Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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This story is Copyright by David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'. Please do not distribute without permission.

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Jargan woke, and didn't move. He had a raging morning hardon, his sheath tingling from the stretching it was getting. He could feel the pressure of the bright morning sunshine from his eastern window, filling the room with cheery light, the warmth of his blankets over him. His nose was filled with the foxy musk of Tommy curled up with him, his breaths uneven as his limbs trembled in a dream. Memory flooded into his head. After the game, Falling, tied up, raped. A dream? He started to stretch and yelped. No. Not a dream. He hurt.

Tommy nuzzled at his chin. "yerf?" he said concernedly.

The coyote whined, gingerly moving. His back must have been 10 shades of black and blue beneath the fur. His tail felt like it was sprained. And there was a deep, aching sensation inside. He opened his muzzle tentatively. His jaw was tender. "ugh." he groaned.

Tommy wriggled out of bed, habitually tugging on his ragged cutoff shorts, his only clothing not bought for him by Jargan's mother. "I'll get you some tylenol." he said, trotting off.

Jargan stared at the cieling for long moments, rage building in his head, jaw trembling as a deep growl formed in his throat. "I'll kill'm. I'll Fucking Kill'm!" he snarled.

"That doesn't fix anything." Tommy said quietly, standing by the bed. He offered a paw, which his friend grasped and used to swing upright, wincing hard as bruised muscles protested. He offered him the medicine and a glass of water.

Jargan tossed down the pills and chased it with a big swallow of water. His ears were still layed back in anger.

"They... They..."

Tommy whined, "Don't do it, please?"

Jargan snarled and raised his arm and Tommy wilted, eyes wide, scrambling away, stumbling over the clothing on the floor, ending in a heap in the corner, crouched in a fetal position, shaking.

Jargan blinked, his anger forgotten, starting to get up, wincing, then limped over to him, stroking his paw down the fox's back. The fox flinched at his touch, trembling.

"Hey. Tommy?" he whispered, "its okay. I'm not going to hurt you."

Tommy took a deep breath, visibly pulling himself together and shifted to a sitting posture, trying to look normal even though his muzzle was already soaked with tears. "So, whats for breakfast?" he asked brightly, hurriedly wiping his muzzle with a paw.

Jargan narrowed his eyes. "What was that all about?"

"N..nothing." said Tommy, eyes shifting nervously downwards. He looked back up at him. "Are you hungry?"

Jargan sighed and stood up, tenderly rubbing his back, arching in a way that caused his cock to poke out more. It still throbbed in his distended sheath, heavily pulling at his front. There was a fullness deep in his loins. As his sheath slid along his shaft, he felt a twitch of precum flowing towards the tip. He looked down at his cock, aroused by the very appearance of such a large member. The fact it was on his crotch was all the better.

"Better take care of this first." he said, tenderly sitting on the edge of his desk chair.

Tommy knelt between his legs, his breath warm on the massive balls that squeezed between Jargan's thighs. His paws stroked them gently, sliding over the skin necessarily taut to hold their size. Jargan pulled his cock close, slumping to feel his shaft slide deep into his muzzle. "mmmm..." he moaned, tenderly sliding his sheath back, baring the base eight inches of his cock to the cooler air of the room.

His cock was so hard he could feel the texture against his tongue, the meatus of the tip throbbing in his throat. His hips twitched at the sensation, and a big swallow of precum splurted into his muzzle. He loved this feeling, he loved cumming. Feeling those hot gushes flow through his cock, and down his throat so smooth... He stroked himself, sliding both paws up and down his shaft, his hips twitching as his paws slid over the thick flesh of his knot, mouthful after mouthful of precum gulped down.

Tommy stroked and tugged on the big balls, significantly larger than his small paws. He gradually worked his paws around the base of the balls, pulling, squeezing them further down into their sac. He loved it when he came this way, his balls taut and pulled by a paw. He pulled gradually harder, responding to the coyote's ecstatic grunts, his paws stroking up and down the shaft. Soon he was leaning about half his weight on them.

Jargan gurgled in pleasure as Tommy pulled harder and harder on his balls. The precum was almost continuous now, he could feel his cum begging for release, filling, pressing up inside. He tensed, holding it back, savoring the sensation of pleasure filling him electrically. And then it was too much. His knot was swelling, his paws slid around and squeezed around it where it felt the best. He felt the passages in the base of his cock swell and vibrate as the cum escaped his control, and gushed, his hips convulsively thrusting as the pleasure spiked through him. He swallowed as the thick tip of his cock shoved into his throat, right into his esophagus. His balls were squeezed, gushing, his eyes watered but he didn't care, the pleasure shivering through him as a flow of cum injected into his throat.

