wearing a diaper. It feels good. But people can see it here. They'll know.

Pain tingled through my stomach, and I groaned again, hunching over.

"Are you alright?" asked an older lady sharing the bench with me.

"Yes, I'm fine." I managed as the pains let up. "Just some cramps."

"You should take some alieve." she suggested, "that always works for me."

I nodded, gritting my teeth as the pains tingled through my gut again. "Thanks."

Thankfully, the bus finally arrived. I filed on, paying my fare, trying to walk normally despite the thick wad of cloth holding my thighs apart. I found a seat about midway down and scooted over by the window, trying to distract myself by watching the scenery.

I had met my Mommy in a store. An adult baby store. I was looking at the diapers, she was looking at the harnesses. We bumped into each other, and our eyes met. It was strange, we just went back to our shopping. But when I left the store, with a diaper in a plain brown bag, she was there, outside. She took me to a donut shop, and we had milk and cookies. My life changed after that. Sure, there were the boring meetings and programming at work every day, but when I came home to Mommy's house, it was so much better. With Mommy and Daddy, I was happy. I didn't have to worry about all that stuff. All the complicated stuff of life receeded, and I could just be.

That was a month ago. Mommy told me I had to start at the beginning. I had to be a baby all the way from the start. I always liked wearing the soft clothes, feeling the warm thickness of the diaper around me. I couldn't let myself soil them though. Whenever I started, I get tense, and I can't let go. All week long I had worn a diaper all day long. It wasn't locked at first, but Mommy found out that I had taken it off to go potty at work. She put locks on it then and I had to hold it all day long. She would let me go potty before bedtime though. I gritted my teeth as the pains came back in force, spiking in my gut repeatedly until tears started leaking from my eyes. God, I just wanted to let it go. I was almost home.

I got off the bus and tried to walk normally to Mommy's house. Its about three blocks from the bus stop. There are always children playing here, I watch a young boy, probably three, playing with a ball almost as big as he is as his mommy looks on. I can see his pants bulging from his diaper. Like mine. The pains remind me, and I hurry home, walking stiffly as my stomach tingles again.

I open the door and rush in, finding Mommy in the kitchen. I hug her.

"I gotta go potty!" I tell her, "It hurts!"

"No potties for you." she said firmly, "You have to go in your diaper."

I sit down and whimper, not hiding the pain as it spikes in my gut again.

Mommy just stroked my hair, her fingers unbuttoning my shirt as she knelt beside me. "There there Tommy." she said, "Just let it go."

"I can't!" I sob, the pain so real.

She gently pressed me onto my back and removed my shoes and pants, leaving me clothed in only my diaper and plastic pants, the ventilator removed with them. I felt warmer without it. It let myself drowse there, the warm air of the kitchen combining with the drone of the refrigerator. The floor was kind of cold, but I didn't mind.

Mommy returned with my pajamas. I whimpered as she put them on me, the pain tingling in my gut. They were my favorite, warm flannel with the blue donkeys, complete with feet and mittens.

"It hurts," I whimpered.

"Let it go." she said, snapping up the legs, "We're going to eat dinner at Auntie Lucy's tonight, and stay the night too."

I smiled until the pain reminded me of my situation. "Ooh." I said softly.

"Come on little one, we have to get going."

Daddy was in the garage. He looked up from his workbench as we came out, and smiled.

"Hows my little Tommy?" he asked, turning and smiling.

I rushed over and hugged him, burying my face in the smokey scent of his stained t-shirt.

"Good boy." he said, prying me away a little, "You give one of those hugs to Uncle Ron, okay?"

He smoothed my hair a bit where it was messed up.

"Aren't you coming too, Daddy?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I'm going to be playing cards with the boys. No place for a youngster like you." he said.

I nodded, pulled along by Mommy. She opened the back door of the car and I climbed in. Mommy has the most wonderful car, the back seat is just like a child seat, only better, big like me. It has a five point seat belt, because big babies can be squirmy, and pillows on either side to rest your head on. I'm safer here than in my own car. She strapped me in securely, and after she gave Daddy a kiss, we were on our way.

"Mommy, I have to go!" I tell her as we leave the driveway, the pains exacerbated by the movement of the vehicle.

"Just go in your diaper, Tommy." she said, putting in a tape.

