Jargan Coyote's Big Cock

By: David Ihnen, Idea by 'Kody'

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Jargan blinked in the light as he tried to figure out what woke him up. He sat up groggily, looking around. The young fox Tommy sat cross-legged on the foot of the bed, looking out the window. His head turned as smiled at the Coyote.

"Its morning." he said quietly.

Jargan nodded, rowling noisily as he stretched, blood starting to circulate again. He tossed the blanket off, arching his back as he stretched the other way. Tommy gasped. Jargan looked down and they both sat for a long moment staring at his cock. He was huge. The small penis that had accompanied him his entire life had swollen into at least nine inches of erect cock. The angled tip was throbbing visibly with his heartbeat. The shaft swelled from there, becoming a three inch thick log before narrowing into his knot, which bulged at least four inches across. Its two globes stood out in veined glory, over a ballsac so large it looked swollen, bulging between his legs.

"Wow." said Tommy, his eyes as large as saucers, his own cock emerging from his sheath.

Jargan sat up. "Fuck yeah." he grinned, watching it swing heavily, bouncing off his thigh.

"Let me measure it." suggested Tommy.

Jargan shrugged as Tommy got a ruler from the desk. He pressed one end to the coyote's hip, noting where the end reached. "Ten and a half." he said. He dropped the ruler as he licked at the tip, his paws stroking the thick length.

"Mmm, I gotta pee." Jargan said, his cock twitching in response to the licking.

Tommy's ears lay back as he pushed the cock further into his throat, lapping with his muzzle and stroking with his paws.
"Fuck yeah, that feels good!" exclaimed Jargan, his balls twitching as the foxes paws squeezed at his knot. "Yeah, squeeze that knot."

Tommy smiled, feeling aroused as the coyote responded, squeezing and rubbing the knot that filled both his paws. The coyote's hips bucked, and he came, a gush of cum forcing him to gulp desperately to keep up. The knot swelled as the coyote came, his paws grabbing the fox's head and holding him there. Tommy grunted, swallowing the coyote's copious load.

Jargan panted, grinning, his paws still holding the fox's head firmly on his hard cock. His bladder pressed urgently now that his seed was released. "Drink it, fox. Drink it all." he whispered, releasing his bladder. Tommy's ears pressed back hard as the hot piss entered his throat. He gulped, obediently swallowing the acrid fluid until the flow stopped, his head reeling as he somehow managed to swallow it all.

"God, I'm so horny!" Jargan growled, renewing his grip on Tommy's head and humping into the throat again. "Swallow it! Take it all!" he ordered, pulling the fox's head onto his cock. Tommy twitched, gasping a breath before the cock shoved so hard into his throat, and then he swallowed, and the cock went with. The thick shaft pried his muzzle wide, his throat stretched around it. He gagged, helplessly twitching as the coyote had his way, the cock's stiff throbbing changing to a rock hard swelling as the coyotee got off, piling his cock into the fox's muzzle clear to the knot. He could feel the musky flesh of the knot pressing against his nose. The shaft twitched in his throat, firing a big load directly into his esophagus, his muzzle working desperately as he swallowed again and again, his oxygen supply running out.

"Fuck yeah!" grinned Jargan, pulling his softening cock out of the fox's muzzle. "You can suck!"

Tommy collapsed, coughing and gasping heavily as cum dripped from his muzzle and nose, eyes watering. He wiped his eyes, sniffing a bit as he panted, getting his breath back. "mmmm." he managed, leaning against the bed, rubbing his jaw with a paw, opening and closing it tenderly.

"You're awful big." he said quietly, looking down at the floor. Apparently he came while the coyotee was muzzlefucking him, musky fox spunk puddled on the rug.

Jargan tossed a dirty towel on the puddle carelessly. "You sure liked it!" he grinned, pulling on a shirt.

Tommy blushed, his ears shifting as he looked for his shorts. "Here, try these." said Jargan, pulling an old pair of shorts out of his drawer that was too small for him any more.

Tommy put them on, they fit well. They were worn denim cutoffs, broken in but still sturdy. They clung to his butt, the tail hole snug around his fox's brush.

"They're yours." said Jargan, tossing him a plain t-shift that hung a bit loosely from the fox's thin shoulders. "Come on, lets get some breakfast."

