Zane fucks Skylos

By: David Ihnen

CREATE2000-02-23 10 AM
NOTESThis is a True Story.
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So last night I decided to spend time with my doggie.

I was finishing my dinner, and he came over and looked at me, making his discontent noise (rawr) so I served him up his dinner, mixing in the last of a can of wet with a scoop and a half of dry. While he ate I went to my computer.

While I was replying to a piece of e-mail from my friend Ross (he's threatening to move up from San Jose, I hope he does because then we can all live in a bigger house, this one is too crowded.) Zane came over, and grumbled at me again. I looked at him. He was sitting beside my chair. He looked into my eyes with his brown ones, his ears erect, mouth open just a little with the end of his tongue showing.

"What do YOU want noisy?" I asked him.

He grumbled as I went back to replying to the e-mail, and went upstairs. When I finished, I walked out and looked up the stairs. He was standing at the top, looking down at me, with that same cute expression. I snapped my fingers to tell him to follow and walked into the living room. I stood just inside the kitchen and looked at Zane. Zane sat and looked at me with those brown eyes of his, then looked slowly over at the bookshelf where the leash sits, then back at me. I laughed, and took down the leash, he bounced excitedly! I slipped the harness around him and snapped it on, releasing the catch on the retractable leash. He danced by the door while I dug a couple of doggie bags from my coat. It wasn't cold enough that night to wear it while walking so vigorously. It was about five past nine.

When we got back, it was about five till ten. I was pretty tired, but Zane was bouncy as ever. I took him to the bathtub and used the spray head to wash off his paws. We had gone through a construction site on the way, and there was some really thick churned mud in it, which had gotten all over his paws. I didn't want it smeared directly on the couch and bed.

I checked enough to see that no important e-mail had arrived, and went upstairs to bed. It was my bed time anyway. Zane danced about eagerly when I started removing my clothes. When I sat down on the bed, he tried to mount my shoulder, which was just kind of silly. I chided him for his silliness as I took off my muddy shoes and slipped out of my flight suit, underwear, and socks. As I removed my underwear he stuck his cool nose at my butt, his warm tongue licking. It felt good.

I put my clothes in the hamper and walked over to the headboard. I worked a few squirts of j-lube (the lube of the ghods) from the dispenser that really should have a larger diameter pump, and spread it thoroughly on and in my asshole. Zane got real excited now, he knew what was coming. I carefully kneeled on the floor. I usually do this one the bed, but I thought it would be good to try it on the floor, even though it would hurt my knees more. Besides, my human mate was sleeping on the bed and I'm sure that it would disturb him to some degree, though he probably wouldn't complain.

As soon as I got down, Zane was mounting me, a dewclaw scratching down my side as he got his paws around my hips, pressing against my thighs. He started humping, the j-lube making it very slippery. He humped most of the way into me, panting loudly in my ear as his cock thickened, getting hard. I could feel his knot outside my ring, but there didn't seem to be anything I could do at the moment to change it, so I let him knot up outside me. As soon as that happened, he dismounted, and milled for a moment, licking himself, before trying again.

The second time he mounted was brief. He started to hump and then dismounted again. He had gotten into me, but I don't think he could feel the sensation as intense as he is used to, since I was so well lubed and the extra moisture from his own cock was helping the j-lube stay slippery. He remounted four times, each time scratching one side or another with a dewclaw. It was kind of painful but nothing more than a slight scratch on my skin.

About the six or seventh time he mounted, I squeezed him, and he felt it, responding by pounding deep into me. He fucked fully into me, his slightly swollen knot popping in and out as he fucked, for a good twenty or thirty seconds, pounding and pounding while I got all hard and drippy, panting in pure pleasure. He then knotted up, his knot swelling, barely sticking inside me as he pulled out, then shoved in, swelling quickly to a size that made me feel full and warm.

I lowered my shoulders, letting him lean atop me as he filled me with doggie cum, his cock throbbing so hot inside me. It felt good. I just knelt there for a long time, slowly settling down to let the dog support more of his own weight. I felt the pressure inside me build as my body tried to press the intrusion out involuntarilly. It subsided as a trickle of doggie cum escaped past his knot, sliding down my balls and dripping onto the rug. No big deal, Zane would lick it up later. After another five or ten minutes this happened again, dribbling. It felt hot. It felt good.

As I lowered my shoulders further, Zane set one paw down beside me, then the other. We stood there, me crouching with my ass in the air, him with his cock firmly lodged inside me, standing on his own four paws. I just sort of zoned, letting the sensation of his hot cock throbbing inside me be my focus. Zane shifted a little, and I felt his bulge stretching me a bit, making me nervous. I didn't want to deal with the full sized knot yanking out. I moved with him to keep him close, not putting alot of strain on the tie. Eventually he moved, and slipped right out, only a mushy softness left in his drained cock.

I grinned and let him lick me, his warm tongue on my balls, licking my ass. I felt a little cold, after being nude in the cool air of the room for so long. The clock read half past ten. I went to the bathroom to let a little excess doggie cum out while my bowels settled down, then crawled into my warm bed. I felt nice and tingly in my ass, an erection coming easily to hand as I lay there, feeling warm under the blanket.

I imagined my cock entering a nice bitch, a white shepherd bitch, swollen in heat, all seven inches sliding into the warm tight heat... before long I gasped in pleasure as orgasm came up on me, and I tossed the blanket back, letting Zane hop up and catch my spurting cum in his muzzle, licking so teasingly across my head as he eagerly swallowed my seed. As soon as I was done, he pushed the remaining blankets aside to lick my ass. I lifted my legs, giving full access, letting his soft warm tongue lick over my ass. I smiled, relaxing, letting him lick as long as he wanted. After a minute or less, I'm not sure how long, he stopped. I pulled the covers up and snuggled in the warmth. It was a good evening.

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