I fall silent and look out the window, leaning sideways I can feel the straps holding me to the seat, one over each shoulder. The tape is one I had for a long time. It was my grandma reading me a story, back from when I was four or five. I half closed my eyes, listening to the story as the car's wheels struck the pavement joints of the freeway rythmically. The pain in my gut seemed distant, no longer intruding on my thoughts, just there. I started to drift off to sleep, my head slumping. The car was warm, the day was gone. The tape ends, and another is put in. This is gentle classical music. I drift closer to sleep, but my stomach doesn't let me go all the way.

I smiled and shifted a bit in my seat, resting my head on the cushion on the other side, and let go. It felt so good, all the pain and tension sliding, sliding out. It was a thick warmth that spread, up between my legs. I sighed happily and shifted my head to the other side, letting the previously unnoticed tension of my bladder out, feeling the pleasant sensation of it pooling and soaking into my diaper as I eliminated, right there in the car seat.

Mommy spoke, "Good boy!" she said.

I started a little, and looked up. "Wha?" I murmured. And then I realized that I had finally done it.

"I did it!" I said excitedly.

"Yes you did!" said Mommy.

I could smell it, but I didn't care. I felt so good.

"I just, I just relaxed, like, and..." I said, doing it, and I did it again, another mass of fecal material flowing into my diaper. It felt so good I wasn't disgusted, just warm, relaxing. I smiled and lay my head on the cushion, falling asleep almost instantly after the incredible stress of the day.

"Wake up Tommy!" said Aunty Lucy.

"Huh?" I said, jerking awake. I was in the car, but the belts were unfastened.

"Hows my Tommy boy?" she asked, holding her arms open. I grinned and hugged her, climbing out of the car.

"I pooped my diaper." I said proudly.

Aunty Lucy wrinkled her nose, "Phew! You sure did! What a good boy! Come on, lets get you cleaned up!"

I always liked Aunty Lucy's house. Its big, with tall cielings and soft carpets. The lights work with funny buttons on the walls, but Uncle Ron doesn't like it if you play with them too much. I padded after her into the house. I could feel the roughness of the driveway, and then the softness of the rugs under my pajama covered feet. She led me to the baby bathroom, which is extra special. It has a nice big counter made of tile that is always warm, and a sprayer and everything. We took off my pajamas, and I climbed up. Mommy came in, she had the key to my pins. I lay there on the warm tile, looking at the ducks on the mirror mounted on the cieling. I could see myself in it too, but I liked the ducks better. There was a yellow one with green spots, and a blue one with pink stripes.

"What kind of duck has pink stripes?" I asked nobody in particular.

"Blue ones." said Aunty Lucy confidently. She had removed my diaper, and wiped most of the poo away.

"Where do blue ducks live?" I asked.

"On the cieling." She replied with equal conviction.

I could feel tickles of the warm water from the sprayer, cleaning me off, the gluey feeling of the soil replaced with cleanliness once again.

"I think you need to go more." she said, patting my bottom.

"I went an awful lot." I said, "I filled up the whole diaper."

"Shh" she said, I could feel warm water washing at my rear again.

I looked at the blue duck on the cieling, letting my mind drift, letting the warm air and surface and water relax me. Suddenly I realized the water was spraying inside me. I tensed for a few seconds. It felt kinda good. I sighed, and relaxed, feeling a flood of water rush out of me. Aunty Lucy washed me out gently. I gasped as I felt like I needed to poo again.

"I..." I said,

"Just let it go." murmured Aunty Lucy, and I did, relaxing as my bowels moved again.

"Good boy." she said, "I knew you had more."

"mmmm." I mumbled, the blue duck on the cieling seeming further away.

Aunty Lucy was dressing me in my pajamas again. They were warm and soft. I like my donkey pajamas.

"Are you hungry?" she asked.

I nodded, yawning a bit. "I'm real hungry." I was, too. It was getting late and I had not eaten yet.

"Well, lets go get some, okay?" she asked.

"Okay." I responded, and she led me to her kitchen. I climbed up on one of the tall stools at the counter, and watched as she prepared some warm food. She set it in front of me, and I ate. It was something like cream of wheat, warm, a little grainy, but sweet. I finished it and yawned, my eyes heavy, my tummy full.

Uncle Ron led me to the crib. I hugged him before I climbed in. "Daddy said to hug you." I said softly. I climbed in and he raised the side, patting me on the head.

"You're a good boy." he said, "You'll have to hug your Daddy for me too."

"Okay. " I said, snuggling down under the warm blanket that Uncle Ron tucked around me, sleep overwhelming me, a smile on my face.

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