They found Jargan's mother in the kitchen. She was concerned. "Are you okay? How is your leg?" she asked, sniffing at the scabbed fur.

"It, Its fine." stammered Tommy, "Really. I been hurt lots worse before."

She tsked, bustling about to prepare them some breakfast. "How about eggs and bacon this morning?" she suggested, "Or maybe some pancakes?"

Jargan stared at his mother with some amazement. "I usually have cereal?" he mentioned.

"Now, Tommy needs a good breakfast to get some meat on those bones. And it won't hurt you either. Bacon it is!" She lit the stove busily.

Jargan shrugged and sat with Tommy at the table.

"I don't think I ever met your mother at PTA, Tommy." she chattered.

"I don't have, well, I don't know my mother." said Tommy quietly, "She died when I was real small."

Jargan's mother poured him some orange juice. "Oh you poor dear. No mother? You've been living with your father then?"

Jargan sighed a bit, burying his muzzle in the glass as he lapped the juice up. When it was gone he could only continue, the smell of the frying bacon and eggs making him drool.

"I live with Ray, my stepfather, he's a wolf. And my half-brother, Chuck." he explained shortly, adding, "I'm not going back there."

She turned and looked at him curiously, her gentle eyes peering into his. Tommy smiled at her, shifting his eyes down to his emty placemat shyly. She was very nice. He wished he had a mother like that.

"You're lucky." he said softly to Jargan, toeing the table leg.

Jargan shrugged, adjusting his pants. "Mom, I need to get more clothes." he complained.

His mother sighed. "Still growing?"

Jargan smirked at Tommy knowingly. "Yeah, I'm having a growth spurt."

Tommy giggled quietly as the fem coyotee brought steaming plates of bacon and eggs with fresh buttered toast.

"Eat up boys, you have a big friday ahead of you. Are you going out tonight?" she queried of Jargan. He swallowed the piece of bacon he was eating.

"Yeah, I guess." he said, "To the mall or something."

She nodded and sat down with her own plate, joining them in a good meal. After much slurping and crunching there was still a good hour before school would be starting. Jargan muttered about taking a shower and dissappeared into the bathroom. Tommy sat at the table, his plate polished to a shine, staring at it quietly.

"Could I talk to you, Tommy?" asked Jargan's mom.

"Um, okay." said Tommy, his ears flicking back submissively.

"My name is Lucy." she said softly, "Lucy Coyotee. You can call me mom if you like."

Tommy smiled, looking down at the table. "I'd like that."

"Then mom it is. Would you like a hug?" she opened her arms to him.

Tommy fell into her arms, leaning against her soft, warm breast, feeling her arms hold him tight. He buried his muzzle in her chest and sobbed. It felt so good.

"Shhh, now. Its okay." she whispered, petting his headfur gently, "It'll be okay."

She held him until he stabilized, cuddled up against her so small and vulnerable.

"Who hurt you?" she asked, her paw gently stroking his muzzle.

Tommy shifted, his ears laying back. "I'm fine." he said into her bosom.

"I won't let them hurt you any more." she said quietly, gently pawing his muzzle to look at her. His eyes shifted to the side, then met hers. She was concerned. "Just tell me what happened." she encouraged.

"No more?" asked Tommy, his voice ragged on the edge of tears again.

"No more, ever." she confirmed, holding him her arms. "They'll have to go through me first."

Tommy took a deep shuddering breath. "W..Well." he began.

Lucy petted him, her touch gentle and soft.

"I...I was playin with Jargan, you know." he said softly, looking at the flower print of her dress in front of his muzzle. "I went to the park, but it got cold. I went home."

Lucy nodded, continuing her cuddle. "Go on."

"M..My brother. He smelled Jargan on me." Tommy shivered, arms clamping around her. "I.. I just wanted to go to sleep."

"What did he do?" she asked.

"He... He told Ray... He was angry." Tommy shivered again, "He hit me, kicked me. He called me a bitch. A sissy slut fox."

Lucy whimpered softly, petting him. "That's terrible." she commiserated.

Tommy sobbed briefly, then gushed, "They fucked me. First Chuck, then Ray. I tried to get away. I just wanted to get away!"

