Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan couldn't get his mind off his groin. His mind kept wandering from the math lecture, and he always enjoyed math. He could feel his cock half-swollen in his sheath, twitching, so he finally raised his paw.

"Jargan?" asked the teacher.

"May I go to the bathroom?" he asked.

The teacher tossed him the bathroom pass and continued with his lecture. Jargan walked down the echoing hallway to the lavoratory, which appeared to be deserted. He stood in front of one of the urinals and pulled his sheath out, sliding it back and running his paw over its length. It filled his paw.

"Finally I get a growth spurt." said Jargan to himself, easily stroking himself hard. He panted as the pleasure rose, closing his eyes and humping into his paw. As he was working up to orgasm he heard a stifled whine, causing him twitch, opening his eyes in surprize. Kneeling beside him was a young red fox, eyes locked on the coyote's hard cock.

"Hey!" exclaimed Jargan, letting go of himself in surprize.

The fox dove onto the coyote, shoving the cock into his small muzzle, swallowing around it. It was too much for Jargan, who grabbed the fox's head and ground the fox's nose into his groin, cumming right into the warm muzzle. The fox gagged and squirmed before Jargan let him go. He slumped back against the wall.

The fox coughed and swallowed a few times, before looking up submissively at Jargan, ears layed back. "I'm Tommy." he said, smiling tentatively. The coyote could see the fox's pants tented by his own rigid arousal.

Jargan smiled back, panting as he felt his sheath slip back over his relaxing cock. That had felt absolutely spectacular. He fastened his pants as he spoke. "Hi. I'm Jargan."

Tommy looked down at the floor. "I... I'm sorry... I shouldn't have snuck up..."

Jargan patted the fox on the head. "Its okay. Meet me after school, out by the flag pole." he said, strutting out of the room, flipping the lavoratory pass in his paw.


Tommy huddled at the base of the flagpole, watching the other students flood out of the school. He eventually spotted the diminutive coyote sliding down the railing that bordered the five steps from the school's doors to the lawn. He swaggered over and snapped his fingers at Tommy.

"Come on!" he said, not even slowing down.

Tommy scrambled to his feet and followed the coyote dutifully, down several tree-lined streets to a medium sized two story house. He followed him though the empty house, up the stairs to what appeared to be the coyote's bedroom. Jargan turned to the fox, looking him over seriously for the first time. He was a red-furred morphic fox with black paw 'socks' and a white front. He was clothed in a pair of denim shorts, a loose t-shirt and some hiking boots. His shorts had an obvious swelling where his sheath was. He shifted nervously under the scrutiny, moving his weight from paw to paw.

"Are you gay?" he asked.

Tommy nodded tentatively, dipping his head, ears back submissively.

Jargan nodded. "I'm not, so if you tell a soul I kill you. Got it?"

Tommy nodded vigorously! "Nobody!" he repeated.

Jargan nodded, taking off his shoes. "I'm just really horny and don't got the time to get a girl, right?"

Tommy nodded. "I won't tell anybody."

Jargan deliberately removed his pants and underwear, revealing his cock already sticking out of his sheath stiffly. Tommy's shorts tented more as he quickly shucked his shoes and clothes, his own foxhood protruding from his sheath, showing a half revealed six inch phallus.

"Suck me." said Jargan, sitting back in his desk chair. Tommy dropped to his knees, kicking his shorts off his legs as he enveloped the coyote's cock in his muzzle. He closed his eyes, lapping and sliding his muzzle back and forth over the coyote's tasty meat. It tasted thickly of musky maleness. It swelled hard in his muzzle, not too big at all, and came, gushing several large spurts into the back of his mouth. He grinned and swallowed, cleaning off the cock with some tender licks and leaning back. He looked up at Jargan with a smile.

Jargan watched the fox go down on him, the pleasure swirling up quickly, bringing a gasp to his muzzle as he came suddenly, shooting a load into the fox's mouth. He dimly felt Tommy lick him clean. When he opened his eyes, the fox was smiling at him. Strangely, the coyote didn't feel like he just came, his loins completely ready immediately. He panted, smiling back at the fox, eyes slitted.

