Mike and King

By: David Ihnen

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Meet Mike Alum and his Leonberger King
They go out for a drive one spring evening.

They enjoy the wind and the curves and the air
Salt spray, sunset, a glimpse of a bear

ahead they see yet another curve
water flow gives no traction for swerve

screeching tires and smashing glass
dog tossed free, man 'neath the smash

King finds his master, tells love not lies
Mike his death accepting, King's life justifies

Mad doctor unwanted, his rescue at hand
The life of a dog for the life of a man!

Large dog, yes, but still larger brain
It will fit, a bit, if we trim and arrange

Awake in the kennel, nose, four paws
antiseptic and sterile, stuck behind bars

Who am I, where am I? What happened to me?
Suzie nurse helps learn. To think and to see

After awhile, with four paws he can walk.
After more time, with gruff mouth he can talk.

Four paws and a tail, canine body prevails.
But dreams are disturbed, tracked as on rails

Friends not suzie, a house full of rooms
driving and zooming, curving and vrooms

a me that is not me, a dog who is royal
being tall but not suzie, wet with a towel

in it all there are Tumbles and Crashes,
over and over he wakes up in thrashes

gruff voice pleads for reason, tell him this story
Suzie comforts and pets, tells it frankly and gory

He thinks and he plans, much anger growing.
Mike took the risk, and Mike did the driving

King's life was intact, no doctor's to steal.
Mike's life was forfeit, poor grip on the wheel.

Now Mike has king's teeth, claws and thick fur.
Loved King has nothing, not love and not fear.

That doctor will pay, his life for betrayal
Stealing King's life, the dog ever faithful

On suzie's return, he rushes the door
He rampages the complex, nose to the floor

burning desire to venge his dog's end
must find the doctor, remembers the scent

At last he finds him, sitting alone
In a corner office, talking on the phone

He leaps and he tears, leaving corpse in his path
Four bloody pawprints, you do the math.

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