Lucy whimpered, tears running down her muzzle as she hugged Tommy to her chest.

"Shh." she quieted him, "No more. You poor, poor pup." She petted his fur softly, holding him close until well after he stopped crying, her dress quite soaked from his tears.

Tommy smiled up at Lucy. "I'll be good, I promise." he said quietly, urgently. "I'll clean and make the bed and anything you want."

Lucy smiled back, petting his head fur. "That's not necessary. You can stay here for now, Tommy. We'll see what happens."

Tommy sighed softly, sitting up in her lap as Jargan entered the room, his fur damp from a shower. He hastily rubbed the tears from his eyes. "Time to go?" he asked, smiling brightly.

Jargan looked between the two of them curiously. "Uh, yeah. Don't want to be late."

Lucy patted Tommy and Jargan on the head before they left. "Tommy will be staying with us for a while" she told her son. Jargan shrugged and turned to leave.

"Fine with me, mommie-oh." he said, pulling his leather jacket on.

Jargan and Tommy walked down the sidewalk, Tommy a step behind Jargan. It was about five blocks to the school. "Your mom is real nice." he said, his tail wagging happily. It had been a long time since his tail wagged without him forcing it. He enjoyed the sensation.

"Yeah, I guess." said Jargan, putting his sunglasses on and brushing his headfur back. "What did you two talk about?"

"Oh, nuthin really." Tommy lied, grimacing, watching the coyotee's tail swing with his walk, the scent of herbs from the shampoo still on it.

"Sure." replied Jargan shortly, shrugging indifferently. "Hey, seeya later. Yowzer, I got some fuckin to do." he grinned at the fox, jogging across the road to fall into step alongside a ferret girl. Tommy giggled as they dodged behind a hedge before the end of the block, continuing on his way, spirits still high.

Jargan fell insto step alongside the ferret girl. "Hey." he said, raising his sunglasses to wink. It was the ferret girl he fucked the previous morning. She was in for a surprize today. Her nose flared, taking in his scent.

"Hey yourself." she replied, looking around. A tall hedge surrounded the house they were walking past. "Come on." she proposed, pulling him through the hedge. The yard was trimmed neatly, but the drapes in the house were tightly drawn. "Fuck me." she demanded, unfastening his pants urgently.

Jargan panted, sniffing her musky scent, feeling his sheath swell. "Oh yeah, baby. I'll fuck you good." he said, pulling her skirt up and panties down. He groped her breast with one paw, holding her skirt up with the other.

The ferret gasped as she took down the coyotee's pants. He was bigger than before, far bigger. A thick tip dripped precum, his sheath extending up his front from a huge set of balls. His scent went straight to her head. "What're you waitin for, studly?" she asked, pressing her chest into his paw, his nose in her shoulder fur. "Gonna just stand there or fuck me?"

Jargan breathed in her musky scent, feeling himself swell, her paw sliding down his sheath and over his balls. He pulled he close as she spoke, his boned cock finding her hot slot easily, pressing deep into her. She was tight and slick, her walls sliding sensuously over his cock. "Ooh, God." he grunted, pulling her hips hard against his, driving in deeply. "I'm gonna make you cum so hard."

She ground her hips hard against the horny coyote's, feeling his cock penetrate her deeply, swelling hard as he started fucking her, his thrusts quick and firm. She undulated, pressing her clit against his sliding cock as he drove home again and again, faster thrusts with his large prick. Her sex stretched around him, her lips drawn out along his shaft as he pulled and thrusted. She could smell her musk thick on the air, mingled with the coyotee's own. "Harder!" she begged, shoving herself onto his cock.

Jargan grunted as he fucked into the needful ferret, his shaft hard knot and all, slamming himself into her to the knot. He growled lustfully as her sex stroked his cock, his seed boiling up. "Fuck yeah, gonna fill you up!" he growled, jackhammering into her with passionate lust. The ferret twitched in his grasp, her voice moaning loudly as her cunt clamped around him, incredibly slick and tight, milking his cock deliciously. He shuddered as he came, firing a deep into her tightness, his cock swelling in rock hard intensity, her tightness increasing as his load flooded into her body.