"Again." he said, pulling the fox's muzzle over his cock again. Tommy oblodged, bobbing and sucking around the cock vigorously. It felt a tiny bit bigger, poking a little further into his throat as he pushed his nose to the musky crotchfur. The cock went totally rigid again, twitching as the coyote fired another volley of cum into the fox's muzzle. It was thicker than the previous load, creamy warmth that made the fox twitch helplessly in arousal as he came on himself, splattering cum over Jargan's leg.

Jargan lay panting for a long minute while Tommy cleaned up his own cum. When he finished, he sat on the floor and grinned, a little way from the coyote. Jargan's knot was covered by his sheath, which slid up slowly as he relaxed. Suddenly, he looked up at Tommy.

"You like getting it up the tail?" he asked.

Tommy nodnodded. "Oh yes!" he said, turning to show his small rear to the coyote, tail raised high. Jargan knelt tentatively behind him, moving his hips to press his wet cock up against the pucker. "Just shove it in." suggested Tommy, panting eagerly, "You're slippery enough already."

Jargan listened for any of his family in the house, and heard nothing. He was alone most of the evening most days. He pressed firmly against the fox's butt. It yielded, he slid inside easily. It was warm, slick, pressing all around his sex. Like that girl he fucked so long ago, when he was barely eleven. He groaned in pleasure and grabbed the fox's hips, letting his body shudder in quick humps, using the fox's ass to get off. Orgasm came too quickly, sweeping up on him and filling his head for long moments while his cock twitched hard inside the fox, emptying yet another load. He pulled out and let himself fall back onto the bed. He dimly heard the fox hitting the floor with a muffled grunt.

Jargan panted on the bed. "Oh, god, that felt so good." he murmured, staring at the crack in the cieling.

Tommy crawled into the bed from the floor, tail waggling, his front dampened by his cum. "yiff." he said softly, curling up alongside Jargan affectionately.

Jargon rolled onto his side, easily sliding his cock into the fox again. Tommy snuggled back into him. He was warm, so warm and cuddly. The coyote smiled, sniffing the fox's musky scent as they lay spooned on the bed, Jargan's hips hunching again. They lay there for hours, Jargan fucking Tommy again and again.

Tommy thought he must be in heaven. He was on a heavenly soft bed, with a wonderful coyote fucking him again and again. Jargan's hips drive hard against his ass for the seventh time as he came, the soothing warmth of his cum joining the previous loads already deposited. The coyote's knot throbbed inside his tailhole, noticably larger than first time.

Jargan let his hips shove against the fox's wet rump as he came again, his phallus swelling hard again inside him, another load burning pleasure into his mind. It felt so good, cumming. So very good.

"Again..." moaned Tommy, eyes closed, body totally relaxed.

The knot relaxed, and the humping started again, stroking in and out with the coyote's familiar short thrusts. Tommy sighed happily, letting his body be used, the pleasure slowly washing over him in time with the thrusts.

"JARGAN!" shouted a voice from downstairs, "I HEAR YOU UP THERE! DINNER!"

Jargan started, lifting his head. "Shit, they're home. JUST A MINUTE MOM!" he responded

Tommy made an incoherent gurgling sound.

"oh god, that feels so good..." Jargan said, rolling the unresponsive fox onto his stomach, fucking down into him from on top. He could feel himself getting close again, cock stroking, fucking, hardening, swelling, and cumming. He shuddered, a wide grin on his face as he came again, cum gushing into the fox again. He tried to pull out and grunted. He was stuck. He looked down in puzzlement, and tugged again. His knot came free protestingly from the fox's ass, followed by his shaft. It was definitely bigger. He wrapped his paw around his knot, he couldn't touch his fingers to his palm around it. And his shaft protruded beyond his paw almost half an inch. "Oh yeah." he grinned, pulling on a shirt and some sweatpants.

"Hey, Tommy." he said.

Tommy was making soft happy noises to himself on the bed.