Tommy panted as he watched Jargan get close. He saw the knot swelling, and he wrapped his paws around as tight as he could, pulling with all his leverage. The flesh at the base of jargan's cock swelled with fluid as he came, hips shoving up as jargan went down on himself, deeply. Tommy looked up at the rapturous expression on Jargan's muzzle, which worked as if he was swallowing, opening and closing a little around the thickness of his shaft. He felt his own cock thicken, poking out the bottom of his cutoffs. He shivered, letting go of Jargan's balls and practically ripping his own shorts off, his hard cock standing proud. He sat and curled, eyes drinking in Jargan as he swallowed his own cum, slurping and licking the end of his hard fox cock.

Jargan was in heaven. Pleasure throbbed through his cock. He swallowed again and again, fruitlessly as his cock was deeply wedged in his throat, but it felt so good. His loins clenched, driving out long spurts of cum, packing the fluid into him. As the intensity decreased, but by no mean stopped, he opened his eyes. Tommy was staring at him as he licked himself. Jargan felt a twinge of jealousy, he had never realized Tommy was so well hung. His cock was easily twice what Jargan's used to be, and he was just a little fox. Tommy shuddered, and started slurp-swallowing his own cum, bits escaping the sides of his muzzle. Jargan shivered at the site, and his hips clenched again sending a gout of cum down his throat.

Tommy licked the last of his cum from his cock, sitting back upright again. His cock drooped slowly dropping to half hard. He watched Jargan continue to swallow, his heavy balls lifting for seconds at a time as gushes of cum flowed into his mouth. He felt his cock hardening again at the sight. It must feel wonderful to cum that much! He heard the movement of Jargan's mother in the hallway. Hurriedly pulled up his shorts, hastilly shoving his hard cock along a leg, and moved towards the door. Jargan continued blissfully drinking his cum. The door was barely ajar, and he almost ran into her as she tried to enter the room.

"Oh, Hi Tommy! You're up!" she exclaimed.

Tommy nodded, blocking the door by leaning against the jamb. "Jargan'll be along in a minute. Whats for breakfast?"

She glanced up and down the fox. "Um, was was thinking of warming up some sausages." She let her bathrobe slip open a bit, her musky scent tickling the fox's nose.

Tommy blinked, his sex twitching. She was flirting. He glanced down to see his arousal was hugely obvious, several inches of his shaft thrust out he leg of his shorts. He opened and closed his mouth a couple times, not sure what to say. She took him by the paw and led him into her bedroom.

"Shh." she said, "don't worry about a thing."

She was salivating, her paws trembling a bit with excitement as she undid his shorts, pulling them down. His cock jumped out straight, eight inches of throbbing foxiness. She sat him down on the bed, and crawled up with him.

"Buh..." was all Tommy managed before she had enveloped his sex in her muzzle. He rrrfed softly as the tongue stroked him so nicely, a surge of arousal tingling through his balls. That felt good. He stroked the soft fur of her head and ears, letting his hips flex, cock poking into her throat.

She stroked his back, her paws squeezing his ass. "Come on fox." she whispered, letting his cock stand on its own for a few moments. She knelt in front of him, her sex a petite mound, musk strong. "Just do what comes natural."

Tommy knelt behind her, looking down at his cock nearing, then pressing against the mound. He was going to do it. He was going to fuck a bitch! He leaned, feeling the slick, hot flesh envelop his cock. Oh wow. His paws found her hips, and he sunk in to the root, eliciting a happy gasp. She even liked it! He started fucking quickly, rapidly humping into her. Her breathing became as urgent as his, her body rocking under him. She clenched and squeezed at his cock, especially the base. He panted, his hips almost on autopilot, hammering up into her. She was warm, and hot, but just not... just not tight! He continued the fucking for long minutes, panting heavily from the exertion. Suddenly the bitch beneath him cried out in a happy moan, and her cunt clenched around his cock powerfully, milking down its length. It was too much, and in the space of two thrusts he went from simply being mostly hard to rock hard and cumming, if possible spraying more than he did a few minutes before! He panted, leaning against her as he stopped thrusting, his cock throbbing so hard in her slowly relaxing sex.

He could hear Jargan turning on the shower down the hall. He looked down at his friend's mother, who smiled at him, and slipped off his cock, leaving it glistening with moisture in the morning sunshine, twitching at the movement. A big glop of cum dripped off the tip.

"Ohh, you're delightful." she said, first kissing his nose, and then slurping his cock clean. "breakfast will be ready in a few minutes." She stepped out, leaving him kneeling there on the bed.

"Wow." he muttered, and looked down at his cock. He did it. He fucked a woman! It flexed in arousal, and he curled again, stroking it with his paw as he licked, shivering in delight as he came a third time, a satisfyingly long orgasm that continued even after his cum was gone.

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