Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan watched Lek running a drill on the soccer field, feeling his groin tighten again despite having just finished fucking the young fox Tommy. Lek was a tall hound of eastern european lineage. His long, silky fur blew around him as he ran up the field, kicking the ball towards the goal. The goaly lept for it, brushing it with the tips of his paws, barely pushing it out of the goal. It ricocheted sharply off the top bar and arced high, bouncing once on the edge of the field before flying into Jargan's arms. Lek trotted over to retrieve it.

"Hey Jargan." he panted, tongue lolled as he tried to cool from the exertion, "Beautiful day, huh?"

"Yeah, it sure is" agreed Jargan, eyes dropping unconciously to see the bulge in Lek's shorts.

"Wanna get something to eat after practice?" the hound suggested, smiling at the Coyote. The short canine's tented sweats made his arousal evident.

Jargan nodded, smiling in return, eyes returning to the hound's narrow muzzle. "Sure, I'd like that. Pizza?"

Lek nodded. "Sure. Sounds good. We'll be done in ten minutes. Meet you outside the locker room?"

Jargan nodded, shrugging indifferently. "Sure. See you then."


Jargan slumped against the wall outside the locker room, shrugging his coat around him in the cool hallway as various soccer players went on their way. After awhile, Lek appeared, now clad in a longer pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt, a medium sized gym bag slung over his shoulder.

"Hey, ready to go?" he asked, catching sight of the coyote leaning there.

"Yeah!" responded Jargan, standing up and smiling. "Whadaya think of SuperPizza?"

Lek shrugged. "I've never been there, but it's over by my house. Wanna take the bus?"

They stepped off the bus outside a small shopping center. Jargan walked a little stiffly, his sweats tented sharply. Lek smirked to himself as he led the way into the small pizza parlor.

"So, what happened to you?" queried Lek over the small table, "They were calling you a pencil dick a couple days ago, now the girls can't get enough of you and men are accosting you under the table."

Jargan shrugged. "I dunno. I guess its just a growth spurt. Its about time! I feel great."

Lek chuckled. "So are you gay?" he asked.

Jargan frowned. "Hell no. I just like fucking things. I'm not particular, that's all." He leaned forward confidentially. "I've been so horny lately I could fuck a whole in the ground."

Lek grinned and nodded, leaning back to give the waiter room to set the pie on the table. He picked up a piece, cheese stringing from it as he pulled it free.

"So why did you come to practice?" he asked, looking amused.

Jargan picked up a slice and took a large bite. "I dunno." he swallowed, "I just feel even more horny when I smell you. I like that feeling."

Lek started on his second slice, sliding one of his foot paws up Jargan's leg, pressing his toes against the already swollen sheath. Jargan twitched at the sensation, then smiled slyly, pressing his hips firmly against he paw.

"You feel pretty big to me." said Lek, looking at the short coyote over his food.

Jargan's groin clenched, he could feel precum flowing out of his cock again. He lifted his own foot and felt up into Lek's groin, sliding his toes along Lek's sheath. He could feel the bone in it go on and on, significantly longer than his own, even as much as it had grown. He picked up another piece of pizza, eating most of it in one bite.

Lek leaned over the table, "I'll make you feel good" he whispered, "Make you cum all over the place."

Jargan whined under his breath, his cock throbbing stiff against Lek's paw. "Where?" He asked, pressing himself all the harder against the paw.

"My house is around the corner." Lek grinned, "Nobody is there now. Come on."

They gathered the rest of the pizza into a box. Jargan chased the hound around the corner, arriving breathless at the door of a small house.

"I'm staying with an old couple, they're always at bingo this time of the day." he explained, unlocking the door and leading the way through the cluttered house.

He had a small room, the twin sized bed separated from the dresser by only a few feet. The walls were decorated with some soccer posters over yellowing flowered wallpaper, a small desk with lamp took up most of the remainig room. Lek immediately sat on the bed and began to strip out of his clothes, revealing a slender shaft already poking several inches from his sheath. Jargan pulled his clothes off hurriedly, his cock protruding in thick arousal from his groin. They stood facing each other for a moment, devoid of clothing, admiring each other's body.

"Lay on the bed." directed Lek, kneeling near the base of it. Jargan lay down tentatively, his head on the pillow. Lek lifted his legs up, spreading them as he reached for the coyote's sheath. Jargan gasped as the hound revealed his sex to the relatively cool air of the room. The sensation was replaced a moment later by the warmth of Lek's long muzzle, encompassing it with long laps of warm tongue, pressing his shaft against the ridged roof of his canid muzzle.

"Fuck yeah!" moaned Jargan, leaning back and enjoying the feeling of the hound suck on him. "That feels Good."

Lek grinned, growling softly around the cock in his muzzle, one of his paws guiding his already dripping sex beneath the coyote's tail. He could feel the coyote's ass twitching against the end of his cock as he milked the coyote's in his muzzle, curling his back to reach. He spurted precum, lubricating the coyote's hole.