"Leave this room and I'll kill ya." he said, exiting downstairs for supper.

"yes sir" came the muffled reply.


Tommy slowly came to, sitting up in the bedroom lit only by the twilight from the window. He felt good. Really good. Like he had been fucked all afternoon. Then it came to him in a rush. The coyote, sucking, and then getting fucked. And fucked and fucked. He smiled, rolling onto his stomach and looking out the window, tail raised high as he remembered. He rested his chin on the edge of the bed and watched a car drive by, its headlights making shadows slide across the lawns. This was a nice house. Maybe someday he'd get to live in a place like this. His stomach growled a little as his eyes drooped, falling asleep.

Jargan returned from dinner and his chores to find the fox sleeping sideways across the bed, his ass raised towards the door. He myrred softly as he felt himself get aroused. "Just like a vixen" he whispered, shedding his clothes as he walked over, climbing on the bed behind the fox, his cock dribblign precum. He never had precum before. It felt good, a little tickly. The fox's ass was dribbling a little thick white cum. He shoved in, feeling the fox tense around him for several seconds before he started fucking, letting his lust channel into the fox's ass.

Tommy gasped as he was awoken by the cock shoving into him again. Just before he managed to relax again the coyote started fucking him, hard. It was all he could do to pant, feeling that cock stroke him again and again. And then he came, an easily discernable flow of cum injected into his ass, the knot actually latching inside his ring. Not by much, but tied.

"You're getting bigger." panted Tommy, holding onto the edge of the bed.

Jargan pulled the fox over on his side, easily staying inside with the tie. "Everybody has growth spurts." he said, waiting for his cock to relax again. When it did, he started fucking again. He continued until he fell asleep, smiling from the rush of another orgasm.

Tommy had fallen asleep sometime before, looking as peaceful and happy as any fox could be. He was gently awoken in the middle of the night by Jargan's whimpering, punctuated by irregular thrusts into his ass. He smiled as the coyote dreamed, fucked in the darkness of the night. When the coyote came, his arms wrapped around the fox and hugged him tightly, the cock rigid for longer than before inside him as cum pumped. Tommy felt wonderful.

"What a good coyote." he murmured, snuggling warm in the hug.

Jargan woke, hugging a big plushie. It felt good, around his cock. He humped, feeling the pleasure rise quickly, his hips spasming as he came, spraying his cum into the hot slickness... He gasped, body rigid as he remembered who was in bed with him. His knot relaxed, and he rolled the fox away from him.

Tommy rolled onto his back, grinning up at the cieling.

"Good morning." he said.

Jargan started at his waning erection.

"Wow." he said.

Tommy looked over. The cock was probably 25% longer than when he first saw it, and twice as thick. It was only slightly shorter than Tommy's now, and a bit thicker. His balls were much bigger.

"Wow." Tommy repeated. "You really growing."

Jargan smirked, turning away from the fox.

"You got a nice ass, fox. But I'm gonna be getting me some bitch, with this!" he said, "But I'll still let you suck me off. That feels too good."

Tommy's tail wagged. "Okay!" he agreed though his dissappointment.


After a hearty breakfast, Tommy and Jargan set off to school. Tommy was in his same shorts and t-shirt. The coyote wore his black leather jacket over a black silk shirt, above tight jeans that showed off his ass and new sheath bulge. There were ten minutes before classes started, so Jargan hung out front with some of the other students. He chose a young ferret girl who was leaning against the railing all alone, chewing some gum.

"Hey, cutey." he grinned, brushing back his headfur with a paw, "I'm Jargan."

"Hey yourself." responded the girl, punctuating it by popping a bubble.

Jargan leaned on the railing beside her, one paw sliding along the rail behind her. "Got a few minutes before class." he winked.

The ferret eyed his ass and crotch as he slid close. He was pretty cute. And he smelled wonderfully male. Not like her ferret dad, but musky all the same. Her pulse quickened as he sidled closer, his scent filling her nose.

"Yeah." she agreed, "Wanna take a little walk?"

