A Lovely Evening

By: David Ihnen

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It was a lovely evening for a walk tonight.

It was a bit cold - maybe, fifty five or sixty degrees out a couple hours after the sun dissappeared. I usually take my dog for a walk about this time of day because I'm at work until then anyway. But today was Sunday. I stayed home and relaxed, enjoying the living room I cleaned, designing a possible floor plan for a house I might build myself, and played some Age of Empires. Basically, just hanging out and enjoying a little time when I'm NOT working too much.

Anyway, it being time to take my white shepherd Zane on a walk, I got an idea. I felt like it would be pretty nice to be fucked, and Zane had shown all through the day that he was more than ready. He had been trying to mount my foot or my leg, even grabbing at my shoulders and humping at my back when I was sitting on the bed. I wandered upstairs and got a dab of lube, and put it on my ass. Doesn't take much, but makes a world of difference. Zane smelled it and immediately got excited, trying to jump me from behind even though I was standing up. I didn't yield, and instead went downstairs where he then raced, bouncing and eager to go on the walk.

I slipped the harness on him, and in short order we were trotting down the road. Despite being a typical suburban street, the one in front of my house doesn't have any street lights, for some reason. Its only illuminated by people's porch lights and passing cars, which seems to make people plenty nervous for some reason. I never was particularly bothered by it, as I've not seen anything around here to make me nervous. Particularly not with a large german shepherd with me. :)

We walked down the walk, and into a section of the development that was lit. Zane saw a cat, so I ran with him a short distance while he chased it under a backhoe of some sort. I've taken quite a disliking to cats since I learned that my allergy to their fur is responsible for huge amounts of health problems in my youth. Besides, its fun to watch them run.

We went down the road, and through another walk (sidewalks that cut through the back end of cul-de-sacs basically) and turned down the other road. I paused to take the dog's collar off and put it in my pocket. I like to listen to the night, rather than the jingle of his tags. Zane stopped to take a shit on the corner. I had a bag and went to pick it up, but he had done it in the dark shadow of a bush and I'd be danged if I could find it. And I'm sort of adverse to searching the ground with my hands... So I left it. Ah well.

I went down another short street, this one called Marty Lane. To immediate appearances it dead ends - but it actually continues, closed to car traffic there. On the other side of the propped up fence its unimproved dirt, going past somebody's barn and along a tree-lined field, crossing a small stream. Its cool and quiet there, feeling like you're miles away from the city whose lights almost glare through the trees. Well out of the harsh glare of the mercury vapor lamp attached to the barn, along the road, I found a patch of thick grass. This was the place.

I didn't say anything to the dog, just dropped my shorts and got on all fours. He came over and mounted immediately, humping eagerly. He missed entirely, being a bit too far forward, and ended up sliding himself along my tailbone for a bit. I think he was thrown off by my shorts being around my legs. He dismounted after a few seconds and gave my ass a few licks. He mounted again, this time a couple tentative humps finding my slickened hole. His paws gripped my hips as he pounded up into me.

It felt good. Sometimes he hurts me with his bone, or something goes in wrong, but not this time. His slick dick pounded into me, his hips thumping against my ass as he drove himself fully inside. I panted, smiling and closing my eyes. I could feel his cock warm inside me, swelling, his knot popping through my ass partially swollen as he thrusted it home, continuing his humps as the tie solidified.

I let the pleasure flow through me, his cock tugging and thrusting as it swelled inside me. It started to hurt, and I thought it might not be all the way in. I tried to see if it would slip out with a little push, but it did not. It was just pain from his knot being so big. I smiled and clenched, his hips slowing but still tugging and shoving a bit. I lowered my shoulders and he shifted his stance, putting his front paws over my right shoulder and leaning on my back.

This is a standard position for us, the way we have spent hours together over the last three or four years. I looked up the road, and then back over my shoulder. Nothing in sight. I rested my head on my forearm, kneeling on my knees and elbows there in the grass. I could hear the railroad crossing a few hundred yards away go down, followed shortly by the hissing slide of the light rail train.

The pain of his swelling knot was utterly gone now, replaced by the feeling of his thick, warm cock plugging my ass. It throbbed slightly, his hips contracting steadily to feed me his cum. The fluid manifested itself as a slowly increasing pressure inside, warm like his cock that filled me so nicely. His fur was warm on my back, despite the temperature I didn't feel cold in the least.

We stayed that way for several minutes. Whenever he would look back over his shoulder, his paws would curl down around my shoulder, pulling him harder up against my ass. It felt good, like I was being hugged. I looked too, but did not see anything. The railroad crossing went down again with the hiss of another train. The sound it makes always has reminded me of rushing water. There is only one every fifteen minutes or so, but one in either direction.

I crouched there, feeling my warm doggie on my back, his hot cock buried inside me as he came and came. I could feel some of his cum dribbling down my balls, hot trails followed by the cool of evaporation. The cool air was still, its coolness simply hovering around us. There was nobody coming. His knot felt so big. I can usually pass the knot if I really try, but he felt so big tonight. Maybe somebody would come along and I would get caught. Charges could be pressed. I could loose Zane. I must be stupid, doing this.

Zane put down one of his paws, resting it on the ground. I let him, shifting my position so he could lean more weight on the ground. After a minute, he put down his other paw too. He leaned against me, his fuzzy thigh pressed into my buttock, his knot pulling at my ass we stood there, human prostrated as a dog on the side of the road. He shifted a little, to the side. His cock pulled to the right inside me, changing the pressure inside. It wasn't particularly uncomfortable, but a bit different. His cock felt so big and warm. I could feel his hips contracting much more easily now, squeezing rythmically as his cock throbbed inside. It felt like he was relaxing a bit, but still thick and hard inside.

A third train came, I could hear the crossing lower again. We must have been there awhile. I clenched around him a bit, and he shifted position, pulling a bit harder. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting my ass stretch around his knot. I didn't have to stretch all the way, his knot slid out with the textured feeling of a large shit, his shaft following with a quick slurp. I clenched, holding his cum inside me as he turned around, licking my ass, his warm tongue sliding down across my balls where his cum had leaked.

He licked at himself a couple times, and I stood up, pulling up my underwear and fastening my belt. I could feel his cum inside me, and clenched to keep it in. I started to walk, and Zane came along. I saw him mark a bush. He was already back in his sheath. Heh. I felt a little cold then. The lack of excersize for the last twenty minutes or so had let my body cool down from the exertion of the walk. The extra cool draft of air as I crossed the stream cut at my shirt. I hadn't realized it was that cold out. I hurried my steps, bringing my metabolism back up. Before long I was comfortable again, and I thought I should write and e-mail and tell some friends about what a lovely evening it is.

Someday, I'll end up on Paul Harvey. "And he was screwing his dog. Now you know the Rest of the story."


So pet your doggies and make sure you don't pass up a chance to make your doggie happy, okay?

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