Jargan panted, letting his tongue hang out the side of his muzzle as he got sucked, the pleasure so wonderful he didn't mind the unfamiliar pressure under his tail. It felt nice, the shivers of sensation there intensifying the glorious feelings of the muzzle around his cock.

Lek grinned wider around Jargan's sex as he felt the coyote's ass relax, allowing his slender shaft, supported by its bone, to slide in. He pressed gently, tenderly stroking in and out just an inch or two as the ass twitched then relaxed again, gently pressing deeper and deeper. It felt good, that warm tightness around his cock and the thick musk of the coyote in his muzzle driving his arousal, amplified by the musky scent from the canine's groin so close to his nose.

Jargan gasped and panted in pleasure, his cock throbbing with previously unfelt hardness, the hound working him into a frenzy of arousal. He shuddered and ached to cum, grunting as orgasm surged through his body. The hound's paw gripped vicelike around the base of his cock, holding the cum in. The coyote continued to shudder, unable to release his seed, the orgasm fading to leave him trembling, his loins feeling swollen with cum. He groaned loudly.

"FUCK YEAH!" he growled, his cock throbbing. Lek gasped as he felt the cock in his muzzle grow noticably, pressing just a litle bit further into his throat, just a little bit thicker. "Goddamn, do it again!" snarled Jargan, his ass quivering around Lek's cock, his hips shoving up at the muzzle needfully.

"Okay, my coyote slut." grinned Lek, going down on his friend's cock again with a vengance, working his own cock fully into him now, his length bottoming out in the coyote's ass. He angled to press against the prostate as he sucked and bobbed. Jargan shuddered, groaning and writhing as he tried to cum again, his muscles twitching powerfully, his ass clamped around the hound's cock. His own swelled rock hard as his body quivered again, desperately trying to pump his cum out, the hound s tight grip of making it impossible. The cock swelled in Lek's muzzle, pressing another half inch into his throat, the thickness growing as well.

Jargan shuddered, slobbering and gasping, the pleasure roaring through his head as Lek teased his body. "GOD YES!" he screamed, "FUCKIN A!"

Lek gasped around the coyote's cock and pulled his muzzle off. He leaned back, lifting the coyote's hips for a good angle, plugging his long shaft into coyote's ass.

"Oh God! Oh God!" gasped Jargan, hardly aware of what was going on, a stream of precum flowing down the side of his bouncing cock, his balls swollen with cum as they flopped, his body shoved by Lek's hips as he pumped lustfully into the clenching ass. Jargan's head tossed, panting in deep gasps as he hunched pointlessly at the air. Lek growled joyfully, gripping Jargan's legs, arching his back and pulling the coyote onto him to plowing his cock deep into the tight ass as he came, knot swelling, tying him to Jargan's ass. He howled happily as the pleasure filled his mind.

Jargan gasped, gurgling as the pleasure grew, a fullness in his ass growing, making his cum surge. His groin burned with pleasure, his cum begging for release. His cock was rock hard, the cool air and precum tickling it. He dimly heard Lek howl, a warmth flooding somewhere deep inside him. Lek curled over, wrapping his muzzle around Jargan's swollen cock, one of his paws squeezing around the knot. He was rewarded by Jargan's cum, gushing out of the heavily swollen cock, ejaculated in a series of rapid sprays. His muzzle flooded as he tried to swallow it all, extra dripping out his flews as he gasped for breath, gulping more. Jargan shuddered for long moments, his body spraying his cum into the hot muzzle of the soccer player. He held himself until his muscles gave out and collapsed limply. He dimly became aware of an uncomfortable tightness in his rear, his cock throbbing as his cum continued to flow without concious effort.

"God, I have to take a shit." he panted.

Lek grinned, lapping up the cum that continued to spurt from Jargan's cock. "That's my cock." he whispered.

Jargan's eyes widened. "Wow." he said, "I didn't know that could feel so good."

Lek chuckled, his own cock starting to soften, his load well spent in the coyote's ass. "Most things feel good if you give them a chance." He lapped up all the cum he could find, the earlier flood reduced to a slow welling pulse.

Jargan slumped back, relaxing completely, feeling his ass try to push the intrusion out. It slowly slipped free, the sliding sensation going on and on as Lek slowly slipped out. He lay panting as Lek quietly stood, dissappearing into the hallway. His eyes focused on a soccer poster over the bed. The player looked alot like Lek, but older. The hound came back after a couple minutes to find Jargan pulling on his shoes.

"You'll have to go." he said, "Unless you want to meet my hosts."

"I got to get home too." said Jargan, standing and wrapping his arms around the hound, feeling the soft silky fur under his paws. He buried his nose in the fur of Lek's shoulder, deeply sniffing his scent. "See you again soon?"

"Count on it." grinned Lek, leading the coyote to the door.

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