Her paw slipped into his and they walked around the corner of the building, behind a row of hedges. "You smell good." she whispered, pawing his jeans. His good sized cock bulged with arousal inside. She let him fondle her breasts as she undid his jeans, pulling the silk shirt out of the way. This released more musky scent. Jargan pulled his sheath back, showing his stiff shaft.

"You like that, cutey?" he asked.

The ferret was already pulling down her panties, pushing Jargan up against the wall. "Fuck me, dammit!" she whispered, her teeth nibbling at his neckfur, pressing her hips up against his. The coyote oblodged, shoving his shaft up into her.

"Oh yeah." gasped Jargan, "Fuck you good!" Her cunt was real slippery, tickling around his shaft in the most wonderful way. He humped up into her, turning her around to push her against the wall, his hips working hard as he jackhammered into her sex. "Oh god!" he panted, paws digging troughs in the dirt as he thrusted.

"Oh... Oh... Yes... fuck me!" the ferret rode onto his cock as he plowed her so enthusiastically, the glow of pleasure growing, and scintillating through her body, her fluids musky as she came around him, milking his canid knot, feeling his cum shoot into her.

Jargan shuddered, his cock swelling and pleasure making his loins quiver as he came, spurting into her deeply. He gasped, feeling his knot levered out of her milking cunt. He slumped back, falling on his butt in the soft leaves. "Gahh!" he said.

The ferret leaned heavily against the wall, panting as her body shivered with afterpleasure. "God, you're good." she said, offering her paw to help him up.

Jargan took hold and stood up, watching as she pulled her panties up, slowly refastening his jeans. "You betcha babe." he grinned.

The bell rang. The ferret grabbed her bag and ran off around the corner, leaving Jargan with only her scent. He grumbled. "I'm gonna smell like ferret until I take a shower. Sweet pussy though."


Wally sniffed Jargan as he rushed up to his locker to switch books.

"You've been fucking." he observed.

"Yeah, a cute ferret girl." grinned Jargan, thumping Wallace on the shoulder. "She liked it too!"

Wally smirked. "Come on Jargan, homeroom is on."

They arrived just in time for role call. "Jargan Coyote?" called the teacher.

"Yo!" replied Jargan, setting his books down with a thump.

One of the football players sniffed the air, looking over at Jargan dubiously. Jargan gave him a thumbs up, and leaned back in his chair. A slim cat, clad in an all black outfit that matched her all black fur moved to sit by Jargan, whispering to him during the announcements.

"Hey sexy." she whispered, "I could smell you from way over there. Them ferrets are way overrated. Let me show you how its done." she smiled enticingly, glancing meaningfully at the old coat closet in the back of the room.

Jargan grinned slyly. "I'm ready if you are." he replied.

The two walked quietly back into the closet. Most of the students were talking instead of listening to the announcements. The closet had been converted into storage, both walls covered in broad shelves. The cat undid her belt, dropping her skirt to reveal her slim, black furred hips. Jargan undid his pants, panting already, feeling his cock harden in anticipation. This was great, girls were just throwing themselves at him! Finally they could see what he was! He gripped her hips and pressed his precum-dripping cock into her wet slot. She was right. Cat was better than ferret. He buried his muzzle in her bosom as he let his hips fuck into her.

The cat purred as the coyote willingly fucked her, stroking her with an instinctual passion. She held his shoulders, her claws digging into his shoulder blades gently as he fucked her, driving her to orgasm quickly, extending it for long moments as he continued to fuck, then cum into her, gobs of hot canid cum.

Jargan panted hard, pounding in to the hilt again and again until his knot swelled and he came, jetting into her plentifully. He gasped, grinning up at her, his cock sliding free from her slippery cunt, knot slipping free. The announcements were ending. They hurriedly refastened their clothes.

"We should do this again!" suggested Jargan.

"Any time, cutey." grinned the cat, panting and eyes slitted from the pleasure, tweaking the coyote's tail as she stalked away. Jargan grinned, tail wagging furiously as he fastened his jeans around his sheath, now larger than ever. He calmed his tail before ducking out of the room, the room empty besides the teacher.

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