The ferret arched her back, wonderfully used by the cyotee as he jackhammered into her, the intensity of his cock pushing her over the edge as he fucked so powerfully. His knot shoved so hard against her clit was the final straw, and she arched, shuddering as orgasm washed over her, renewed thrice by his yanking and stroking cock and impacting knot, the bulge well too large to enter her. She moaned loudly, shivering, milking the cock inside her slick channel as it stretched her, his seed flooding deep inside her.

They slumped to the ground for a long minute, getting their breath back, the coyote's cock getting half-soft, mostly slipping back into his sheath.

"You're bigger." said the ferret.

"Growth spurt." explained Jargan, grinning as he scrambled back to his feet, pulling his pants up. "Seeya round, eh?" he said, trotting back through the hedge without looking back.

He lolled his tongue as he trotted the remaining blocks to school. His cock twitched in his pants, still half hard. "Damn, I gotta fuck so bad." he said to himself, looking around for a likely candidate. He spotted the vixen, Tina entering the school. He jogged to catch up to her. He found her taking her books out of her locker, kneeling to get them from the bottom of it.

"Hey beautiful." he said, leaning against the adjoining locker, being sure to tighten his pants around his half hard sheath, its outline showing clearly.

She gasped as she saw the bulge, her nose flaring as she took in his scent. Her eyes slid up his body to his face. "H..Hi Jargan." she giggled, glancing about. There was a janitor's closet across the hall, its door slightly ajar. She could feel her sex dampening already. "I got something to show you." she said, taking his paw and backing into the closet. She snapped on the light and dropped to all fours, her tail raised high as her short skirt rode up, showing she was wearing no panties, her sex revealed, the lips gleaming with moisture.

Jargan followed her willingly, undoing his pants, saliva dripping from his tongue as he lolled it, his cock hardening quickly. "Yeah baby, I got something to show you too." he said, kneeling behind her, pressing his tip against her hot, moist sex. "Ooh, you're a ready bitch." he panted, leaning over her as he gripped her hips. He shoved up inside her, feeling her body yield around his thickness. "Take it!" he grunted, his paws sliding along the bulge of the curvaceous hips. He shoved deep into her, his as yet unswollen knot sliding in too, bringing his hips hard against her ass. "Oh God." he gasped as he felt the tightness surrounding every inch of his cock. He fucked her hard, his hips driving his phallus into her body again and again, pistoning madly.

Tina's eyes widened as she saw the coyotee's revealed malehood, easily larger than the fox she'd been screwing. He wasted no time, kneeling and driving it into her, her channel stretching around his thickness. His cock tickled deep into her, further than she had never felt, driving her arousal high. She drooled as he pounded into her, so much cock driven with a lustful energy so powerful her breasts flopped. Waves of pleasure tingled through her with every slam of his hips against hers, miles of cock stroking her sex. She came, shuddering, then again, her body clamping and milking at the cock, trying to trap that knot inside her.

Jargan yanked and shoved, pulling his swelling knot from the clutching fox. "No bitch, you don't get the tie." he growled, feeling powerful, shoving his half-erected knot into her teasingly and working it back out of her clutching sex. He felt his knot harden, he pounded it against her as he finished, his cock swelling huge, rock hard, he could feel it swelling bigger inside her as he came, her body tighter as his balls pulled close, seed gushing into the fox.

Tina whined and clenched, unable to keep the knot inside her, denied the tie her body wanted so much, cumming helplessly as the knot pounded against her clit, milking the cum as it gushed into her. The cock seemed to grow inside her, her channel tightening around the twitching shaft.

Jargan leaned against her for long moments as his loins pumped his seed into her, slowly standing up, his cock drawn out of her clutching sex. "Wow, you are GOOD." he panted, his cock relaxing, cum dripping from it still. He noticed it was longer than before. His hips tingled with lust, letting him know he was ready to fuck again.

Tina panted, leaning against a shelf of cleaning supplies. "Fuck, you can do that ANY day." she panted, shivering as pleasure tingled through her again.

"No problemo, Tina vixen!" chuckled Jargan, fastening his pants around his bulging sheath, "Just let me know, okay? I gotta class, and other pussy to fuck." He slipped out of the closet, trotting down the hall to class.

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